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  1. bastarddsm

    General Current options for custom chip.

    I used to do them, but 1g only. I kinda quit doing them because customer support got to be too expensive. I had a customer that the car was super lean, so I sent him 3 chips trying stuff, never could get it right, swore up and down his injectors were good. So I finally had him send me his...
  2. bastarddsm

    2G Jack's transmission rebuild extras

    I am no longer taking in jobs that require shipping a transmission. The money is not worth the stress of ups/fedex f***ing it up. Last summer they destroyed a crate made from 3/4 aircraft ply and 2x4's. It was a miracle that it didn't hurt the trans. I'm moving my efforts to cnc machining...
  3. bastarddsm

    Evo 1 transfer case.

    ^ provided it still has an evo1/2 trans. If it's been messed with, no telling what ring/pinion is in the trans.
  4. bastarddsm

    2G Jack's transmission rebuild extras

    Probably going to get in trouble for this, but I've had customer transmissions here that were previously done by tim, and some done by jacks. I would not ever recommend a customer to jacks.
  5. bastarddsm

    5spd Folks, What are we doing now that gear sets are scarce?

    I planned ahead and bought every corpse I could.
  6. bastarddsm

    What is this part, 1g head oil regulator??

    Pull the plug see whats in there. my guess is it's some kinda early jdm hla regulator,
  7. bastarddsm

    2G 2G DSM 8.8 IRS rear subframe kit

    It's gonna be a custom setup, Basically you would have someone like DSS make new bars that adapt the 8.8 cups to whatever outers. If you are 1g guy I'd suggest getting 3kgt outer joints and cups. 2g's idk, I think dss has a setup there. But basically you gotta upgrade the outer cups too or...
  8. bastarddsm

    RWD 4G63 Manifolds

    Lookin good guys!
  9. bastarddsm

    Straight cut housing for Quaife ATB Central LSD QDH9B

    The best thing would be to jockey ratios around so that the cd gear could be larger in OD.
  10. bastarddsm

    Straight cut housing for Quaife ATB Central LSD QDH9B

    There is a good chance they will fail if made. The problem is the rim gets pretty thin where the planet gear pockets are. Grab the drawing from quaifes site, and you can see it. On the other side, doing a 4 spider these days might be almost as hard to do.
  11. bastarddsm

    Have my balls already been removed?

    I use several cans of carb clean. Bend the straw to go down in the passage all the way to the ball, and spray and agitate. I use some 0.023" welding wire too. Keep doing it till shit quits coming out. Like 6 cans worth.
  12. bastarddsm

    Please sign the RPM Act petition - again!

    Does anyone know, as the entire hot rodding industry as a whole do we have anyone on the payroll lobbying on our behalf? Who's palms do we gotta grease? The RPM Act is a step in the right direction, but we really need more if we want this hobby to live on. We need a 20yr rule - basically...
  13. bastarddsm

    1G 15 inch wheels?

    If you are lucky you can find some new slipstreams. Other than that it's pretty gonna be heavy cheap wheels, or what you can find used
  14. bastarddsm

    Another quick question, about 1st gear popping out

    More than likely it has significant thrust wear on the gear thrust faces, 1/2 hub, and inner bearing race thrust surface. If you can still get new parts this is probably $500.
  15. bastarddsm

    For Sale Brake booster delete plate

    I did a slight redesign and ran another batch. Down to 1 left. These will work with a wilwood master in addition to oem master.
  16. bastarddsm

    1G Crank polishing at home

    marty, a shops crank polisher is basically just a gear motor driving a center mounted on a length of channel iron with, with an adjustable center at the other end. The polishing apparatus is just a light weight hand held belt sander. get belts from goodson. Nothing precision about it. A HF...
  17. bastarddsm

    MSD DIS 4, can you use unused channels?

    Yes, but usually if the mad takes a dump it's all for one.
  18. bastarddsm

    1G Crank polishing at home

    They don't matter once the journals are sufficiently hourglassed and your hand is wedged between the crank and the lathe bed.
  19. bastarddsm

    Scanned Cad Data

    I'm interested in a scan of 6 bolt and 7 bolt heads, needs to have the ports in good detail. Trans cases would be good too.
  20. bastarddsm

    1G 26” slicks tire pressure?

    I'm usually 12-15 in hoosier qtp 26". regardless, you'll need to get good with your left foot, or you'll need a large supply of driveline parts.
  21. bastarddsm

    Manley platinum series pistons

    I've not run either yet, but based on the wiseco's I have run, the data on the 1400hd's I've collected, and what I think of the Manleys, I'd run the manleys.
  22. bastarddsm

    How do you like your twindisc?

    nope, but it's likely it;ll act just like a qm, only it'll eat up input shaft splines faster. .
  23. bastarddsm

    Trans parts hash mark IDs

    depends on what 3/4 it is.
  24. bastarddsm

    Trans parts hash mark IDs

    I think both could be late 90 early 91. In reference to above, I've had many 90 transmissions that have the big dia intermediate shaft. It's early 90's that have the small shaft. We really need pictures of the rest of the gears.
  25. bastarddsm

    Head gasket options 40+ psi

    So now your jank ass tune is just going to pound rod bearings out, instead of making the head gasket leak. Shrewd.
  26. bastarddsm

    2G Gear Faceplating

    Don't. All they do is just let you be more abusive to the trans and break 4th easy. If you think you want a faceplates stuff, just save up for a dogbox. It's $800 to get a set faceplated, kill a couple gearsets and your getting up there in price.
  27. bastarddsm

    Who make 4034 pistons?

    I think JESRP pistons are 4032
  28. bastarddsm

    1G Maxpeeding (eBay) H-Beam Rods

    Really? A stock 6 bolt rod is heavy, an eagle is like 100g lighter
  29. bastarddsm

    1G Maxpeeding (eBay) H-Beam Rods

    Most H beams are lighter than stock. OP those really look pretty good, if they are not lying to you, then that's a deal. I'd imagine they are made along side eagle and scat rods. Anyway, buy them knowing you might be throwing $280 away....If you buy them I'd plan on having a machine shop...
  30. bastarddsm

    Head gasket options 40+ psi

    You have an oil control problem. Likely promoting detonation.
  31. bastarddsm

    Head gasket options 40+ psi

    40+psi, blown head gaskets, and 525hp? You need to find a new toooner. I'm not at 40+ any more, but I just run 2 good flat surfaces, and a $40 felpro ($26 when I can get em on clearance at rockauto). Served me find for many years at 40+ and all the timing. After a summer of beatdowns it would...
  32. bastarddsm

    Transmission won't go into gear, several possible reasons, need advice

    The clutch isnt disengaging. You either need to bleed it, or there is a major issue somewhere else. Get someone to help you and measure the slave cyl travel when you push the clutch down. Should be close to 0.625"
  33. bastarddsm

    1G E85 Without a Tune (Theory)

    Wideband only reads stoich (lambda = 1), guys. It always reads .5v at lambda = 1 regardless of fuel. It'll be all good. I did this exact thing long ago, well a little different. I used stock 450's and like 55psi of fuel pressure on a 1g turbo. The stock afr maps are soo rich I did not...
  34. bastarddsm

    ATS twin disc clutch

    They did at one time, but it likely had an ultra light flywheel with it. I ended up buying a clutch from a user on here and made my own flywheel. Was so awesome for street driving, but a little tough to use in a drag setting.
  35. bastarddsm

    ATS twin disc clutch

    Tilton carbon on a 15lb flywheel. Even a shitbox quartermaster with the right spring in in and the right flywheel isn't too bad.
  36. bastarddsm

    GVR-4 Need help finding a door for my galant gsx

    I would check out Door should be the same as a vr4.
  37. bastarddsm

    1G JMF manifold

    Looks like mine. Has the 70mm opening? That's what mine is and I'm running a 91 n/t tbody on it.
  38. bastarddsm

    1G JMF manifold

    Got a picture of your intake, and intake opening. Sounds like something there isn't right. I had a billet JMF drag on mine for a while and it sealed up just fine with no f***in around at all.
  39. bastarddsm

    1G JMF manifold

    The isc is a stepper motor, and it will be in whatever position it was in when you unplug it. That's why you need a key cycle when you reconnect, so the ecu will "home" it and remember where it is. You might need to cheat the idle up with the biss, and or the closed throttle switch if the isc...
  40. bastarddsm

    1G JMF manifold

    Unplug the isc, and work on the tune to get a stable idle. Might have to turn off closed loop. You will probably need to end up at 1100 or so warm idle with those cams/intake. Once the tune is good, plug in the isc, cycle the key and readjust the biss for correctly.
  41. bastarddsm

    Fp zero vs hx40

    In my opinion to make 400-475 power reliably on pump you need to be looking at turbo's in that range. Historically, a E3 16g is a 350hp street car turbo on pumpgas, but can make 450 or so on good setup with good fuel. A OG green or a bolt on 50 trim was a 400hp pump gas street car turbo, but...
  42. bastarddsm

    Fp zero vs hx40

    Lol, where did the op say that he blew his up, I can't find it. I only mentioned guys that made good power on the .55 for example to show that the op's goal of 400-450 on pump isn't some lofty unattainable goal - it's do able, been done many many times, and if they are blowing them up at that...
  43. bastarddsm

    Fp zero vs hx40

    Come again? I'm not quite sure how I contradicted my self. I said crippled, not killed. It'll make 600 not 70-800. Yeah the bolt on hurts the power capabilities, but it's still a bolt on turbo that will make 600+ and last forever, ( i think it was badman21 that made like 680 on the .55 housing)...
  44. bastarddsm

    Fp zero vs hx40

    "I've never ran one, but it's a crappy combo". Come the f*** on. Yeah, the .55 might cripple the 40, but it'll still make 400 all day on it. I'm sure the zero will too, but it's also $1000 more. A red is 100% a downgrade from a 40. Even if the make the same power the hx40 will last...
  45. bastarddsm

    Flatout Suspension

    Do these have a gas bladder or a separator piston, or? Separate compression/rebound adjustments? Dyno plots of the shocks over the range of adjustments showing the adjusters are predictable, repeatable, and consistent shock to shock? If you are doing rally stuff, you have separate high and...
  46. bastarddsm

    Decent cheap gear oil for short-term use?

    ANY oil is fine for what you need too do. Even like 20w50 engine oil would be ok. If it pops out of first gear the trans is already junk.
  47. bastarddsm

    Last of the Yoke Recall Kits -- JNZ Tuning

    While this sucks, at least DSS stepped up and has a decent yoke for the stock tcase - have to go to a 3 or 3.5" driveshaft, but at least when these are gone there is still an option. Also for guys that are running a welded center diff and trying to go fast, if you break a tcase,or even get...
  48. bastarddsm

    Ok to reuse manual trans oil?

    Moving it from your driveway, to the street without oil won't hurt it. Theres enough left in there yet it'll be ok. I wouldn't go drive it around town though. As for a refill, it sounds like the trans is boned allready, so just put the cheapest gear oil you can find in it. No since waisting...
  49. bastarddsm

    8 sec 1gb auto awd panda build

    Still running the FC wheels? What size slicks again? Hows the car feel down track squirrely? I have some 26x8.5 M/T's I want to try on a set of FC's.
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