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  1. 2G 3kgt Brake Swap Fitting Leak

    Maybe the fitting was defective, but in general, most hose assemblies are designed to have the hose be the weak point. My fittings were fine. Make sure you're using a flare wrench too. The Techna-fit fittings look to be plated low carbon steel as they're magnetic.
  2. 2G 3kgt Brake Swap Fitting Leak

    If your lucky, you stripped the fitting on the line. I stripped the fitting on the caliper as the caliper is aluminum and the line cross threaded quite easily. Make sure the flares compliment each other. I got reman calipers for the vented rear swap and the flare was actually machined the...
  3. 2G Early '95 Vented Rear Brake FAQ (Discussion/PN)

    I finished the rear install. The rear calipers were wrong and should have had the same port design as all other Eclipse rear calipers and the 3k gt rears. Luckily Techna-Fit was willing to make custom lines for me.
  4. 2G DSM 3D Printed Front Bumper Cold Air Ducting

    These could make for great brake cooling ducts if you printed one for each side.
  5. New Product release! DSM brake brackets (3000GT brake swap)

    Perhaps it's easier to study what wheels offer stock fitment on a 2g 3si awd as the caliper has similar positioning to clear the 2g rotor.
  6. New Product release! DSM brake brackets (3000GT brake swap)

    Small update, Paul has since updated his webpage per my finding. His brake adaptors are meant to be used with 2G 3k vr4 rotors, not 1g. It's nice to get a little more stopping force but a 1g 3si wheel is an incredibly tight fit. I had the inner rim welds rub against the calipers in mulitple...
  7. 1G 1g brake braided lines

    Complete stainless hardline kit for 1g fwd: 1990-94 Eagle Talon Mitsubishi Eclipse Front Wheel Drive Complete Brak – Inline TubeI don't find AWD on their site but they are probably willing to make a set if you send them your lines.
  8. New Product release! DSM brake brackets (3000GT brake swap)

    Please share. I'm putting these on my 2g right now. I thought I could choose to mount the bracket for the caliper to be higher or lower but the lower position makes the caliper touch the lower part of the knuckle and I don't want to grind away the 1-2mm of material to make it fit, so I'm...
  9. 2G Early '95 Vented Rear Brake FAQ (Discussion/PN)

    I'm in the process of doing this swap, along with 1g 3k gt vr4 front calipers / rotors. Oreilly's still carries the larger rear rotors. Centric rotors are discontinued and EBC filled my order but sent the wrong rotors and has yet to respond with any correction for the last 3 weeks.I found...
  10. 1G FWD - How to get oversteer

    I remember RRE reinforced the rear axle beams, but believe they welded, not clamped them. They had videos of the cars jumping in parking lots to show the beams could take the abuse. They also built some very competitive 1g fwd road race cars. They've removed a lot of their 1g parts, but if...
  11. 2018 Shootout Photos and Videos

    Here's 2 teasers:
  12. 1g Fender Brace? Does anyone make one... and will a VR4 brace fit?

    Has anybody finished installing these and tried them out?
  13. 1G Help with rear sway bar choice please

    Interesting. I have a whiteline rear sway bar from the Mofugas Galant and it only has a single connection point on each end. I think the end links allow for some adjustability, but there aren't multiple mounting holes.
  14. 1G Get the most out of a 1g N/A 4g63 (CANT TURBO)

    Can you change engines / internals? I'd suggest a 2.4L, or 2.3L hybrid. If building, you can raise the compression. You can also look into different gearing options for your tranny.
  15. 1gb Talon/Eclipse spoiler

    Doing a quick ebay picture search, Eclipse and Talon are different. For my Talon, I used a push in style christmas tree clip to make up for the broken peg on mine. I epoxied the clip to the spoiler. I believe I had to buy an assortment to get the best fitting diameter...
  16. 1G 1G Bolt On Big Brake Upgrade Options

    Bear Claw track kit (older Cobra / Zr-1 calipers). Stoptech (I have to run spacers to fit these calipers). If on a tighter budget, 3000GT calipers or Outlander brackets / calipers. Those are all off the top of my head, there are more options.
  17. Lets talk Difs.

    Finally got my 3rd diff delivered. I'm going to be switching over to Evo3 rear, 4 spyder center, Kaaz front.I should send my Quaife center in for a new housing so I can finally get rid of it. Installing these is going probably going to be a slow process for me. I want to do the rear on...
  18. EVO 3 holinger trans

    I inquired with Quaife years ago and if memory serves correctly. They would have made a 6 spd awd trans adapted for our cars for ~20k and I don't remember them needing to sell any quantities for that price.
  19. Lets talk Difs.

    Didn't you post that you're switching to 4 bolt hubs? If so, then I think standard 4bolt axle boots should work. The one set I ordered on ebay didn't have the triangulated shape though, so double check for the inboard side. I ordered 2 boots off of ebay and the seller shipped 1. It's Empi PN...
  20. What did you do to your DSM today?

    Just got my spacer today to eliminate my A/C bracket. That's one of the cheapest $/lb weight savings the car has had in a long time. It took a bit longer to swap than I intended as oddly enough the bracket spaces both sides of the axle, but without the bracket, only one side of the axle needed...
  21. Lets talk Difs.

    Mine arrived Wednesday with the cups too (even though the vendor name was slightly different,...). My bearings didn't come with the caps either. I gave it a quick cleaning and didn't notice anything unusual, the bearings look to have a good surface finish still. I ordered some axle boots off...
  22. What did you do to your DSM today?

    Finally finished making a dual catch can braket. I still need to connect them to the intake pipe.
  23. Craigslist 2gb talon - east coast - someone go save this!

    No, another guy just posted having bought a black 2gb talon with tan leather interior. I'm still on my first Talon I bought in 01.
  24. Craigslist 2gb talon - east coast - someone go save this!

    I think somebody in CT bought it.
  25. Screws in Interrior

    If you have a Chiltons Manual it should have a page listing all interior screws. I believe mine was on 10-22 for 1g cars. Basically most of them are self tapping and 6mm diameter, many different lengths / head styles.
  26. Lets talk Difs.

    No bearing caps with it? I've seen a new listing from Malaysia that apparently includes the caps too. The funny thing is both a Malaysia and Thailand seller use the same pictures. From what I can see on yours, I don't see any damage to the bearings at least. I'm looking forward to getting...
  27. Lets talk Difs.

    I just came across this thread the other week and appreciate the updates. I just ordered the diff and cups a few days ago, it'll be some time before I have all the rest of the needed parts to install. Do you have any pictures of how used the diff looked when it was delivered?
  28. 1G The mystical j1h auto diff

    Yes, along with the axle cups, which took a few days to find a pair. I haven't decided if I want to do the clutch pack upgrade or not. I'll probably wait to see how the bearings look and guess how much use it's had.
  29. 1G The mystical j1h auto diff

    I've been reading up on this thread I just ordered a full locking evo3 and am interested to see how it'll perform, but it'll still be quite a while before I get around to installing it.
  30. Full led replacement

    The T10 size for the foot lights and glove box arrived earlier. I didn't bother taking before and afters of those, but they also make a pretty good difference. These bulbs are incredibly cheap on ebay.
  31. 1g Fender Brace? Does anyone make one... and will a VR4 brace fit?

    Thanks for posting the extra picture, I'm certainly interested to see how this works out.
  32. Full led replacement

    Thread bump. One size of bulb (31 feston, white color) arrived tonight so I installed those. I decided to shoot before / after pictures with my camera in manual mode to have clear comparisons of the difference. All of the following pictures are the same ISO, aperture and exposure, and white...
  33. 1g Fender Brace? Does anyone make one... and will a VR4 brace fit?

    Nice, how do those line up compared to the strut towers?
  34. Can ABS be installed in a nonABS 91 GSX easily?

    Swapping the rear end would be much easier, and if you're doing that, upgrade to an Evo3 rear.
  35. Can ABS be installed in a nonABS 91 GSX easily?

    It'd be a lot of work. There's a sensor that sits in the back seat, a computer that sits in the rear passenger side panel, a speed sensor at each wheel (this includes a ring that bolts to the back of the hub), wires connecting all of these, along with the abs unit under the hood.
  36. 1G Painting car with spray cans

    I just used the 2 part clear on my A6 headlights. I got tired of having to polish them every 6 months. The clear made them look better than just normal polishing too. I started with 80 grit sanding blocks (the 3M ones really aren't that aggressive) and worked up to 1000 grit the polishing kit...
  37. $25 starter from rock auto

    I bought a starter from them, it was junk, replaced it with another and it was just as useless. I now went with a Bosch and that's been good so far, all because a bolt thread stripped on my original that was still working just fine.
  38. What to teach high school kids?

    I would also do something along the lines of what high school kids do a lot of and do a lot of wrong. Teach them how to install a radio and how to splice and cover wires. I agree with the normal maintenance, basic repair and diagnostic stuff. If there's still time in the year, maybe how to...
  39. Look what is coming to Amazon...

    Ordered and I might get it before my next flight to read!
  40. Look what is coming to Amazon...

    Nice, if that doesn't work for you, my coworker has published a few books I can put you in touch if you want to get advice from him.
  41. Look what is coming to Amazon...

    Any plans to print?
  42. Show us your keychains!

    I'm glad I happened to come across this. I'm ordering some of the valve cover ones now, just need to get the shipping timing in line with my trip. I used to have an MSD ignition, but that disappeared some how. Does this qualify as a key chain? I've always been curious if it could actually...
  43. Need help (again) finding an old video!

    I have a lot, at least "DSMtumers video Movie", Driven, Driven2, tons of shootout ones,... Anybody know if it's fine for me to put them on youtube, especially since they have soundtracks, and of course, I'm not the creator?
  44. What did you do to your DSM today?

    I re-torqued the lug nuts after installing new stainless brake lines, one of the last sets of ingalls rear control arms, and a set of Stoptechs in place of the Baers, and SD.
  45. 1G Oil Squirters with CP Pistons

    They warned me about them breaking. This is over 10 years ago when I had the engine built. I only have a few hundred miles on it since.
  46. 1G Oil Squirters with CP Pistons

    I haven't run my car much, but had it built the same as my friend (CP's and Oliver rods). He ran 800+ for years without issues. Both were built by the same shop without squirters.
  47. Rear brake lines, 1g

    Just for an update, the JNZ kit came with replacment clips, hollow screws and copper crush washers (for the banjo front option). I need to figure out a wheel spacer option to get any further on my brake install.
  48. 2G Squeak squeak squeak

    Might come back when the car dries. If it happens again try riding the breaks very lightly to see if that stops it. If it does, try the hand brake next to try to decide if it's from the front or rear.
  49. Rear brake lines, 1g

    Yeah that's it. I won't be trying it out anytime soon as I still need to get the car running on SD. I'm just slowly tackling one project at a time.
  50. Rear brake lines, 1g

    Nice, I'm swapping from the Baer Claw kit (same as yours pretty much) to the Stoptech kit.
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