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  1. tlcoolj

    For Sale Garage cleaning sale

    All parts are best offer. 2g Evo brembo brake conversion kit. These brackets will allow the installation of evo brakes to stock 2g knuckles. You can search the forum for instructions. Been on my shelf since I purchased them. - sold 2g gsx front brakes w/ brackets 6 bolt oil pickup with...
  2. tlcoolj

    For Sale VW vacuum pump

    Working VW vacuum pump with bracket. Mounts nicely one the firewall below the injector resistor pack on a 2g. $45 shipped with PayPal fees 812-229-4023
  3. tlcoolj

    Sold FIC injectors, Hallman MBC

    1450cc injectors comes with sheet from fic where they’d been flow tested with newer seals. $220 SOLD 1150cc they’ve been cleaned by fic and have newer seals, lost the data sheet. $200 SOLD Black hallman mbc $55 prices include shipping and PayPal fees. 812-229-4023
  4. tlcoolj

    Sold FIC 1150

  5. tlcoolj

    Sold FIC 1150

    FIC 1150’s. They were just cleaned and flow tested this year by FIC. Found a deal on a slightly larger set so I no longer need these. $275 shipped/PayPal fees included.
  6. tlcoolj

    FREE BILLET 2G Door Handles

    1998 eclipse gsx
  7. tlcoolj

    USPS Issues?

    I had a package arrive 30 days after it was shipped priority. Several packages delayed this year and 1 lost. Be sure to always insure everything.
  8. tlcoolj

    Sold ARP main studs 7/6 bolt

    Set of ARP main studs works for all years 4g63. $30 shipped 812-229-4023
  9. tlcoolj

    1G What did I break? W4a33 trouble

    This was a brand new unit shipped from mike, no fluid... brand new converter. USPS lost it, he didn’t put additional insurance on it and says it’s not his problem. So that’s a great point, make sure it’s packaged well with no leaks. Also make sure you make it very clear you want additional...
  10. tlcoolj

    1G What did I break? W4a33 trouble

    Yes. Mike has been great with customer service. But as you may know he likes you to ship it in a large rate flat box to him and he’ll send it back in a large flat rate box. He told me to send $25 via PayPal and he’d ship it back. USPS lost it and he didn’t add any additional insurance so...
  11. tlcoolj

    1G What did I break? W4a33 trouble

    Make sure to send him extra money to insure your torque converter for return shipping. I sent mine in, USPS lost it when he shipped it back and he told me he’s sorry, he wasn’t responsible for it.
  12. tlcoolj

    Sold Omni 4 bar map

    $50 shipped obo
  13. tlcoolj

    For Sale Eagle rods 6 bolt

    $175 shipped obo
  14. tlcoolj

    Sold Omni 4 bar map

    Omni 4 bar map sensor, mdp style. Asking $60 shipped obo 812-229-4023
  15. tlcoolj

    Sold ARP l-19 6 bolt head studs

    ARP l-19 headstuds, used in good condition. MRSP $220 new, asking $140 shipped obo 812-229-4023
  16. tlcoolj

    Alloy 2G door handles! This time its REAL!!! Cancelled

    I hope this happens, been through so many door handles.
  17. tlcoolj

    For Sale ARP main stud kit

    ARP main stud kit 6/7 bolt Asking $40 shipped obo 812-229-4023
  18. tlcoolj

    For Sale Eagle rods 6 bolt

    6 bolt eagle h beam rods, low mileage. Asking $215 shipped obo 812-229-4023
  19. tlcoolj

    For Sale 2g eBay intercooler.

    $200 shipped
  20. tlcoolj

    Sold Kiggly steel street springs

    Kiggly steel street springs. $300 + shipping new, $190 shipped obo 812-229-4023
  21. tlcoolj

    For Sale Everything obo!

    Updated list
  22. tlcoolj

    For Sale Everything obo!

    Updated list
  23. tlcoolj

    Sold BC 280’s

    $200 shipped obo, let’s make a deal
  24. tlcoolj

    Sold BC 280’s

    picked these up used a few years ago, previous seller listed them with the marks shown. I didn’t think they looked bad so I bought them and I’ve ran them for 2 yrs no problems. Lobes are perfectly smooth to the touch. No deep gouges or anything like that. $225 shipped obo 812-229-4023
  25. tlcoolj

    For Sale Everything obo!

    Everything is OBO, please refer to flat rate shipping boxes when including shipping rates with your offer. More stuff you buy cheaper shipping will be. 812-229-4023 PTE 880 injectors, newer seals Gm 3.3 bar map OEM 1g coils 1g nt intake manifold 6 bolt topline oil pump, BS delete. Less than...
  26. tlcoolj

    Sold Kiggly 6 bolt in a 2g auto

    Taking OBO
  27. tlcoolj

    For Sale 6bolt 100mm crank

    Taking OBO
  28. tlcoolj

    For Sale 2g eBay intercooler.

    Greddy style eBay intercooler. Comes with upper piping, where you have to buy it separately on eBay. IAT bung has been added and IAT sensor w/ pig tail is included. 1g bov flange has been modified for a real Greddy Bov. Does not come with BOV, could be added if buyer wants it. Kit has less...
  29. tlcoolj

    For Sale 6bolt 100mm crank

    6 bolt 100mm crank from a g4cs. Measured rod journals to be approx 1.771 and mains to be 2.244. Wear marks are pictured. Not sure if they can just be polished out or if it would need to be cut. Can provide more pictures if needed. $150 + shipping obo 812-229-4023
  30. tlcoolj

    Sold Kiggly 6 bolt in a 2g auto

    kiggly’s 6 bolt in a 2g auto kit. Brand new starter plate. $200 shipped obo 812-229-4023
  31. tlcoolj

    For Sale Ecu’s Aem, apexi, black box and more.

    Gm maf/translator sold Intake sold Black box ecu sold
  32. tlcoolj

    For Sale Ecu’s Aem, apexi, black box and more.

    Just got a new car, parting out my 95 and getting rid of some parts I won’t need from the new one. AEM EMS v1 $225 98-99 black box ecu $100 Apexi power fc $225 HKS evc 4 boost controller $75 AEM Fpr + install kit $100 Samco red 2g upper and lower radiator hose brand new never installed $60 Gm...
  33. tlcoolj

    For Sale Ported 2g oem manifold

    ported 2g oem exhaust manifold. No cracks. $45 shipped + PayPal
  34. tlcoolj

    Sold PTE 880cc injectors

    Pulled from my running car, newer seals. Asking $140 shipped + PayPal fees OBO 812-229-4023
  35. tlcoolj

    Alternator Pulley Group Buy

    +1 gm pulley
  36. tlcoolj

    For Sale 97-99 auto engine harness

    97-99 automatic engine wiring harness. This is an extra one I have laying around I don’t need anymore. Has a couple connectors with damaged clips, and had the cas cut off to wire in 1g sesnor. $165 shipped in the US.
  37. tlcoolj

    2G will these fit

    they will fit, I have the same size wheels on my car. no rubbing even though I'm lowered 1.5"
  38. tlcoolj

    4g64 or 4g63? advice

    you do not have to block off any oil drain holes on a g4cs, that's only for a 7 bolt 4g64. there is a wonderful thread about building one of these if you take the time to read it. Use the 6 bolt front case and...
  39. tlcoolj

    w4a33 bushing kit?

    I just bought a bushing kit for $20. Just google a kit for f4a33, same thing. I believe mine came from cobra transmission. Very helpful if you have a blind bearing puller to remove the old ones.
  40. tlcoolj

    Wont Crank-95awd

    Unbelievable, two separate recent discussions... exact same problem. Cut and paste from the last answer I gave. 1. Starter issue: Without looking at your profile I'm assuming you have a 5 speed. The clicking you hear is a relay located under your radio. Not going into detail about how it...
  41. tlcoolj

    No spark on cylinder 1 and 4

    1. Starter issue: Without looking at your profile I'm assuming you have a 5 speed. The clicking you hear is a relay located under your radio. Not going into detail about how it works but your problem is your clutch switch. There are two switches on the clutch pedal assembly, unplug the upper...
  42. tlcoolj

    Vrpracing Auto FP Black Results

    who did your restall?
  43. tlcoolj

    ECMlink help me with tuning??

    You're not giving us much to work with. Your profile says you have a wideband but it's not setup in your logs. Get that thing working and logging correctly and add some more useful information to your captured values. Such as mafraw, wbfactor, combinedft, ect..
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