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  1. 19Eclipse90

    2G EGR delete

    You may try uploading your picture again as it’s not showing up.
  2. 19Eclipse90

    What Size is That Bolt, Nut, Stud, Fastener? (1G version)

    It’s not going anywhere now that it’s in this thread, but I’ll see about adding it at some point.Verifying the 1990 stuff - pictured here is a 12mm socket head cap screw that I replaced the security fastener with on my old CAS. I was using these with a lock washer and a flat washer and the...
  3. 19Eclipse90

    What Size is That Bolt, Nut, Stud, Fastener? (1G version)

    Can confirm the M4x0.7, I hadn’t replied because I didn’t know the length and was going to check later on - Hiroshi saving me the leg work!On a related note, the 1990 cover uses much shorter bolts, length is something like 10mm. I’ll verify that before too long to be thorough.
  4. 19Eclipse90

    1/8 bsp to 3/8 barb aluminum fitting help

    I’ll stand by my dissimilar materials statement. I will give on my stainless recommendation as a little extra quick and dirty research suggests both aluminum and stainless (more stainless) are more prone to galling.A decent reference, as well as the below screen capture: /...
  5. 19Eclipse90

    1/8 bsp to 3/8 barb aluminum fitting help

    Generally, you want to steer clear of using the same material for fasteners and what they’re threading into as similar materials are subject to galling.Aside from the fact I also can’t find one, I’d suggest going with some other material - if you’re opposed to brass, perhaps stainless is an...
  6. Used MB517813 and MB517814 Belt Window Moldings

    For sale 1g Used MB517813 and MB517814 Belt Window Moldings

    MB517813 and MB517814Used 1G belt outer strip window moldings. The ones immediately under the window.The left / driver side is in extremely good condition - very surprised to have come across it. It is used so it isn’t perfect but it does still have 100% of the coating on the outside, no...
    $50.00 to $145.00
  7. 19Eclipse90

    1G AC fuse box connectors

    Guess that means this would be the mate:
  8. 19Eclipse90

    1G AC fuse box connectors

    This appears to be very close to the smaller one: DJ7061-2.3-11/21
  9. 19Eclipse90

    1G AC fuse box connectors

    For the large one: The 1990 Engine Compartment Hardness - A22Nothing immediately comes to mind for the small one.
  10. 19Eclipse90

    RESOLVED - What did this flywheel cover come from?

    I’ll be….It makes sense - just never seen it on a vehicle before.
  11. 19Eclipse90

    RESOLVED - What did this flywheel cover come from?

    I tend to agree with Paul. Looks like one of the plugs used to block off the access holes for the transmission mount bracket. Not a bad way to cover up a hole, either.Not to thread jack, but I saw this for the first time recently:Never even thought of putting a plug in the crank bolt...
  12. 19Eclipse90

    Resolved Kiggly sensor needed?

    These ECUs require a camshaft position signal and crankshaft position signal. That fact does not change, even when swapping engines and sensors around.The specifics of how you provide those signals is where there are some options, depending on the parts you have or what you want to use.1G...
  13. 19Eclipse90

    1G Plymouth Laser and Eagle Talon Factory Parts Catalog 1990-1994

    Sure. The only information that doesn’t translate is body / trim related.
  14. WTB: 91 Upper Timing Belt Cover (black)

    Question by '19Eclipse90' on classified ad 'WTB: 91 Upper Timing Belt Cover (black)'

    I’m assuming lower but clarify for those watching: upper or lower?
  15. Beige Visor Set

    For sale 1g Beige Visor Set

    Up for sale is a beige set of visors for a 1G. These feature the Velcro mirror covers on each side and include the holders. No sagging in the material but, admittedly, could use a clean. Hinges still feel right and holds in position. Very nice set for anyone looking for replacements!Price is...
  16. Lower Quarter Window Trim Set

    For sale 1g Lower Quarter Window Trim Set

    Up for sale is a set of lower quarter window trim pieces for a 1G. These are used but in exceptional condition. These are MD479095 and MD479096.Price is including shipping and fees in the US. Only dealing in PayPal.
  17. Black Spyder Seat Belt Guides, Fees and Shipping Included*

    For sale 2g Black Spyder Seat Belt Guides, Fees and Shipping Included*

    Up for sale is a set of black seat belt guides for a 2G Spyder. Great condition, not bent, no cracks. Mounting screws are not included. Price is $45 shipped, fees included *in the US*. Only dealing in PayPal.Thanks for looking!These are available until the ad says otherwise.
  18. 19Eclipse90

    What did you do to your DSM today?

    Wrong bolt. The one you’re specifying is for mounting the hydraulic tensioner. The one inquired about is for the tensioner pulley, and barely cut off of your screen capture at the bottom.M10 x 1.25 x 33, flange bolt@dsmmario - worst case, use 35mm long hex bolt with a washer, though I’m...
  19. 19Eclipse90

    1G Crankshaft main cap bolts

    The 4G37 used 10 of the same main cap bolts as the 6-bolt 4G63, MD000235, all except the one 6-bolt fastener with the additional threaded portion on it to support the oil pickup, MD177374.The 7-bolt 4G63 uses a 1mm longer fastener for all of the bolts but with three different part numbers...
  20. 19Eclipse90

    2G 2gb Talon side strake clips

    I do not. Matter of fact, MR311006 does not appear in any of Mitsubishi’s parts programs. There’s likely a suitable replacement out there somewhere but without one of those physically to compare to, I am of no further help.
  21. 19Eclipse90

    Resolved 2G VIN on Transmission?

    Some transmissions do have the VIN stamped or engraved onto their casings. After all these years, the only way to know whether yours does is to check. And it’s possible that it doesn’t.The last 2G transmission I bought had the VIN etched into the casing.Refer to VIN tag on transmission.
  22. 19Eclipse90

    State of affairs :-D

    I wasn’t taking it that way. However, it’s always a good thing for everyone to know.
  23. 19Eclipse90

    State of affairs :-D

    Report the ones that you find with dead links. Staff can always review and try to fix or update those when we know about them.
  24. 19Eclipse90

    1G Tryna swap 1.8l to a 4G63T

    This article covers most everything you need to know or consider for this swap: Installing a turbo 4G63 into an N/T 4G63 carStarting with a 4G37 complicates the wiring section a little bit nothing that can’t be overcome. There’s a little bit at the end about starting with the 4G37 and what...
  25. 19Eclipse90

    DSM's in movies and TV.

    Surprised no one posted this double whammy from Road Trip, 2G Eclipse and Talon in the same scene.
  26. 19Eclipse90

    Bigger stronger w5m33 gears?

    Posts removed. Keep it on topic, folks.
  27. 19Eclipse90

    2G re routing the turbo water lines?

    No difference between 2 and C. Looks fine to me. :thumb:
  28. 19Eclipse90

    2G re routing the turbo water lines?

    Theoretically, no difference between B or C - both are feeds so either would work.But I’m also interested in what you’re trying to accomplish here. Please do share.
  29. 19Eclipse90

    Resolved Timing side motor mount bracket torque specs

    By the looks of the screenshot you’ve shared, it would appear to only be the one bolt indicated by the arrow.However, I’ve noted in threads of old that both lower bolts should use sealant. May have been a case of, “It’s better to have sealant and not need it than need sealant and not have...
  30. 19Eclipse90

    1G 1992 Eclipse GS to Turbo wires delete on harness

    It’s otherwise mainly ABS (if equipped), radio, fuel pump, seat belt stuff. Nothing you really need but only you know whether you are keeping it or not.
  31. 19Eclipse90

    1G 1992 Eclipse GS to Turbo wires delete on harness

    Then, yeah, proceed removing what you don’t need.
  32. 19Eclipse90

    1G 1992 Eclipse GS to Turbo wires delete on harness

    What’s the end goal for the car? It sounds like full-on race car so that’s how I’m looking at it when I say…The factory wires for the fuel pump and fuel level sender unit are in that bundle. If you don’t need those (i.e., you’ve already rewired the pump and have a different way of monitoring...
  33. 19Eclipse90

    2G 1g swap in 2g

    No. All factory turbo DSMs used the same clutch and pressure plate.
  34. 19Eclipse90

    2G 2gb Talon side strake clips

    This is what the parts catalog shows. Perhaps it helps.Based on the post above mine, MB567798 looks like the actual part number needed.
  35. 19Eclipse90

    2G 1g swap in 2g

    The thermostat housing, yes. The thermostat is in the lower half of the assembly.
  36. 19Eclipse90

    2G 1g swap in 2g

    1G Coolant DiagramsN/T and 1991-1994 Turbo Diagrams1990 Turbo Diagram1G water pipe with a 1G thermostat housing. The pipe inlet attaches to the lower radiator hose.
  37. 19Eclipse90

    2G 1g swap in 2g

    The water pipe must match the thermostat housing you use.If it’s a full 1G swap (i.e., including a 1G head), a 2G thermostat housing will not bolt up so it practically necessitates the use of a 1G water pipe.Of course, it’s always possible to fab something up to make it work. But the most...
  38. 19Eclipse90

    Resolved 2GB Headlamp Assembly socket part number?

    This is what it sounds like you’re after. No idea if it is still available, but try searching MB943613.
  39. 19Eclipse90

    1G 1994 Eclipse GST CAS replacement

    The 1990 Engine Control Harness: B-32 Crank Angle and Top Dead Sensor (CAS)And1990 CAS into 1992 HarnessOrder / orientation of wires into 1990 CAS (L-R in photo: black, red, yellow, white):
  40. 19Eclipse90

    2G 2G engine wiring in a 2G with a 1G engine?

    Correct. In this instance, a power wire for one of the injectors is going to be the same as a power wire to the ISC / IAC or CPS.If you’re starting with a non-turbo harness, the link to the 1G method makes sense because you must separate the power wires from all injectors to insert the...
  41. 19Eclipse90

    2G 2G engine wiring in a 2G with a 1G engine?

    The first two are effectively the same thing. The third, your picture, the red from the injector resistor pack ought to go to the red wire on the crank position sensor plug. The black is a ground so it would be incorrect as-is, assuming that the connector is pinned as it was from the factory...
  42. 19Eclipse90

    1G Cylinder Head Bushing Removal

    If it were me, I’d try the same trick used to get the pilot bushing out of the end of the crankshaft on auto engines. See: Removing the Auto Pilot Bushing, EASY
  43. 19Eclipse90

    New for sure 99 Spyder GS

    What does “DSM” stand for?
  44. 19Eclipse90

    2G Picture of wires on oil filter pad.

    And, if needed, since this thread was just bumped up today as well: 4G63 Oil Pressure Sending Unit
  45. WTB 1GA Turbo Talon Front Splash Shields ( both sides )

    Reply to question by '19Eclipse90' on the classified ad 'WTB 1GA Turbo Talon Front Splash Shields ( both sides )'

    That matches what is physically mounted on my car that has a 1Ga Talon front bumper; driver side is XB574137. Your verification narrows it down for me enough to know that the set I have is from a 1Gb. Hope you find a set!
  46. WTB 1GA Turbo Talon Front Splash Shields ( both sides )

    Question by '19Eclipse90' on classified ad 'WTB 1GA Turbo Talon Front Splash Shields ( both sides )'

    Do you know what the part numbers are for the ones you need? I know ASA doesn’t break them out into individual pieces. I have a set but I don’t recall what I pulled them from.Left side here is MB631271.Right side is marked MB631272 (S/T) and MB626810 (A/T).
  47. 19Eclipse90

    2G 2G engine wiring in a 2G with a 1G engine?

    Glad you “see it” now. So future readers are clear, the adapter harness mates with both the original 2G cam and crank sensor connectors on the 2G engine harness.The other end of the adapter harness connects to the 1G cam angle sensor. :thumb:
  48. 19Eclipse90

    2G Does stock Turbo exhaust manifold t25 fit 16g turbo upgrade

    It’s the definition of “bolt-on” from a mounting perspective. It fits. Get a new gasket and you’re good.
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