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  1. dragonov_elite

    After 12 years i finally got another dsm and its a treat!

    Someday i'll find that perfect 2g GSX in this same condition. Awesome find. Take great care of her.
  2. dragonov_elite

    2G Road Course oil starvation

    I know this is an older thread but how has the progress been on your oil pan project/ accusump?
  3. dragonov_elite

    98 GSX Time Trial build

    Are you going to be using those upper control arms for this next event? if you are let us know what you think of them.
  4. dragonov_elite

    GB 2G Compworks Fender Braces (NOW CLOSED)

    Any update on how those tariffs are going?
  5. dragonov_elite

    NEW! 2G front and rear subframe bushings + diff bushings

    Nice! So many great products to buy from one vendor.
  6. dragonov_elite

    Now LS swapped 3000GT, was 4Gswapped

    Wow! This is an awesome build. Any updates?
  7. dragonov_elite

    Alternator Group Buy - Final Diameter Poll

    I sent a payment a while ago for the GB. If UR needs my order number i can provide it.
  8. dragonov_elite

    1G What hp to ditch the OEM Intake Manifold?

    Are the Forrester intakes still being made or are they a rare find now days? considering one for my build and have read good things about them.
  9. dragonov_elite

    Alternator Group Buy - Final Diameter Poll

    love that your company is gonna make these for the community but your web site has got some funk going on with it. can't get to products page to see the different options to purchase.
  10. dragonov_elite

    Straight cut synchronized gear box!

    Can't wait to see progress on this and longevity of the units being thought up.
  11. dragonov_elite

    Alloy 2G door handles! This time its REAL!!! Cancelled

    Wow! can't wait to see the progress on these. I would for sure be down for a set once they are in production.
  12. dragonov_elite

    Mil-spec fuse-box relocation release, its Official...

    This is so tempting (gonna have to wait though). So glad to see this as an option for our DSM's.
  13. dragonov_elite

    GB 2G Compworks Fender Braces (NOW CLOSED)

    Put me down for a set. Thanks. Payment sent.
  14. dragonov_elite

    Fabrication Tools thread

    Has anyone tried these welding squares out?'m thinking about picking up a set of the mini squares. They also have a nice design for a welding table. Looks like a very good competitor for the strong hand table. I got this...
  15. dragonov_elite

    SOLD OUT Laser Cut Valve Cover Baffles SOLD OUT

    Add me for one set. Payment sent.
  16. dragonov_elite

    CTS-V brake caliper swap (Brembo)

    Thank you very much for the write up.
  17. dragonov_elite

    1G Feal 441 Coilovers review

    How are these coilovers holding up?
  18. dragonov_elite

    CTS-V brake caliper swap (Brembo)

    Bringing this back from the dead. Has anyone had any success building their own "kit" for this brake setup? I have looked for a write up with no success. found a kit from strictlyperformance but I would rather piece my own setup together over a period of time.
  19. dragonov_elite

    How to deepen oil pan & pickup anyone?

    Urban what have you come up with for a finished pan setup?
  20. The_Mistress

    Street Build The_Mistress

  21. dragonov_elite


    dragonov_elite submitted a new DSM Profile :The_MistressRead more about this vehicle here...
  22. dragonov_elite

    Identify Blocks

    The 10th digit in the vin number on the block should be a W or X for a split thrust bearing block. W=1998, X=1999. Also if the girdle is NOT machined for a saddle bearing then revised 7 bolt us what you have. These things helped me ID my current engine block.
  23. dragonov_elite

    greengoblin's AWD Project

    I hope this car makes it into a top level magazine for all the work that is going into this. Keep on with the awesome build.
  24. dragonov_elite

    Timing tensioners

    Get the vin from the block and consult vfaq about which year the block was manufactured. Then buy the correct parts for that year of block.
  25. dragonov_elite

    Oil squirter block off

    So what is the recommendation on 2g 7 bolt oil squirter's/ jets?
  26. dragonov_elite

    Remanufactured Block identifications?

    The vin number for 4g63's is located on the bell housing side of the block just lower than the head on the left side. The vin is not always easily found because of corrosion or oils/ dirt.
  27. dragonov_elite

    2G 97.5 -99 thrust washer engine question

    Does anyone have a picture showing how the revised 7 bolt accepts the thrust washers?
  28. dragonov_elite

    My 2min winter door handle

    My secret for not breaking door handles in the winter on a 2g. Climb through the hatch area and open the door from the inside :DLooks funny when your car alarm is going off in a college parking lot then you have the hatch struts fail and land on your legs or back lmfao.
  29. dragonov_elite

    The worst block I have ever surfaced!!

    Wow..........Just wow. Thanks for the interesting thread Bogus lol.
  30. dragonov_elite

    Broke A Piston Wrist Pin.

    I have always wanted to try a Comp turbo out but they just do not seem to have anything with a Twin scroll T3 foot print. :(Cam gears look good. I own the AEM gears and your gears look a bit more beefy than the AEM gears. Glad to see they finally changed the degree marks on them.
  31. dragonov_elite

    98 4g63 6 bolt

    Has this project come to life yet?
  32. dragonov_elite

    "Newer" 4g64 in a 2g

    How is this project coming along?
  33. dragonov_elite

    DIY:4g63DSM/4g63EVO7 hybrid..

    damn! that is awesome.
  34. dragonov_elite

    Hydraulic Release Bearing

    Found a possible solution to mounting one of these to a dsm trans.Forums :: RWD bellhousing options and development :: Bill's Auto Fabrication
  35. dragonov_elite

    Sheet meal forming tool? Beading pipes?

    If you have some time on your hands to build one. This is what i would do.Building a Home-made Bead-Roller - Metal Meet Forums
  36. dragonov_elite

    Holset Turbos, PART 9

    I know what you mean by having a dumn car. I just spent a good portion of the day wondering why my timing was so far off. Turns out my tps had to much of a scaling in link and it was not alowing the car to enter closed loop. you to.
  37. dragonov_elite

    G4CS Destroker Build

    I think you mean 2.2 or a 2.1 destroker. The 2.3 stroker should have a 2.0l block with the 2.4l crank.
  38. dragonov_elite

    Holset Turbos, PART 8

    I hope your gonna be down in the dells for automotions this weekend. ill be driving my redjack WH1C holset build down there after it gets tuned this week.
  39. dragonov_elite

    Dragonov_elite's issue, are there more of you? come inside, trying to solve your prob

    Update on this thing.Finally after month and months of pulling my hair out i went and bought a 3000gt vr-4 SC. Mostly as a last ditched attempt to get the car to disengage.Well turns out it fixed my issue of the clutch not disengaging. Currently i only have a few miles on it so the...
  40. dragonov_elite

    What welder do you use?

    If you pick one of those welders up be sure to try and write a review on it. i was possibly looking at purchasing one of them in the future, a good review would help.
  41. dragonov_elite

    95 Durango Copper Pearl GSX Build

    damn. nice clean build so far. hope this car goes well for you.
  42. dragonov_elite

    HX users, let's see your 02 housing

    This is the DP/ o2 eliminator Joe at redjack made me for my build.
  43. dragonov_elite

    Hydraulic Release Bearing

    Bringing this back from the dead. Anyone have any more information on running one of these on a 2g? Part numbers on the unit used? If you have used one.
  44. dragonov_elite

    "Newer" 4g64 in a 2g

    Very interesting thread so far. One thing i can see being a possible problem. How long the do you see the knock sensor lasting while being that close to the exhaust system? Are they made for that kind of heat?
  45. dragonov_elite

    Fabrication Tools thread

    Found this site recently. Thought some of you would enjoy the writeups. Homemade Automotive Tools
  46. dragonov_elite

    Tial MVS spring color

    Your springs are actually painted very well. Here is a picture of one of my MVS gates taken apart with all the springs around it.This is the list i used for selecting my springs for the proper psi rate. Everything matched up for me using it.It would probably be safe to assume that they...
  47. dragonov_elite

    Welding Books/resources

    I know your more or less looking for book information but Welding Tips and Tricks - TIG, MIG, Stick and a pantload of other info is a great resource that is free. The guy who runs welding tips and tricks is an old timer so he has a lot of solutions for most problems. Hope that helps.
  48. dragonov_elite

    My custom holset install - (The H1-3558x), **underway currently**

    #$%^ I need to get my clutch figured out so I can share my results with you guys and compare my WH1C to the H1C.
  49. dragonov_elite

    Major clutch system fix! pics and one hell of a ride inside

    Just wanted to show people here that the Clutch pedal assembly can start cracking with a stock clutch set up. Here is my discovery after pulling mine out of the car. This is from a 97 GSX.I had this fixed shortly after seeing this. Hopefully this fix stops any further problems.
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