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  1. m_0ney_pit

    AWD halfshaft bracket inner/outer seal out-sourcing ?'s

    UPDATE: SKF makes a seal that is identical to the axle side smaller seal MB526535. Got it from rockauto for $7. SKF 16546
  2. m_0ney_pit

    AWD halfshaft bracket inner/outer seal out-sourcing ?'s

    anyone have a better part number for the smaller wheel side seal? I tried national oil/duralast 712551 and its to tight on the axle and is slightly to small for the race. NAPA NOS 16546 isn't available anywhere according to the store i went to.
  3. m_0ney_pit

    Products the DSM crowd would like to see made

    +1 2ga eclipse door caps. Didnt Carbonetics make these at one point?
  4. m_0ney_pit

    2G 2g awd downpipes for 2022

    going with the STM , bought their 2g catback a few years ago and it looked and sounded so perfect.The meghan was different than the ebay/chinese/cx racing , it had a removable straight pipe with clamp so you could install a cat more easily without cutting the downpipe and a beefy flex...
  5. m_0ney_pit

    2G 2g awd downpipes for 2022

    I am only able to find 2 options for downpipes right now there is the STM and CXracing...
  6. 95 pandamonium

    95 pandamonium

  7. m_0ney_pit

    95 pandamonium

    This is the Build Thread for 95 pandamonium. Reply below.
  8. m_0ney_pit

    2G DIY engine harness pointers

    I have definitely seen some build threads here and there showing their process but I don't think the build threads are searchable like that?
  9. m_0ney_pit

    Washer nozzles (that don’t suck)

    The oem 3g nozzles are awesome had them on my spyder , tried to swap them over to my current dsm when I parted it out and a tab broke off i mean they were like 7 years old at that point. using the old style 2 stream and it is so bad misses the windshield completely sometimesI bought a dorman...
  10. WTB: 2g fwd or awd shell

    Wanted 2g WTB: 2g fwd or awd shell

    Looking for a good shell to bring back to life as a project. can be fwd or awd ,auto or manual. Or if you have a running car $4,000 or less would also be interested in that. I've owned all types over the years and don't have a preference just 2g. Located near easton,PA/phillipsburg, NJ border...
  11. m_0ney_pit

    1G 7-Bolt Hydraulic Tensioners, R.I.P. (Mitsu Kills another one...)

    Was the OEM manufacturer for the tensioners Aisin?
  12. m_0ney_pit

    Dumbest stuff

    Went to go pickup my black awd talon and the hatch was propped open went to close and the seller says”don’t mess with that it takes forever to get closed again” I figured f-it and bought the car anyways get it home and the hatch cable line at the trunk has like 8 zip ties looped together instead...
  13. m_0ney_pit

    Experience with Bank of America

    For real my friend took him back on Sunday and I told her no I wanted to go to play the jurassic park game he could stay home and play legos.
  14. m_0ney_pit

    STM tuned

    The bot by the crankwalk
  15. m_0ney_pit

    Experience with Bank of America

    Lol yea that’s crazy shouldn’t be that hard guess they hate us. The last time I tried to use the card and it was denied she was like “ was this for your purchase at chucky cheez sir…” lol and yea it was my sonz birfday $30 charge de-nid lol yes yes it was I’m embarrassed you got me
  16. m_0ney_pit

    Experience with Bank of America

    I started dealing in just cash to but only because a 3rd party has been monitoring , modifying, emails, txt, calls and giving tons of spam calls …I’m ok with the government doing it just not anyone else
  17. m_0ney_pit

    STM tuned

    Yup and thank YOU for being awesome, it is super sexy I was saving for when I had a chance to install the rears with the banjos (which is why I bought this kit) to make a review post but I can’t wait…for real 30k ain’t a big purchase? All the vipers I saw on autotrader were like 100-200k...
  18. m_0ney_pit

    STM tuned

    Nothing wrong with a vipa, but 1 is equal to cost of like 100 DSMs lol. Just wondering nice car is all. Last time I ordered from JNZ I didn’t get a tracking number emailed just a delivery notification after I already had the parts in hand … they may have had a similar issue with packages being...
  19. m_0ney_pit

    Experience with Bank of America

    So I used to love my Bank of America credit card because it gave me points for the Amtrak auto train from DC to Florida and Starting last year they began denying all my transactions and when I called to ask why they said there was fraud associated with my account. They sent a new card out which...
  20. m_0ney_pit

    STM tuned

    One thing to keep in mind is that it may have not even been STM tuning you we’re dealing with. It could potentially be some group or organization that has decided they want to trash STM’s reputation and intercepted the new package from STM and sent you trash. Did STM change ownership during the...
  21. m_0ney_pit

    STM tuned

    Do you have a picture of the box and what you received ? Maybe I missed it. Nothing but positive things to say about STM they have always been awesome with my orders.
  22. m_0ney_pit

    2G Adapter for 99gs spyder

    This is from their website, if you have a 96-97 ecu you need to send to them.Using a 95 or 96 non-EPROM ECU Running a non-EPROM 95 or 96 ECU is no problem. You just need to select “2G non-EPROM conversion” in the socket/conversion option at the bottom of the ECMLink ordering page. Then you'll...
  23. m_0ney_pit

    2G Adapter for 99gs spyder

    Didn’t ecmlink release a 96-97 ecu adapter board to run an eprom or was that just the 1g ecu im thinking about
  24. m_0ney_pit

    AEM Depinning aem wideband

    I just used a small screwdriver the connector isn’t that high quality so they kind of pop out easy unfortunately
  25. m_0ney_pit

    For Sale 2g parts TB, head, lsd rear diff axles manual

    Lsd axles 220 for both2g intake 40 shipped2g head 175 plus shipping 2g valve cover 85 plus shipping
  26. m_0ney_pit

    For Sale 2g black box flashable ecu, valve cover

    Black box ecu pulled from a running car 98 tsi awd 130 shipped2g valve cover no cracks 100 plus shipping
  27. m_0ney_pit

    For Sale 2g AC system, cruise control,5 speed swap, 2gb taillights

    Shipping and paypal fee extra local pickup reading,pafull 2g AC system, heat exchanger, lines, compressor 3002g cruise vacuum motor and cable box 1002gb tail lights 1752g 5 speed swap parts, shifter base, cables, center console, turbo pedal assembly 2502g 99 GST engine harness sold
  28. m_0ney_pit

    Sold Cyclone intake setup complete

    has a 7 psi wga on the butterfly and a modified 2g coil pack worked great pulled from running motor.New oem gaskets were put on with orange rtv spray between sections in 2015225 plus shipping obo for mani and coilpack
  29. m_0ney_pit

    2G Convert a 1999 Eclipse Spyder GS from Auto to Manual?

    Pictures? I think you have a few people interested now
  30. m_0ney_pit

    My daughter's new pet turtle just died

    That’s a really nice tank. The red ear slider we had really liked eating anacharis plants , they kept the water cleaner for longer to. Started giving it more anacharis as I could find it at the local pet stores and tiny feeder fish and the turtles disposition totally changed became a lot more...
  31. m_0ney_pit

    Convertible 1990 Talon TSi AWD

    It’s weird that the first convertible dsm was a eagle talon considering when they did get to making a convertible in 96 it was only as a Mitsubishi Eclipse
  32. m_0ney_pit

    4000 Gt .... Will it happen?

    They should make the 4000gt as a awd manual factory shell car so we can put 4g63t in them for 15k new from the dealer!
  33. m_0ney_pit

    2G Guys, I couldn't stay away and it isn't even my fault...

    I’ve never actually seen a bad transistor it’s usually the wiring or plug got dinged. Pretty sure it won’t spark if there’s a problem there
  34. m_0ney_pit

    2G Guys, I couldn't stay away and it isn't even my fault...

    Sometimes they get busted up when people do timing jobs or the wiring gets hurt. I’d measure continuity from the crank and cam sensors to the ecu plugs to see if you got an electrical connections. If the power transistor plug is messed up it will stop the car from starting to
  35. m_0ney_pit

    2G Guys, I couldn't stay away and it isn't even my fault...

    Did you check out the cas under the cam gears?
  36. m_0ney_pit

    Sold 2GB spyder shell free

    Grey interior with black rear seat. No carpet,hood, bumpers or motor or trans185k I’ve owned it since 2004 never been in an accident has small rust in rear and right side by taillights and a little in wheel well. Needs new rear brake flare nuts. New wheel bearing and inner tie rod...
  37. m_0ney_pit

    For Sale Split thrust 4g64 7 bolt

    Bump still for sale crated ready to ship
  38. m_0ney_pit

    Sold Oem floor mats 2g

  39. m_0ney_pit

    2G Alt power terminal shorted to ground?

    Well I know starter was hooked up right because it cranked and fired a bit but wouldn’t catch and startUsed a multimeter on the setting in the picture. Just checked the same damn thing this morning and it said no short so dunno maybe the meters bad?
  40. m_0ney_pit

    2G Alt power terminal shorted to ground?

    So I swapped my starter harness to one in better shape. When I was done tried to start to car and it wouldn’t start anymore so I started checking stuff.Found my alternator red ring terminal is shorted to ground, and it’s not the chassis harness which is what I was expecting it’s the alternator...
  41. m_0ney_pit

    For Sale Split thrust 4g64 7 bolt

    Have a split thrust 7 bolt 4g64 has 13ok miles and it’s still oily and was running when pulled.Short block - block, crank ,rods ,and pistons 175 picked up locally from Reading Pa Would also shipHas to ship freight should be 150-350 to most places it’s crated and ready to ship it’s 190 lbs...
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