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  1. GUTSI

    t25 shaft play

    Yeah, you could go to a 14B, but what condition is it gonna be long will it last? Turbos have become pretty affordable over that the last several years. I mean, MHI E16G's....T28's....Hybrids....Sleeper 16G's....18G's...HTA68....FP3160. Any of these can be had for under a grand (The...
  2. GUTSI


    Yup just keep your eye out for the lowest listing on ebay....I'm sure you'll find one in your favorable price range.I have this rad (it's my second). Reason being is that the first one started leaking out the core walls....after only a year (not even). Contacted Mishimoto direct, and...
  3. GUTSI

    seeing 15.5 volts..

    Agreed. Since the sensing wire reads voltage and adjusts gain accordingly, too little/too much resistance will affect how much voltage the alt should put out.Found this article that relates to wiring the Saturn alternator. (you may have read it....if not, hope it helps)...
  4. GUTSI

    Please save us. Anyone help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey man....just popped back into this post to see what your progress has been. So you bought a new battery (old one was surprise) Also, you've tested the MPI relay, but with questionable results? I found these 2 threads here that I hope might bring you closer to a solution...
  5. GUTSI

    seeing 15.5 volts..

    The above posts regarding the voltage regulator being bad or stuck open, are pointing in the right direction.However, I'm gonna assume that prior to re-locating your alternator, it was working fine? If so, keep in mind that any loose electrical connections at the alternator terminals...
  6. GUTSI

    Please save us. Anyone help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It's really too bad Mitsu didnt build these cars with a 'safety relay' (basically a backwards relay that prevents any current going thru the system when one accidentally reverses the jump cables) I think that should be standard on ALL vehicles equipped with an EFI.Lets try to use process of...
  7. GUTSI

    Wheel size confirmation

    A 245/40/17 poses 2 problems: On a 7" wide rim, a 245 will most likely experience "sidewall flex" i.e 245's are too wide for 7" An 8" rim would be more ideal. And 2nd, using that tire size on a 35mm offset will most likely require having the fenders rolled (maybe...maybe not. But they'd be...
  8. GUTSI

    weird starter issue

    Gotta agree. Since you've definately ruled out ignition switch, the solenoid's stuck in the "active" position. Was the relay ok? It's not uncommon to accidentally bridge the terminals during install (imperative to disconnect battery) To be absolutely sure: If it's possible, remove starter...
  9. GUTSI

    shifter cable bushings?

    Ya you definately need em! I'm just wondering....what's holding the cables to the shifter bracket assembly??? :confused: ...and yeah, now your shifter "throw" is off....hence the grindingPut em back in boss! :cool:
  10. GUTSI

    dsm + wife =?

    Lol of course! I'd probably be more concerned about your clutch/tranny more so than the rebuilt motor! lolHell my wife learned on an ACT 2600 (that damn pos!) and now that I'm running Comp 6 puck, she wont come anywhere near the drivers side! ha ha Actually not even my friends like driving...
  11. GUTSI

    Absolute Proper Way to Paint Plastic/Vinyl Interior Parts for the DIYer

    I've noticed there's quite a number of posts out there with regards to painting the interior pieces (some of have even gone as far as changing the whole interior color outright i.e from that boring grey to that nice black we all lust after!) But there are those who are weary of painting...
  12. GUTSI

    car died over night please help

    To be honest I accessed mine just from the top. It does take a little 'finagling' to get to the bolts but certainly do-able. As for removing the wheel and splash guard, umm never tried that...but hey if it gives you easier access, by all means...I think it comes down to "brand" (and more...
  13. GUTSI

    what does the iac sensor do???

    ...Oh and btw, if you decide on a new one (AFTER you've confirmed that its bad), click here: DSMISC Automotive (New ISC Supplier)....There's actually a cheaper way to get it; its from an Ebay Australian vendor...I posted a link waaay back (think it was like $80 shipped or somethin like...
  14. GUTSI

    what does the iac sensor do???

    Motor. You take the plug off, move it aside, and test the 6 pins portruding from the motor housing itself (Why do I have this feeling that you didnt even click on the link?) :hmm:
  15. GUTSI

    what does the iac sensor do???

    DmTaLoN's Idle Speed Control Test/Fix Page!That'll outline how to test your ISC (Idle Speed Control) motor....But the fact that you mention a backfire around 4k might point to something else (misfire, dirty clogged fuel filter etc...) The list goes on...
  16. GUTSI

    speedometer problem

    Any chance you took the cluster out (maybe to put in some new gauge faces?) :p Lol....just thought I'd ask ### sometimes pressing too hard when putting the needle back on will cause the speedo to stick... ...failing that, if you have any 2G buddies, just swap clusters and see if it still...
  17. GUTSI

    car died over night please help

    Sometimes a bad alternator diode can cause a battery to run down. A good diode should only pass current in one direction. If it leaks current in the opposite direction, it may keep the charging circuit on when the engine is not running, causing the battery to run down. This kind of problem can...
  18. GUTSI

    Discontinued shifter cables for '95? (MB910542)

    Hey guys....I need shifter cables, and on CAPS, the part # specific to my car (Mar 95) is discontinued (MB910542)There's another part # (MD770982), and thats specific to later 96's and up.WTFAre the cables different? Have any of you 95 owners used the other part #, and it...
  19. GUTSI

    W5M33-2-MMZL trans code?

    I have that same tranny in my it from one of those 'infamous' japan auto parts places. You never know with those guys (and notice its never anyone japanese working there? They look Afghani or something) :confused:Anyways, from what I could gather, appears to come out of the 91-96...
  20. GUTSI

    Magnus SMIM and PCV?

    Hey guys...Just wondering what the guys using a Magnus manifold did with regards to the PCV valve? (since there are no provisions for a hook up back to the manifold)My PCV is still in...only difference is now there's just a hose leading out the PCV to the atmosphere (kinda just dumping...
  21. GUTSI

    Fuel Gauge Sending Unit part#

    Thanks a lot fellas (cudos snowborder)....much obliged! :thumb:
  22. GUTSI

    Fuel Gauge Sending Unit part#

    Hey fellas...I'm having a hard time locating this thing on CAPS (looked ALL over the fuel and fuel tank sub menus, and still cant find it!!)Its the main "fuel level sending unit" (attached to fuel pump, on right side of the tank)If anybody happens to know the part # (or even the pnc...
  23. GUTSI

    Punishment racing fmic for 2g

    Hey Boostedtalon2:Looks very nice mang! I love how the endtanks peek out...its not just all core. I have a very similar look with E.T.S's fmic. Same core width as well, but only 7" high (as opposed to 11")I'm anticipating my power levels are gonna go WAY up (aren't we all? ;) )...
  24. GUTSI

    Wastegate spring

    I believe that the Tial 38mm springs were interchangeable with the older Turbonetics 'Deltagate'. Because the Newgen is a newer compact design, I'm not sure if the Tial springs will still work.However, these are the part numbers for the available springs for the Newgen. Try searching for...
  25. GUTSI

    IAC motor part #

    ISC Motor. The IAC is a valve. If you need the ISC, then yeah, it'll work. 100% Ordered the exact same one, from the exact same guy (in Australia) for my 2G.Does what its supposed to, and by far, this is the cheapest place you'll get one brand new! :thumb:
  26. GUTSI

    blinking anti lock light and car braking

    If its just the 'anti-lock' light that comes on (and stays on), could be the charging system. (alternator isnt charging the battery)But you're saying the brakes come on? On their own? Then either: A) You got a ghost in the car or B) definately something going on with your ABS sensors...
  27. GUTSI

    Cams for a 2.2 stroker

    QUOTE=Slippi84;151756760]You are. You got everything all tied up and ready to go it sounds like. My build is not as close.You have to pick a cam on more than just displacement though to be honest. You have to take into account when you plan on shifting and what kind of power you want to make...
  28. GUTSI

    Cams for a 2.2 stroker

    When its all said and done, I'll definately share my thoughts/experiences! ;)Thanks for the tip on the 272's....I kinda figured I'm gonna have to ditch that 264 sometime
  29. GUTSI

    Cams for a 2.2 stroker

    They're already in, motor's assembled, and yeah, custom Ross pistons. Thats why I had to wait almost 9 weeks for em.We done?
  30. GUTSI

    Varying Clutch Engagement [Merged 1-9] bleeding air floor stuck grinding

    Is there hydraulic pressure when you step on the clutch pedal? If so, maybe jack the car up, have someone step on the pedal....make sure the slave rod moves. Fork?
  31. GUTSI

    [RESOLVED] Need Opinions & Facts PLEASE!!!!!!

    Lol Was that in 'import tuner' and it was a 1G?
  32. GUTSI

    Best Metal for Heat Sheild

    Stainless steel would work best as its resilient (wont warp) and wont tarnish. The real benefit of a heat shield is keeping the engine bay temps down. An exposed manifold would radiate more heat....But thats all a heat shield is good for. You can wrap or ceramic coat the headers to keep...
  33. GUTSI

    Cams for a 2.2 stroker

    86.1mm bore. So technically bigger than a 2.1, but technically smaller than a 2.2, so technically my title should've read "cams for a 2.1 1/2 stroker" :cool:
  34. GUTSI

    Cams for a 2.2 stroker

    Noooo...from my understanding its a 2.2 stroker. From what I was told, the Magnus 2.2 is truly a 2.156 something. I guess because the cc's cross that 2.1 and a half threshold, its called a 2.2.I can see why from the figures you posted earlier, why you'd say its a to...
  35. GUTSI

    Cams for a 2.2 stroker

    Well for now its the EVO 16G. Hoping to break 11's with it, then I'll upgrade to something more serious! lol You're right, I dont plan to rev past 7500 anyway (stock head). From what I was told, spring rates are fine. In the near future, something like a stage 3 head is in the works. Its...
  36. GUTSI

    Cams for a 2.2 stroker

    It was never my intention to get "true 2.2 liter displacement" (that would involve a true cylinder rebore)If you read my original post, I actually admit that the stroker 2.2 isnt a true 2.2 anyway, plus my over-bore is only .020 over.Look, you earlier incorrectly stated that my 2.2 was...
  37. GUTSI

    Cams for a 2.2 stroker

    Makes sense. When it was a 2.0 liter, the reason I opted for the 264 intake was to retain some low-end torque. Now that its gonna be 2.2, torque levels should increase slightly which is why Im thinking a 272 intake would be a nice compromise...Anybody know if I keep my current setup...
  38. GUTSI

    Cams for a 2.2 stroker

    How do you figure? I'm still using a 4G63 block, not a 4G64. Hence why my setup is a STROKER!
  39. GUTSI

    Cams for a 2.2 stroker

    Hey guys...The setup I currently have is the Magnus 2.2 stroker (92mm crank) and HKS 264/272 cams.I've searched on cam setups with strokers, but only found info relating to the 2.3....and with a 2.3 setup, the general consensus is that 272's (both) would work very well in a...
  40. GUTSI

    "SPUN-CAT" Opinions?

    'Sup everyone.....Was hoping to get some feedback/opinions on these types of cats. They're called 'spun cats'...Magnaflow makes em.Supposedly they outflow 'highflow' cats....and are more durable (I think there's a metallic substrate that surrounds the ceramic honeycomb)Has anybody...
  41. GUTSI

    over reved?

    Hey...I did the exact same thing a while back when I was racing my buddy lol. Accidently went from 3rd to 2nd :coy: (hey it happens.....just not anymore tho, i mean shit, you learn from your foolish mistakes!) ha haAnyway, what was happening to me after that incident is anytime after...
  42. GUTSI

    Need help with electricals, please!

    Sometimes, random blown fuses can be an indication of a very weak battery, IF, there are no apparent shorts/overloads in the circuit. Since your battery is new, i guess thats ruled out. :coy: ...but it doesnt rule out that there could be a possible short somewhere. A short will cause whats...
  43. GUTSI

    BBK throttle body for 2g

    BBKrap huh? Honestly, avoid that TB if you can. I had that TB, and it was by far the worst purchase ever made for my car. The thing would just sporadically "hang" (i.e revs shoot up to like 2k and just sit there). I'd have to blip the throttle for the idle to come back down to normal (and...
  44. GUTSI

    cluch disk???

    Sup guys...not to intervene or anything, but you realize the 4.3 is a 6 puck "ceramic", right? Is this your daily driver? How much tq are you makin? Or plan to make?Be very careful in your clutch choice (ive been through 3 already...goin on my 4th) Not somethin to be proud of, but hey...
  45. GUTSI

    Act 2900

    550 wheel HP? On what....your CRX? OMG Are you being serious here.....or yankin our chain..? :|K, first, you select a clutch based on torque needs...not HP. How much torque do you plan on makin? Since its a FWD car, your gonna need something that will allow you to slip comin out the...
  46. GUTSI

    Would Evo springs work on a DSM?

    Helllllllll Na! lol Sorry for being outrageous, but blondie's right, they wont fit.
  47. GUTSI

    What's better: Keydriver chip, or dsm link?

    Hands down, AEM EMS....second to that, DSMLink. It all honestly depends on what your future goals are with the car. Do you plan to make more power than stock? And how much more? i.e Bigger turbo? If so, than bigger injectors, pump etc... Still gonna use stock MAF? Or maybe blow-thru...
  48. GUTSI

    Question about Tial 38mm external wastegate

    HeyAre you talking about the valve? Cause, yeah its not supposed to be flush with the flange opening. It is receded just a little bit.As for whether its a 35 or 38mm, just measure it. The 35's are a much older size. 38mm is the minimum now (and has been for a bit)Cheers
  49. GUTSI

    Former ACT users: AWD's who launch hard only pls!

    Damn those must be some serious launches. Your lucky its only clutches that feel your wrath, and not the drivetrain! ;)
  50. GUTSI

    Former ACT users: AWD's who launch hard only pls!

    Appreciate the in-depth input you've provided 'twicks69'...much obliged! :thumb:
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