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  1. General E931 Eprom Deadtime Address off by 2 bytes?

    Thank you for everyone's help in explaining how this works. It is much appreciated.
  2. General E931 Eprom Deadtime Address off by 2 bytes?

    I think I see what your saying Jane and it does make sense. Im going to look at that section of code some more. Thanks for the help. Could you post the link to the DSM Ecu archives? I thought they were lost. I am interested in the 2 byte map as well. ID like to try making a 2byte fuel map for...
  3. General E931 Eprom Deadtime Address off by 2 bytes?

    Yeah it is strange because in the stock ROM the address actually points to the last 2 bytes of the fuel table. In the rom I use there is blank space before the deadtime table, and when I checked the address it was called from it was 2 bytes off as well so I thought it was an error. Turned out it...
  4. General E931 Eprom Deadtime Address off by 2 bytes?

    ...3802 D9E2 D7 A6 stab deadTimeBelow is the table address: 13491 FCE7 ;****************************************************************** 13492 FCE7 ; 13493 FCE7 ; 13494 FCE7 ; Injector deatime as a function of battery...
  5. 420A Bee R rev limiter install help

    I have limited knowledge about the product but based on the instructions I'd say your on the right track. Yellow to 10 and 23 and green to 89. You def don't want to use pin 52.
  6. General Swede Density for TunerPro

    Man that is some interesting stuff. I'm probaby showing my age here but do you remember the TRE MASC? It was a Ford Hotwire conversion box (like a MAFT) that used a big ass 90mm Maf with the little sample tube in it. That was like 20 years ago.I would be interested in learning more about...
  7. General Swede Density for TunerPro

    I never ran Jackal or werewolf, I did follow it a bit though. Seemed like alot of drama going on. For me it seemed to be lacking features I already had. I ran pretty good on the modified version of PD SD code too, 10.20 at 144 like 8 years ago. I've been thinking of switching back to a 2g maf...
  8. General Swede Density for TunerPro

    Wow I didn't know that about 2g dsmlink. Wonder what thats all about. Just goes to show nothing lasts forever. I'm a bit of a DSM hoarder, I should probably purchase the 1g version before it falls of into obscurity as well. :)Honestly the PD SD version I've ran for close to 10 years does...
  9. General Swede Density for TunerPro

    I was able to get on dsmecu and found that the version of SwD I have was basically the last free version released before he went to the paid version, so that is good to know. For future reference if anyone would like to try the free version SwD just send me a message and I can send a copy. I'm...
  10. General Swede Density for TunerPro

    Yeah its too bad really. That dude was really smart and seemed to really know what he was doing with the code. It might just be in my head but SWD just seems to run better than the old Pudhead/Dsmap sd conversion, and im still working the bugs out of it. Im grateful for what he did share though...
  11. General Swede Density for TunerPro

    Ahh. Forgive me Ive been out the scene for probably close to 7 years. Back when I was following it he was releasing new versions for free on dsmecu. The last one I got was like prototype 1106. I remember him talking about releasing a really nice paid version too, I didn't know if it ever...
  12. General Swede Density for TunerPro

    I tried to post this but it didn't seem to go through. This is probably a long shot but I was wondering if anyone has a copy of Swede Density they could share with me? I've tried contacting Kim but haven't gotten a response. Any help is appreciated.
  13. DSM/EVO Shootout general consensus in my area.

    I'm thankful Dave still lets DSMs into the shootout. It is almost inevitable that eventually it will become the EVO/GTR shootout or just the GTR shootout.
  14. Center Differentials

    Here is some info from TRE's website about it from their center diff page:"The center diff is lathed to square up the housing so it'll get machined properly. How are they indicating the center diff housing? Are they finding true center from...
  15. TD06 20g with a TD06H turbine, stuffed into a 14b turbine housing

    Just some info from my friends car with similar mods as the O.P., although his is a lightweight FWD and on E85. He is running the TurboLab cast 20g with the 3"inlet downfiring cover with a TD05H turbine in a ported 14b 6cm housing at ~25 psi. Internal wastegate. It runs mid 11's pretty easily on...
  16. Lift if your car misfires

    That is some insane instrumentation you have setup on your car. What caused the flashover of combustion into the intake manifold, and would/should you see temps in the intake manifold spike when this happens? Are you injecting methanol into the intake manifold-I/C piping as well?
  17. ECUflash Fuel Cut - Verified Injector Pulse hits 0 in log

    Here is some tuning info from the old Ceddy site which used ecuflash. this where you got your rom files from?
  18. ECUflash Fuel Cut - Verified Injector Pulse hits 0 in log

    Those don't look like the proper maf values for a 2g maf to me. However I also don't have much experience using ECUflash. But these are the values for a 2g maf to the best of my knowledge, in decimal not hex. You could give them a try, should help deflate the airflow hopefully back into a more...
  19. ECUflash Fuel Cut - Verified Injector Pulse hits 0 in log

    Are you sure your ecuflsh rom has the settings in it for the maf your using? Almost seems like the settings are for an EVO maf and your using a 2g maf. Or maybe the maf comp settings got changed by accident?
  20. 1G Anyone here have experience with a KAAZ LSD?

    Here's some info. They also sell them.
  21. FP Black surge !? HELP

    I used to run a 65LB/min gt35 on stock cams with out any surge issues. I believe I recall others back in the day running similar size or bigger turbos with stock cams with out any surge issues as well. It seems unlikely to be the problem to me, but I could be wrong. All cars are different.The...
  22. ECMlink A few logs from 2012 s16g 35-37lb/min

    I liked the small 16g too back in the day. Back in 2004 with a 2g maf, 650's and SAFC, my daily driver. Probably ran a hundred low 12 second passes with a best of 11.98 at 115. Race weight was ~3070lbs.
  23. 2G Which turbo Fp hta68 or 20g?

    Justin which TD06SL2 turbine are you referring too, the 11 or 9 blade? We are probably going to swap to a 7cm turbine housing eventually, just because the 6cm is getting pretty cracked. I would like to get backpressure readings between them. The 6cm doesn't seem too bad especially if someone is...
  24. 2G Which turbo Fp hta68 or 20g?

    I agree 20g is hard to beat. My friends FWD is running mid 11's at 128mph with the TurboLab $100 cast 20g wheel and TDO6 3" inlet downfiring comp housing special. Swapped onto an old ported 6cm TDO5h turbine setup from a 14b without any balancing none the less.
  25. 2G 3 thrust bearings on a 7 bolt???

    Could it be one of those proprietary "crankwalk" fixes?
  26. 1G Bigger Alternator Pulley

    Here is the AEM alternator pulley kit part # 23-7300c. Here is some pics:Also if you leave the 2 pin connector to the alt disconnected it helps keep the voltage at 14v at high rpm.
  27. 90 laser FWD

    Hells yeah, good work man. Can't wait till u get to run it again.
  28. E85 goo - this time with an attitude

    I dont' know if its the same stuff, but the black crud in my filters sure looked similar to the black crud on the injectors and in the intake port.When testing the alcohol % this snotty white stuff would always separate out at the top of the tube. I wonder if this is the stuff causing the...
  29. E85 goo - this time with an attitude

    I know I've had more problems with the E85 goo plugging up my fuel filters than the injector tips. I've seen a lot of pictures on the web with other people filters having the same issues.
  30. Resolved 2G battery/alternator/bad ground issue

    Does the voltage drop when the rpms drop? If so, you might want to try a new alt fuse too.
  31. Resolved 2G battery/alternator/bad ground issue

    I had a very similar issue on my 1g. It turned out the alternator fuse had cracked at what looked like a point where it was brazed. So it would intermittently make and lose contact causing the battery to go dead from not charging sometimes.
  32. Took the car to Ifo race in Columbus

    That's interesting, what kind of datalogger/EMS are you using? Also are you running ethanol?
  33. Took the car to Ifo race in Columbus

    What is the guy doing behind your car before you stage? Does he turn on a second fuel pump or something? Congrats on the runs!
  34. First stock block 7bolt in the 9's

    Congratulations! I know that has to feel good, as we've been coming close to breaking into the 9's as well with a stock 6 bolt.Can you post a mod list for the car (sorry if I missed it somewhere)? Is the car legal for 9 second passes? How about some pics of the engine bay and interior...
  35. E85 goo - this time with an attitude

    I eliminated all the filters in the fuel system and so far haven't had any more issues. The injector tips look fine too, but I will still try to run a few gallons of gas thru the system to keep it clean. The station where I get my E85 recently switched where the pump was located so maybe that...
  36. E85 goo - this time with an attitude

    This is interesting. I had the same exact issue as the original poster, and it was ~the end of July/beginning of August of 2011. I searched all over to see if anyone else had the issue, and all I found was a similar issue on some V8 forum. Interesting Calan had the same issue ~2 months later...
  37. new excitement from Bullseye

    It also is very strange that the compressor map Bullseye gives for their Super 50 trim is identical to the compressor map for the Turbonetics Super 50 trim. However, the Bullseye Super 50 trim is supposedly larger at both the inducer and exducer than the Turbonetics Super 50 trim. How can a...
  38. new excitement from Bullseye

    The Super 50 trim flows the same 49lbs/min max as the regular 50 trim, so i don't see how it is a higher flowing wheel than a regular 50 trim. :confused: The compressor maps are damn near identical, except the Super 50 is capable of higher boost (~36+ psi)and maybe a little more lag due to...
  39. Intercooler choices for a 1G

    So, if even a stock DSM doesn't have excessive knock problems @13psi with a much less efficient 14b and stock sidemount intercooler, why would you have excessive knock problems @13psi with a much more efficient 50 trim and FMIC? The street core might not be the best choice to try to get the most...
  40. Information on EVO3 GT turbochargers from manufacturer.

    So, with all the testing and R&D that went into the GT, it would seem like a compressor map would also be available, right?What is the name of the company that makes the GT?This is hard to believe. First of all, the GT has the real Mitsu part# cast in it's compressor cover. For what...
  41. Intercooler choices for a 1G

    Kinda makes you wonder how on earth a bone stock DSM can run 13 psi with a 14b turbo (instead of a 50 trim)and sidemount intercooler(instead of a 15X7X3 FMIC) for over a decade without any excessive knock problems, doesn't it?You probably had a bad boost leak with the Dejon setup. There is...
  42. Information on EVO3 GT turbochargers from manufacturer.

    Is a compressor map available for the GT EVO 16g?
  43. t04b(v-trim) Bolt on Discussion

    This thread isn't that old, but it does seem like it lacks the amount of useful info you would expect for it being so long. So, it's OK for the Vendor to come in this thread and hype up his product and directly offer special pricing to people to promote this turbo and other products he sells...
  44. clutch problem - falls to the floor

    It is most likely a bad seal inside the master cylinder. This sounds exactly like the infamous "2g Ghost Pedal," as described on RRE's page.Here is the pic of the seal in the master cylinder they are referring to.You might be able to repair the master cylinder yourself with a...
  45. t04b(v-trim) Bolt on Discussion

    This turbo seems to be designed for larger displacement engines run at a lower boost level, as indicated by the information in the quoted post 10," The wheel is theoretically good for moving alot of air at relatively low pressures." The problem with this is, to continue to make more power on a...
  46. t04b(v-trim) Bolt on Discussion

    What are you trying to say, that i'm lying? Also, since obviously you don't know, trap speed is a better indication of hp than ET when using those calculators.Don't you wonder why that is? It sure as hell isn't because the turbo's only been around for a few months, thats for sure. :)
  47. t04b(v-trim) Bolt on Discussion

    A few months ago? WTF You must be fairly new to DSM's. :)Try about 4 years ago. :tease:Your run is pretty good imho, especially if it was on pump gas. About 3 years ago i ran 12.98 @ 106 in a full weight car(minus spare tire), on a 14b, 450's, starion FMIC, hacked 1g maf, stock...
  48. the b-52 turbo from the speed factor -opinions?

    Thanks for the positive rep points.:) You can find out what any of FP's turbo's are by doing a little seaching. Fp also is professional and reputable enough not to drag a public UBB thread on for 2 pages without giving any information to support their product while possibly misleading and...
  49. the b-52 turbo from the speed factor -opinions?

    Hmmm, well when i asked 1029TSG (Dave Hall) about the warranty on the B52 seeing as it didn't consist 100% of Garrett parts, he said:Which would lead me to believe the "no hassle" Garrett warranty not coming on the B52 isn't a big deal, because 99% of the time warranty work from Garrett...
  50. the b-52 turbo from the speed factor -opinions?

    Martin, every turbo you offer on your site is a Garrett, with the exception of the B52 with the mystery wheel. Would you mind listing some turbo manufacturers that you feel are reputable, other than Garrett, Turbonetics, MHI, and Holset? How many other DSM turbo's have you (or anyone here) seen...
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