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  1. turboglenn

    Stand alone ecu

    Ive played with most of the systems out there, until youre well versed and familiar with ecu's hiw they interperit the behicles sensor signals and what types of signals a cars/engines particular sensors output and where the cam and crank sensors put out their useful part of the aognal in...
  2. turboglenn

    Important: Improvements on Saturn Alternator Swap

    that's great to hear I'm glad to see this thread still helping people, I seartched it for my own information today as I'm having intermittent output issues with my saturn alt on my 1g
  3. turboglenn

    Brakes Dragging

    I know this post is old, but once thing i didn't see anyone mention is the adjustment of the rod from brake pedal to master cylinder. If if doesn't let the master piston return enough the brakes will heat and fluid will expand clamping them down, when i swapped to auto trans in my 1g i...
  4. turboglenn

    For Sale 1g awd trans, t case, 1gb lights

    1g awd trans, 5 speed, fresh synchros , shimmer tight to improve power holding. 400 1gb t case 125 1gb headlights, very clean 60 for the pair. 1gb talon tail lights, 80 o.b.o
  5. turboglenn

    1G Why you dont overboost a fp turbo

    I snapped the shaft on a Big H1C here recentl;y when the bearings went out on my hx40 and I used it tremporarily (literally),, I was trying to push 30psi and it was falling off hard, well after a long spirited back road I got on the highway, punched it, and when the boost dropped to 23psi...
  6. turboglenn

    1G I want AC! FMIC Ducting and Cooling / Fans

    Most important thing I've found is retaining the factory fans, I have a FMIC, TRANS COOLER, AND run My A/C constantly without any issues I can idle all day long running my a/c, not even moving and it won't overheat before putting Factory fans is over heat while moving even. I've tried...
  7. turboglenn

    How many "Old-Timer" DSM Guys on here?

    I'm still on here a few times a week really need to update my latest build log car is changed colors changed to an auto trans all kinds of things , I'm 40 years old and still pushing dsm's
  8. turboglenn

    For Sale 1g AWD trans, fresh synchros) & other drive line parts

    1g AWD 5spd. Fresh synchros installed recently veggie my auto swap. I have a welded or stock center diff, will include which ever you'd prefer. 400 + shipping 1g manual transfer case, great shape 175.00 1g 3 bolt LSD REAR diff 175.00 (with axles and cups 225.00) 1g AWD fresh master and slave...
  9. turboglenn

    Street Build project second chance panda

    Another long over due update... Seems every time I start wiring a post in this thread, something happens, I lose the entire thing and give up out of frustration. The car has since been converted to an auto car, did the swap as complete as possible with TCU, WORKING POWER/economy and over drive...
  10. turboglenn

    1G Calling Auto Trans guys

    Just curious if you ever pulled the codes to see why it was in limp mode, it's a hundred times easier than troubleshooting an efi system and the wiring despite looking daunting, is very simple and limited to just a few sensors
  11. turboglenn

    1G Auto Transmission Wiring Diagram Picture

    If you need any help with the wiring feel free to give me a shout, it was actually a lot easier than you'd think to make the power/economy and OD Off lights work, I just spliced into the three wires in the harness that feeds then right behind the cluster. However the manual cluster doesn't have...
  12. turboglenn

    1G Auto Transmission Wiring Diagram Picture

    That's three one I used to wire my auto swap, I even have the power/economy lights and the temp light in the fine light working :woot
  13. turboglenn

    1G Flaring in shifts with shift kit

    And a couple things to eliminate before anybody brings them up the fluid is good at a good level does not smell burnt there is no fluid leaking. And I have also installed a very large transmission cooler along with the shift kit I'm suspecting it something in the valve body since turning the...
  14. turboglenn

    1G Flaring in shifts with shift kit

    Ok I just converted to auto, at first while worrying the TCU and everything it seemed as if the trans was shifting very firm when the TCU was controlling things, but since I got confident that all was well, turned the boost up and started laying into the gas pedal, it seems like it's slipping...
  15. turboglenn

    Street Build project second chance panda

    Ben long time since I updated this, three car had now undergone a complete auto swap, has been refined and tuned in hopes of becoming shootout ready this year. Here's pics
  16. turboglenn

    1G 1g lock up converter or not? ?

    I thought the DCCVS was responsible for the firmness of shifts? Hence the blue wire mod, or in a simple example when wiring up shifting via the kiggly mod and leaving the blue wire disconnected (one to DCCVS) shifrs are full firm.
  17. turboglenn

    1G Fair price for ultra complete manual swap?

    Wow, i didn't think people be willing to spend that honestly, but that woukd be nice if i could get that out of it. I was thinking around 750 would be a fair price and was hoping that wasn't too high lol
  18. turboglenn

    1G Question for those running restalled converters

    I'm making the swap to auto, already have everything ready to go in, but I'm trying to buy a restall converter before i do the install so i don't have a dog of the line My question is for those running restall converters . Are you happy with the launch or do you wish you'd just bought a full...
  19. turboglenn

    1G Fair price for ultra complete manual swap?

    Going to sell my manual setup to buy some auto upgrades, trying to come up with a fair price for the following Trans T case 3 bolt LSD W/axles Flywheel with ACT2600 Pedals Master and slave cylinders Pretty much EVERYTHING needed to go manual and all parts being in good condition
  20. turboglenn

    1G Trick to pulling the auto trans?

    I was meaning trans alone , i watched your vids, and looking back i think where i had problems was the converter center nub still being caught on the crank, i didn't even think to reach in there and push it back away from the flex plate/pilot bushing. Detroit, i still plan to get that...
  21. turboglenn

    1G Question about 4 bolt swap

    Awesome, thank you, now i don't have to sweat the possibility of the axle not wanting to come out of the trailing arm or anything, plus that means i can leave a way to roll the donor car eitherup on a trailer or tow it to scrap of no one wants it. Thanks
  22. turboglenn

    1G Trick to pulling the auto trans?

    No, definitely NOT trying to leave the converter in the engine/flex plate. Also i learned a long time ago to remove both the plate and forward/aft sub frame brace. The problem i had was the rotary switch (gear selector switch/arm) hitting the frame rail before i could get the bell housing...
  23. turboglenn

    1G Question about 4 bolt swap

    Are the splines for the able cups the same between 3 and 4 bolt setups? Basically I'm wondering if i need to take the axles out of the rear trailing arms or will the 4 bolt cups slide right onto the ones in my car when i remove the 3 bolt cups. I looked at the vfaq but it doesn't mention...
  24. turboglenn

    1G Trick to pulling the auto trans?

    Just like the title asks, is there a trick or certain way to rotate something or jack something up a certain way to get the auto trans in and out? I fought removing my donor trans for quite a bit before it hap hazardly twisting and falling to the ground, definitely not what id call...
  25. turboglenn

    1G This mount look bent?

    Pulling my auto donor car apart, and for some reason this tear roll stop looks bent to me, i see in a couple pics i found that they do have a slight angle, but this one just don't look right, any input from you guys with auto 1g cars
  26. turboglenn

    2G lets talk some transmission, "built" or stock rebuld?

    Take what Donniekak says o heart, it's the truth, unless you get exoic with custom gear sets you're basically buying treated or modified stock parts in any trans build wi some exceptions, what makes tm ld aside from treatments to the gears is how thye are assembled and with how much preload on...
  27. turboglenn

    1G Will a stock converter come off the line decently with this hx40 combo?

    Think i might sell or trade my 9;1 eagle /wiseco block to get a good converter, as stock block will handle my current power levels decently and I've got two stock 6 bolts as spares ..anyone interested hit me up
  28. turboglenn

    1G Will a stock converter come off the line decently with this hx40 combo?

    Man, i know i only got 3 to 5 pulls out of a100 shot before out would start surging from bring near empty when i team it for a full pass
  29. turboglenn

    1G Will a stock converter come off the line decently with this hx40 combo?

    the price of bottled gasses not to mention driving at least an hour to get them puts N2o out of the picture for me, so i gutess it's selling parts and saving money untill i can get a spoolinater or a restall
  30. turboglenn

    1G 1g lock up converter or not? ?

    Thank you
  31. turboglenn

    1G Will a stock converter come off the line decently with this hx40 combo?

    Going auto very soon but can't afford a converter yet. . My combo is as follows, just wondering if I'll be able to spool enough at the line to get a decent launch. Eagle/wiseco 9:1 short block Stock had casting with BC springs and retainers Dks 264/272 cams Cyclone intake properly actuated...
  32. turboglenn

    1G 1g lock up converter or not? ?

    Every time i try and read on this subject i find people swearing to both sides, as in yes the 1g has a lock up coverter, and no it doesn't. . So my question is can someone say definitively one way or the other. .. if its not a locking converter, then where does over drive come from?? I...
  33. turboglenn

    still need the 1g 5spd fuel pressure regulator? if so message me i have one

    still need the 1g 5spd fuel pressure regulator? if so message me i have one
  34. turboglenn

    still looking for a 1g NT throtle body? i've got a complete one in decent shape, nothing wrong...

    still looking for a 1g NT throtle body? i've got a complete one in decent shape, nothing wrong with it, just used part in good shape message me on here if interested still
  35. turboglenn

    if you're still looking for a 1g awd trans and welded center diff let me know, i have an already...

    if you're still looking for a 1g awd trans and welded center diff let me know, i have an already welded diff ready to go in a trans and i have a decent used 5 speed that's coming out o my car for the auto swap tomorrow.... text me 304-531-0085
  36. turboglenn

    ready to swap auto (complete donor car)

    Trans ha 134k miles on it. .. how much is that C2 spoolinator? And is that just a mod to the stock converter?
  37. turboglenn

    ready to swap auto (complete donor car)

    I wish it was a2g, but mine got totaled do this is a 91 gsx 5speed and my donor is a 92 talon tsi auto
  38. turboglenn

    ready to swap auto (complete donor car)

    I bought a compete car yesterday to start my swap to's Ben sitting for ten years but was well kept and ran. Questions are as follows.. 1.) How hard if possible is it to have the lights in the dash work for the power/economy modes, and sane for the overdrive light... do I need to swap...
  39. turboglenn

    need advice from my fellow tuners

    I started building myself a1g (91 gsx) this year, and it's had it share of issues, well I just bought a 92 talon, to strip for its auto setup and 4 bolt rear. The other things I want to swap into my car are, the dash, condenser, cruise and turn signal switch and fuel tank (mine had broken studs...
  40. turboglenn

    1G weird smoking issue ONLY after boost, then clears up

    well, i'd like to thank everyone for their input, I tore the turbo off today, put in new rings on the turbine and compressor side and the smoking is gone, I also straightened and shortened the drain tube as best I could. but when I pulled it off I found oil puddled in the first coupler from...
  41. turboglenn

    1G weird smoking issue ONLY after boost, then clears up

    Yea, I wouldn't have thought the turbo would keep leaking by after fixing the kink in the return. and being that iss the worst after boost then clears right up its really had me scratching my head, I found my holset parts so ill toss new oil control rings In it or the nect coupe days and update...
  42. turboglenn

    1G weird smoking issue ONLY after boost, then clears up

    Well, the turbo definitely didn't see over 50psi of oil pressure, I noticed it in the first fee minutes of warm up, and it was dumping tons of oil into the down pipe. I shut it off and inspected and found thekinked return and fixed it. I guess the only thing confusing me is how it only...
  43. turboglenn

    1G weird smoking issue ONLY after boost, then clears up

    Well, spilled my built block the other day after discovering the deck needed surfaced, so I tossed in the stock 6bolt bottom end this car came with. the head is the same one I've been using recently and has new valve seals. the turbo is my wh1c with hx40 compressor wheel and cover and was...
  44. turboglenn

    1G body panel sheet metal still available?

    just wondering if you can still get rocker panels and rear quarter wheel well pieces in fresh new sheet metal for the1g car? I'm to the point where i need to start welding in new metal on my 1g and with all the regular customer car work lately I would kinda like to buy patch panels if they are...
  45. turboglenn

    Missing steering column pinch bolt!

    smooth shank isn't really needed, I've got a regular old bolt in mine and it's been working just fine, all it really needs to do is be able to pinch that little slot closed, so use a decent bolt and youll be fine
  46. turboglenn

    2G Mismatched tires.

    If anything, out the odd you're in the front where it's an open diff so you won't be stressing the rear LSD if so equipped. I'm interested in hearing any proven data aboutthis myself though
  47. turboglenn

    2G sd at what point

    Probably my favorite part of being speed density, no Damn MAF to deal with, and you can bent your BOV, OR LIKE YOU SAID if you lose part of your IC pipe setup the car still drives perfectly, just with less power.
  48. turboglenn

    Don't know if anyone's seen this yet but

    Buying a car from Canada into the US is hard, my friend had so much trouble with the grand national he bought that to first get it to the states he first had some paper work that he was just working on it, then when he did try to title it here there were so many issues and high fees that he...
  49. turboglenn

    1G crazy shaking i can't figure out

    tightened everything, trans halfshaft bracket, shocks, everything. and I have two sets of wheels, does it with both..and only when the front left wheel loses rotational speed from the others, here's a distinct rattle to it as well and after a minute or so it passes.. still baffled,thinking...
  50. turboglenn

    1G crazy shaking i can't figure out

    Wow! does no one even have any guesses or no similar shaking syndromes?
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