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  1. 7"exhaust_tip

    Group Buy #3: 2G spherical 4130 front LCA’s

    +1Car is just about ready for summer.
  2. 7"exhaust_tip

    3G brake master in a 2G

    Any updates to this @ceedawg ?
  3. 7"exhaust_tip

    2G Fidanza flywheel don't fit

    Actually, something like 4-5 years ago I had ordered a fidanza flywheel and they messed up when making a batch and mislabled a bunch of 240sx flywheels as 2g awd dsm flywheels. Needless to say, it didn't fit.
  4. 7"exhaust_tip

    1G Is the stock fuel return good enough?

    On my 2g with a walbro 450, I had to drill out the siphon to get the fuel pressure down, but then I had some weird lean condition with boost. When testing, the afpr seemed to be rising with boost pressure. Someone on the link boards told me he had the same issue and increasing his return line...
  5. 7"exhaust_tip

    Where to start

    This. Make sure the compressor housing says "turbocharger" on it as well, that way you know you are getting the correct part. :D
  6. 7"exhaust_tip

    Group Buy #3: 2G spherical 4130 front LCA’s

    Somewhat interested in these.Are there any benefits besides potential minor weight savings to the tubular rear toe arms?
  7. 7"exhaust_tip

    1G Any feal coilovers reviews?

    Do you have any pics from the side? I'm looking at ordering some soonish and not sure I like how that is the maximum low in 96dsmftw's pic.
  8. 7"exhaust_tip

    2G does ecu tuning increase performance?

    I'd check for boost leaks and proper wastegate operation regardless of anything else. That blow off valve looks kinda knock off and like it could potentially be leaking also. Are you sure its rpm limited to 6k or are you talking about fuel cut? Does it feel like you hit a brick wall at 6k rpm or...
  9. 7"exhaust_tip

    ECMlink good for 1000hp?

    IIRC, there have been at least a few people doing "900+" on link. In my opinion, why not just run it since you have it already and if for some reason it doesn't meet or reach your goals, then you can look into alternatives? Knowing how power is made, there is no magic horsepower number shutoff...
  10. 7"exhaust_tip

    1G Tune cold start (Ecmlink)

    How long does it stay rich? Are you sure it just isn't your wideband sensor warming up? The engine will stay in open loop for a while as well when warming up to operating temps...
  11. 7"exhaust_tip

    1G Sufficient or restrictive? Ic, wg, etc (long post).. 600ish hp guys HELP

    Yep. Thanks, but Ive already got the sensor. If I recall correctly, I just got one of the ones on the ecmlink wiki.
  12. 7"exhaust_tip

    1G Sufficient or restrictive? Ic, wg, etc (long post).. 600ish hp guys HELP

    Will do.Still tidying up my setup(e85 sensor and bigger cams) and still trying to get dyno time someplace...
  13. 7"exhaust_tip

    1G Sufficient or restrictive? Ic, wg, etc (long post).. 600ish hp guys HELP

    Well since these pumps are so cheap, I went ahead and ordered one. So now I have a few options. Will prob swap the high pressure one in, and keep the boost a pump handy. Eventually will prob do a dual pumper setup with both 450s.
  14. 7"exhaust_tip

    1G Sufficient or restrictive? Ic, wg, etc (long post).. 600ish hp guys HELP

    Well going by that chart and that raceworks calculator, @13.5v it will be enough for 600hp, but I'm more worried about whp. It also starts dropping off dramatically after what would be 36psi for me (43.5 base fuel pressure).
  15. 7"exhaust_tip

    1G Sufficient or restrictive? Ic, wg, etc (long post).. 600ish hp guys HELP

    Ok, so it will support the power but will it support 40lbs of boost? I have fic 2150s and the walbro 450 is rewired, but Ive heard that the 450 doesnt do well over 35psi. The reason why I asked about the boost a pump is because I already have one, and I think installing that would probably be...
  16. 7"exhaust_tip

    1G Sufficient or restrictive? Ic, wg, etc (long post).. 600ish hp guys HELP

    I apologize if this is thread jacking and will start a new thread if need be, but I have similar goals to that of the OP, and was wondering if anybody has ran a walbro 450 with a boost a pump? Will the higher voltage support 6xx whp on ethanol?
  17. 7"exhaust_tip

    Young gun 98 GSX 500-600awhp street monster!

    Your build is very, very similar to the one I'm doing now. Although I'm going to run the hx40 in the bolt on housing for a while and see how it will do.
  18. 7"exhaust_tip

    RPF1 17x9 +35 w/ Big Brake Kit

    Looks good. What I want actually.What size tire? 245?
  19. 7"exhaust_tip

    Ebay Catalytic?

    Yes. It isn't a catalytic converter, just a test pipe.
  20. 7"exhaust_tip

    Yellow high beam bulbs

    Why would you put 3k bulbs in your high beams? They are specifically made for fog lights, because it is the best color for seeing in FOG. Under normal driving conditions, IE running lights, or highbeams, you want a color that is closest to daytime, because it outputs the most lumens, or the...
  21. 7"exhaust_tip

    Quality set of snap ring pliers

    Auto parts store snap ring pliers are just as crappy as the harbor frieght ones. If you aren't going to use them much go for crafsman. If you are then obviously snap on or mac.I had to figure all of this out the hard way......
  22. 7"exhaust_tip

    H1c-E85-27psi only 341hp

    37 deg of timing adv? :confused:
  23. 7"exhaust_tip

    Oil filter cut away Fram & WIX

    When buying a car, if I look under the hood and see a Fram filter on it, I do an immediate 180..02
  24. 7"exhaust_tip

    HX40 turbine and the rest in a custom machined GT35R turbine housing

    I'm actually about to run the same thing, though on an H1E. (Precision 35r turbine housing machined for hx40) Just finished piecing everything together that I need. We shall see how well it works.
  25. 7"exhaust_tip

    Changing my Clutch - Will I regret not getting a Lightweight Flywheel ?

    I actually hate my fidanza lightweight flywheel. Go figure.
  26. 7"exhaust_tip

    Paypal threat?

    That is something that has happened to me twice before. I honestly hate paypal with a passion. All the people who think that by paying the 3% fees, they are gaining security and the ability to file a dispute and all that, etc. is just funny to me. Paypal will screw you either way. It is much...
  27. 7"exhaust_tip

    Speed bleeder VS. Solo-bleed

    I've had a lot of experience with them, and I will say Paul, that some of the Russell brand ones that I purchased before did not work right out of the packaging. I think it was like 2/4 or 1/4 that I bought through Russell just didn't work. I remember doing the same thing and wondering how far I...
  28. 7"exhaust_tip

    Moving On :-\....

    IMO you should of picked up a beater and kept it...It was truly one of my favorite 2g's. As long as you're happy, but you will regret it later.
  29. 7"exhaust_tip

    Battery Grounds

    A year later, yes I know... ROFLAnyways, I am curious how this works when the battery is relocated in the hatch. I've only seen a few people running a separate ground back to the engine bay just to connect to the starter.I relocated my battery to the hatch a few years ago and just recently...
  30. 7"exhaust_tip

    STM gauge pigtail fuse--which amperage do i need?

    They will turn on, on ACC IF you wire them to.
  31. 7"exhaust_tip

    running to lean??

    Of course.
  32. 7"exhaust_tip

    What kind of car jack do you have/use?

    Can't believe you guys and those questionable ways to jack your car ^^My jack has probably been the best investment I've ever made in my life. lol.I use this kind:
  33. 7"exhaust_tip

    have questions about greddy rs bov

    FWIW, I emailed Greddy a few years ago about this and they said that small hole was "supposed" to leak, to prevent damage from happening to the internals or some b/s like that. (It HAS been a few years now). Though my car ran great when I had a greddy type rs.......
  34. 7"exhaust_tip

    a/f ratio or wideband?

    Maybe because the maker of the product says so....... :aha:Lets see...wideband sensor accuracy and wait...neither of those are important. Maybe I should just move my wideband into my intake manifold.Damn newbie forum is a plague.
  35. 7"exhaust_tip

    a/f ratio or wideband?

    If you find that a wideband is too expensive, which helps guarantee the life and safety of your motor, you need to find a different hobby...I liked the jokes about drilling the wideband into the "headers". That made me chuckle a bit. Thanks.
  36. 7"exhaust_tip

    Stop the sale of our home, Luda!

    We need more members on my recently started, and AD-FREE site, dsm-addiction.comAny people wishing to lurk/register may feel free.
  37. 7"exhaust_tip

    Ebay 16g Install kit

    A friend of mine bought that kit. The oil feed line that came with it took a dump, causing him to blow his 16g. I believe the pipes were fine.
  38. 7"exhaust_tip

    A MAACO paint job...oh no!

    Nice.It will start chipping off where the tape was used in about a year.
  39. 7"exhaust_tip

    What cant you do with a 16g!? New turbo kit set up! pics!

    Nice. Looks like your missing an exhaust manifold stud.
  40. 7"exhaust_tip

    Holset oil seals leaking? (Video)

    This happened to me too. Crazy huh? :ohdamn:
  41. 7"exhaust_tip

    Finally lowered the GSX!! Pics

    Was wondering why you haven't been posting anymore...Car looks clean. :thumb:
  42. 7"exhaust_tip

    I have no idea how my car works

    Have fun doing burnouts in your awd. :rolleyes:Here's an idea: Start with maintenance! Replace air filter, fuel filter, plugs/wires, front o2 sensor, do a boost leak test, have the alignment checked, and put air in your tires. Do a compression test to see the condition of the motor. If good...
  43. 7"exhaust_tip

    My silver 2g....

    Looks amazing!
  44. 7"exhaust_tip

    What was your first Ricer?

    Of course it is.
  45. 7"exhaust_tip

    What was your first Ricer?

    Hmm.......I guess I'm proud to say that no piece of rice has ever touched any of my cars. :|
  46. 7"exhaust_tip

    Greddy DT Exhaust with test pipe, rice sound on high RPMs

    I would have a muffer shop weld in a resonator. That way it would still sound nice without you loosing any power.
  47. 7"exhaust_tip

    Why DON'T I Have Boost Creep?

    I would be happy that you aren't experiencing creep, rather than wondering why your not. ROFL
  48. 7"exhaust_tip

    Alabama auto forums?

    While in bama, try to stay in Birmingham or farther north. :tease:
  49. 7"exhaust_tip

    How to lower intake/coolant temps?

    You should just use distilled water. It is not like water is that expensive. Go to a grocery store. This is much better than using regular tap water (whether or not its "filtered").
  50. 7"exhaust_tip

    My Custom Catch Can/PCV Setup

    What about a setup that utilizes the "krank vents" and a catch can? (or possibly two)
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