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  1. John Freund's Time Attack 99 Eclipse GSX

    Amazing build and awesome to see the progress over time. Just spent a few hours reading through every post from start to finish and I'm very impressed! Keep up the good work! :)
  2. UAC A/C Compressor & Component Kits

    Thanks...didn't even think to search Amazon (or elsewhere).
  3. UAC A/C Compressor & Component Kits

    I'm aware of that option but I appreciate you letting me know. Was hoping to get a better idea of when they would be available versus waiting around to be notified and I'd also like an idea of price. If the price is right and it's not gonna be too long perhaps I'll wait, since I need everything...
  4. UAC A/C Compressor & Component Kits

    Seems like a nice little kit. Any idea when these will actually be in stock? Specifically for a 1Gb with a 2.0T. Also, any idea on pricing?
  5. Morrison Fabrications Welding Thread

    Awesome. Thanks for the info. That would explain why I didn't see it - it only showed the single wastegate setup in the pictures/description. Glad to hear you guys put in the effort to make sure it fits as well as possible within the constraints of a fairly/completely stock car! Will hopefully...
  6. Morrison Fabrications Welding Thread

    This is gorgeous. This is for a true, twin-scroll, twin-wastegate, T3 Holset V-Band (outlet) setup, yes? I don't see this on your site - I'd be interesting to know the cost and lead time. Also, was this specific set designed for a 1G or 2G and will it work with stock radiator and plumbing setup...
  7. 1G who would be interested in a parts list to make their own bolt in fuel cell for the awd?

    Would flattening the trunk floor (removing the spare tire dip) fix this issue? I don't have/use/care for a spare tire and would be willing to flatten the floor if it would make it much easier to fit the large tank. Need to take a look under my car later tonight and see if that would do much...
  8. 1G who would be interested in a parts list to make their own bolt in fuel cell for the awd?

    I'd be curious, but I'd need at least a 15 gallon tank to make it worthwhile, ideally 20+. 10 is too small, as someone who regularly drives their car hundreds of miles at a time without stops. Did you explore larger tank options?
  9. How many of us use our DSMs as actual daily cars? Or how many own just a DSM?

    I've got 4 cars, 2 of which are DSMs. My 92 Talon TSi AWD is one of my 'toys' and is the one with all the mods that only sees summer duty. My bone stock 92 Laser RS Turbo FWD is my daily and in the 4 years I've owned it has seen close to 100k miles put on it. I've put probably another 200-300k...
  10. New 1G products coming soon

    Just bought adjustable UCAs and RTEs a few months ago...wish I would have waited now (especially for the bent UCAs). Definitely interested in the LCAs w. RSB provision and am interested in both the front and rear tubular subframes you're mentioning. Tubular front control arms with provisions for...
  11. 1G Front control arm bracket bushing

    Is there much demand for this? I can likely have these made up if there is, including replacement metal sleeves in case yours are corroded. I will be making some for myself but have access to people who can make larger batches of things like this.
  12. 2013 Englishtown 10th Annual Mitsubishi & EVO vs Subaru & WRX-STI Day.

    If only Thanksgiving in Canada was the 21st and not the 14th I'd almost definitely come out. Never been to this before and it would be nice to visit some other gatherings besides the Shootout!
  13. My Barbaric/Massive oil drain. Holset HY35

    Cut it shorter, weld a bead around the edge of the 'fitting' to give it a bead/lip like a regular fitting has, slide the hose over and throw on a clamp - DONE! There is not really any pressure running through the drain line, especially one of that size, so there really isn't much worry of it...
  14. auto to manual

    Yup, they are that different. The 2G AWD 5-Speed plate is: MD167356 The 2G AWD Auto, and FWD Auto/5-Speed are all the same: MD194962 If you don't have the proper plate you're going to run into issues. Spend the $25 and buy a new OEM one and be done with it :)
  15. half shaft bolts

    As an aside to what was mentioned above, Ziggy (at RTM) will ship it to you for MUCH cheaper than that. The auto-quote on the website is very inaccurate for most things...i'd estimate shipping to be about a third of that, if even that much. It would be less if you were in Canada, that's for sure.
  16. half shaft bolts

    This ^^^^ is very important. For many other bolts you can buy non-OEM replacements without worrying, but for these you must use the OEM bolts. Besides, shoulder or not, good luck finding a 41.5mm bolt anywhere else. :hmm:
  17. Stock 2g compression vs 1g compression.

    The service limit is 121psi on a stock 1G block (7.8 CR)...i.e. anything below 121psi is supposed to be rebuilt. A 'perfect' engine will read 164psi. For the 8.5CR engines, the 'perfect' value is 178psi and the service limit is 133psi.
  18. half shaft bolts

    I suppose I should have posted the thread I got the specs from, it's ultra useful: For anyone with a 1G and/or any running a 6-bolt, it's fantastic. And even for the 2G 7-bolt guys...
  19. half shaft bolts

    Carrier Bearing (Intermediate or Half Shaft) to Engine Block Bolts, AWD (with spring washers) - M10x1.25, 41.5mm length, 14mm head size, 7 head mark, 26-33 ft-lbs torque spec. Not sure what the part number is. - Select...
  20. Your most recent welding pics

    Keep in mind for all sanitary stuff it needs to be complete penetration and be smooth on the inside of the pipes/tubes, as any pockets of any size can catch food/liquid and are bacteria havens. I used to design beverage equipment (predominantly brewery stuff) and a lot of the stuff we did had to...
  21. Rwd sr20 1g

    Looks like a raccoon to me, which is probably why he's throwing it. ::cool:
  22. Exhaust Manifold Stud Replacement

    For almost all it can easily be done whilst on the car. Some of the ones closer to the driver/timing side may be difficult to get at. As for drilling, as mentioned, one hole does run perpendicular to an oil galley, but it's pretty obvious when you've started drilling into solid aluminum versus...
  23. My Archer Brothers Racing SCCA World Challenge Championship Winning Eagle Talons

    Awesome news. Would love to see some video of the beast in action! Pictures of the work in progress as well. :D
  24. New to DSM. Hi everyone

    Clutch adjustment costs you nothing but time. A new pedal assembly will be at least a couple hundred bucks and a fair chunk of time to remove the old one and install the new one (the time is the least of the issue, is a huge PITA). I would try checking/bleeding/adjusting...
  25. Wanting to build my car into a Mustang Killer

    You want to run a bigger turbo or even more boost on a stock turbo you're going to need to upgrade your fuel system. What do you have for a fuel pump? Injectors? Regulator? An E16G or an FP68HTA will be more than adequate to get you into the 12's. A 14b will get you there too, but it will take...
  26. turbo bolts keep coming loose.

    What washers (if any) do you have on there? You need to use the OEM turbo lock washers. They are concave and come in pairs. They are expensive as far as washers go, but cheap in the big picture and are what will hold best. I have never had these back out on me when installed properly. The...
  27. Your most recent welding pics

    Haven't touched the car since mid last week...had too much other stuff on my plate. Going to go at it tonight. Definitely going to grind it a little smaller and more shapely, then rubber coat it. I'll send you the post-grinding pics and the post-coating pics.
  28. New to DSM. Hi everyone

    Hey and welcome to the boards/world of DSMs! Once you check the compression of the motor, make sure your clutch is properly adjusted...see these following links to verifY: Clutch Drag Kills Synchros! – Jacks Transmissions LLC Clutch Pedeal Adjustment - Team...
  29. My Archer Brothers Racing SCCA World Challenge Championship Winning Eagle Talons

    I do not know of any Canadian cars that were/are euro spec. I do not a lot of Canadians that wish their cars were, though. We had our own spec (no power seatbelts, metric gauges, DRLs, etc.) and that was about it as far as I know.
  30. Your most recent welding pics

    I've actually got pretty big feet and I can heel-toe in the car as-is, but there is NO room for error...I just wanted the extension so I could have a little more security when pushing the car at ten tenths. If you've ever had a foot slip off the brake pedal - even for a split second - coming...
  31. What is your dream DSM?

    And that has a drivetrain as bulletproof as the engine... We can dream, can't we?!
  32. ugh, again with 1g clutch engagement

    If your master is sweating/wet, it's time for a new one or time to rebuild it. It will cause issues if you don't take care of it. I would say fix that first and go from there. Just make sure to very thoroughly bleed it.
  33. Web Cams, BC, or HKS 272s

    Not to mention that the HKS cams are now discontinued.
  34. Car hasnt driven in 5 years.

    Drain the gas, put fresh stuff in. Clean the injectors and fuel rail and probably replace your fuel filter. Drain and replace all the fluids, do your timing belt, tensioners, water pump and accessory belts. If the car still has balance shafts you will need to replace the balance shaft belts as...
  35. Custom Vent Gauge Pod

    Ahh...I only saw broken links, but I see it on my phone. The pictures must be blocked at damn near everything else. Thanks.
  36. Custom Vent Gauge Pod

    ^-- Looks great - have any pictures of the process? Was thinking of doing something nearly identical for mine and would be interested to see how you did it.
  37. New motor, smoking out of exhaust

    Well, if there is oil in the exhaust, it is going to burn out. But a new motor and new/cleaned parts is going to smoke a lot (in the engine bay, anyways) and your rings aren't seated/engine isn't anywhere near broken in. Stop idling it unless absolutely necessary and go break it in. Once you've...
  38. Trans/T-case flush during engine break in

    Run ATF through it under gentle driving around the block a few times. This will clean it out way better than any MTF ever can, and as an added bonus, will help clean up any old gunk as well. After the short drive, come back, drain it, fill with MTF of choice and enjoy :)
  39. New to the DSM world

    Greg, you've got a beauty! I have a buddy who had that exact car...'97 GST in that colour - you don't see too many of them. Any plans for her? Why's she non-op?
  40. Web Cams, BC, or HKS 272s

    What do you have done to your car? What turbo? What are your goals? It doesn't say in your profile, so it's hard to say. I run the BC272's...haven't had any problem with them but will be moving to Kelford 272's when money allows. Most people I know running Kelfords swear by them but a Kelford...
  41. 1G BOV vs. Crushed 1G Bov

    Woah...didn't even notice that. It was mixed in with the most recently updated threads...not sure why it was there if it's from '05. Oops?
  42. 1G BOV vs. Crushed 1G Bov

    The Dodge Garage mod works very nicely, is pretty easy to do if you're careful and have basic hands-on skills and basic tools, will work better and more reliably than a crushed BOV and looks much better than a crushed BOV, too. I've had mine in my car for a few years and it works great and I...
  43. cracked turbo housing

    I've run a number of 1G and 2G manifolds that had internal cracking but nothing showing through on the outside. Port them out nicely and makes your mating surfaces are flat (a mill works great for this) and you will have a great, cheap manifold that will be more than adequate for a 14b.
  44. ugh, again with 1g clutch engagement

    When you say the pedal is slow to return, do you mean that it comes back at a slower pace than you are lifting your foot up or are you side-stepping it to let it just pop back up and it's coming up slow/too slow for your liking? Can you get a video of it while you're sitting in the car? Ask a...
  45. ProSport MBC

    Can you draw a schematic showing exactly how you have everything hooked up (what your source is, where it hooks up, etc.). Have you done a boost leak test to ensure everything is sealed up?
  46. Smell of Gas

    I know this is a long shot, but I did have it happen to me once - the hose connecting the pump to the sending unit had split a little and so gas shooting at the top of the sending unit, and the sending unit wasn't sealed 100% so a little bit of gas was leaking out from around the sending unit...
  47. One Week until the 2013 Ultimate Track Car Challenge!

    Thanks, that's exactly what I was looking for. Not sure why I couldn't find it before...
  48. My Archer Brothers Racing SCCA World Challenge Championship Winning Eagle Talons

    Have you changed anything besides the mirror covers and door stickers? You mentioned that the #34 had been changed pretty extensively - what else was done to it and what have you already reverted back?
  49. One Week until the 2013 Ultimate Track Car Challenge!

    Been following you since day 1 of this build - love this car! Hoping you did well. On a different note, Lowell and TSiAWD666, can you guys elaborate on your coolant swirl pot/pressure tank setup? Perhaps a schematic showing what hooks up to what?
  50. My Archer Brothers Racing SCCA World Challenge Championship Winning Eagle Talons

    Definitely interested. This kind of stuff is always exciting!
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