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  1. motomattx

    2G Rag In Timing Belt.

    Heck, I was just down near you when I was in OC in October, and was there in July, I go several times a year and have been in Salisbury, if worse comes to worse I could possibly stop over when I am there next time which should be in the summer, hopefully you have it sussed out by then though.
  2. motomattx

    2G Blackbox ECU (98/99) are not different California vs Federal? True or false?

    The GST I think is higher in the speed limit, due to the AWD system in the GSX, this was at least true in some generation of the DSM, don't remember which one though.The black box ECU in the Spyder is not plug and play with the non Spyder cars, the fuel pump relay works the opposite way of the...
  3. motomattx

    2G Blackbox ECU (98/99) are not different California vs Federal? True or false?

    The MDP sensor would be used on the 2g to check for EGR operation.:dsm:You would want a 98-99 ECU from a GST or GSX, either ECU would work, the physical ECU would be the same, it's the programming in the ECU for those years that was different for Federal vs California or GST vs GSX or auto vs...
  4. motomattx

    2G LiquiMoly Molygen Oil

    It blows it away in terms of zinc content, which on a race engine with an expensive turbo is a good thing.
  5. motomattx

    Worth it? Someone's car on here?

    ^^^ These are things that I have been saying for years now and got poo poo'd for it.
  6. motomattx

    1G New Member, just bought the lowest mileage 1g i've ever seen

    Old guy used to bring one to the Shootout with 10k on it, only drivers seat had been sat in.
  7. motomattx

    Official 2023 DSM SO pic and story thread

    Stumbled upon another good video from the Shootout this summer, thought that I would post it up here for your enjoyment.
  8. motomattx

    Engine coolant discussion

    Using factory coolant is HUGE in the VW/Audi world, and it has been for a long time, you must use only G10 or G13 or G whatever coolant or you will blow your car to kingdom come according to the usual suspects, we all know better I should hope, engines are still made of aluminum and iron last...
  9. motomattx

    1G Standalone ECU, Tach signal with COP kit.

    I saw your post on the Link forums, I must have been told that because they thought that I had the Evo 1,2,3 ecu, but I do remember them telling me that since that was also my plan, as far as keeping the transistor I would try connecting a trigger wire from the number one and the number two...
  10. motomattx

    Oil pump failure

    That looks like an oem front cover but can you 100% confirm that it is oem? the knockoffs from China are getting better and better. An over tight timing belt will generally whine at idle, did you notice any whining when it was at idle? Those bearings look like they had shrapnel ran across...
  11. motomattx

    1G Standalone ECU, Tach signal with COP kit.

    If those coils are like the Toyota coils, they will have a tach output on them, that may not be able to drive the stock tach though, because our ignition transistor takes both channels and combines them and feeds them to the tach from my understanding, why are you bent on removing the factory...
  12. motomattx

    2G Front roll Torque Solutions Mount not lining up

    Those are pretty bad to line up, I damaged my shoulder trying to lay under mine and tighten the bolts that go through the crossbar, its just an issue with the bolt holes on those brand of mounts apparently, I was also wondering if anyone else had issues with them and figured it was just me, they...
  13. motomattx

    2G Tapping sound coming from engine and a rattle when I rev the engine

    I have had these cars make that sound when the bolts that hold the idler or tensioner pulley for the timing belt come loose, and also have seen it when the timing belt tensioner is not set right or has failed, you should check those pretty quickly to rule them out, if its just the lifters its...
  14. motomattx

    Official 2023 DSM SO pic and story thread

    Somebody posted a decent video of the goings on at the shootout, and yours truly shows up at around the three second mark and a few minutes later around 5.39 or so.:hellyeah::dsm:
  15. motomattx

    420A Billet Oil Pump Gears

    The 4g63 doesn't break, but they just wear out and are not available anymore, especially the straight cut pump gears.
  16. motomattx

    Spyder Soft top repair help

    There was a repair kit for this, it was an issue on the Spyders when they started to age, that elastic strap thats hanging loose is not supposed to be loose, its job is to pull on the bar in front of it to allow the top to fold properly, someone attached a makeshift white piece of string to try...
  17. motomattx

    420A Billet Oil Pump Gears

    If you could make some for the 6 bolt 4g63, you might sell a bunch on here as a vendor and even the 420a version could be sold on this site if you set yourself up as a vendor.
  18. motomattx

    420A I cannot download the file from ECU with ECUFlash

    Post a picture of your computer, it might be an aftermarket part, the stock computer is not programmable for performance.
  19. motomattx

    Mating VW Sirocco radiator to 1g water pipe lower hose issues

    You might just do what I am going to do and make one out of some mild steel or aluminum tubing that you can pie cut and weld up and then use a piece of connector hose on the ends to connect to your barbed fittings, or in my case weld it to the AN fittings, I currently have a flexible hose down...
  20. motomattx

    2G Low voltage in ECMLink but perfect at alt and batt???

    Yours sound more like an alternator issue, if its a cheapo parts store reman unit, no matter who its from consider it suspect and probably junk, they will act up intermittently and the parts store tests wont show it as bad even though it is.
  21. motomattx

    2G Starter motor problems

    You have to be much more specific, what exact problem are you having? is it manual or automatic?
  22. motomattx

    Clutch adjustment. Ive exhausted what i can.

    Possible bent fork or wrong length push rod? I have had good luck myself with Southbend, they are based on oem pressure plates that are modified with heavier springs, so the pressure plate should never be an issue with other stock parts, I would be concerned about the flywheel, but replacing...
  23. motomattx

    2G Do I need to replace the OEM Head Gasket?

    I'm not sure how he can determine that you need a new head gasket for a certain turbo if the gasket is still good, I would not replace it just for the heck of it, run it and if it ever gives out then thats when you replace it, you might look into replacing the head bolts with upgraded head studs...
  24. motomattx

    Where to find GST or GSX’s for sale?

    That looks like a very clean car. The price of 4g63 powered second generation Dsm's have gone through the roof the last couple of years, you might have a hard time finding one worth owning in your price range right now, you might be better off looking for a clean shell and putting one together...
  25. motomattx

    420A COP, Which Ignition Coils?

    The Chrysler coils are going to require some type of mounting plate to use them, which is why I recommended the Toyota coils, also the megasquirt will not be able to natively drive the 12v Chrysler coils, it will need a module to run them whereas the Toyota coils have the drivers built in to them.
  26. motomattx

    420A COP, Which Ignition Coils?

    Guys have had good luck with the Toyota stick coils from the Tacoma, say 2005 and up years, this is a go to coil for the 4g63, as for the 420a I cant say for certain if they would fit but I assume that the lengths would be similar, maybe find one to try out, possibly at your local parts store, I...
  27. motomattx

    2G 6 bolt swap shenanigans

    Six bolt timing components, Six bolt flywheel, your six bolt water pump will need to be modified or your drivers side motor mount where it goes on the block, either of them need ground down to clear each other, you will need to run a 1g cas since there will be no place to mount a crank sensor on...
  28. motomattx

    420A 420A Valve cover bolts?

    That takes a special bolt that has a m6 thread with a larger shank up top where it goes into the valve cover.
  29. motomattx

    420A P0442 and engine rich

    Could be a regulator, or even a failing fuel pump.
  30. motomattx

    Do we have any GY6 engine members (gocart motor)?

    Is that a Magna that I see hanging out in the backround?
  31. motomattx

    2G Kickdown servo issues - AWD Talon

    Unplug the tcu and try driving it, it should default to third gear.
  32. motomattx

    2G Euro 97‘ GS Manual. Car starts but won’t move.

    If its awd it could have burnt up the center diff or viscous coupling.
  33. motomattx

    Spyder 97 Eclipse Spyder 4G64 SOHC replace water pump?

    There is no timing chain, there is an external belt, also the belt does not run the water pump on the 4g63 or 4g64.
  34. motomattx

    1G Bearing? In oil pan

    That could take out your oil pump, if it hasn't already, you should pull the front cover and check the pump out, I would not try starting it like that for any reason, it could jump time, you should pull the rod caps and main caps and check for damage, also the cam caps to check for the same on...
  35. motomattx

    420A What Part Is This?

    A handful of bolts holds it on, you can pull it off and try to find a new gasket for it from Chrysler and while your at it the same with the transmission pan.
  36. motomattx

    420A What Part Is This?

    Whats circled is the transmission solenoid pack, they are externally mounted on the Chrysler product, is it actually dripping on the ground? if its not then it could just be the sealant oozing out from around the pan.
  37. motomattx

    Do we have any GY6 engine members (gocart motor)?

    You could turn it backwards as long as you do it very slowly.
  38. motomattx

    Do we have any GY6 engine members (gocart motor)?

    I have had some of these apart also, they are cheap enough to replace if you need to, it might be locked up, they are not very high quality.
  39. motomattx

    What did you do on your 18th birthday?

    I think I rode my motorcycle to my cousins house and spent the next few days there hanging out, nothing crazy that I can remember.
  40. motomattx

    Subaru is gone

    My Jetta recently got sandwiched by some girl texting and driving in a Jeep Wrangler, her car got very little damage but drove into my trunk and pushed me into a car in front of me while we were sitting at a red light, my car got totaled and I got a whopping $2500 out of a 2010 Jetta, my sister...
  41. motomattx

    1G Blown trans?

    The car quits moving.
  42. motomattx

    1G 90 AWD won’t run, ground problem?

    If you exhaust all ideas, I am sort of within striking distance if it comes down to it.
  43. motomattx

    1G 90 AWD won’t run, ground problem?

    Any ecu codes being flagged? do you know how to test for codes?
  44. motomattx

    1G Blown trans?

    It sounds like just a cv joint separated.
  45. motomattx

    Link G4 1G with LinkG4+xtreme

    I run the Link G4+ not the extreme, the forums are excellent for Link, what problems are you having with your map sensor? I use the built in sensor on mine, does the extreme not have an on board map sensor?
  46. motomattx

    General What airflow rate units are used by ECU?

    Not sure what your question is exactly, but your excel file looks like it could be referencing bar pressure.
  47. motomattx

    More subaru problems

    Some of the Mitsubishi's are spin on also!
  48. motomattx

    ‘Extreme’ Car Wash

    That could be a 95' plus Cavalier though.
  49. motomattx

    Spyder Starter grind

    The dowels would be the same, they can both use the same transmission.
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