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  1. 636chris

    my lifted jeep grand Cherokee for running dsm

    heres the link to my craigslist post , looking for an awd dsm , would really love a grv4 looking for something the runs and drives for trade my numbers 267 275 4627 text pics and info
  2. 636chris

    90 talon tsi racecar project for sale or part out ( almost compelte )

    bump , need to start selling this stuff this weekend , have family issues to take care of, my number is 267 275 4627
  3. 636chris

    90 talon tsi racecar project for sale or part out ( almost compelte )

    sadly i have to part ways with my talon project due to needing a place to move with the family im going to post the link to my craigslist post , please do not message me on here , if you are local please come look at everything rather than ask for pictures , im in northeast philadelphia zip code...
  4. 636chris

    looking for fic 2150 i have a ton to barter with

    thought you didn't wanna run the corn juice ####
  5. 636chris

    hyundai smooth valve cover for sale

    i posted the wrong phone number in the above 267 275 4627, yes its the smooth shaved one came from a sonata
  6. 636chris

    hyundai smooth valve cover for sale

    hyundai smooth valve cover , vht wrinkle black was stripped and hot tank prior to painting . 266 275 4627 , no low ball offers
  7. 636chris

    fuel cut help

    im local , always willing to help a fellow dsmer and i need more friends lmao
  8. 636chris

    Head Inspection #10

    That is absolutely horrible for anyone to even do that , let alone to a paying customer, I would hope whoever's head that is gets there money back in full.
  9. 636chris

    90 1ga interior rare light tan leather

    pulled the interior from my 90 talon . rare light tan leather package . everything minus front seat (they were trashed), door panels ,console and dash is for sale , rear seats are mint light tan leather . pick up only no shipping 267 275 4627. zip is 19152 philadelphia
  10. 636chris

    wtb complete 1gb front end locally

    As the title says im looking for a 1bg talon front end locally . hood ,fender's bumper and light's . Hit me up with pictures of what you have 267 275 4627
  11. 636chris

    1ga front end

    selling my 1ga front end , fenders , hood , grill , headlights and motors , turn signals and marker lights. located in 19152 local pick up only. reason for selling is im swapping to a 1gb front to build a tube frame and the pop ups are too much hassle to fab. 267 275 4627
  12. 636chris

    FS: 91Talon TSi Fwd 5spd

    pm me with pictures of the hood
  13. 636chris

    help with shifter cables

    ok guys i have a minor pain in the ass on my hands. i've swapped my shifter base and cables out of my 90 to the 91+ stuff to match my trans . The problem im having is the rubber fire wall grommet for the cables and the metal bracket. everytime i go to bolt them down i have a issue with the top...
  14. 636chris

    1g fwd megan downpipe need gone

    i have a 3inch megan fwd 1g down pipe located in northeast philadelphia 19152 . best offer takes it 2 67 275 4627
  15. 636chris

    Some sort of cut

    Do any of you guys have a logger? im in northeast philadelphia , if you guys are local im more than willing to help out .
  16. 636chris

    brand new evo 8 or 9 mistu hot side

    i acquired a brand new mistu hotside for an evo with dual flappers . will send pics via text local sale only please as i do not have a paypal at the moment . part numbers on the housing are 78-13010 115its a 9.8 dual flapper hot side according to the part number
  17. 636chris

    90 talon tsi read the whole post

    Whats up guys . i have a 90 talon tsi (awd) , im posting this add to see what offers i'd get for the whole set up . i prefer not to part the car out unless the roller goes first. currently the car is apart . little over 100k on the body and short block. 0 miles on a freshly rebuilt 2g head...
  18. 636chris

    Dsm parts I need gone this weekend

    Ton of stuff for sale all needs to go this weekend, may trade for things also 90 turbo fuel rail and reg fuel rail spacers obd2 style quick connect fuel injector pig tails 1g and 2g stock cams 2g cas 1g tan rear leathers (very very good condition would look brand new with a wipe down)...
  19. 636chris

    bc1100 springs , Couple Questions

    What about the retainers? im considering bc 280's or even 288's as everyone around here thats made good numbers on the fp2's has went to a bigger cam, according to bc they both require kit number BC-BC0100 which is the bc 1100 springs and ti retainers , but im confused as to whether or not i...
  20. 636chris

    bc1100 springs , Couple Questions

    I'm trying to figure out what are the biggest cams i can run with my bc1100 springs on stock retainers , i ran out of funding for the most part on my build for this season. My plans were between fp2's and bc280/280's ( bc states these work with bc1100s). Now what other cam options do i have with...
  21. 636chris

    parts for sale this weekend

    parts for sale spare awd trans (22 spline ) 5 speed for parts or swap your bell housing as this one has a busted tap. i have misc. windshield washer bottles ,ac parts , power steering pump and res, five brand new 3 inch couplers and tbolt clamps , and a few smaller brand new misimoto couplers...
  22. 636chris


    google kp tuning . psi pro has blown up a few cars that i know of . talk all the smack you want but ive seen this first hand
  23. 636chris

    motegi dp10's 17's need gone today 300 if gone 5/7/13

    i have pretty nice set of motegi dp10's for sale i need other parts which i found so my wheels have to go these are 17's and have tires , two could use replacing in the near future . please text 267 275 4627 local pick up in 19152 only . i need these gone today or ill keep them ( black with...
  24. 636chris

    Is removing the ball plugs on a cut crank necessary?

    Please do not clean engine parts after machining with brake kleen it does not work well enough . Im currently in my 4th month in machine shop for high performance apps. and the only thing we use is soap and water (yes dawn dish soap works).
  25. 636chris

    fj rods an arp head studs

    you do realize that just because they fit on pistons, that they still might not even be for a dsm. in fact im positive there's no sure thing as fj rods for a dsm. Not to seem like a dick , but i think you got scammed
  26. 636chris

    fj rods an arp head studs

    fj rods for a dsm? you sure there not honda rods . ive never heard of fj making rods for anything other than a single jingle honda motor
  27. 636chris

    Losing power past 5500 RPMs

    I don't recall the exact gap off the top of my head but I do recall I have had to run a smaller .26 or .026 (sorry i just got up) . To avoid spark blow out. Can you post a log with your knock count , afr's assuming your loging your wideband and also your air flow numbers. Although you say you...
  28. 636chris

    Best way to install/insert 5th gear

    Please post the outcome in-case anyone else has this issue . Best of luck man
  29. 636chris

    Best way to install/insert 5th gear

    Best bet would be to take it to a shop if your not confident you can install it properly .Personally i wouldn't want to go hammering on a gear because it could cause galling of the shaft and also not have the proper clearance for the gear to properly engage (to speak of ). My solution would be...
  30. 636chris

    Best way to install/insert 5th gear

    Do you have anything to evenly distribute force while "pressing" or forcing the gear onto the shaft? it is possible that even if it appears (by eye) to be going on straight that it is #### eye'd. Have you tired contacting jacks about the issue you are having ?
  31. 636chris

    Losing power past 5500 RPMs

    Im confused at what exactly you are asking man. Lets start with the basic's have you checked the spark plug gap ? If so what is it . Are you logging ? What Turbo ? What supporting mods do you have. What do the plugs look like at the ground strap and white porcelain area? Are you getting any...
  32. 636chris

    Best way to install/insert 5th gear

    Not to seem like a dick but have you measured the shaft and gear . What brand is the gear ? Is this an aftermarket or Oem gear . I need more info before i can give you an accurate suggestion.
  33. 636chris

    couple parts for sale 1g and 2g, Suv,honda rad

    whats up guys i have a few things for sale of trade to get my car up and running. 6t valves none are bent all were checked for run out and tested perfect , came out of a spare head i have with a failed exhaust stud removal attempt which is also for sale very cheap. 2g cams with cas 1g cams...
  34. 636chris

    FS: 91 Eclipse GSX

    any trades?
  35. 636chris

    bought a 6 bolt for my 1g, but dont know whats missing

    no need to send the head out. im using a seven bolt head , just enlarge the holes with a 1/2 drill bit and do the oil port mod
  36. 636chris

    1g hx35 stock block (6 bolt) w/2g head

    i ment open t3 manifold w/stock 8 blade hx35 housing . to add to my above post
  37. 636chris

    1g hx35 stock block (6 bolt) w/2g head

    Ok cool that's what I was looking for . My set up is similar only I'm running an open t3 housing unless a deal pops up on a bep but not likely due to ill be needing a new exhaust and downpipe set up going bolt on
  38. 636chris

    1g hx35 stock block (6 bolt) w/2g head

    Thanks for the response. Exactly what I was looking for. Do you have balence shafts ? Also what size is you feed and drain. Right now ill have a six bolt bottom end,2g head with arps , oem composite gasket. I'm keeping the balence shafts as of now, which may change because my motor is out. Ill...
  39. 636chris

    1g hx35 stock block (6 bolt) w/2g head

    Any gain or loss in compression can influence spool times
  40. 636chris

    1g hx35 stock block (6 bolt) w/2g head

    I get what your saying but hypithectically speaking wouldn't the bump in compression with the 2g head give slightly better spool , if everything else Falls in order . Example the tune
  41. 636chris

    top mount holset?

    lets do it on mine as soon as i find a damn head
  42. 636chris

    1g hx35 stock block (6 bolt) w/2g head

    whats up guys . i was wondering if i run a 2g head on my six bolt with my 7 blade hx35 ,what type of spool i would be looking at with stock cams ,stock intake manifold , with a tubular t3 exhaust manifold in the stock housing? what about different cams like k272's. does anyone have a similar...
  43. 636chris

    cylinder head needed near philadelphia

    whats guys i need a good cylinder head near 19152 . nothing ridiculously over priced and nothing screwed up. if you have one shoot me a pm or text at 267 275 7735
  44. 636chris

    has anyone ever heard of this

    has anyone ever seen a mistu (evo 7-9?) factory housing with two wastgate flappers ? i recently acquired a brand new one and ive never seen another . i will be posting pictures later. It is evo flanged inlet unless that style is used on other mistu's
  45. 636chris

    1g ac unit removal

    Hmm . Any clue how much of a pain it would be to gut the box leaving the heat and blower working ?
  46. 636chris

    1g ac unit removal

    Thanks Jeff I'd def leave you some rep if I could figure out how lol.
  47. 636chris

    1g ac unit removal

    whats up guys . im stripping pretty much everything i dont use out of my 90 awd but i cant seem to find any info on removing the ac stuff from under the dash . Anyone have a clue or a write up. pretty much the only thing im keeping is heat and defrost .
  48. 636chris

    South Eastern PA Meet

    I'm in the northeast , ill defiantly make it out if my car is ready by then
  49. 636chris

    South Eastern PA Meet

    how far is that from philadelphia
  50. 636chris

    swapping my new trans into my 90 problems

    its a 22 spline vr4 trans with the longer shift arm . was rebuilt prior to me buying itworse case im looking at a 91 and up shifter Assembly and cables correct ? there's a non turbo in the junk yard i could surely hack up for more parts
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