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  1. sethkirk_2005

    2G Patching Rust Holes

    Don’t do that. You will regret it down the road. I thought my car was rust free until I started seeing bubbles. The pictures show what I found. Someone had put bondo over the rust. I ground it all out and found it was a lot worst than it originally looked. I think you’ll probably find your...
  2. sethkirk_2005

    FREE BILLET 2G Door Handles

    1999 Eclipse GSX
  3. sethkirk_2005

    Radiator Support Replacement How To

    Anything new? I was having fitment issues and found out my car was hit and it bent up my headlight support.
  4. sethkirk_2005

    new paint job pics.

    bengals fan? WHO DEY!
  5. sethkirk_2005

    2G Turbo intake?

    I think "turbo intake" is a general term people are using to differentiate as you have an intake manifold and a intake attached to the turbo. Turbo intake, cold air intake one in the same
  6. sethkirk_2005

    Buying another DSM. Need opinions

    Might want to check the vacuum lines. After 2 years of sitting I'm sure they have begun to dry rot.
  7. sethkirk_2005

    Bent alternator shaft

    Didn't check motor mounts or transmission mpunts. Previous owner cut splash guard so that's a possibility. Bought replacement at AZ and they talked like the bearing probably went and caused it to do that. They talked like they had seen it before.
  8. sethkirk_2005

    Bent alternator shaft

    I was driving home and a friend was driving behind me. He called me and told me sparks were coming from driver side of car. Got to a parking lot and started looking and that is what I found.
  9. sethkirk_2005

    Bent alternator shaft

    Has anyone ever seen this happen? It looks like the shaft of the alternator bent. Could there be an underlying cause or is this an example of a catestrophic alternator failure? I check everything else and it all seems fine. The dampner has no play in it.
  10. sethkirk_2005

    I need Help with Rebuild on 97 Eclipse

    If you are looking to rebuild the engine cheap with stock parts I would recommend Parts Dinosaur PartsDinosaur, Phoenix, Arizona, wholesale engine parts and kits Note: There parts are not OEM.
  11. sethkirk_2005

    I need Help with Rebuild on 97 Eclipse

    Go to Auto Zone and buy a Chilton book for the car or a similar repair book. I bought one for my car and used it often. I learned a lot from it.
  12. sethkirk_2005

    belt squeaking/ TOB, belt tension?

    Check for separation on the crank pulley, that would cause it to squeek. If that is not the cause you may try tightening the belts. I don't think the chips will cause it to squeek unless it is extremely bad. Mine has some chips in it with no problems...
  13. sethkirk_2005

    98 Eclipse gsx

    I'm looking at a 98 gsx with 126,000 totally stock Cheyenne red and the guy wants 4000 for it. Only thing wrong is that the clear coat is peeling on the fenders and there is a little rust on the strut towers... Drives good everything feels good I'm going to do a compression test tomorrow and...
  14. sethkirk_2005

    The Official "What's this DSM worth?" Thread

    The way he talked the UDP hasn't been on there long and the car has sit for the last couple months. He was deployed to Iraq, he is in the air force. So hopefully it wasn't on there long enough to do any damage. I'm going in the morning with my pressure tester and hopefully its ok... What kind...
  15. sethkirk_2005

    The Official "What's this DSM worth?" Thread

    What kind of damage would I be looking for? How would I check to see if it has caused any damage? The accessory belts squeak quite a bit, I'm guessing that may be a combination of the underdrive pulley and the fact that the belts have never been changed. Aren't UDP smaller so the belts don't...
  16. sethkirk_2005

    The Official "What's this DSM worth?" Thread

    Timing belt has not been changed since he has had the car! So im guessing it has never been changed... The first thing I would do is take it home and order the parts and not drive it till timing belt is taken care of. Oh and it has a stupid underdrive pulley :nono: so Ill be getting rid of that.
  17. sethkirk_2005

    The Official "What's this DSM worth?" Thread

    I was pretty excited to find a gsx with no mods. Even though it has high millage my thinking was that it probably had a pretty easy life (Not Raced).
  18. sethkirk_2005

    speeding ticket help?

    Pretty much one of the only ways to get out of a speeding ticket is to contest the calibration of the radar. Not all Police Departments calibrate their radars as often as they are supposed to. Or go to your court date and hope the police officer doesn't show up then you can ask for the charges...
  19. sethkirk_2005

    The Official "What's this DSM worth?" Thread

    I'm looking at a 98 gsx with 126,000 totally stock Cheyenne red and the guy wants 4000 for it. Only thing wrong is that the clear coat is peeling on the fenders and there is a little rust on the strut towers... Drives good everything feels good I'm going to do a compression test tomorrow and...
  20. sethkirk_2005

    4th and 5th slipping

    The guy definitely doesn't know what he is talking about... obviously! I'm going to go check it out tomorrow but he won't be getting what he's asking for it.
  21. sethkirk_2005

    4th and 5th slipping

    He also told me the car has an "ultimate ECU" I have never heard of that either...
  22. sethkirk_2005

    4th and 5th slipping

    So I'm going to look at a gst tomorrow and the owner tells me the car needs a "main computer". He says that 4th gear and 5th gear are slipping due to the fact that the car needs a new computer... I have a little experience with these cars but I have never heard of the computer causing a gear...
  23. sethkirk_2005

    Turbo Engines without turbo?

    I'm sure you could get it to run. However, I do not think it would run right. It would run really really rich, you would have to put in a n/t ecu in it to make it run correctly. Plus it would be extremely slow!
  24. sethkirk_2005

    T-belt cover base timing marks

    Check this out Timing Belt VFAQ. Scroll down to and read the paragraph in between #33 and #34. It looks like this may be what happen to you.
  25. sethkirk_2005

    Dsmlink V3

    Its finally here!!!! To bad I don't have the money to buy one.... lol Good job guys!
  26. sethkirk_2005

    [RESOLVED] Turbo question

    Hey why don't you just make a cd with the noise on it and when you are feeling a little crazy hit play and just go to town! Seriously though if your wanting that loud sound like you see in the movies you'll have to pay some money for a nice BOV the stock ones aren't very loud.
  27. sethkirk_2005

    Can N/A ecu be datalogged

    Does that have the OBI port in it? From what I understand as long as you have OBII or OBI you can use a datalogger. 1g DSM Detailed Information
  28. sethkirk_2005

    load clicks

    Are you sure its coming from the belts it may be your lifters ticking 2g's are notorious for lifter tick.
  29. sethkirk_2005

    T-belt cover base timing marks

    Unless that is just a bad angle it looks to me that your cam is off by a tooth. Put a ruler up to it and take a picture.
  30. sethkirk_2005

    Question about an intercooler

    No water would not get into your intercooler its a sealed system. Water may get on your intercooler but it isn't going to get inside your piping unless you have a big leak.
  31. sethkirk_2005


    Tech Guide: 2G 4G63t Upgrades - DSMtuners Take a look at this it will tell you what you need to start making more power.
  32. sethkirk_2005


    Running that much boost on a stock turbo is no longer efficient meaning you are just blowing hot air killing performance.
  33. sethkirk_2005


    Your welcome! Good luck!
  34. sethkirk_2005


    The reason I posted that link is because there are a lot more mods you should get before cams. Most people don't get cams until later down the road when they are making decent power.
  35. sethkirk_2005

    [RESOLVED] Timing belt?

    Timing belt replacement kit. Even comes with the balance shaft elimination kit. STM DSM TIMING BELT REPLACEMENT KIT
  36. sethkirk_2005


    I would recommend reading this Tech Guide: 2G 4G63t Upgrades - DSMtuners. If your car is mostly stock you should invest in supporting mods.
  37. sethkirk_2005

    What color to paint my car? [Merged 4-8]

    My friend had a 98 gst that was two tone. It had black at the bottom and Bengal orange from the pin strip up. I don't have any pictures of it but it looked amazing!
  38. sethkirk_2005

    Check out my time lapse of ohio skies

    Go Buckeyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  39. sethkirk_2005

    New GST

    1: Click on Reply 2: Scroll Down to Attach Files 3: Click upload/edit files 4: It says "Upload files from computer" There are 5 boxes 5: Click on the browse button 6: Find the picture on your computer, click the picture 7: Click "Upload" You will then see your attachment under "current...
  40. sethkirk_2005

    Oil in coolant?

    Well looks like ill just keep flushing it my self. I can't justify paying someone to do the same thing Ive been doing. I guess ill just start looking for a good cheap radiator. Surprisingly Ive been hearing decent things about the aluminum radiators on ebay. I guess they are the same...
  41. sethkirk_2005

    Oil in coolant?

    The second time I flushed the system I used the Prestone radiator flush. It worked pretty well it got a lot of gunk out of the engine but I think there must be a whole lot of it in there because after the third flush its still coming out brown... I guess I'm just going to continue to flush it...
  42. sethkirk_2005

    Blue Smoke [Merged 7-9]

    When I bought my car the idiot before me had regular rubber hose from the turbo to the oil pan. It was a weird angle and it was barely letting any oil through... For some reason it never smoked but when I took the intercooler piping off it had a little oil in there. Crimped oil lines are...
  43. sethkirk_2005

    [RESOLVED] Anyone know where to buy a new alternator bolt?

    Check your local junkyard if you cant find one there give dsm graveyard a call. Or you could always figure out the bolt size and get it at Lowes...
  44. sethkirk_2005

    Oil in coolant?

    Well I'm almost 100% sure its not oil. The reason I say that is because Ive been flushing the system with water. Whatever this stuff is it always goes to the bottom if it were oil mixed with water the oil would float to the top... Does this make sense to anyone else?
  45. sethkirk_2005

    Oil in coolant?

    I'm pretty sure that this gunk is stop leak. I let the coolant sit and this redish/brown stuff is sitting at the bottom. I took some pictures but you cant see it very well. I decided to post them anyways though. Let me know what you think. By the way Ive now flushed the system 3 times...
  46. sethkirk_2005

    T-belt cover base timing marks

    Someone correct me if I'm wrong but shouldn't the timing marks on the cam shafts line up along with the notch on the crank pulley at 0 (TDC)
  47. sethkirk_2005

    Oil in coolant?

    It don't think it has the oil cooler on it... when I put my oil filter on it screws directly to the oil filter housing. There isn't anything to crush... Ill take a picture of my oil filter housing in the morning and post. Has anyone ever experience first hand oil in their coolant? If so can...
  48. sethkirk_2005

    Oil in coolant?

    I replaced all fluids after replacing the head gasket. The stop leak is a possibility sense the guy who had it before me was an idiot... so that could be it. The inside of the coolant housing is stained the same brownish color. I'm in the process of flushing the system, the water is coming...
  49. sethkirk_2005

    Oil in coolant?

    I changed the oil after replacing the head gasket and I just drained the oil, there is no coolant in the oil. The head was torqued in steps just like the manual advises, it was then re torqued after several heat cycles.
  50. sethkirk_2005

    Oil in coolant?

    Oh I put a cometic MLS head gasket in. If by somehow the head was warped wouldn't the mls head gasket help compensate for the unevenness?
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