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  1. WES_393

    Got fired today.

    What a load of bs. Sounds like your manager was just covering his own ass by firing you. That or it was a decision handed down by his superiors. Either way, forget them. No you don't. If you actually know something about cars you'll find yourself bored and surrounded by professional BS'ers.
  2. WES_393

    Turbo oil return line, will this be ok?

    Did you just clamp the 10an hose over the smaller crimp fittings? If so I'd be worried about the minimum ID being too small. The ID at those crimp fittings are going to bottleneck the whole line. Possibly bad enough to make the turbo smoke. Assuming those flanges are your typical 3/4" Npt ebay...
  3. WES_393

    2G Shoots flame kills power During Launch w/ LOG

    It's possible, I've had similar issues myself. Have you tried launching with a completely full tank?
  4. WES_393

    Issue with a Mitsubishi Eclipse 2g

    Those codes are for the MAF, IAT, and Baro sensors. There's no MAP on your engine, it's an MDP sensor used for emissions. Regardless, all those sensors are located in the MAF unit itself. If a new MAF didnt solve the issue, then check the wiring and connector themselves. I'd suspect a shorted...
  5. WES_393

    picking a turbo

    Im curious to see how the cylinders look, but I'm already betting you'll need to bore the block up a size. So unfortunately it's time for a full rebuild. If you want to build the engine yourself, your going to need a good machinist. Be sure to get the crank inspected and cut/polished if...
  6. WES_393

    Head turners!

    Eh, I thought they fit perfect (don't own anymore). But regardless of opinion, the car was still very obviously modified. If the massive FMIC and spoiler weren't major hints, the straight-piped Holset had to give it away.
  7. WES_393

    1G exhaust leaks questions

    Any leaks before the turbo can affect spool, but a leak afterwards (such as the 02 housing) won't. Leaks before the primary O2 sensor can also affect your A/F ratio. Like Paul said, the bolts should be re-torqued after a heat cycle. If the manifold/turbo gasket has pushed out and deformed it...
  8. WES_393

    2G Where to start?.

    Tuning should be priority #1. Without a way to monitor the engine the only "safe" boost is stock boost. Stock injectors won't support a 16g much past 10psi anyways, and you'll need a tuning setup to run larger ones. Any of the 16g variants will do the trick. Big, Small, or Evo 3. Honestly...
  9. WES_393

    newbie alert... where is the dang egr

    On the 4g63 engine, the EGR is on the left side of the intake manifold below the throttle body. On the 420a, the EGR is to the right of the exhaust manifold above the transmission.
  10. WES_393

    Head turners!

    Disappointing that people react that way. But I'm sure your right, once it's considered "old" people will calm down.
  11. WES_393

    Head turners!

    Actually, I'm truly curious about the amount of attention your Gen attracts. They aren't overly aggressive looking so I'd assume you fly under the radar. My plain old stock Spyder GS is a massive attention magnet. Cops, ricers, kids, thieves.... it gets stared at like it's on fire. My 3000GT...
  12. WES_393

    Engine Bay Before & After Pics

    Before After
  13. WES_393

    1G how cars grow in the wild

    That lawn ornament cleaned up nice! +1 to ECM Tuning for the ECU repair.
  14. WES_393

    White and blueish smoke

    What kind of head gasket did you use? Did you have the head surface checked or machined?
  15. WES_393

    2G sound after K&N intake

    Can you post a pic or link to what you installed? Have you double checked all the clamps? Its probably because of the higer flowing filter letting the air vent easier (which is ultimately a good thing). True, but the stock 2g intake snorkel is the most restrictive part (due to the bov recirc...
  16. WES_393

    60-1 vs. wh1c

    I agree stick with the Holset. There's nothing to gain by switching to the 60-1. But like Jus mentioned, keep an eye on thrust play at higher boost levels. The H1 thrust bearing wasn't designed to handle the high drive pressure seen with .55 housings. Ask me how I know ;)
  17. WES_393


    Doubtful. Assuming you didn't hit fuel cut first, exhaust pressure would blow open the wastegate flapper long before the turbo reached dangerous speed. I'd be more suspicious of the oil supply and turbo balance. Are you going to be rebuilding the turbo yourself?
  18. WES_393

    My untuned GSX runs rich(of course) but fumes fill the car?

    First post says 1200's :thumb: It'll also wash the cylinder walls and contaminate the oil. Being stucked in open loop is a problem, especially because the tuner won't be able to tune closed loop. But before trying to run the engine anymore you should at least change your global fuel setting.
  19. WES_393

    wgs restrictor

    Yep, the fuel system should easily handle the small amount of airflow gained. It would be a different story with a 16g or something that's already pushing the fuel system at just wastegate pressure, but the T25 shouldn't cause any problems. A "boost pill" is typically used to eliminate boost...
  20. WES_393

    Thinking of buying this car

    Factory spec is 178psi. About 133psi is the service limit (rebuild time). It's possible the battery was low when doing the test or that the tester was off. But 140-145psi is not good at all.
  21. WES_393


    Welcome Kipp! Any pics of your DSM?
  22. WES_393

    Thinking of buying this car

    Welcome! That's a gamble. It could be from a clutch dragging issue and/or crap trans gear oil. But it's also possible the synchro is trashed and the trans will eventually need to be rebuilt or replaced. I wouldn't hold my breathe on that. You can check the turbo serial number (on compressor...
  23. WES_393

    Oil and coolant coming from turbo/downpipe

    On pump gas right? You should be fine at low boost. Take a WOT datalog with the new turbo and keep and eye on IDC's and knock. BTW- I'm assuming you'll be using an external wastegate with the 3065? I would eliminate the boost controller and run one of the lowest pressure springs. I know the...
  24. WES_393

    Bov recirculation tube

    One option is Spa Hose from your local hardware store.
  25. WES_393

    reconditioned crankshaft worth it? and timing question

    What exactly is happening to the crankshafts? To damage a crankshaft that quickly there's either an issue with the oiling system or the oil clearances aren't right. The factory 4g63 crankshafts are VERY strong, arguably the strongest available for our engines. I myself have put 700hp+ through a...
  26. WES_393

    knock knock, whose there? your connecting rod bearings

    That bearing hasn't been knocking, but what about the other 3? Pull the rest of the caps (don't get them mixed up!) and check the other bearings. If a rod is knocking then it'll be obvious when you pull that cap.
  27. WES's Early 95 TSi AWD

    WES's Early 95 TSi AWD

  28. WES_393

    WES's Early 95 TSi AWD

    WES_393 submitted a new DSM Profile : WES's Early 95 TSi AWD Read more about this vehicle here...
  29. WES_393

    Fuel system setup help PLEASE

    That's because Precision turbos are Chinachargers. :shhh:
  30. WES_393

    1997 GSX Issue Bucking a Running Like Crap.

    Are you running pump gas with that E85 tune? Did you replace the 1100's with 650's without adjusting the injector scaling? If yes to either/both then I guarantee your tune is the problem. You can't just go switching parts and fuel type without adjusting the tune, the ECU still thinks your...
  31. WES_393

    20g compressor housing upside down

    Clocking the compressor housing won't affect balance at all. Some housings (such as 16g) have a dowel keeping the housing from rotating, but I'm not sure whether your 20g will have that dowel or not.
  32. WES_393

    The Official funny stuff on Craigslist thread

    O_o That Corvette has more pieces of flair than a server at Applebee's.
  33. WES_393

    Overheating After Turbo

    Not sure why you even attempted driving a freshly boosted engine without a tuner or wideband. Rich or lean- they both damage engines. And without a logger/tuner you could also be running insane timing and melting pistons. Who knows what damage was caused from overheating already... So there's...
  34. WES_393

    Wideband install help

    Here is the PLX install guide:
  35. WES_393

    need opinions on engine options

    The potential issue is with the extra ~20% displacement demanding more air. Since the stock fuel system won't support jack and the T25 already chokes up top on a 2.0L, your 2.3/2.4L could run into issues in those areas. While I don't see that happening easily, I would still suggest building...
  36. WES_393

    2g 16g Build help

    This is a very good kit, just be aware that you could be piece it together yourself very easily. A little forum searching goes a long way. Absolutely, I would highly suggest the Punishment kit. I ran their kit for years on a constantly evolving setup and was never disappointed. Get it over...
  37. WES_393


    My first guess would be the OFH pressure sensor or dummy light. It could also be for the power steering idle-up switch (prong on top of pump). We can't say for sure without pictures though. Who knows what electrical work the car had in the past.
  38. WES_393

    is this a bad valve seal issue?

    Bad valve stem seal will allow oil to leak out and boost/exhaust pressure to leak in. The result is smoking and high crankcase pressure, but it won't affect compression and usually won't foul plugs. It's likely an issue within the cylinder itself. With that much oil and 0 compression, I'd say...
  39. WES_393

    The Official funny stuff on Craigslist thread

  40. WES_393

    The Official funny stuff on Craigslist thread

    What a coincidence, your Neon engine was built right next door in Mexico! Under that Korean hood is a Mitsubishi World engine. Very similar to the Evo X and 4g Eclipse engines....
  41. WES_393

    Intake Manifold comparison. Jmf street vs ported cyclone.

    You can use a Miata battery too. Only downside is I had to fab a perch for it.
  42. WES_393

    Is my timing advanced or retarded?

    To me, 30psi of compression definitely counts as a dead cylinder. I would check the lifters first. Make sure one of the exhaust lifters isn't over pumped and keeping the valve open. Getting the timing belt set properly is crucial, but readings like that point to damage in 1 or 2 of the...
  43. WES_393

    Wastegate ? Can i use this on my gsx

    The exhaust manifold flange is what matters here. It has to match the turbine inlet. The diagram below shows a DSM and T3 flange. They have a downside too- cost and install. Which is why most guys only use them when they have to. The specific turbo your trying to use will determine how much...
  44. WES_393

    how to tell which 4g64?

    To my knowledge, the 4g64 is always a 7-bolt. The 6-bolt version is called a G4CS. Your stratus uses the same 4g64 found in the 3g Eclipse.
  45. WES_393

    Is a 1.8 DL worth upgrading?

    With an NA engine, bolt-on parts won't gain much power at all. Intake and exhaust is the most I'd bother with. Swapping in the 4g63 turbo engine would also be an option. However, you don't need a different engine to run boost. Any engine can be fitted with a turbo and supporting parts. The 4g37...
  46. WES_393

    major boost in issues

    How can you be sure without knowing the ebay turbo model? ;) The T28 flows about the same as an MHI Small 16g. Sounds like your typical eBay 20g that uses a 16g style compressor housing. It's near impossible to tell without pics though.
  47. WES_393

    An act of God was performed today.

    ^ Zero emissions equipment, straight piped, and 110% "street legal" here in Colorado Springs. Although I'm sure it could pass a sniffer. Burning Ethanol = Water + CO2
  48. WES_393

    Fastest engine pull.

    Never timed myself but I'm sure I've done it within an hour or two. Like Donnie said, it comes apart quick when you know the routine and have the right tools. But it also makes a huge difference when you have a clean, minimized setup. There's a lot of unnecessary crap in the stock engine bay....
  49. WES_393

    My new bumper vents

    That's all that matters. Form<function. And I can tell you from experience: Sometimes you just need a little more airflow through a 2ga bumper.... :D
  50. WES_393

    Noob question about fuel

    Just run the tank down till the gas light comes on and then fill it back up with 93. A little Ethanol won't hurt anything, gasoline today is up to 15% Ethanol already.
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