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  1. Precision SC-61.....

  2. Machine Shop Scared of Eclipses!!!

    Silly machinists.
  3. How many miles on your Shep tranny?Still holding up?

    I think i have about 1000 miles or less on my shep tranny and it has been through the following:400+ whp AWD Launches off a 6k studderbox 8k+ RPM shiftingAnd its still as perfect as the first day i drove on it.Keep in mind what fluid you are using.If you live in a cold...
  4. What do you think of my dyno day!

    s-afc...hmm? im running AEM so that plays a big role.
  5. What do you think of my dyno day!

    Thanks!.63 AR, stage 3 wheel.
  6. What do you think of my dyno day!

    agp t3/t4 50 trim owner right here.400 whp(mustang dyno)--20 psi--pump gas!11.7 @117-118:rocks:
  7. Fixed clutch, but what could be bad?

    thats normal for colder weather. you could try and change the tranny fluid with something thinner also.
  8. Blown turbo, help me put the finishing touches on my setup

    ive had both and can say that the 50 trim pulls way harder. on my t3/t4 50 trim, i get full boost by 3800 rpm at the most and it pulls to 8k.
  9. Where to install Coolant Temp Sensor

    Just be sure not to flood the BB turbo with too much oil...They don't take much pressure at all. I would run the line as is with an inline oil filter.Oh, and nice setup! :thumb:As far are placement of the sensor goes, you can put it in the water neck housing.
  10. Loooong Start Time with AEM EMS, 97 Talon TSi AWD

    It takes at least 2 complete revolutions with the AEM EMS to fire. Its just a quirk the the system.
  11. Reusing Head Gasket [Merged 2-8] headgasket reuse re-use re-using

    Ive reused mine a few times as well on my race setup making over 400 whp and going 11's in the 1.4...No problems here.Im not a certified mechanic but ive built many 4g63's and definently know when and when not to reuse something.
  12. Look at what I found

    that last picture looks almost identical to what happened with my old head......head of a valve broke clean off and put a HOLE in the piston after after playing ping pong with it of course..and that was a SS valve in a built head and a rodd also left some nice dents in the wall so...
  13. Mega Squirt

    MS will work fine. you have to mess with the CAS trigger and wire a few things but otherwise you can run speed density and control timing , fuel, IAC, ect ect ect...Its a good system..We have tons of guys here running it....I have the AEM and have seen the MS...Although its not as pretty and...
  14. DD Pavillions Meet - AZ/CA/NM/NV

    My friend and I here is tucson will go. I dont have my 2g with me but well be rolling up there in my tracker!Add Jeff and Walter to the list.
  15. What kind of power has been made on the 2g head and 2g intake manifold????

    You can make make as power as you want andrew, as long as you get the melvin touch on it....lolDont sweat it man, your car will run great and be fast. Now, stop worrying and drive your car allready!!
  16. What custom parts would you like?

    As far as the brace for the block to hold the downpipe up, that will be made for sure. I actually have one on my eclipse because my tubular manifold cracked due to not having a brace there. Strut tower braces could be done as well. Clutch forks would be hard since i dont have the tools to do...
  17. What custom parts would you like?

    That sounds great! Thanks for the input thus far. In reply to the first post. I checked your mod list and it looks pretty stout. Im not familar with those turbos and what the compressor map looks like. I also noticed your doing a GM MAF ect which, in your case, may not be the best decision. How...
  18. What custom parts would you like?

    My buddy and I are currently going to school at the U of A, he is majoring in mechanical enginering and we are looking for feedback on parts people would be interested in. We will be making parts for swapped 240's (RB20DET) (He has an RB20 in his s14 and for DSMs of course since ive been in the...
  19. New and BORED in Tucson

    Ya, hes the 240sx guy. I cant wait for a meet so i can get back in the swing of things!
  20. New and BORED in Tucson

    So, i just got here a week ago and currently go to the U of A but lately ive been bored as hell due to the fact that i dont even have my 2g with me and i dont know any car guys, especially DSMers! So help me out and post up something to do, or an event. I did, however, bring my geo tracker...
  21. GSX at the track

    Yes, Parish has a badass new setup and will be hard to hang with but i guess will find out.I have a few more tricks up my sleeve. :shhh:
  22. GSX at the track

    Yep, that was me!Thanks for the props guys!More tuning and boost is on the way.
  23. GSX at the track

    I wento the local track here (scribner) and was running some decent times.60 ft---1.6 1/8---7.5 MPH---93 1/4---11.7 MPH---116This was at 20 psi on pump gas and conservative tuning.
  24. odd hp and tq readings

    ...7700 rpm....look at my car profile for my now wondering if it would be due to my comp race cams(202's or whatever).....i was getting *some* knock at 20 psi on pump but nothing bad....could it just have bad overlap...also, it doesnt seem like my turbo(t3/o4e 50 trim from agp spools...
  25. whining type noise when cold

    i had this whining type of noise when i would first start my car when cold but it would go away when warm....i have the aem ems and didnt have the cold start fully working yet so it would idle surge and thats when it would do posting in here because im wondering if it was a bearing or...
  26. Best/Cheapest way to ship a transmision

    I used a Pro-Tuff 50 gallon bin and put my tranny in and a lot of styrafoam and cardboard. Went to FEDEX and it was 80 or so bucks.
  27. Need to make a decision TRE tranny or Used Tranny

    Call Shepherd Racing and discuss some options with John. He can build a damn good tranny. :thumb:
  28. My new clutch setup **pics**

    Its not the fact that my ACT 2600 failed, its the fact that their customer service blows and they were not willing to help me what so ever...Terrible business ethics.They should have just FIXED the problem with those 150(so you say) bad act clutches and replaced them for free which they...
  29. PTE SCM dyno/track numbers

    Yes MIKEY, I DO have proof!...You were there! lolI have numerous dyno sheets laying here...Now go put that built head on your galant allready.
  30. PTE SCM dyno/track numbers

    My 2g put down 400 whp on a t3/t4 50 trim with 19 psi on 92 pump gas ;)AEM controlled of course.
  31. Exhaust getting really loud after 4000rpm and losing power

    balance shafts are out of phase....take it back to the people who did it and have them redo it.....or do it yourself, its easy.
  32. do any shops sell a coil-on-plug setup for 4g63s?

    what should the gap be on the setup with just wires for ignition, and bpr8es running 25-30 psi of boost?
  33. 50 Trim Dyno Results...torque monster?

    Good numbers man...I as well have a 50 trim, built 6-bolt, forrester mani, aem ect ect, and i made 400whp on a mustang dyno with 19 psi and 92 octane.....400 whp is fun though! Good job!
  34. Tanabe Coilover Setup for 2g

    well, i heard the lower end of tien (basic, SS) are not that great at all....i can get the JIC FLT-2's for 1500 shipped...its very tempting...VERY
  35. Tanabe Coilover Setup for 2g

    Why are they half-assed? and what do you reccomend other than the almighty JIC 2500 dollar setup
  36. Tanabe Coilover Setup for 2g looking at getting the Sustec SS-II ......i wish more people were familiar with these.Im on skunk 2' with gr2s and is definently not for me.....i want a very good suspension setup
  37. new clutch for 6 bolt swap??

    you just need the 6-bolt flywheel...the clutches are the same....also, youll NEED a 2600 lb clutch at the least if your planning on making 400 98 gsx is making 400whp right now and the 2600 still grabs pretty good but could be better
  38. Tanabe Coilover Setup for 2g

    Does anyone have any experience with these? Its basically like a Tien SS full true coilover setup but is said to be better.....Im seriously thinking about getting these in place of my skunk 2's on gr2's....If anyone has some useful info to give me, that would be awesome...
  39. built 6-bolt ross/eagle compression ?

    i checked it with a good compression tester, no battery charger(i should have though as my cranking wasnt fast) and warmed did around 170 across the i figure with a battery charger and cranking it more, it would yield more psi than 170
  40. AFR on racegas... PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!

    andrew, get your ARPs and HG first....after that, on the 16g, 20psi is a nice number for it....if your of nitrous, then like they said, start low boost and work your way up tuning conservatively.....i remember running 24 psi on my old 16g and as strong as it felt, i dont think that would be...
  41. built 6-bolt ross/eagle compression ?

    Ya, that would make sense! Well, sears only has an actron tester and thats the one that i have now and have dropped numerous times....hmmm....where to buy a mac,snap on?
  42. built 6-bolt ross/eagle compression ?

    the head is built also.....comp full race cams, si/manley's, SS valves, vicron seals
  43. built 6-bolt ross/eagle compression ?

    any reccomendations of gauges? ill try to pick up a craftsman, any other brands?
  44. built 6-bolt ross/eagle compression ?

    what rings were you running?hmmm....if i do get it re-ringed....what should i do about making sure its tuned on startup and to drive around on to break it in....i want to make SURE i do this right...also, i have the AEM and its tuned roughly on my setup now pretty decent, enough to do some...
  45. built 6-bolt ross/eagle compression ?

    i have a 6-bolt bored .30 over with ross pistons, eagle rods, decked ect.....compression is 8.5:1im running a 4-layer mitsu MLS, ss valves, si manleys and comp race cams.....what SHOULD my compression be at each cylinder...motor has 1500-2000 miles on it...its not as high as i think...
  46. Sweetest exhuast I've ever seen!

    Whoever said that log style manifolds were junk needs to just sit in the corner. Using a log style manifold bolted to a large turbo, such as the GT32, will greatly help with spool up time that on a tubular manifold. Another reason is because they are more reliable, more streetable. He said...
  47. One more day until it starts! (build+pics)

    Nice ride man! Good luck with the remainder of the car. BTW, Im 17 as well, 18 in less than 2 months. :thumb:
  48. The "real" Crankwalk...

    mine walked....48k miles
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