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  1. Insane20

    Products the DSM crowd would like to see made

    I think we would all agree that affordable rear 2g awd axles would be nice to see. Dsm grave yard has rears for 275 but no one wants to deal with them.
  2. Insane20

    swapping injectors

    At least get an afc or a maft. And for sure get a wideband!
  3. Insane20

    TDI swap questions

    Go for it then, be sure to post pics and updates!
  4. Insane20

    TDI swap questions

    First of all I must say I strongly suggest you dont do this considering the major power loss you will suffer. But if you must do it your going to need to use the ecu and harness out of your vw no question. You will also need to rig up your diesel fuel pump into the dsm tank. If your friend is a...
  5. Insane20

    1G intake manifold gasket bad?

    The idle is supposed to drop when its warm, on cold starts it idles high to get temp up and once it gets warm the idle is supposed to drop.
  6. Insane20

    Is this a good buy?

    Seems like a good buy. Look at it like this, a running 4g63t engine 600 all day. Trans and t case, prob 3 or 400. 16g if its mhi 250 to 300. You got your money back right there and the rest is profit.
  7. Insane20

    4g63 rebuild question

    So as for the crank I redid everything just how we talked about and it went great. I also got my new front case in from jnz. Only problem I had was I had to switch the castle plug over from my old case to the new case. Since I didnt have a o ring for it I had to get one out of my o ring kit and...
  8. Insane20

    4g63 rebuild question

    Thank you so much gst with psi, I will remove the crank and re check everything tomorrow. Once I reinstall everything should I torque them to 49 or 66 since they have already been torqued that tight?
  9. Insane20

    4g63 rebuild question

    And gst with psi, my readings are wrote down at work ill post them tomorrow, they were in spec though.Any ideas on what I should do about my torque issue? Should I loosen the mains and re torque them to spec?And sorry my question was can I reuse the main bolts?This was my torque...
  10. Insane20

    4g63 rebuild question

    Well looks like I over tightened the bolts then! After the quarter turn they are like 66ft pounds! So what do I do now?
  11. Insane20

    4g63 rebuild question

    Well today I got the crank bolted in, I did plastic gauge first then I cleaned and lubed everything and torqued my mains down to 18ft lbs and a quarter turn. I used my old mains is that a big deal? And I used the same sequence as we do for our head studs.
  12. Insane20

    4g63 rebuild question

    Thanks guys ill grab a felpro.
  13. Insane20

    4g63 rebuild question

    Ok guys I just got a rebuild kit, I went with an evergreen. Would any of you use this head gasket? Im going to use the other gaskets and king bearings but idk if I should use this head gasket.
  14. Insane20

    1G are awd auto and manual driveshafts the same?

  15. Insane20

    Wiring 3 gauges together to speaker wire

    I would get some black, red wires and run those honestly. It makes the wires easier to identify down the road.
  16. Insane20

    2gb exhaust flame help

    The old hot rod guys used to weld a bung in the exhaust and screw a spark plug in the bung. Run a switched power lead to the plug. Get her running rich and hit the button. At least that's what the old guys I work with say haha.
  17. Insane20

    Wiring 3 gauges together to speaker wire

    Yup it'll work fine!
  18. Insane20

    Anyone thinking of buying SRS full exhaust? Don't do it!

    I have an srs on my talon, I have no idea how old it is but its rusting pretty bad due to the crappy Chinese stainless.
  19. Insane20

    What Turbo is this? [Merged] Turbo ID Identification

    Here ya go..
  20. Insane20

    2G 12 PSI VS 16 PSI

    I would look into getting a 1g bov, a wide band and a logger before you start messing with boost. Even though its only low boost its still nice to know how you car is running
  21. Insane20

    4g63 rebuild question

    Whats the difference between bse and race shafts?
  22. Insane20

    4g63 rebuild question

    Ya im leaning towards a bse, I read the jacks transmission article and it kind of scared me out if doing it. But after seeing how many people have done them without an issue I think im going to do it.
  23. Insane20

    4g63 rebuild question

    Thank you, when I put it back together I will rotate it to see if there is any contact.
  24. Insane20

    4g63 rebuild question

    Ill post a pic up of the oil squirter. As far as balance shafts go, should I delete mine? Do you notice any differences without them?
  25. Insane20

    4g63 rebuild question

    Thanks man I appreciate that!
  26. Insane20

    4g63 rebuild question

    Gst with psi, im sorry I didnt mean to come off rude. When I started this thread I had no idea my compression was so low otherwise I would have posted it in my original post.Anyways I got the motor apart and everything looked fine except my #1 oil squirter is broken. The 90 degree elbow broke...
  27. Insane20

    gst to gsx conversion questions about suspension

    I belive a mod on here "goffer" has a nice break down on the swap in his build journal and there are a lot of pics too.
  28. Insane20

    4g63 rebuild question

    Dude I asked a question and got my answer and said thanks. Thread resolved move on.
  29. Insane20

    4g63 rebuild question

    Compression test wasnt the best, so I know I need rings and valve seals. Im getting everything from stm and sending the head block crank and rods to a local machine shop to get machined.
  30. Insane20

    4g63 rebuild question

    Thanks for the knowledge guys! I really have to rethink what im going to do.
  31. Insane20

    4g63 rebuild question

    Ok I have a 95 talon that is 6 bolt swapped. Motor has 130k with no issues but id like to do a rebuild this winter to freshen things up. I plan on putting in new gaskets, seals, bearings, rings and arp heads mains and rod bolts.My question is, since the motor has no issues can I just take it...
  32. Insane20

    2g transmission on 6 bolt

    Some useful info
  33. Insane20

    Kinugawa turbo billet wheels Wallotext

    I bought my ss line from them, they sent me the wrong one. I called their customers service line and told the lady it was wrong. She then overnighted the correct line and payed my return shipping. All in all it was a good experience.
  34. Insane20

    Show us your DIY paint job!

    I did it myself!
  35. Insane20

    16g Turbo CXRacing Ebay What did you think?

    I used that same turbo, burned oil right from the start and the waste gate is angled weird so it never opens fully causing boost creep. 350 get yourself a good used mhi.
  36. Insane20

    ebay rebuild kit

    Thanks guys I think im gona go with the second kit that mitsubishikid posted
  37. Insane20

    ebay rebuild kit

    Im rebuilding my 6 bolt this winter, im just doing a stock bottom end rebuild with a sim stage 1 head and arp hardware.Question, would you use this rebuild kit for a stock rebuild? not planning on using the belts, timing stuff, water...
  38. Insane20

    Is this 95 tsi awd?

    My early 95 rear bumper just says eagle, but it is a tsi awd. Im also 99 percent sure I have an original bumper. i wonder if some of them didnt have tsi awd badges.
  39. Insane20

    1G oil cooling lines

    Rubber hose will work thats how mine is.
  40. Insane20

    1G Popping dipstick

    Problem solved!
  41. Insane20

    2G Recommendations for Budget Seats

    To answer your question all you really have to do it cut the ends of the 3g brackets where they bolt to the floor and weld them at the angle you need them.
  42. Insane20

    95 Talon 6 Bolt DD

    Insane20 updated Insane20's Talon TSi AWDView updates to this DSM profile...Went to the scrap yard and picked up a 2gb trans plus t case with about 80k on it. Also gona be putting in my order for my sim stock rebuilt head and topeline rebuild kit. So this winter goal is to rebuild the engine.
  43. Insane20

    2G Recommendations for Budget Seats

    Yup I have black leather 3g seats, I personally like them. Plus the 3g back seat is a direct swap.
  44. Insane20

    2G Recommendations for Budget Seats

    3g seats fit right in with just a little modification.
  45. Insane20

    2G Just bought a 99 GSX, misfiring bad

    Make sure they use an oem timing belt and tensioner not that felpro crap. Gates would also be a good choice. Actually you could do yourself a favor and get a timing belt kit from stm and have them use that. Then you know your getting quality...
  46. Insane20

    2G Just bought a 99 GSX, misfiring bad

    Its maintenance time! If he rarely used it he rarely did maintenance. I would consider changing plugs wires timing belt water pump all fluids and filters ect.. bet it runs like a dream after as tune up. Congrats on your purchase by the way!
  47. Insane20

    4g63t swap into 2007 4g Eclipse GS

    4b11t would be a much easier way to go. Info here cant even find anyone who has done the 4g63 swap on a 4g. Sorry I couldn't be more help.
  48. Insane20

    1999 Eclipse GST problem & codes - help

    First off I would check for boost leaks, second the smoke could be a bad turbo, valve seals, head gasket, ect.. dose the turbo have any shaft play? Check your coolant, is there any signs of coolant oil mix?
  49. Insane20

    2G places to mount a manual boost controller?

    I ran mine to under the dash with no issues.
  50. Insane20

    I hate when people part out cars.

    I see both sides here, I love part outs on one hand because then I get to buy some much need parts but at the same time its sad to see the cars we love so much go extinct due to part outs. But really when it comes down to it one day there wont be very many dsms any more. 20 years from now kids...
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