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  1. Craig1970

    is this normal trans badge

    thats kinda where my mind was going
  2. Craig1970

    is this normal trans badge

    ok so you think that it may be modified i guess that would make sense everything else seems to be modified in some way
  3. Craig1970

    is this normal trans badge

    so i have been tearing down my engine for repair and build up and i came across the trans badge it looks like part of it has been scratched off is this normal or should i be worried
  4. Craig1970

    Please sign the RPM Act petition - again!

    alright i am on it
  5. Craig1970

    AER Valve Covers

    it looks like it is raised maybe it could be sanded down ?
  6. Craig1970

    99 GSX Rebirth/Clean-Up/Build

    wow holy shit that car is beautiful underneath
  7. Craig1970

    Lexus Structural Blue

    landrover also has a very nice blue
  8. Craig1970

    2G Where to get elusive front bumper under cover...

    maybe that was an earlier design ? before the actual build
  9. Craig1970

    Boosted Fabrication - New Vendor

    welcome i think i may do doing some business with you soon enough
  10. Craig1970

    2G fuel line questions

    Thank you dusty I probably would have figured it out if I was able to get under the car but I haven't jacked it up yet
  11. Craig1970

    2G fuel line questions

    Ok that makes sense I was thinking in reverse thank you guys
  12. Craig1970

    2G fuel line questions

    yes it is a mess the mechanic that was supposed to be fixing it ...well lets just say he sucked i finally got tired of his excuses and brought it home and am now trying to figure out the mess he left me with lol just realized you asked a question ..... fuel pressure regulator hmmm maybe thats...
  13. Craig1970

    2G fuel line questions

    ok so picture 1 is this where the fuel comes from the tank and if so picture 2 i am guessing they had these 2 connected some how and picture 3 i am guessing i should replace this as they jacked it up so the real question is would i be better off just running a new braided line or is there a...
  14. Craig1970

    2G Turbo feed line fittings. i like this site prices seem better too
  15. Craig1970

    Best DSM Craigslist post of the day

    it does have signatures on it. it would just depend on whose they are and if they are real. but most likely just going off the the fast and furious fame
  16. Craig1970

    looking for someone who knows wiring

    ok i do not have a meter (guess i will have to pick one up) also as i have done radio installations i have always soldered my connections and have used shrink wrapping so that wont be a problem and thank you i will look up and hopefully find what i need
  17. Craig1970

    looking for someone who knows wiring

    alright thank you i will see what i can find online
  18. Craig1970

    my DSM

    Craig1970 submitted a new DSM Profile : my DSM Read more about this vehicle here...
  19. my DSM

    Street Build my DSM

  20. Craig1970

    looking for someone who knows wiring

    ok so i am trying to figure out the wiring in my car seeing as the guy i had brought it too couldn't do it , according to him the previous owner had tried to hide the fuse box and some on the harness got ripped up by the axle. Now i am no expert but i can do some electrical (mostly home) and...
  21. Craig1970

    Best DSM Craigslist post of the day

    can you say rice, nothing like killing a nice car
  22. Craig1970

    99 GSX Rebirth/Clean-Up/Build

    instead of painting the parts you are thinking why not powder coat then you wouldn't have to worry about chipping/rust at least not for a longer time
  23. Craig1970

    Oem seats from other cars

    has any one ever tried to use the seats from a steath/3000gt you know the ones that have the multi adjustable i think its 3 spots i remember the sides would adjust as well as the mid back did
  24. Craig1970

    98 GSX Clean-Up/Resto

    this is awesome and is totally getting me geared up to get mine going
  25. Craig1970

    Hello new here

    so it has been almost 4 years and has been ..well a crappy ride so far, i drove my car for probably about 2 months til it started idling rough. so i talked to a friend and he suggested i talk to the guy he uses, so i did and this is where the crappy ride starts. so he takes my car and...
  26. Craig1970

    Hello new here

    Thank you !
  27. Craig1970

    Know of any good mechanics in Rhode Island? dyno tech does excellent work they are big into evo's
  28. Craig1970

    LBCportagee's build

    watching this it should look awesome when done
  29. Craig1970

    2G Carbon fiber wrap prt. 2!

    im not a big fan of carbon fiber but that looks good !!
  30. Craig1970


    I am starting to think that myself
  31. Craig1970


    I am /was only going by what my tuner told me so I guess he is wrong maybe he doesn't know that ...I will inform him as to what you have said and look at the page you linked and thank you !
  32. Craig1970


    ok so i have a 97 gsx and my tuner suggested i chip it with ecmlink v3 now what i didnt know was that if the battery gets disconnected i lose the tune . so my question to you all is would there be a better alternative to what was done ? i am still kind of new to this more of a muscle car guy but...
  33. Craig1970

    Hello new here

    Hello I am new and figured I would say hello. I recently bought a 98 gsx and am trying to fix all the previous owners stupidity ....let's just say it's a lot so I hope to learn everything I don't know which is probably a lot I look forward to hearing from you all
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