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  1. Car Overheated / Overheating / Overheats [MERGED]

    i dont ahve the talon to be held on by strings, id really appreciate useful information. if i felt like "just driving it" i probably wouldnt have even posted
  2. Car Overheated / Overheating / Overheats [MERGED]

    ok i have an aluminum radiator with the 12" slim fans that are running constantly, i pulled out my thermostat and im still over heating like hell. so my question is should i get a heat shield for my turbo, i have the factory one on but i know that most of my heat is coming from my turbo. my car...
  3. pulling down igntion switch

    is there any tricks to pulling out my ignition switch? not sure if thats what its called but its the cylinder you put your key in to start it up. basically my key broke off inside of it and im trying to pull that cylinder out to pull it out. locksmith said it would be easier if i had the...
  4. what suspension should i buy

    my tokico struts and springs feel like they're going out. im a student right now living on my own so i dont have a ridiculous amount of money to spend.... but id like soemthing that atleast rides well. im not really out to race ect., but i would like a comfortable ride and maybe an upgrade. the...
  5. wtf is wrong

    i changed my 2g stock turbo to a td05 14b and put a fitting on the top of my jpipe for the boost controller. now my blow off isnt working (yes i know i need to be recirculated but i still havent picked up that kit) and my car bogs hard under light boost, any ideas?
  6. car dying after shop caught wires on fire

    shop caught my car on fire like i said in another thread. now the issue is tracking down the wires that need to be replaces or whatever. for starters there is a blue w yellow stripe wire on the alternator harness that is just hanging there. surely this goes somewhere but i have no idea where...
  7. shop ruined my turbo

    i pulled it out and the hose is basically screwed im not sure how but there is a hole in the braided hose which is profusely leaking oil when its on. i ordered the CORRECT line from psi and hopefully ill have all of this squared away once that new line comes in.
  8. shop ruined my turbo

    that hose just laying there was right above the turbo but i pulled it off. i pulled it off because i thought thats where the leak was coming from(that is where the tech said the leak was coming from.)this last one is where the burn came in... right above that the paint is bubbled upnow...
  9. shop ruined my turbo

    sadly enough i most definitely agree that if you arent a skilled mechanic you shouldnt own a dsm. ive had more headache with this car than anything but besides that for now i need to get it running. i pulled apart the hose where it was allegedly ruined and the hose looked intact. im not sure why...
  10. shop ruined my turbo

    i really dont understand why a mechanic would need instructions on installing a turbo. besides that if he didnt know how to do the install properly then why would he even take the job without having me sign something, stating whatever happens, happens with no liability. i did car audio, video...
  11. shop ruined my turbo

    not sure why you would say that but it doesnt really sound like you understood what happened either. i had bought parts from a site that the mechanic told me would work. i had the parts SHIPPED to his shop BRAND NEW in the box wrapped in plastic. he was the one that told me the parts would work...
  12. shop ruined my turbo

    yea i worked in a shop doing car audio installation for years and thats kinda what i thought too. i know when i made a mistake our insurance had to cover for the compensation. i was just going to make sure that i should take action with people who know about cars before i did anything. not sure...
  13. shop ruined my turbo

    the lines were brand new sealed in the box... what happened was they ran my oil lines right against my exhaust manifold and it burnt the line to hell... im going to try and get pictures up to show you guys exactly what happened. Most of all i would really just appreciate it if someone gave me...
  14. shop ruined my turbo

    it would be great if i could do that... only problem is they are a mom and pop shop and the refuse to fix it... they said its the parts fault not theirs. my paint is Fu**ed and im taking them to civil court. but anyway idc about them or that for now i just want my car fixed. can anyone tell me...
  15. shop ruined my turbo

    a seal on my turbo went out on my 2g factory turbo. i took it to this shop to put a 14b td05 1st gen turbo (rebuilt one.) i gave them the turbo, the oil lines and, the j pipe and they said they could do it. this morning they called me to come in and the line on top of the turbo right under the...
  16. wtf is wrong

    well my questionis could the turbo be making that issue?
  17. wtf is wrong

    car is bogging down in 1st and 2nd gear but in 3rd+ it seems fine. the shifter feels really lose in 1st and 2nd too. As of now the turbo has a blown seal but i have to drive the car to get to work and havent been able to afford to fix it yet. its blowing whitish blackish smoke and the reason i...
  18. bogging down help

    car is bogging down in 1st and 2nd gear but in 3rd+ it seems fine. the shifter feels really lose in 1st and 2nd too. As of now the turbo has a blown seal but i have to drive the car to get to work and havent been able to afford to fix it yet. its blowing whitish blackish smoke and the reason i...
  19. 2nd gen turbo to a 14btd05

    if you could tell me a new problem that a DSM has had then i would applaud you. this is why i posted in the newbie forum. Alot of guys on this site have the miscellaneous parts i may need for this install which is mainly why i posted. if i wanted you to give me some ignorant answer then i would...
  20. 2nd gen turbo to a 14btd05

    what all do i need to go from a 2nd gen stock turbo (T25?) to a 14b td05 OTHER THAN the turbo and the J PIPE. i heard i need new gaskets and new oil/ coolant lines. if this is true does anywhere know where i can get all of this stuff for relevantly cheap
  21. Fuel pump issue

    that is beyond my issue right now.... i have the line off that is connected to the fuel pump and i have my new fuel pump in BUT the problem is i when i try and tighten it back it spins the hose with it KINKING the hose while it turns (the hose is not separating itself from the nut) SO what i did...
  22. Fuel pump issue

    have the fuel pump out but i cant get the main line on the fuel pump back on. it goes on with a main bolt on the hose and then there is another bolt that is suppose to unscrew. the only problem is it unscrews but it holds the hose with it, kinking the hose while i tighten it. so what we tried...
  23. need a fuel pump

    word checking for spark would mean pulling the plugs out and turning car over while plugs are on metal?
  24. need a fuel pump

    i think my stock fuel pump just went out on my 2g the car wont start but the starter is trying pretty hard. the reason i think its my fuel pump is because everytime i get gas once i leave i have to give the car alota gas or it will die. its been getting worse and worse and i think it finally...
  25. 2nd turbo to 1st gen

    ok and that should be all that i need?
  26. 2nd turbo to 1st gen

    i can buy that at like a auto parts store?
  27. 2nd turbo to 1st gen

    yea i already have the aftermarket J pipe that i ordered but i guess im just going to build my own kit because i couldnt find any close and i cant really wait another week for shipping
  28. 2nd turbo to 1st gen

    going from the stock 2g turbo to a 14b 1st gen turbo i'll need different oil lines right? and if so where can i get them, could i possibly make some of my own if they are impossible to get.
  29. Swapping Turbos

    where would i or how would i get the oil supply? auto parts store? and if so would i jsut ask for the oil supply line on the turbo or how would i go about this?
  30. Swapping Turbos

    he gave me his factory J pipe so its the short one on the 1st gen its not like the big after market one so will that work?
  31. Swapping Turbos

    how difficult is it to go from a stock 2g turbo to a td05 14b stock 1st gen turbo? are there any mods? i have a front mount on right now and im hoping i can still use the same piping or will i need new/more piping?btw i have a 98 tsi
  32. Bad Wideband question

    i cant use a wideband off of a 93 honda civic could i? probably a really dumb question i just thought with such a miscellaneous part that it might not matter
  33. What n the dsm is the problem

    alerady changed the pcv valve and that is my last concern right now... that was just a symptom i named but not my main issuei pulled the intake off and the fan in the turbo was able to move back alot and very easily at that. there was actually some oil that was left on the coupler from the...
  34. What n the dsm is the problem

    heh tx for the input but id really like an answer to my new question
  35. What n the dsm is the problem

    i pulled the intake off and the fan in the turbo was able to move back alot and very easily at that. there was actually some oil that was left on the coupler from the intake to the turbo but im not sure what is enough oil to distinguish the problem. i dont have too much money so im probably...
  36. What n the dsm is the problem

    If it is my turbo how long can i drive it before i replace it... i dont get paid until next friday
  37. What n the dsm is the problem

    i was kinda thinking this was playing a part in my bogging issue... just had motor rebuilt like 5 months ago so i dont think its head gasket and issue is really bad when im under boost... also the dipstick keeps shooting out but i think thats pretty common tho
  38. What n the dsm is the problem

    First off ill go over everything that is wrong with the car as of over heating, rpms fluctuate rapidly usually in 5th gear and sometimes boggs down also. will bog down in low gears as well if ive been driving it all day. smokes whitish smoke out of exhaust and alot of smoke...
  39. clutch pedal stuck to floor

    i replaced the slave and i found out it was leaking but now the clutch is still not working im not sure if its because im not bleeding it right or what but there arent any more leaks
  40. clutch pedal stuck to floor

    i just bought the slave so well see what happens but the problem is i dont know how to bleed it and ive read a few of those things about bleeding it but im not sure if i 100% understand it
  41. clutch pedal stuck to floor

    yea i know i was looking at them as well but they didnt really address the diagnosis to distinguish which one was exactly the problem and i dont have the money to buy both, i have enough for either or.
  42. clutch pedal stuck to floor

    ya thats kinda what i was thinking but id like to know how to test it but slave is only 30 bucks so im gonna try that first lol
  43. clutch pedal stuck to floor

    my clutch pedal is stuck to the floor and i know its either my master or slave but i dont know how to figure out which one it is? i have a brand new clutch in there and the other day i was driving and when i pushed in the clutch it never came back up and it just feels dead now. Yes, there is...
  44. i lold

    seen them on craigsllist for 100 but my dumbass didnt buy it because i thought that was too expensive for one
  45. i lold

    i went to this shop by my house and asked for a wideband gauge... he sais he would give me a deal on one for 400 dollars... anyone know of a site that is reputable and has a good wideband gauge that isnt jesus expensive?
  46. Am i screwed?

    motor is rebuilt so maybe 60k miles? and probably 16lbs of boost?
  47. Am i screwed?

    my oil filter keeps spinning off under high boost and my dip stick keeps shooting out spilling oil all over the place including alternator belt, ect. someone said my rings arent set in correctly and someone else said it is my pcv valve?
  48. HELLPPP!!! Is this Biatch blown???

    i lold free bump
  49. Ebay Down Pipes

    it kind of looks like mine and mine fit great, also got mine on ebay but this was a few years ago or id post a pic up
  50. Easy oil catch can question

    im trying to install a oil catch can and im going to take the pcv valve off (im pretty sure its broken) and then put the catch can in its place. i know i have to hook one end of the catch can to where that valve was and the other end to the manifold but i dont understand what i do with the other...
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