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  1. serviceguy

    1G Alternator

    Canada 1Gs had 90A alternators, probably due to running daylights?
  2. serviceguy

    1G Throttlebody Swap

    Don't forget mine were assumptions, I don't have a TB handy right now to confirm it. Make sure my assumption were correct looking at the 90 TB if you have it.
  3. serviceguy

    1G Throttlebody Swap

    As I said it all depends on where the port opens within the TB. If you look at the drawing that you provided (turbo engine) the ports connected to hoses B and Y seem to go further in the TB so I would assume they open behind the TB plate, while hoses R and G don't so I would assume the open...
  4. serviceguy

    1G Throttlebody Swap

    The difference between those ports is that some are connected to 'after' the throttle plate, others are connected before it. Once you look at the GS TB and to what port on the GSX TB the lines were connected you should be able to figure it out. I can't offer much more as I don't have the car...
  5. serviceguy

    Best DSM Craigslist post of the day

    A v-tech swapped '96 talon with only 163 miles! Let me jump on it right now...
  6. serviceguy

    Other sites to buy a DSM?

    ..daily driver, runs great, no title and bring your own wheels...
  7. serviceguy

    How many "Old-Timer" DSM Guys on here?

    51 years old. Bought my 91 GST from a used car lot in Florida back in 1999 or 2000, I had no idea what it was and especially that it came with a turbo! I discovered the DSM community out of necessity, nobody either wanted or could fix it for me, especially the local Mitsubishi dealer (well, they...
  8. serviceguy

    1G Wire tuck, idle speed switch?

    There's two types of ISC, the brown one (lower quality but rebuildable) or the black one (better quality but non rebuildable). Pick your poison. When I say rebuildable I mean that it can be taken apart and if you have a spare unbroken coil from another broken ISC you may be ale to fix it and...
  9. serviceguy

    1G Wire tuck, idle speed switch?

    You need to extend the wire that originally goes to the ISS to the 4th, unused pin of the TPS connector (it's pin #3, you will need to install an addition connector pin or source a 2G TPS connector). I would run the wire inside the harness since you're working with the harness anyway. I can't...
  10. serviceguy

    1G Wire tuck, idle speed switch?

    I would upgrade to a 2G TPS and use its built in ISS.
  11. serviceguy

    Door Seal Clips

    Where did you order them and how much are they? Ordering the Toyota ones I saved 40 cents each on the Mitsubishi price (if still available that is) but they still came at 93 cents each.
  12. serviceguy

    1G Need help with missing reverse switch wiring

    I would say that proves they are the same indeed, doesn't it? In case it did sound otherwise, I just wasn't sure if it was the same since the description of that connector on Sheridan's wasn't including 1Gs and I did not have access to ASA when I posted to confirm it. At the same time I would...
  13. serviceguy

    1G Need help with missing reverse switch wiring

    It does looks very similar, it's probably just from another manufacturer but compatible.
  14. serviceguy

    1G Need help with missing reverse switch wiring

    Not sure that is the correct plug for a 1G, I will have to double check on my spare harness when I get home. The link shows as a reverse switch connector for 2Gs.
  15. serviceguy

    NEW user from israel, 1g eclipse :)

    to my knowledge G4CP is the Hyndai denomination of a 4G63...
  16. serviceguy

    Door Seal Clips

    From these two pictures it looks like the Mitsubishi part number is an exact match to the Toyota part. I purchased 4 units from a Toyota dealer in order to confirm the match as the Toyota part can be had a little cheaper (approx 96 cents).
  17. serviceguy

    Check out my sweet hood struts

    What is the length of the struts when the hood is closed? I wouldn't mind to install them on my 1G...
  18. serviceguy

    Need a picture of a 1Gb Talon rear body panel w/o taillights and bumper cover

    Thanks, that was fast! If anybody had a lighter color car and straight from the back picture that would be even better. P.S. While looking for these pictures I found your build thread, that car looks amazing, congrats!
  19. serviceguy

    Need a picture of a 1Gb Talon rear body panel w/o taillights and bumper cover

    I believe I have all the parts to tackle a rear end conversion from a 1Ga eclipse to a 1Gb talon, including the bumper support bracket off a talon, but before launching I would really like to find out any other difference between the two setups. All I need is a good resolution picture of the...
  20. serviceguy

    1990 GSX Daily Driver Build and Restore to 400 WHP

    You just gave me another reason to hate people who text and drive! Glad you managed to fix it, it's getting harder and harder to get parts for these cars nowadays. I am struggling finding small parts just trying to replace clips and moldings. Did you use urethane paint and clear fro the bumper...
  21. serviceguy

    does anyone run their car without a power transistor?

    If anything your posts seem to confirm what I said. The CDI does the work of the PTU using the trigger signal from the ECU. The ECU outputs are not the one sinking the current. I never implied you could control the coils using the logic outputs of the ECU without a CDI in place of the PTU.
  22. serviceguy

    does anyone run their car without a power transistor?

    I may be wrong but I believe the CDI would draw current directly from the battery while using the ECU signal only to determine when to fire the spark.
  23. serviceguy

    1991 talon engine swap

    it's still a mitsubishi engine, could be a compatible part between the two. That in the picture is definitely a 4G6X engine, so it if came from a 1994 elantra it could only be a 4G61 1.6, or a 4g63 if it had been swapped. That engine bay will take any 4g6x engine of the 1st generation the...
  24. serviceguy

    1991 talon engine swap

    4g93 is a different engine series (4G9x) than the Sirius (4G6X) showing in your picture. The Elantra came with either a 4G61 1.6 engine or a 4G93 1.8 engine that looks completely different from the 4G6x series, hence he's right.
  25. serviceguy

    1G Looking for some pointers

    - fuel pump rotor sitting in the same place over time may have gummed up (for lack of a better term) and not start when powered. If that happens you can kick start it applying 12V directly from the battery directly to the pump terminal at the pump unit, no need to take the pump off. If you take...
  26. serviceguy

    1G Control arm differences? Galant vs Eclipse

    It just slides. The front one will need pressing out.
  27. serviceguy

    Any place to buy heat shield for 2g mani and o2 housing?

    Look for the steering pump leaking, it's right on top the alternator and is as much a cause for alternator failure as the exhaust heat shield being absent. What do you mean by stock replacement? You can replace a stock 1g lower heat shield with a stock 2G and the same is true for the manifold...
  28. serviceguy

    NEW user from israel, 1g eclipse :)

    Canada never had eclipses, only Talons to my knowledge. It's a 93-94 eclipse euro specifications, most likely german from the specific pop up design. 1GB in Europe retained the pop ups, with the difference of the 1Gb sporting adjustable height headlights as you can tell by the little strip in...
  29. serviceguy

    1G Suspension Overhaul

    What is the problem with the control arms? If the ball joint is shot you can just purchase a ball joint (i.e. Moog at RockAuto,1991,talon,2.0l+l4,1103061,suspension,ball+joint,10070) and have your mechanic change those instead of the complete arm...
  30. serviceguy

    Equal Length Half Shaft on a FWD

    I've had this mod installed on my 91 GST since early 2000. I used MD719710 (driver side AWD seal) and the MOPAR aluminum spacer, which is no longer available. I guess you could measure the difference between the outer diameter of the AWD ad FWD seals and have a machine shop make you a custom...
  31. serviceguy

    1G Eagle Talon Exterior and Interior

    Curious about what the rear serrated trim is.
  32. serviceguy

    what year is my 1g head

    Easy, 1g 7 bolt have the M10 outer exhaust studs, 1g 6 bolts have M8 outer exhaust studs.
  33. serviceguy

    1990 GSX Daily Driver Build and Restore to 400 WHP

    It's always a pleasure to watch your videos and read your posts. Love your car and your attention to each minute detail while working on it. I try to do the same with mine but it only works once a year for me! Care to share some details on the sunroof choice ? From your post it did look like an...
  34. serviceguy

    90 Laser 2.0 nt

    Everything else is here
  35. serviceguy

    90 Laser 2.0 nt

    Thermostat housing and water pipe. I believe the lower goes to the thermostat housing and the upper to the water pipe. or the other way around...
  36. serviceguy

    Street Build 1993 Eagle Talon TSi AWD - Distraction

    Nice! I only have one complaint, you need to publish more videos!
  37. serviceguy

    1G 1Gb Talon Foglights, How To Remove Them From The Metal Bracket
  38. serviceguy

    1G 1Gb Talon Foglights, How To Remove Them From The Metal Bracket

    You do not remember correctly, sorry. Those are the 1Gb eclipse fog lights (which are the same as the 1Ga for all makes) and yes they are a pain to remove if rusted, or you may be thinking of the metal bracket itself being actually split in two parts that are joined by two phillips head screw. I...
  39. serviceguy

    1G 1Gb Talon Foglights, How To Remove Them From The Metal Bracket

    Looking for info on how to remove the actual fog light housing (the cat eye ones from a 92-94 Talon that is) from its metal bracket. I would like to freshen up the brackets which will include de-rusting and repainting, so the housing has to come off, and I would like to avoid destroying them in...
  40. serviceguy

    1G 1g FWD Axle + Seal Replacement

    Good to hear.
  41. serviceguy

    1G Are front Fwd spindles the same as Awd ?

    The hubs are the same, the knuckles are not. The tie rod end arm (for lack of a better definition of it) in the FWD is lower than the one in an AWD due to the different suspension design. FWD knuckles are actually considered a fix for AWD cars that have been considerably lowered.
  42. serviceguy

    1G 1g FWD Axle + Seal Replacement

    Not sure how it seats, I converted GS-T to equal-length half shaft back in 2000 so I can't remember, but the other side looks like it is flush. The service manual only specifically mentions to apply gear oil (API GL-4 or higher) to the inner lip of the seal.
  43. serviceguy

    1G 1g FWD Axle + Seal Replacement

    You still have to drive them in straight and flat. I located some PVC hydraulic pipe fitting of the correct size and used it to push the seal in evenly using a mallet. Can't remember the size of that specific pipe, I just walked in Home Depot with the seal and sized the pipe accordingly. Which I...
  44. serviceguy

    1G 1g FWD Axle + Seal Replacement

    From the website of the good folks at JNZTuning. Left is AWD driver side (with the metal ring), center is AWD passenger side all years and FWD both sides up to 92 cars, right is FWD both sides 93 cars and later...
  45. serviceguy

    NO FENDER ROLLING 1g AWD w/coilovers wheels and tire size? Wheel suggestion?

    That has to be my new favorite 1Gb...not sure about the offset difference between front and rear though, nevertheless great looking car, congrats! I may have to copy the Superman logo idea for the empty spot on my 1Ga talon grille, seems to fit perfect!
  46. serviceguy

    1G Axle boot is torn! What's best replacement options?

    Is it the inner or the outer? Rockauto sells them for around $10.
  47. serviceguy

    92 1gb timing belt

    Smashing! That is a great thread, but I go by the 1992 4G63 manual, chapter 11C page 36, or any 1G service manual. Not that great of a difference anyway.
  48. serviceguy

    92 1gb timing belt

    Yes. 22 Nm or 16 ft.lbs.
  49. serviceguy

    My 1992 tsi refurb

    Are the 3kGT VR4 calipers 1st gen or 2nd gen? I'm asking to find out how the 2ng gen clrear the EVO VII wheels. Did you use the usual adapter bracket ? They seem to fit less at an angle than what I am used to see from other builds. Nice work by the way, keep it going!
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