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  1. Ultimatedsm

    Low vacuum

    Hey guys how are you doing? I have a strange problem, well not really any drivebility issues or anything, just my vacuum is a little low at idle. If I start my car in the morning it is around 15 hg after 1 minute warm up it is still the same. Than after going for WOT run in a few gears, the...
  2. Ultimatedsm

    Evo3 big 16g question

    I am still waiting on the original poster to post. I don't want to blab on. I already said the EVOIII16G is a great turbo, and I said its one of the best. It isn't a good turbo if you have one thing in mind, making a lot of power. It is a well balanced turbo that will give you everything.
  3. Ultimatedsm

    Evo3 big 16g question

    Well of course you didn't find it hard to get HP out of your EVOIII 16G, you have a built motor. I am not talking about a built motor, if this guys budget is $600 for a turbo, I don't think he can afford to build it his motor from the ground up at the moment.If you go a few posts up, I...
  4. Ultimatedsm

    Alternator Installation problems

    The alternator itself has little bushings in the holes of the alternator (Where the long bolt goes through), sometimes you have to tap the bushings from the inside to make the bushings flush with the alternator housiing where the bolt goes through. This is very true for the 2G alternator, but I...
  5. Ultimatedsm

    Evo3 big 16g question

    Don't know what I am talking about? Once you pull a LOW 11 second run, come back to me than tell me that. You think you can shave off one full second with the "EVOIII" 16G. You think you can make 400-450WHP out of it as well? Come on proove me wrong.
  6. Ultimatedsm

    6-bolt and misfire problem

    I think you didn't swap your plug wires like you should have. The random misfire problem most people get with a 6 bolt in a 2G only happens in closed loop where the ECU looks for misfires. If that was the case, you either get a DSMLINK where you can disable the ECU to detect misfire codes or...
  7. Ultimatedsm

    Evo3 big 16g question

    The EVOIII 16g is probably one of the best turbochargers ever made for our cars. If you want an all out street car, this is the best turbo for you. It gives you a ton of low end torque due to it's quick spool characteristics and will probably own any 50 trim with equal mods on an autocross...
  8. Ultimatedsm

    Evo3 big 16g question

    Well "COMPRESSION", he said low 11's to high 12's and I said, it is VERY difficult to run low 11's with a 16G for a full weight street car of course. If you strip like a 1000 pounds off your car, then it is a different story. He also wants to make 400-450WHP which I have not seen on a 16G...
  9. Ultimatedsm

    Low trim lean (136%) after turbo and fmic install

    Running pig rich means either your fuel pressure is too high (Stuck closed FPR or FPR overrunned or pinched returnline), you have a leak fuel injector or you have a problem with the ignition system. Spray some water on your wires and check your plugs and re-gap them to 0.028". Why don't you...
  10. Ultimatedsm

    Engine dies going long distance?

    Check your fuel system out. Maybe there is a bad connection to your fuel pump or bad injector wire. First thing you do is check your DTC's than come back to us once you know what the code is.
  11. Ultimatedsm

    knock problem

    I just want to know if there is anyway logging your car and sending us the data. I need to know what your car is doing at all times to find your problem. Your problem could be as simple as bad fuel in the system. But like I said, we need actual logs to find out.
  12. Ultimatedsm

    Evo3 big 16g question

    To get into the 11's, you will need something like a 50 trim to get there easier. You will be needing a lot of supporting mods because you know, the turbo alone doesn't get you good power. If your broke, stick with the 16G.You know most of your money will go into the fuel system and...
  13. Ultimatedsm

    Glowing Red O2 housing

    Hey guys how are you doing? Well I had a exciting trip to school today, was on the highway for an hour. When I got home, some of the AC Fan fins have melted. Then I looked closer and saw my o2 housing was glowing red, this was right off the highway, however, my exhaust manifold was fine, not...
  14. Ultimatedsm

    8k rpm's on stock valves.

    Your original question was that can the stock valves handle at most 8000 RPM. The answer is yes. Now go build your motor and hopefully don't proove us wrong lol just kidding, you will be perfectly fine at 8000 RPM with your build up.
  15. Ultimatedsm

    t28 injector size??

    I would run 12 PSI until you get your fuel injectors. You can get away with 550's and max out your turbo, but I recommend getting 650 CC fuel injectors for more room. That way you can stay at a lower IDC (Injector Duty Cycle) and less changes of getting knock.
  16. Ultimatedsm

    20 psi on stock injectors...?

    Sorry, your stock ECU can't control anything larger than 510CC (510's will be a little rich, but won't flood your engine). The SAFC can control up to 650's, I am sure you can control 680's with them. It will give you some timing issues though, your ECU will start to advance timing because it...
  17. Ultimatedsm

    20 psi on stock injectors...?

    Alright, get revised lifters from the 3G and nothing you can do about your vibration. All of these things CAN produce phantom knock. It is nothing dangerious so don't worry about it, worry about the knock at boost. The new lifters have larger openings for the oil to pass through and NO do no...
  18. Ultimatedsm

    20 psi on stock injectors...?

    Does your engine sound loud? Does it have loud lifter noise? I think your knock sensor is just picking up vibration from other sources. Does your engine vibrate a lot?
  19. Ultimatedsm

    Stalling issues after mods

    Can you log your run? With my DSMLINK, I can check the MAS signal to see if it isn't going crazy. When your car is running disconnect your MASS AIR and let us know if it still idles the same or if it idles better with it disconnected etc.
  20. Ultimatedsm

    20 psi on stock injectors...?

    It should be torqued to manufactures specs. Check if your knock sensor is torque to specs. Obivously you should not tightened to lets say 100 ft ibs lol. If its lose it can cause phantom knock.Wasn't your log at like 20 psi?
  21. Ultimatedsm

    Low Mileage with Reman Engine

    Does your FORGED BOV Vent to the atmosphere or does it recirculate the air back to the intake tract?
  22. Ultimatedsm

    20 psi on stock injectors...?

    450cc fuel injectors are 450's, if you raise the fuel pressure to 55 PSI, sure yea you will get more volume which will closer to 505cc. HOWEVER, you are running them way over their designed duty cycle, you will run over 100% IDC at that point and your just asking for it.You shouldn't run...
  23. Ultimatedsm

    20 psi on stock injectors...?

    My answer to you is every car is different. Some cars will knock like crazy, some will be a little better at it. By the way, do you have a wide band to tune your car with? Or your just trying to tune it with the datalogger/SAFC only. Can you please post a log of your run at 19 psi, I am...
  24. Ultimatedsm

    20 psi on stock injectors...?

    If your timing is too advanced at 2000-2500 RPM you can get knock, it can also be phantom knock, or your Knock sensor could be lose, so check if its on nice and tight. If it's lose, it will rattle a little (You won't hear this) and it will think your motor is knocking but it is really ratting...
  25. Ultimatedsm

    What is this????? & Sputtering

    Best way to cure your 6 bolt in a 2g problem is get a DSMLINK. I had those annoying misfires and idle surging. Once I installed the DSMLINK, it has an option to tell the ECU to not to check for misfires and simulate idle screw which makes the car idle perfect at whatever RPM you set your idle...
  26. Ultimatedsm

    20 psi on stock injectors...?

    Alright, I am going to give a proper answer to this whole thread right now. 20 psi on stock fuel injectors....NO alright...NO. I will say it again....NO..sure your A/F ratio looks good, you don't realize those fuel injectors are just stuck open at that boost level (More than 100% IDC). My...
  27. Ultimatedsm

    Cant break into 14s???

    I got 14.3 at 92 MPH with the T-25. Your boost shouldn't drop on a T28.
  28. Ultimatedsm

    Dripping oil from crankcase breather filter...

    I rather have my PCV do its job and get rid of contaminents of blow by. The Mitsubishi engineers installed them for a reason, if they could run the car without one they would, that $5.00 times 2 million DSM's is a lot of money they could of saved, but It is there for a reason.
  29. Ultimatedsm

    Which way to go 2.0 or 2.3?

    I think you got enough opinions, now choose one already lol.
  30. Ultimatedsm

    What should i upgrade first??

    You should upgrade your muffler bearing, it apparently gives you 25 HP. Don't forget to change your apex seals, rotors and pistons. Type R badge is good for 5 HP.....
  31. Ultimatedsm

    Has anyone had this much bad luck?

    Blew tranny: $1500 Blew engine $1500 Went through 6 alternators: $1400 Suspension went: $1200I am so good at changing alernators I can get one out and installed in 10 minutes! I think I should look at my grounds and test all the circuits on the alternator.
  32. Ultimatedsm

    So I Test drove an LS1 Yesterday

    You said 330-350WHP will get you into the 10's with some crazy suspension setup. I am sure those CAM ONLY engines are making a lot more then 350WHP that got themselves into the 10's.
  33. Ultimatedsm

    So I Test drove an LS1 Yesterday

    I am sorry to say but 330-350WHP with a 2900 pound car will NOT get you in the 10's. I will be surprised even if you get into the 11's. A stock brand new Z06 with the LS7 motor with slicks pulled a 10.9 and that was with slicks. They weigh around the same and make over 400 at the wheels...
  34. Ultimatedsm

    My shepherd tranny is ####ed?

    He said he had a torn shifter cable. Well fix that and see what happens.
  35. Ultimatedsm

    put a new tranny...clutch...and wtf? still no go

    Your pedal pressure should be hard not soft. Soft indicates air in the system. it could be possible that your diaphragm on the clutch isn't good because clutch feel should be hard on an ACT 2600. If your CV shaft/transfercase or rear diff was shot, yes your car would not roll and your clutch...
  36. Ultimatedsm

    My shepherd tranny is ####ed?

    Well, if your car was perfectly fine before your nice hard launch. You said you spun through 1st and judging by that your clutch wasn't slipping as much because of your tires spinning. If you had a nice clutch smell after, than you could of just roasted your clutch. So because you launched it...
  37. Ultimatedsm

    safc and t25 tuning

    The stock pump can't take much over 16 psi (Unless you rewire it). The 450 CC fuel injectors will out flow your stock fuel pump. So your weakest link will be your fuel pump first. Get a Walbro 190LPH, they are like $120 and it will give you more safety margin.The hot air the T-25 will...
  38. Ultimatedsm

    Hard to get into gears - shifts easy with engine off

    Adjust your freeplay to specs and your good to go. If you had air in your clutch system, it would feel spongy so bleed it if it feels like that. If those don't cure your problem than its a clutch problem. Whats your mileage.
  39. Ultimatedsm

    350whp Daily Driver

    I think if you had a 20g or bigger it is very possible. Don't waste your time with the EVO3 16G to make 350WHP, you will probably have to invest more money to make 350WHP on that turbo compared to something like a 20G or 50 Trim. I don't see on your list that you have an Adjustable Fuel...
  40. Ultimatedsm

    DSMlink Or AEM EMS??

    You can put whatever size fuel injectors in and the DSMLINK will work. When your ordering, let ECM TUNING know that you have say 1600 CC injectors and they make a DSMLINK CHIP just for you. I would go with the AEM EMS if its a race car, you have a lot more features. If its a street car, then...
  41. Ultimatedsm

    anything over 400 you need a fuel management and turbo fuel pump

    Bottomline is you need a SAFC whenever you change to larger fuel injectors. Your stock ECU wasn't even designed to take 390's or 450's. How are they a good upgrade when you are running N/A? They don't make a difference unless you have a lot more air pushed into your cylinders, in other wards...
  42. Ultimatedsm

    Starting issue

    Check your CAS first than your ECU. 2G ECU's rarely go and your engine code said Crank angle sensor. If the Crank angle sensor is bad, your car won't start period. It will crank, but won't start. Crank angle sensor gives a signal to the ECU when to fire the injectors. If the ECU doesn't...
  43. Ultimatedsm

    WTF Turbo do I have?16G wheel in TD04?

    That my friend is a 13G. A 16G compressor can not fit in a 13G compressor housing.
  44. Ultimatedsm

    Need some experienced opinions on these bearings

    Do you have pictures of the rod journals on the crank?
  45. Ultimatedsm

    Wrecked the TSi pics inside.

    $2500??? No way, more like $1000-1200 MAX. If you pay more than that go somewhere else. For $2500, you can get another 1G.
  46. Ultimatedsm

    1G Shift boots

    I was looking around in ebay and found this:,1&item=150032751307&ih=005&sspagename=STRK%3AMESE%3AITToo bad they don't have 2G ones damn it. I don't think I ever saw anyone making these before. If anyone has one just put down a...
  47. Ultimatedsm

    Complete Car Shaking

    Check your fluid levels in your transfercase and rear diff. Check if your rims are warped in anyway(Do a rim run-out test) and check if your driveshaft U joints have excessive play.
  48. Ultimatedsm

    what next to reach 300hp

    I noticed you don't have CAMS. Put some HKS 272's or FP2's and you should close that gap even further. The EVOIII 16G will give you that extra flow at 19 psi which will yield maybe another 15-20WHP extra plus the cams can give you about the same 15-20WHP.
  49. Ultimatedsm

    Bad Gas Mileage [Merged 9-6]

    Replace your front o2 sensor, it should of been part of your tune up. The o2 sensor doesn't necessarily put a trouble code all the time. Is your car stock or what kind of mods have you done so far?
  50. Ultimatedsm

    Hopes and Dreams for 10's

    Huge TURBO, HUGE Fuel supply, Lots of tuning, super beefed out drivetrain and a deep pocket for all the parts you will be breaking. Your parts you have listed can get you into the 10's, but your driving skill might get you into the 12's.
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