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  1. Canadian_CD9A

    98 GSX Time Trial build

    Congratulations, that's one hell of a way to limp it home. I applaud getting it done in those circumstances, and it reminds me of one of my favorite car-related quotes: "the perfect race car is the fastest thing on the track, then explodes after crossing the finish line".
  2. Canadian_CD9A

    2G Jack's transmission rebuild extras

    There are still a few floating around but expect them to disappear in the next couple of years.
  3. Canadian_CD9A

    2G Jack's transmission rebuild extras

    I wouldn't bother with the gears. Your weak spot is the 3/4 hub/slider in the 99 transmission. It just doesn't have much material and torque will make it fail before any of the gears will. Keep it down with the Green if you do go that route.
  4. Canadian_CD9A

    5spd Folks, What are we doing now that gear sets are scarce?

    I've heard that getting the PAR synchro gear kit is a pain in the ass in itself, and it doesn't fix the fact that you still need OEM Evo hub & slider assemblies, which are the hardest thing to find right now. Keltalon liked his, but it requires a later Evo clutch disc to match the input shaft...
  5. Canadian_CD9A

    1G Help me decide with bigger IC and 3" pipping

    The only thing it will change is adding more lag. The 2.5" piping will carry you much further than 500hp, so unless you have an IAT issue in your logs, don't touch it.
  6. Canadian_CD9A

    No compression 2006 VW Passat

    VWVortex might be more suitable to answer this. But if you have concerns about bent valves, skip the guessing. Pull the head and find out for sure.
  7. Canadian_CD9A

    No compression 2006 VW Passat

    Is there some sort of forum crawler you're using to post this? I find it so strange that we get weekly questions about cars we don't cover. We are a forum for 1990s Mitsubishis/Eagle Talons, we have nothing to do with VWs and I doubt anyone here has the platform-specific experience to answer...
  8. Canadian_CD9A

    Autocross Build Evo 1 - Going Overboard

    It was custom-made for the kit by Advanced Thermal Products in California. They need the parts in their possession to do a setup. Next week, I should have Evo 1-3 chassis reinforcement kits available for sale. The Evo 1-3 is in bad need of some structural integrity, and this kit puts...
  9. Canadian_CD9A

    Aftermarket radio in my truck turns off when driving off only

    You joined a DSM forum today to ask an electrical question about your Chevy truck? If you're not a bot, you're definitely as smart as one.
  10. Canadian_CD9A

    Aftermarket radio in my truck turns off when driving off only

    Another bot post, don't even reply.
  11. Canadian_CD9A

    Rising Price of the older DSM's

    I bought my Evo 1 RS at a salvage auction in 2008 for $2,200 CAD. It had 42,000 km (around 26,000 miles) and had some issues, but I had it looking really nice for a reasonable investment. Decent Evo 123s could be had under $10,000 CAD all day until 2018, now they go for $20,000+ to the US. A...
  12. Canadian_CD9A

    Placebo Parts...

    Rigid collars.. $200 for some machined washers/spacers that are supposed to prevent a slotted subframe from "walking". There are a bunch of reviews floating around saying how users they can "feel" the difference, but these things literally can't do anything unless the subframe is physically...
  13. Canadian_CD9A

    2G Upgrade: TBI 52 mm x 60 mm x 70 mm

    Tomei 260, GSC S1, Kelford 264, JUN 264 are all good options for a basic TD05H-equipped stroker that sees street duty, and are all available new. I can't recommend HKS cams in good conscience anymore, mostly because I never advise people to buy used engine internals, and because they are super mild.
  14. Canadian_CD9A

    2G Upgrade: TBI 52 mm x 60 mm x 70 mm

    One on eBay now, it appears the seller ships to Brazil:
  15. Canadian_CD9A

    2G Upgrade: TBI 52 mm x 60 mm x 70 mm

    A 60mm throttle body is absolutely sufficient for your power levels. With an Evo 1-3 intake manifold and GSC S2s, it will really open up the top end, peak power should be around 6500.
  16. Canadian_CD9A

    Autocross Build Evo 1 - Going Overboard

    It's meant to be joined to the existing exhaust by the user. I'll just route it to the stock catalytic converter with 3" stainless pipe, so it mounts like stock. I'm going to remove the car's existing high-flow cat (2.5" I think?) and fab up a full 3" pipe with a GESI cat (again, fitting like...
  17. Canadian_CD9A

    Autocross Build Evo 1 - Going Overboard

    It gets real hot on my parts storage shelf, I need to be ready! But yeah, I prefer something that will stay totally consistent and reliable. Dyno numbers don't mean anything if your engine bay is heat soaked by the second lap. Turbos don't make power, setups do. I would have used a manifold and...
  18. Canadian_CD9A

    Autocross Build Evo 1 - Going Overboard

    The turbo setup has landed. It's the same as above, but it made a detour for some inconel heat shielding before it arrived here. It's a bit of a shame that I won't see the bare manifold/downpipe though. Also, a silly exhaust hanger with a silly price tag. It's a Ralliart piece and it...
  19. Canadian_CD9A

    S362 Turbine Housing A/R Options

    Divided housing on a stroker? I would go with the biggest housing available. I've heard the smaller BW housings are undersized even for a 2.0L.
  20. Canadian_CD9A

    Hello! The dct470 question

    What are you asking here? If a software solution can fix it, or if you can rebuild it yourself? The SST is a pretty complex transmission. Parts can be sourced and you can try it yourself if you're brave enough, but this is one I would leave to the experts, personally.
  21. Canadian_CD9A

    For Sale Evo Ohlins DFV, M&W ignition, Haltech harness, Ralliart mounts, Whiteline bushings

    Selling the following: Set of Ohlins DFVs for Evo 789. I bought them to adapt to my Evo 1, but I'm going to find a simpler solution which doesn't require adapters. They are used and quite clean, but one of the struts does show indication of sweating/leaking (pictured). The springs are 9k/7k...
  22. Canadian_CD9A

    2G Built motor and flex fuel

    I would stay around 9.0:1 compression since 10.5:1 is walking a tightrope on 91 octane. Get your E85 power from added boost and timing. The point of Flex Fuel is to have the car perform well on both fuels - the car won't perform well on 91 since it will be seriously boost limited. If you stick...
  23. Canadian_CD9A

    1G 4 inch speaker suggestions/recommendations

    I had amplified Hertz HCX165 coaxial 6.5s as the only speakers in my S2000 and they were mindblowing. Much better midbass than anything else I had ever used and they honestly didn't need a subwoofer, but I added a 10" anyway just to fill it out. Hertz speakers are incredible - a subwoofer...
  24. Canadian_CD9A

    1G 4 inch speaker suggestions/recommendations

    Run components. Put the 6.5 midwoofer in the door and tweeter in the dash.
  25. Canadian_CD9A

    Can you use stroker pistons with an 88mm crank?

    I would calculate the compression ratio first. I have a set of 1.142" CH pistons for my 2.0L long rod motor - on a 88mm crank, they give around 8.6:1 compression, but on a 100mm crank, the number is closer to 9.7:1. If you're doing the inverse, you might end up with some wacky low ratio. I'm...
  26. Canadian_CD9A

    3G Eclipse Engine swap

    The 4G Eclipse 3.8L engine (6G75) can be pretty mean with full bolt-ons, like 275+ whp. It also has a 6-speed. That's a great performer if you can make it happen.
  27. Canadian_CD9A

    Reaching out to TRE

    TMZ recently posted on his FB page that he's been sick and is way behind, which might explain why TRE is (possibly) more stacked than usual.
  28. Canadian_CD9A

    1G E85 Without a Tune (Theory)

    Yes the idea is total garbage. It would require you to run in open loop all the time, since the stock ECU's closed loop maps work by targeting a 14.7:1 AFR and the narrowband either reads richer or leaner than that number. The ECU would flip out trying to adjust it back to that 14.7:1 (and...
  29. Canadian_CD9A

    WANTED: OEM Part Vendor Recommendation

    Amayama can get practically everything but it's based in Japan, probably not what you're after. Canadians also go through RTM Racing for OEM parts, who is a vendor here. They got some OEM Evo parts for me after I emailed them - prices were reasonable, too.
  30. Canadian_CD9A

    Autocross Build Evo 1 - Going Overboard

    The calipers were brokered in, so they'll have to handle it anyway. Visa customer support on standby if not :) Thank you! I made sure to buy a house that needs absolutely nothing other than furniture for this very reason. The car gets everything!
  31. Canadian_CD9A

    Autocross Build Evo 1 - Going Overboard

    Big update time. I finally moved away from Ottawa to a place with a reasonable real estate market, and now closing the sale on my first house. Of course a garage was a major priority, so my new house has a 24x30 heated garage that I'll finally be able to work on the Evo in! My monthly budget...
  32. Canadian_CD9A

    Eco modding ideas?

    I agree, don't delete comfort items, and don't spend money hunting for MPGs in a DSM. It's not a light car and it doesn't have a modern engine or management system, nor does it have fantastic aerodynamics. There are tiny things you can do, but most of them compromise safety and/or comfort. Just...
  33. Canadian_CD9A

    FP 68HTA or FP RED

    Umm...split the difference with the FP Green?
  34. Canadian_CD9A

    looking for the Saskatchewan DSM'S

    I'm moving to Regina from Ottawa next week, my Evo will be joining me from Winnipeg in the spring. It's gonna be so nice being able to work on it again after 5 years.
  35. Canadian_CD9A

    2G Run 4G63 NA with GSX Ecu and low boost turbocharger

    The compression ratios are different (over 9:1 vs 8.5:1 in the GSX) and the cams are likely different, so the volumetric efficiency of the engines will be different across all RPM, and the fuel/ignition maps therefore aren't going to be accurate. If you want to try to put a 4G63 engine with...
  36. Canadian_CD9A

    2G Run 4G63 NA with GSX Ecu and low boost turbocharger

    The sensors are different and the wiring harness isn't plug-and-play. It's an entirely different engine from the 4G63 and the fuel maps wouldn't be accurate anyway.
  37. Canadian_CD9A

    Throttle body Bolt pattern.

    An older post from EvoM says 2.508" x 2.516" for the Evo TB (which bolts to DSM manifolds).
  38. Canadian_CD9A

    2G First DSM build advice.

    You definitely need a tuning solution if you deviate from stock power levels by any significant margin - 400hp is way outside what the stock tune can do. ECMLink just happens to be the easiest solution and it's inexpensive for the flexibility you get. The safest way to do this has forged...
  39. Canadian_CD9A

    GVR-4 3.545 VS 3.909 Final Ratio

    Evo guys wouldn't go with the 3.545 if they didn't need the top speed in 4th for drag racing (or highway fuel economy in rare cases). For a 16G car, the 3.909s are fantastic. I should add that a Galant VR4 would be an absolute dog starting off with the long 1st gear, tall final drive and all...
  40. Canadian_CD9A

    English Racing Oil pump pulley and timing marks

    If you don't have adjustable cam gears to compensate for the 2*, they alignment won't be correct. Past that, you should be referring to normal 4G63 cam timing issues that don't relate to the oil pump gear.
  41. Canadian_CD9A

    English Racing Oil pump pulley and timing marks

    Did you adjust for the 2 degrees, as written on the pulley itself?
  42. Canadian_CD9A

    Vanna White

    I can't be the only one twitching seeing an unpainted block in a mint car LOL
  43. Canadian_CD9A

    Autocross Build Evo 1 - Going Overboard

    The order for OEM parts at Amayama just went through - 278 items, including: -Full set of brake shields -OEM clutch master cylinder -OEM ebrake handle to replace my ratty one -Pair of ebrake cables for the conversion The rest is basically just driveline/chassis hardware. A whole suspension...
  44. Canadian_CD9A

    Autocross Build Evo 1 - Going Overboard

    I was certainly concerned about power, that's why I stepped away from the stroker. E85-level compression, aftermarket intake manifold, higher flow EWG turbine and gnarly cams typically put torque above the 450 ft/lbs mark in the midrange on a 2.0L, which is what I've tried to avoid. I designed...
  45. Canadian_CD9A

    Autocross Build Evo 1 - Going Overboard

    Maybe time for the annual update. I'm still being dicked around on a job I "accepted" closer to home, where I could finally work on the car. I initially applied for this job July, 2018, did some testing and interviews, and signed an offer October, 2019 - but I still don't have a start date, and...
  46. Canadian_CD9A

    RTM Racing - new (here) vendor

    Pretty much the go-to for Canadian DSMers, all of us know RTM and have bought from them. I bought most of an engine rebuild kit through RTM not too long ago, and they're great for the small stuff you can't find anywhere else. I have another big list I'm going to need filled, so I'm really glad...
  47. Canadian_CD9A

    Boosted Fabrication - New Vendor

    The one guy who makes Evo subframe/suspension kits charges around 10,000 NZD for the set and he's so busy that he can't even keep up. He can whip out a set in maybe a week and maybe half his clients are outside AUS/NZ. The market is there and nobody is competing.
  48. Canadian_CD9A

    Fastest Car- Civic/Talon/donk or Huracan?

    Not sure about you guys but I want the donk
  49. Canadian_CD9A

    2G Accidentally bought eagle rods. Forged pistons or no?

    They are certainly an upgrade over OEM Evo rods, which are the weak link in the combo. The stock pistons are full floaters that don't use retainers though, I don't think they'll work without modifications.
  50. Canadian_CD9A

    Boosted Fabrication - New Vendor

    I'd take a full chromoly front subframe and n/s bar if it saved me from having to get it from New Zealand. Make it happen!
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