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  1. can someone confirm that this is a charge air/spoolin up AFPR *PICS*

    a previous owner told me that there is a spoolin up or charge air AFPR in the car. since the company is out of business there is no pics of it. he said you use an allen wrench to adjust the FP and you hook up a FP guage on top of it, can anyone confirm this?
  2. PCV Valve

    the thing about most of the pcv valves you pick u p at the local store is that they weren't made for turbocharged vehicles. if you're sure it's the pcv valve, pick up an oem part.
  3. DSMTuners should build a car for PINKS

    1. bartels903 - Matt Bartels 2. fallenauthority - David Carroll 3. ECLIPSE95 - Dustin K. 4. Nelsons91AWD - Nick Nelson 5. cs82685 - Corey Swanson 6. effektz - James Lewandowski 6.66 leet - Mike 7. 95blackgsturbo - Adam Thilges 8. HABITCKy - Matt W 9. Killa_DSM- Ryuto 10.thrdtryGSX-Dan...
  4. where does the BOV vacuum line go?

    pictures would be very helpful.
  5. where does the BOV vacuum line go?

    1. the little line on the top of the BOV connects to a T, the T has the wastegate actuator line connected to it, a line that leads to the intake manifold, and the BOV line. is this proper way these lines are supposed to be?2. is the LICP supposed to have a little vacuum line coming out of it...
  6. tips on buying/finding an unmolested 1g

    good luck man, i was in your shoes a couple years ago. reading the DSM boards everyday waiting for the chance to officially call myself a dsmtuner. just be patient and a good deal. good luck
  7. You know you're a dsmer when... if [Merged 8-8]

    When -you drive a rusted 1g turbo but at stop-lights you have the confidence as if you're driving a brand new vette-whenever you see another DSM on the road, you try and see if it's turbocharged.-when you've spent more money on your DSM than your girl/wife-When you see an evo on the road...
  8. 14th Annual Buschur DSM Shootout Video

    i just finished watching it, nice video, good footage. didn't care for the music but i'm sure a lot of other people will like it. thanks for sharing. and it sucks that i live in hawaii.
  9. Starting my build up.. pics inside**

    off-topic but that was hilarious, i had to laugh out loud for that one LOL
  10. having a hard time changing spark plugs

    damn the 75pc craftsman toolset i just buoght from sears!!! it came with only the 5/8" socket with rubber insert, and a very short extension.. only like 3 inches. :cry:also, i bought a screw in type compression guage, does this mean i have to fish down in the hole and screw it in from 5...
  11. having a hard time changing spark plugs

    hey guys i just got some ngk brp6es plugs and some ngk wires for my car..the only thing is, is that i'm a fool and i'm having trouble changing the plugs :( .. i have the correct socket with the rubber insert for the plugs, and i have a short extension.. the hole is so deep to get to the plug...
  12. another can't build boost during boost leak test thread

    alright guys, i've read the boost leak test how-to articles. i bought the machv boost leak tester because i'm too lazy to put it together myself.. i bought the 7 gallon air tank from walmart.i took off the intake pipe from the turbo, hooked up the boost leak tester, hooked up the air...
  13. Wanting to buy an Eclipse...

    i was like you a couple years ago, if you're going to get an eclipse, get a gst/gsx.. trust me and everyone who bought a rs/gs and ended up selling it for a gst/gsx, me included... i just didn't feel like a real DSMer with my RS. because a lot of people who own rs/gs's on the road don't even...
  14. New PCV leaks, so I'm thinking about... :thumb:oh haha i just read the post above me. o well
  15. spoiler

    don't do it man, your 97-99 bodystyle already looks damn sweet, if anything put on some nice 18s and drop it.... don't ruin your car :cry:
  16. gas gauge not consistent

    hey guys, my gas guage is really inconsistent in my 1g. one day i could be at a half tank, then the next i could be almost at the E, then the next day i could be back up at the half tank mark.. does anyone know how to fix this? thanks

    when my UICP and BOV was not secured tight and was leaking i noticed a lot louder noise when my turbo spooled. even when i gave it partial throttle i heard the turbo spool really loud even at 2k.
  18. What are the most breathtaking DSM photos?

    redturboeclipse, that last picture you posted was unreal, soooooooooo nice
  19. Hey Whats Up Everyone?

    sorry man but that is probably the ugliest eclipse i've ever seen :cry:
  20. will a supra fuel pump without AFPR cause bad gas mileage?

    i bought the car with a supra fuel pump without an AFPR, and I could get only 250 miles to the tank before I needed to fill up. could that be part of the problem?
  21. will a greddy type s off an evo fit my 1g?

    sorry such an ignorant question I couldn't find the answer. but someone is selling a type-s BOV off his evo, is the flange for the evo and 1g the same?
  22. how many engine fans do you have?

    i only have 1 fan, am i supposed to have 2? i'm not over-heating, atleast i don't think so. should i pick up another fan or do some ppl also run with only 1 fan? thanks
  23. rs-t or rt

    there's a rst and a rs, no rt
  24. People just plain suck.

    man, you're rich LOL. you should sell it and pick up a 1g, the old bodystyle is a pretty nice car-stealer deterrent :)
  25. what kind of bov is this?

    i guess it is a 1g bov, no wonder it's so quiet. is it crushed? thanks for the replies
  26. what kind of bov is this?

    sorry, does it work now?
  27. what kind of bov is this?

    it doesn't look like a 1g bov to me, but i'm not sure.. i asked the previous owner and he said he didn't know, some generic one.. can you guys help me out?
  28. just picked up 1g tsi awd. have questions with pics

    i have a smic, yes i have driven it for about 50 miles with no big problems.. and the BOV is recirculated, I have another 96 n/t. i just didn't update my profile.thanks for all the quick replies guys.. I just have 1 more question. I'm thinking of putting on a k&n air filter, as well as...
  29. just picked up 1g tsi awd. have questions with pics

    hey i just picked up a 1990 talon tsi awd yesteday, I am a newbie when it comes to car engines so please bare with me, i took some pictures to help me explain myself better.. if you could answer them i will greatly appreciate it.1. this is first question will expose how new I am to cars and...
  30. would you buy 1g awd for $2300?

    yea guys i think im going to pick it up. thanks for the helpful replies
  31. would you buy 1g awd for $2300?

    kbb in good condition is 1700. but it comes with triple guage pillar, supra fuel pump, fuel pressure regulator, new clutch, timing belt 30k ago. new tires, battery/alternator.
  32. would you buy 1g awd for $2300?

    1990 eagle talon tsi with a good amount of mods. 170k on the clock, motor swap with less than 100k on it. here's a couple of pics. need my car to be a reliable daily driver, but...
  33. car won't start when sitting out in sun

    thanks for the help guys :thumb:
  34. car won't start when sitting out in sun

    I just noticed that I am really low on oil, could that be a possible cause to why it doesn't want to start?
  35. I love the 2g eclipses!!!!!!

    hey guys, i just wanted to post the link, to the most beautiful automobile every made.. i don't remember who this car belongs to, but i just wanted to say, that you are the man!!!!!! i hope you don't mind that i made it my wallpaper.
  36. Idle Surge FIX

    i have a 96 rs, i tried cleaning out the throttle body and that didn't work.. do you guys suggest i buy the ohmeter(or however you spell it) and check to see if my TPS is the problem?i'm idling at 1100-1200 right now, occasionally it will drop to the 700-800 range.. one time, in the 2 months...
  37. car won't start when sitting out in sun

    hey guys, i have a 96 rs and sometimes it won't start up when it's been sitting in the sun.. it starts up and runs fine when it does start up.. it gives me one rev then dies out. my rpm jumps to 1000 then it does out right after. and i see all my lights, light up. like the check engine, gas etc...
  38. help me locate the biss screw 420a (pics)

    hey guys, i can't find the BISS screw on the throttle body, i looked over my manual but that wasn't any help, and i've looked at the vfaq but that didn't help either, im probably just dumb but the 1g example didn't help me out much. here's a couple pics and i would appreciate it if you guys...
  39. where does this hose go?

    thanks for the replies
  40. Help me fix my window handle

    thanks for the quick reply guys, i'll go look for some.. so i can finally go through a drive thru without having to get out of my car :thumb:
  41. where does this hose go?

    here's a link to a pic that i took, where does it go? one goes to the radiator cap, but i can't find where the other goes. the car runs fine with it unattached, and i get no CEL. does it matter?
  42. Help me fix my window handle

    hey guys, the handle in my 2g broke off because the glue just wouldn't cut it. i read in the owner's manual that there's a clip that connects to it, do you guys think the clip will fix my problem? ill give you the links to the pics i took
  43. fog light insert? POLL

    i just got my 97-99 front bumper and was wondering what you guys thought about the fog light insert that goes in it. i seen some people do the conversion and left the insert out. it looks pretty good with it out, yeah it doesn't look stock and it looks unusually big, but it doesn't look too bad...
  44. Confirmation on 2gb Eclipse Side Skirt parts

    hey, keep us updated on how the deal goes with that site, shipping/payment/cost etc. i want to get those sideskirts also.
  45. Confirmation on 2gb Eclipse Side Skirt parts

    hey I was wondering the same exact thing, also, do you know if they parts they ship you are prepainted to match your car?
  46. hey guys, new dsm owner here

    well guys, i just got the receipt from the mitsubishi diagnostic and here it is.trouble codes, P0551, P0445, P0442. found evap leak, canister assy damaged and fuel lines pinched. power steering pump switch broken and also connector wires frayed. fuel tank damaged.the car is in the shop...
  47. hey guys, new dsm owner here

    thanks for the quick replies.. yes the car does run fine. i don't know if this has to do with the fuel pump, but the first time i filled up my gas tank, the pump didn't stop pumping gas until it overflowed, is that a fuel pump failure?and for the power steering pump, i honestly don't know...
  48. hey guys, new dsm owner here

    i recently bought a 96 rs and immediately took it to hawaii mitsubishi to get a diagnostic. well unfortunately they said that the fuel pump and power steering pump is bad, and the head gasket is leaking.well my dad already purchased the fuel and power steering pump for $400 from...
  49. Squealing Noise

    yeah I just bought a 96 rs with 100k on it, replaced the water pump and timing belt the day i bought it.. and i'm also getting a squeeling sound around the timing belt/water pump.
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