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  1. Guitar hero 3. Beat me.

    gh1 is a hell of a lot easier than 2 and 3.
  2. what kind of gas mileage are you getting?

    2g's DO NOT have 12 gallon tanks!2g's have 17gallon tanks (16.9)
  3. Fast And The Furious 3...what Do You Think?

    Tsuchiya perfected it, but didn't invent drifting. and I'm not big into drifting. Takahashi was the foremost creator of drifting techniques in the 1970's. He was famous for hitting the apex (the point where the...
  4. Banned XBOX 360 Commercial

    che, che, BOOM!
  5. how to remove crank sprocket?

    remove the 4 bolts and the sprocket pops off. if it doesn't, pry on it from behind with screwdriver or tap on it with a mallet. you do not need a pulley puller.
  6. 98 GSX or 97 GS-T?

    if your getting an m3 in 4-5mos why drop 8k on a car now when you will be getting rid of it later and lose more money due to depreciation? why not just get a beater car for a couple hundred bucks and save the rest for the m3?
  7. First time wiring subs please help

    trythis it will answer all your questions.
  8. Last month's TransAm kill Videos

    so what is a 57 trim capable of? (time wise and or hp)your car must have been running like crap to only pull a 13.7 with your mods. good kill though. if he would have acused me of spraying I would have apologized and asked him to run again off the bottle for money. :sneaky:
  9. My new toy...... to the dark side I go...

    you were definetly in the wrong gear. the c6 zo6 does 0-60 in first gear, the quarter in only 11.7 with only three gears.
  10. Some pics after my 99 GSX conversion and new paintjob

    where did you get your kit from? with the price of gas and the mileage I was getting, my aeromotive regulater pretty much paid for itself. I got an aeromotive with install kit and gauge for 225 shipped.
  11. Some pics after my 99 GSX conversion and new paintjob

    a gt35 would make it perfect. screw all the other stuff :D
  12. Some pics after my 99 GSX conversion and new paintjob

    looks good, especially with those wheels. just one question, what size are those wheels & tires? they look a tad to narrow.
  13. AMS DSM Dyno Day Nov 19th

    count me in. I want to do my pulls with w/b do you just pull the front o2 sensor and put in the w/b sensor or do you need to weld a bung in.
  14. my new toy

    that fmic looks sick! I would just leave it open like that on race day if they let you. love the stance on the little beast.damn good work and the best of luck. please post a vid of the day you fire that thing up for all of us that have been keeping up with this thread.
  15. Halloween costume, group idea for 8.

    I saw the mask and the boots here at a store called hot do realize there will be like 800 other people dressed like napoleon?
  16. Halloween costume, group idea for 8.

    pregnant nun with a double shot of jack in one hand and a cigar in the other.
  17. AMS DSM Dyno Day Nov 19th

    are these just pulls?is tuning allowed?can you guys install a bung for an o2?how much?
  18. my new toy

    this may be a noob question , but how efficient will it be with the air slamming into the endtanks like that? I assume the endtanks were made like that due to the ammount of room you have to work with or to create the shortest route piping?
  19. Fast And The Furious 3...what Do You Think?

    hope this doesn't go to far off topic, but staying within the point we are trying to make In the future their my be a live action Initial D movie. do you guys think that movie will bastardize the drifting scene as well? I mean depending on wether the movie is no name actors or big budget stars?
  20. turbo and supercharged EVO

    maybe he got dissapointed. LOLno really, more info please sounds like the ultimate streetcar. may be this car should be in next years Sport Compact CAR magazines ultimate streetcar challenge? their are applications in this months mag.
  21. SBR 3500 Clutch Review

    yeah me too, except I have about 9k miles and still holding on strong. launches great, down shifts are awesome. i would buy another, but I am willing to try the sbr 4000 first.
  22. 241 threads later i have no answer(alarm problem)

    OEM Alarm Disarm --- Green/White, Brn/White, Brn/Blk (-) Either kick panel Tie to ground to permanently disable the alarmthis works very well WITHOUT going through the trouble of removing the alarm all together.its in the kickpanel or if you remove the doorpanel look for a brown...
  23. Fast And The Furious 3...what Do You Think?

    you are right about hollywood spicing it up with drugs and sex and the occasional jumping off the bridge. also how exciting would the movie be if all the racing was a beat up hatch on stock motor and spray aginst a fp green powered 1g(all supporting mods of course) at night behind an industrial...
  24. Fast And The Furious 3...what Do You Think?

    supposedly there will a fastback mustang with a RBseries motor in it. the 350z most likely be the main car in the movie and none of the past actors will be making appearences.
  25. Greddy electronic boost controller

    you have the NO and NC backwards. per greddys instructions the NC is left open and the NO port goes to a good vacum source. i would post a picture but the instructions are in a pdf format. just check GREDDY'S website. i just installed one today on my cousins gsx w/stock t-25. I installed it...
  26. *HELP* Cant find the correct axle for a 2g AWD!

    they are giving you gs-t axles. they did this to me about 3 times as well. napa did it to me carquest did it to me, and i beg to differ with lordpaxin, but autozone is not able to order them i checke with them to. murreys is not able to order them either.I checked the classifieds and...
  27. Why does no one use the 18G ?

    well its a great deal if you have a tdo5 turbine housing or your 14b,16g is on its last leg.
  28. is this really a jdm eclips?

    those years are 97and up with the 94-96 front and rear buumber covers.
  29. favorite/least favorite NES game?

    all time favorite: MEGAMAN.honorable mention(s): contra, double dribble, ikari warriors, commando & bionic commando, track & field, double dragon, california games.most hated, but still played the damn thing: T & C SURF
  30. SBR 3500 fells like ACT 2900lbs....

    could the clutch disk or flywheel be unbalanced?
  31. SBR 3500 fells like ACT 2900lbs....

    my pedal vibrates a little when its in gear and i rev or shift at about 6k rpm. i run the sbr3500 and I have had it for about 10k miles. AMS (very reputable shop) installed my clutch. shifts like butter and grabs like a no other. i love it except for the vibration i get.
  32. my new toy

    how long before your ready to fire up the car?how much longer to complete the car? great thread btw! please keep the pics coming.
  33. Tattoos [Merged 1-8]

    as far as his music career, Michael is and always be the greatest. one of the greatest entertainers that ever lived. his life outside of music is a different story. its just like any other person in history wether they play sports, entertain, politics, as long as they produce and do what is...
  34. Tattoos [Merged 1-8]

    looks like micheal in the cat costume in the thriller vid.those skull and cross tats are only something a hillbilly would get.edit: just read he lives missouri. nevermind.
  35. Tattoos [Merged 1-8]

    looks like micheal in the cat costume in the thriller vid.those skull and cross tats are only something a hillbilly would get.edit: just read he lives missouri. nevermind.
  36. Tokico Setup

    what coilovers are those in the pic? how hard are coilovers to adjust all the way around?
  37. which AFPR with EVO III 16g??

    it comes with everything. even the teflon tape for the fittings that go on the will prob take you 30min to an hour tops. with the gauge it cost 225 shipped.
  38. boost gauge

    I don't know, that gauge will cost you about $36 might as well spend another $14 and get an autometer.
  39. which AFPR with EVO III 16g??

    I have this kit aslo from importevolution its an aeromotive kit took about 30min to install and my car runs 100% better. my cousin has the same kit on his car and his runs great also. i highly recomend this kit. especially since it comes with vehicle specific instructions. I could not find a...
  40. Weapons owners Check-in [Merged 10-6]

    hey its masterchief(halo) in his civilian clothes.
  41. Sport Compact Car Cover

    hmmm...............the owner of a company that makes wideband kits running an FP green on a stock fuel pump.****note to self**** don't buy wideband from this guy.
  42. Sport Compact Car Cover

    I heard they want be to pc correct, so next month they are putting a fat chick on the cover.
  43. Sport Compact Car Cover

    did you guys read the article? it has a fp green, dynos a little over 350hp and only runs 13.5 in the 1/4btw. it did that on a stock fuel pump. wtf?!I wonder who the guy blew to get on the cover. I run that time with my 14b. maybe I can be on next months cover unless I have to blow...
  44. July 29, 2005 Birthday party

    damn, I almost thought it was Aurora, Ill, then I read the rest of the post. my birthday is Tuesday the 26th. but was planing on celebrating on the 29th.Happy birthday!
  45. 4k rpm whistle?

    sorry about that. I know i read the originalpost, but my mind must have bypassed the "N/T" part.sorry for wasting space on the thread
  46. 4k rpm whistle?

    my 2g w/1gbov does somesort of whistle as well. i am pretty sure it is the bov leaking when not under boost.
  47. Easy FPR Question

    well the aeromotive only takes about 5 more minutes to install (20min). i have had mine for about 3 weeks and it works great.besides the full throttle 1g regulator is on backorder.
  48. Easy FPR Question got mine with a gauge and allthe fittings, and specific instructions for a dsm 1g and 2g. shipped for $230
  49. When do you absolutely need a non-stock fuel pressure regulator

    I was running the 255 w/the stockfpr, and I was way rich. installed the aeromotive and it just rune so much better. mpg are up at least 5-6mpg more and you can feel the difference in the way the car pulls. definetly a great investment.
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