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  1. Sold 2G Torque Solution Billet Front Engine Mount

    SOLD 2G Torque Solution Billet Front Engine Mount Applications: Mitsubishi Eclipse / Talon 1995-1999 Used for less then 500 miles, in good working condition Changed to a tubular north/south bar with a built in engine mount so this is no longer needed This is the only engine mount I have...
  2. *NEW PRODUCT* AF 2G Spare Tire well delete panels!

    Yep, that's exactly what I did. $5-10 and no chance of a rattle ever.
  3. *NEW PRODUCT* AF 2G Spare Tire well delete panels!

    I removed my spare tire well and made a plate a few years ago. I don't remember for sure how thick of aluminum sheet I used for mine but I think it may have been .090 like these, it was at least close. In the pictures are the weights I found if anyone is interested. Looks like around 9 lbs...
  4. Sold 1992 Plymouth Laser RS AWD

    SOLD LOCALLY 1992 Plymouth Laser RS AWD 174,050 miles 6 bolt engine/4 bolt rear LSD differential Completely stock Cloth interior Factory sunroof The engine was rebuilt around 35,000 miles ago and runs strong. The transmission seems to shift how I would expect a DSM to. The air conditioning...
  5. FREE BILLET 2G Door Handles

    1996 Eclipse GSX and 1997 Talon TSI AWD
  6. Pulled Timing for some reason?

    I'm using palm'n stein and it blows, I know. The pulls were at WOT. Do these help? #1 Rpms Timing O2V 3000 13 .91 3224 6 .93 3524 5 .95 3832 7 .95 4164 8 .95 4516 9 .95 4780 9 .95 5084 8...
  7. Pulled Timing for some reason?

    Well, tonight I went out and tried to do some tuning with my afc. I wish I could post the logs I got, but since I got Vista I have been unable to load them to my computer. Could anyone tell my why my timing is only advancing to 13 degrees? There must be knock somewhere, but my timing graph is...
  8. K&N FIPK Worth It??

    On my car the guy I bought it from cut off the bottom of the air box. Now my filter is constantly dirty. I am debating on weather the FIPK is worth it or not? What kind of gains, if any should I expect?
  9. 14b Creep Problems

    Oh ok, I misunderstood what you said the first time, i will run with the actuator disconnected and see
  10. 14b Creep Problems

    ok, i will check how much it boosts with the vacuum line disconnected, the flapper opens fine, and the waste gaste actuator is functioning
  11. 14b Creep Problems

    Well this past week I installed a 14b on my 2g. Prior to the 14b I had no problems controlling boost on the t25. I could old 15psi rock steady. I ported the intake side of the 14b for better flow to the wastegate and also ported the o2 housing. The problem now is I can't hold boost below 15...
  12. How far is wastegate supposed to open? (14b)

    OK, Thanks Guys exactly what I wanted to hear.
  13. How far is wastegate supposed to open? (14b)

    I have a 14b that I am putting on my car. I was told to port behind the wastegate so it opens 90*. Well when I put some air to the vaccum fitting on the actuator the wastegate actually only opens about 40*. Is this right? Did I just waste the time I spent porting so it would open 90*...
  14. clutch question (best deal)

    go with a street dick, 4 and 6 puck are mostly for a total race application, the can be street driven, but are a little harsh
  15. Fuel Cut: What is it? How do I fix it? [merged]

    Yeah me too. Mine needed new plugs, I thought the damn thing was hitting fuel cut, but it was trying to do it no matter what rpm, then I realized it. Some new bpr6es and it was all fixed.
  16. Cracked Exhaust Housing

    here are a couple of pics
  17. Cracked Exhaust Housing

    so that is a 7cm housing then right?
  18. Cracked Exhaust Housing

    Yes, I am talking about the exhaust side of the 14b, and I got the turbo somewhat local, so I should be able to get my money back
  19. Cracked Exhaust Housing

    I will get some pics tonight when I am at home, I am very pissed now
  20. Cracked Exhaust Housing

    before I go and look for a new exhaust housing I am going to see if I can get my money back from this ass, he told me there were no cracks
  21. Cracked Exhaust Housing

    so it cant be welded? It wouldnt be possible for it to crack from shipping it would it? The guy I bought it from says thats what happened, but I am calling BS.
  22. Cracked Exhaust Housing

    I have a cracked exhaust housing on my 14b that I just got. It is right below the outlet on the outside. Is it possible to weld it up to seal it off?
  23. Which 2g install kit is best?

    that kit is a little expensive for me, anyone try the one?
  24. Which 2g install kit is best?

    I am putting a 14b on my 2g and was wondering which install kit is the best? I want something that isnt all that expensive, but has everything needed to install. I know I could just get a j-pipe, and oil feed line, but I want to do it right the first time, and I figure is will be easier this...
  25. gauge install wiring?(searched)

    I wired the lights for my gauges to the cigarette lighter. They are fused and you can dim them. I only have 2 though so with your for that might be a little to much power drawn from there. Mine are a little dim, but still very visible.
  26. My first car-omg im in love

    Congrats on you buy man, DSM's are a love hate relationship, but I love mine most of the time
  27. Which/What gauges should I get? [Merged 12-6]

    an egt is nice to have, it is not really a monitor, but a warning, you know you are lean when the egt's are high
  28. Powdercoating exhaust?

    uncoated aluminized exhaust will probably out live your ownership of the car, it doesnt rust as fast as you think
  29. Aftermarket stereo shuts off when volume turned up

    I just wired in a deck and I had the same problem, my problem was it wasnt grounded enough, might wanna check that.
  30. OK, trying to decide on keeping my Talon.

    Once you put some work into, I can almost bet you will love it. It feels good to know that you fixed soemthing or got it running. You will have more pride in the car too.
  31. wrecked DSM

    Well the next thing to do then would be check for visible cracks or oil leaks. Then I would suggest a compression check. that would probably tell you everything you need to know.
  32. Is this a t28? (pics)

    I was wondering if anyone could tell me if this is a t28? A guy I know would sell it very cheap.
  33. Installed MBC and now boost problems!!!

    i think i figured out the problem, my bov gasket was leaking and one of my intercooler piping connections was leaking, didnt have a chance to set it tonight though, i will try tomarrow, wish me luck
  34. Installed MBC and now boost problems!!!

    it is a straight line specialties mbc, it looks like a joe p one though. I have the line coming off the mbc at the bottom (opposite side of knob) going to bov, and the other line going to the wastegate actuator. Could I have left both lines going to the compressor and wategate? Also the...
  35. Installed MBC and now boost problems!!!

    Yesterday I installed an mbc on my car. It is the ball and spring type(i think thats what they are called). Well I go out to set boost and it wants to over boost all the time. I am trying to set it for 15psi, but it just wont cooperate. It spikes like crazy. My 1g bov also started making a...
  36. Tales of Salvage Title and Cruelty [Merged 1-8]

    A friend of mine buys and sells repairable vehicles, you usually get what the vehilce is worth on trade if you want to sell it, unless you find the right person. Here in Minnesota, the DMV has no problem with a salvage title, but you do have to get it inspected after it is fixed. They inspect...
  37. Chirp When Press Clutch?

    ok thats what I was leaning too, is a act 2100 a good choice for a mostly stock 2g awd? i dont plan on going too big with it. If I go with a 2600 will that increase the chances of crankwalk?
  38. Chirp When Press Clutch?

    Ok I recently took my car to the track, and after I was done on the way home I noticed a chirp had developed when I press and release the clutch quick, it doesent do it all the time though. The car also shakes a little when I dont rev it too high when I take off. I know I need a new clutch...
  39. How to tell its a t-28?????????????

    thanks for the help guys. how does $400 for a rebuilt t-28 and an safc 2 sound? I think it is pretty cheap.
  40. How to tell its a t-28?????????????

    I know some one who will sell me a t-28 pretty cheap. The only thing is I am unsure if it is a t-28. What can I look for on it to tell without actually pulling out my turbo and putting them next to each other? I have searched and there is no real definite answer in any of the posts.
  41. clutch adjustment????

    Is there any way I can adjust my clutch so it disengages at a different point than all the way to the floor? It is kind of a pain that way.
  42. T-Case recall maybe?

    called dealer today and the guy said the recall has been done already on my car. I told him that it was a lifetime deal, but he said if it was it would show it on his computer. Where dod I start now?
  43. T-Case recall maybe?

    I crawled under my car last night and I noticed at the end of the t-case where the drive shaft is joining with it there was an oil ring above it. I looked almost as if it were leaking and I must have been slinging the oil. Do you think they would cover it in the recall? Also I just bought the...
  44. Horn wont work?

    I have tried all of the stuff in the tech aritcle on the horn problem but found nothing. If I set off my alarm the horn works fine but other wise it will not work at all. Anyone had this problem?
  45. K&N FIPK? [Merged 9-7] intake filter adapter kn

    Also where is the cheapest to buy one on the net?
  46. K&N FIPK? [Merged 9-7] intake filter adapter kn

    On my car the guy I bought it from cut off the bottom of the air box. Now my filter is constantly dirty. I am debating on weather the FIPK is worth it or not? What kind of gains, if any should I expect?
  47. RPMS @ 65 mph

    thanks for the input, i just didnt want to damage the car
  48. RPMS @ 65 mph

    Does 3000 revs sound okay at 65 in 5ht with a Talon TSI AWD. I just think it seems a little high, but I am used to V-6's and V-8's.
  49. Door Buzzer And Dome Light Fuse????

    Could anyone tell me which fuse specifficaly controls the dome lights and door buzzers? I have saw many posts but no one really says.
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