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  1. loweperf

    First dyno experience = me very unhappy

    If you go to McDonalds and get a BigMac and it don't fill you up, do you ask for a refund?
  2. loweperf

    No solution to P0446 yet...

    P0446 diagnosis---Key on engine off. Check battery voltage between the 2 wires that go to the vent solenoid. Then check resistance of the solenoid itself, should be 17-21 ohms. If both these check ok replace the ECM.
  3. loweperf

    new ebay intake manifold...

    This cyl. will draw the least amount of air due to the fact airflow will try to continue in it's direction of travel. Either because it don't like to turn corners or the venturi effect of passing over the top of the stack??? Either way when it hits the wall at the closed end of the manifold air...
  4. loweperf

    new ebay intake manifold...

    Since I have not tested this manifold I could not say one way or the other but as far as engineering goes the Magnus manifold is designed right. Time and testing has shown that the cyl. closest to the TB will have 3-5% less flow than the one at the blocked end of the manifold, therefore the...
  5. loweperf

    1600cc, needs over desire

    I think some peoples idea of good driveability is not really my idea of good driveability. I consider good driveability the ability to start on demand(whatever the outside temp)idle under 1500RPM,and have good throttle response and fuel economy, even closed loop emissions. While big injectors...
  6. loweperf

    1600cc, needs over desire

    I can tell you from my experience that 1600cc are hard to tune. As 92awddsm said anything under WOT acc is not good. I run 26# primaries to get good driveability but I need 110lb/hr to feed the motor at full boost. This leaves me with large secondary injectors. The secondaries come in just when...
  7. loweperf

    1600cc, needs over desire

    I still think he should consider the driveability here. Imagine trying to put out a match with a fire hose-it will do it but not with any sort of control. Anybody that has tried to tune these monsters know that the subtle touches needed for driveability is not there,a 1% change is big compared...
  8. loweperf

    General 1G Bins

    ??????? You make changes then burn it to the chip! A DSM-Chip is just that, a modified program.But you need to search for DSMECU it is there-
  9. loweperf

    1600cc, needs over desire

    It will be pretty much undriveable. It will probably spit fuel out the exhaust idling. I currently am running 26# primary and 160# secondaries. The 160 are too big but needed with the small primaries I have. Even with a Electromotive TEC3 I still am unable to get rid of a small burble when the...
  10. loweperf

    Front Differential Experts/ Gurus Needed.

    Are the satellite, planetary gears, and pin the same numbers?They are not the same Turbo Gear Set MD722129 Shaft MB185334 Non Turbo Gear Set MD722127 Shaft MB092834
  11. loweperf

    Front Differential Experts/ Gurus Needed.

    These should be the right numbers. Thats just the way they list them in the parts catalog.
  12. loweperf

    Front Differential Experts/ Gurus Needed.

    According to Alldata. 91 Laser FWD Turbo calls for differential case MD734846 90 and 91 Laser FWD non-turbo calls for MD719462 so they are different
  13. loweperf

    Spark, Fuel, Compression. Still will not start.

    I hate to disappoint, but if you have spark,fuel,and compression in the cylinder it will run. Seriously it don't sound like your checking injector firing. Also if the plugs are wet I would check fuel pressure. It has to atomizes or it will just wet down the plugs.
  14. loweperf

    nitrous filling prices

    Great idea but it is actually illegal to get it without a prescription. BTW we just went to $3.70 lb. at my shop due mainly to a fuel surcharge for delivery.
  15. loweperf


    I run it. Not in my DSM but in all my high performance 2 stroke stuff. Basically I was around it alot coming up through the ranks of 2 cycles. I tore down these engines alot and know that Amsoil is good oil. You can also run it in alot leaner mixtures(oil to gas mixtures)which means it don't...
  16. loweperf

    1g Stock seats and Harness's

    Looking through this thread I don't think the grommet trick will work with all seat styles. Devlish seems to have the same style I have and I had to take the cover off and cut the metal underneath to get the belts through. Here's a link to mine. click here
  17. loweperf

    Any "performance" shops in Northwest suburbs?

    You may also want to check in at Area One Motorsports. They're in Franklin Park. They have built and tuned some high horsepower stuff and they have a dyno.
  18. loweperf

    Where are the FWDs at????

    I have stage 5 Driveshaft Shop axles but unfortunately I haven't had the chance to really stress test them. Between more tuning on the car,running a business,kids and a wife that works shift work I hope to get to the track sometime this year. I have been told that the stock stuff is made of...
  19. loweperf

    Need Advice for drag radial tire

    You might want to check out the new Mickey Thompson ET Street Radials. We have a customer running these on a LS-1 Camaro with 175hp nitrous shot. With no other suspension mods he's 60' at 1.6. They're very soft though he's been through 3 sets this summer!
  20. loweperf

    3 inch intercooler piping?

    That's what I'm saying. 3" tubing will not increase performance unless your smaller diameter tubing was a restrition to the amount of air you are trying to flow. On the other hand it shouldn't hurt anyone either.
  21. loweperf

    3 inch intercooler piping?

    This discussion really boils down to wether or not your out flowing your 2.5 inch or whatever pipe size your running. As far as swirl goes,if I can build 30psi in the manifold it don't matter how long it took to get there. It got there before the engine could use it otherwise you would never...
  22. loweperf

    Barely Passed smog.. wonder why?

    I agree completely. Most people(even techs) don't properly understand emissions. I read all the time about disconnecting this and that. The thing people don't realize is with our DSM's being turbocharged we can run almost stock levels of emissions around town(also on the dyno during the...
  23. loweperf

    Barely Passed smog.. wonder why?

    In this example DSM MAN states not only does he have an exhaust leak but he has several so your lambda calculation would be off. CO is always a rich indicator never a lean indicator and although I agree this reading is ok pre-cat these are after cat readings. The high HC reading could be an...
  24. loweperf

    3 inch intercooler piping?

    Yes,you can also think of it this way. My car(mods in profile)has a T-66 3" piping,Magnus intake,ported head. Let's say I make 20 psi @ 6000 rpm now take a basically stock engine on a 14b make 20psi @ 6000 rpm both have the same boost level at the same rpm but mine will definitely make more...
  25. loweperf

    How do you run race gas?

    You can run it in any mix you want but it won't improve performance unless you are modded enough to need it. As a matter of fact it can acually slow you down. Also remember that 115 has lead in it that can clog you cat.
  26. loweperf

    3 inch intercooler piping?

    I'll agree that 3" piping probably won't help but it won't hurt either. Larger piping will not make the turbo work harder. Larger piping is less of a restriction and less restriction means more flow. That's the purpose of the BOV to keep the flow going and not build backpressure on the turbo...
  27. loweperf

    Barely Passed smog.. wonder why?

    First as an example look at your O2 readings. In your case you have high HC's and CO's but there is no oxygen left in the mixture to burn these off. So your cat seems to be working. But your definitely running rich. The first thing to do is fix the exhaust leaks. If air is getting to the O2...
  28. loweperf

    Barely Passed smog.. wonder why?

    Ok First look at the HC readings,they're on the high side. HC's are raw fuel so this indicates raw fuel is getting through the motor unburnt. Why? Is it too rich? CO is partially burnt fuel so if it was too rich CO readings would also be high(yours could be lower but not bad).Next look at the...
  29. loweperf

    Barely Passed smog.. wonder why?

    When diagnosing emission problems HC's by themselves is almost worthless. You need to look at the whole picture. What was the CO readings and if possible O2 readings?
  30. loweperf

    Rod Ratios

    If you can get ahold of the June 2005 issue of HotRod magazine there is a very interesting article on big-bore short stroke vs. small bore long stroke engines and talks about rod ratios. Very interesting reading and comments from some of the best engine builders in the country.
  31. loweperf


    It's just a cap used to block off the coolant outlet. No real need for a mechanic,just pick one up at a part store and use a screwdriver to change it. Be sure to refill the coolant after your done!
  32. loweperf

    eagle rods

    I meant keep the caps with the right rod and don't flip the cap around. They have to be installed the exact way they came apart. Also to get them apart use a soft tool (not a hammer) The rod sets come balanced,there should be a paper with gram weights on it.
  33. loweperf

    [RESOLVED] vital screw, need part # please \\ Turbo oil feed banjo bolt

    You can probably tap it to a 1/8 pipe thread and use a 1/8 pipe to -3 AN fitting then use braided line to the turbo.
  34. loweperf

    Dynos in Detroit area

    Area One Motorsports,Dynapack,Chicago area
  35. loweperf

    90 turbo oil line relocation?

    First consider that the plug it the filter housing is probably stuck in there. Sometimes can be very hard to get it out. Also consider that these engines go 200k without problems with the oil coming off of the head. just my $.02
  36. loweperf

    eagle rods

    Just be sure to keep them in the right order and with the right rod.
  37. loweperf

    boost leak, injector question

    I know that they come in a Felpro gasket set but not sure if you can get them seperate. They are cheap enough at Mitsu though. I think Slowboy and some others carry them too.
  38. loweperf

    boost leak, injector question

    Yes, you can replace just the seals and they are 450cc.
  39. loweperf

    Gauge for temps before & after IC?

    This is a link to the Autometer guage.
  40. loweperf

    opinions on race gas...

    I think your post just needs a little more clarity. Detonation is referred to as knock but it is not from preignition. Preignition is igniting the fuel mixture before the spark occurs,not before TDC. Detonation is the uncontrolled burning of the mixture. Preignition can cause a knock but most...
  41. loweperf

    A/C Leak Help!

    Usually you check all visible things for dye. You should be able to see everything except the evap core. If you find no signs of a leak and the freon is gone in 2 days you surely have a leak and the only place you haven't seen is the core. So you have to pull it out and replace it. But be sure...
  42. loweperf

    Help needed before purchasing

    I guess that if they think you need to line bore the block to run studs anything is possible!
  43. loweperf

    2.3 Stroker...Balance shaft question!!!!!

    I don't know if your last post was directed at me or not, but what I was trying to point out was I would never run an engine without some type of dampner. Most underdrive pulleys don't provide dampening and I would rather risk a stock one coming apart than run without one.
  44. loweperf

    2.3 Stroker...Balance shaft question!!!!!

    Amazing that your the only one that knows about harmonic vibrations in this whole thread! Just a couple things to add.First underdrive pulleys are usually just that Pulleys. Usually they have no harmonic dampening capabilities. Second anybody that thinks the balance shaft help with crank...
  45. loweperf

    Stupid friend thinks he know's everything. DSM'ers needed

    Couldn't be any harder than what we are currently doing at the shop. Turbocharged 450 HP Duratech v-6 in a 01 Ford Focus!
  46. loweperf

    Compression Ratio

    I wouldn't say running 25 psi on pump is not a problem. It probably won't happen, but you will be able to run more boost on pump than someone with say 9.0 CR. Nitrous and a lower CR is about the same. The more CR you can run the more power the engine will make. The trick is to run as much as...
  47. loweperf

    Compression Ratio

    You can depending on the octane. I run 9.2 CR with 30+ psi and 20 degrees timing with no knock,but that's with 114 race gas.
  48. loweperf

    Compression Ratio

    You probably won't know the difference in 8.2 to 8.8. Rule of thumb is the more compression you run the more power you will produce. A small hemi shaped combustion chamber,aluminum head,small bore,centrally located spark plug as on a DSM will tolerate about 11.1 CR on pump gas. Now add a turbo...
  49. loweperf

    Track legal N2O blow down hose??

    You can use an AN fitting with braided line. It's legal.
  50. loweperf

    Tattoos [Merged 1-8]

    I also voted for "C" I must be old?
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