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  1. Broke ratchet and breaker bar, how do I get this off?

    yes, i know.... it was a torque wrench, but it was no good for use as a tq wrench anymore. This is what was used for my brothers car. ROFL
  2. Return of the Eclipse GSX?

    Does anyone have any actual pics of the rear suspension/drivetrain? I just got back from SEMA, the car looked awesome but i didnt even know what motor it had in it at the time because it was on display with the hood closed . I saw the FMIC and thought "turbo! awesome!" and poked my head under to...
  3. I need help with drop/wheel situation

    I would just pick up a set of taller tires for the stocks. Tires for 14s shouldnt be too expensive. I would prefer to spend a few bucks on tires then go through all the work of swapping suspensions out seasonally.
  4. why cant I find the car i want

    The problem is that you're looking. The key is to get frustrated, and give up. Then when you've stopped looking for awhile one pops up.... that's how it ALWAYS has happened with me.....Also, i know a lot of people would probably disagree, but when im looking for a new project, i tend to look...
  5. 3000gt fuel pump > smog

    My car passed with the mods listed in my profile, including the 190 pump. The only real difference besides mine being a 1g, is that mine is AWD so my car isnt tested under load on the dyno. I'm not sure if that would make enough of a difference or not though.
  6. Vote: Which Grey do I paint my car?

    The scion color is very nice, i've seen it up close and i want to say it kinda has a little more "blueish" tone to it than you can see in those pics. A very nice color nonetheless.... another one i might suggest that i am partial to is the Lexus IS300 grey. (I'm sure that's all you need, ANOTHER...
  7. New Eclipse comming soon...

    Is it supposed to be at the mitsu booth? and by next sema you mean as in ... next week, or next year. I'll be there next week, i'll be sure to check out the mitsu section if it's supposed to be there.
  8. 2g seats in a 1g? [Merged 8-8]

    As far as the 2g seats actually bolting into a 1g..... i have reason to beleive the answer is no, however i am not 100% I want to say that i remember reading somewhere that 2g seats and Chrysler Sebring seats were interchangeable, and i know for a fact that a 1g seat will not bolt right up to a...
  9. Anyone know who repairs ECU's?

    Steve here as well, EXTREMELY helpful. Very easy to do business with.
  10. evo3big 16... wtf

    Yeah wait till you pull off that t25
  11. Paint Scheme

    #2 is my favorite as well, however i would make the dividing stripe significantly thinner.
  12. 2nd Gen Exhaust Manifold on a 1st Gen

    I would not suggest replacing your cracked 1g manifold with another crack-prone 1g even if it was ported. You arent really fixing the problem in this case, just putting a bandaid on it. Just like ECU swapping, you want to actually "fix" the problem, not just replace it with one that is going to...
  13. Good Buy?

    If you feel good about it after driving it, i'd say it looks like a decent buy. Especially if you can get him to knock any off the price. Paint issues are unfortunate but at least a little more straightforward than motor/tranny issues, no real guesswork involved...... and please, please, don't...
  14. Broke a-pillar inserst.

    I'm assuming you are talking about the "c-channel" type thing molded into the pillar that the white things slide into? Unfortunately when those break the pillar is a real pain to deal with.Are the white things still pushed into the body? you could try yanking them and gluing the head into...
  15. Project: Do it yerself interior

    Just make sure your mom reaaally loves you :p If it's the first time tackling anything like this let me tell you, it IS a lot of work.A couple of tips for a first timer.... Do the driver seat last, unless you dont have to worry about having another car to drive. Invest in a good set of hog...
  16. Cut springs??

    There is a right way and a wrong way to do things, obviously cutting springs is not the recommended method. However my personal observation has typically been that on the average, the people i have known that have resorted to cutting springs are people i wouldnt even trust to wash my car let...
  17. The Official "What's this DSM worth?" Thread

    True, i wouldnt waste my time offering someone who is expecting to sell a car that's worth 1500-2k in decent condition for 1800, that just happens to need half of the engine replaced in order to run, only 500 dollars either. I would just laugh, shake my head, and move on.
  18. The Official "What's this DSM worth?" Thread

    I agree, i wouldnt pay more than 500 for a car with that kind of problems. I've paid less for 1g's with nowhere near as many issues
  19. Can your girl drive your act 2600??

    my gf is pretty small, she doesnt have any problems driving mine which has an ACT 2600 and manual steering.
  20. Tales of Salvage Title and Cruelty [Merged 1-8]

    In cali, once it's salvaged, it's salvaged for good. It's probably the same where you are.Is there an option to have them total it out, keep the car, and pay you out the full value?Salvage titles are a pain in the ass. If anything happens to it again your insurance could be real pricks...
  21. Resolved 1G ECU Compatible?

    Thanks guys, i had pm'd steve with the link to this thread as well, he supplied me with a wealth of information, excellent resource on ECU info. :thumb:
  22. 6bolt 4g63 into a 2g N/t

    Since you've already shown you have a stong power of influence over your friend, you may want to further convince him to sell the N/A and buy a turbo car.In the end it will be much less hassle and probably equal or less money spent, especially when you assess a value to your time, and even...
  23. Resolved 1G ECU Compatible?

    Ok, the ECU in my Talon fried, it was numbered MD145902 E2T34477, 89-6/90 AWD 5 spd Cali ECU. A buddy of mine has one that is MD166262 E2T36578 this is a 6/90-92 ECU, Federal.Now logic would dictate that this one will not work with my car. Is this correct? Are there any simple modifications I...
  24. [RESOLVED] Timingbelt Falling Apart [Merged 8-8] groove cut short bolt bolts

    Just something else to keep in mind, keep track of where the short bolts and long bolts go, make sure you put them back in the right spot.
  25. Installed clutch, now boost levels are insane!!!!!

    Shorting your boost gauge.... I'm not sure how that would effect it's reading, just the lighting. Unless it had some kind of digital readout.
  26. I need help with my modding..

    With the upgraded turbo you're going to want to go with bigger than stock injectors ike 550's to make it worthwile, . and you WILL need something to tune it with like an SAFC.As far as the engine rebuild it seems like with your goals compression and cams don't really need to be at the top...
  27. Bought my 95 GS-T NEW, just hit 100,000 miles..

    not bad at all...... as far as suggestions..... have you done your timing belt yet??
  28. Should I get this car?

    Somebody should really make this a sticky so the other 52,355 members of this site can be made aware of the horrible mistake we've all made. WTF
  29. Rear bumper repaint question

    That's actually a good question. I've had both Mercury and Allstate, however i've only made claims through allstate, so i don't know if all other insurance companys have their "pro-shops" as Allstate calls them.
  30. Rear bumper repaint question

    I'm not sure who your ins. company is but typically your ins. will have shops that they work with, they are typically pretty good shops (at least that's the case with my allstate coverage) i would just go to one of the ones they suggest, preferably one you may already be familiar with.You...
  31. Should I get this car?

    Even still, trade or buy. What 1993Gs says still applies in my opinion. This car sounds like it has the potential to be a mess, it already seems to have some issues and you havent even gotten to drive it yet.Sage advice from my father i find to ring true over and over as i get older is...
  32. Ghey Horn EDIT: am i allowed to link to an online store like that? If not feel free to remove it
  33. smelt gas so i pulled my plugs

    I'm sure you did this but did you check the surrounding area for gas puddling up? it may look like oil because it's probably dirty. But that's what happened on my 92 the seals all looked decent, but i replaced them anyway and it never leaked again after that.
  34. Toasted Eprom, any point in keeping?

    Yeah, since i was never really planning on running dsmlink, i'm not TOO upset, i dont plan on running excessively large injectors, or getting into anything more than a 16g. So i'm sure an SAFC will be adequete for any tuning i need. I just feel bad because like i said, had i known i may have...
  35. Toasted Eprom, any point in keeping?

    So my ECU went up in smoke in my talon yesterday no big deal, i had planned on rebuilding it just for peace of mind, i'll just have to do it to the next one i get.However, just because i wanted to see the carnage, i opened it up and was a little bummed when i found out it was an EPROM ECU...
  36. "U" is not "you"

    Oh man, you beat me to it, that one kills me. Let's also not forget "they're, there, and their" that's another one nobody seems to get right..... Oh, and it's freakin center CONSOLE, not "council"!!!
  37. As Promised Earlier

    Oh man, looks real nice. I just test drove one yesterday, my mom was looking into a new car. She decided against the scion but i got hooked, i loved the car except the one i test drove was an automatic and felt pretty gutless, what would you compare the 5 spd too?I would think it'd be at least a...
  38. What to do? wing & paint, need feedback

    what about a 2 tone candy red/black with some kind of silver seperator (tribals, flames, etc. etc.) or any other combo of those 3 colors using one as a seperator would look cool....... either way, i think it would look super clean if you ditched the spoiler in the process too.
  39. Upholstering seats

    exactly, unless you are going with something custom, i would suggest trying to find a nice pair of used seats.I had a thread on here a month or so ago showing the job me and my gf just did on my car, we did both front and rears, black vinyl w/grey suede inserts. They came out very nice, but...
  40. Keyless starter/lock FOB??

    Ok.... i just gotta ask. What happens when the remote dies? Or if you lose it... i mean i know you can lose keys too, but im sure spare keys are way cheaper. This just seems like one of those things GM may be scratching their head saying... what were we thinking? in a few years...... I...
  41. Awd Smog Test

    The test is a 15mph, then once you pass at 15 mph they kick it up to 25 mph......... that's kind of a lot man, i can't beleive they did that to your car. I just had to do test only on my s10, i was real scared about because it's heavily modified. Nothing perfomance oriented (except an exhaust)...
  42. Turbo Spool Trick: Anyone ever heard of this

    What.... these convoluted rube goldberg concoctions aren't doing it for you?
  43. Awd Smog Test

    yeah that's completely ridiculous. i've had to smog both of my AWD talons in the past couple years, as soon as it comes up that it's AWD the dyno goes out the window, they just do a 2 speed idle test. Definitely don't go back to that smog place, they sound like morons.... and if for some reason...
  44. Turbo Spool Trick: Anyone ever heard of this

    Not that this would really be feasable on a dsm but for what you guys are talking about, what about just not even using a tank. Those York Belt driven compressors on old jeeps/fords put out pretty significant pressure dont they?? or is that not nearly enough? I think they can fill a 5 gal tank...
  45. ARRRRHHH!! I want my GSX

    The key is to just stop looking, i have never found any of mine while looking.
  46. How to make more room in the drivers seat

    no no no, no roof scoop, the answer lies right in front of you (if you're in your car) graft another hood bubble into your roof right where your head is. Tell me that wouldnt be the best thing ever. LOL!
  47. Stock Rims... Easy Question...

    that's quite a claim, i cant imagine the 20 inch billets on my s10 wouldnt out weigh them by a few lbs let alone some of the other baller rims out there. ROFL
  48. Finally A DSM!!! Let the headaches begin!

    very nice choice (if you look at my gallery you'll know why :D ) I'm with the other guys on the awd/fwd thing. If you arent going to be going to the strip all the time, and just want a car that moves when you want it, you'll be in good shape.
  49. 92 Gsx

    what kind of condition is the rest of the car? if the rest of the car is real clean then 800 maybe 1000 sounds OK. But otherwise for a grand it sounds like this car has a pretty good amount of work ahead of it, aside from not really knowing what other ingenious fixes this guy came up with (jb...
  50. Found a great product, anyone by this? Smooth Dash cover

    i've seen a couple of these in person on an s10 and a fullsize chevy at shows, they look "OK" you can definitely tell the difference between a smoothed painted dash and one with one of these covers, but they didnt look bad. In fact the one in the fullsize hadnt even been painted yet and still...
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