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  1. tsiAWD91x

    mhi 20g questions

    just wondering what the max out for a MHI 20g is these days with link v3 and all the options we have. Also how am I able to tell what hot turbine wheel I have and compressor wheel I did not buy this new Want to be 100% what I'm working with.
  2. tsiAWD91x

    Fuel smell in oil- not bad rings

    Hey guys I would apriciate some feed back.. i am getting fuel smell in oil and crank case.. engine has just be rebuilt and I did a compression test 2 times, both were perfect. Fuel mods are 255 walbro hp and Aeromotive FPR. 2g injectors 450 cc black tops.. car seems to be running rich even...
  3. tsiAWD91x

    thumping from drivetrain (HELP ME)

    PM sent give me a call
  4. tsiAWD91x

    Head Ports

    ^^^ nice :applause: im guessing you got exp with flowbenches also hah
  5. tsiAWD91x

    my car died at idle. erratic idling behavior

    PM me and give me a call ill get your idle fixed i deal with issues like 3x a week with other cars :D
  6. tsiAWD91x

    2g exhaust o2

    the Ebay one depending on the looks of it. could really provent creep depending on what boost levels your at. but the quality is up for grabs but it would be pointless if you plan on going to an external setup in the future. IF you port the shit out of the 2g one it should do you good and you...
  7. tsiAWD91x

    painted or powder coated turbo compressor housing(HX-35)

    you could always polish the cover there is a decient write up on here on how to do it. It was come out to a Chrome finish when you done and you dont got to worry about it chiping or tainting
  8. tsiAWD91x

    thumping from drivetrain (HELP ME)

    HAH yeah didnt even thing of that should of read the post better:coy::coy: that is a good point DEFF ball joints or tie rods ALSO sway bar too if the bushings are shot that will cause what he saying.. his discription is alittle vague though more info would really help out
  9. tsiAWD91x

    Stuttering at max boost

    ...the compressor housing near the bottom there was a hole about the size of a BB and it wouldnt let the the system even pressurize 5PSI i mean this B*#$t was BADDD. Im guessing this was supose to be a Nipple fitting for a pressure source that was tapped and not blocked or used WTF (Pulled liek...
  10. tsiAWD91x

    thumping from drivetrain (HELP ME)

    ^^^^ that is a good observation BUT.. bowwow21 you might want to look into replacing the "bushings" that hold the drive shaft to the floor underneath. Go under and try to see if there is any play in the bracket that hold the drive shaft up. ALSO check the "REAR DIFF" there is 4 bolts that bolt...
  11. tsiAWD91x

    Has anyone ever used an EVO 9 Fuel pump, and at how much boost/power?

    re-wiring isnt completely ness. it just provents the voltage drop when boosting (keeps the voltage from dropping off) also put your blinker on and listen to the pump you should hear the whine pitch change, NOT GOOD :D. depending on the LPH that pump has will depend on of you are going to need a...
  12. tsiAWD91x

    No machine work on engine: stock headgasket or MLS?

    ...out of round thank GOD i check i had to send it back) Anyway :D somtimes over time esp on high milage motors (beaten) the mains get out of round *leading* to failure even though that might look decient coming out spec wise, they could be very close to spec failure, more less rod bores then...
  13. tsiAWD91x

    No machine work on engine: stock headgasket or MLS? nevermind. And my post above (i appreciate you looking to it that way i really didnt think of it that way) was just trying to seer him in the *right direction* technically if you have a motor appart (i feel strongly about this) you should hone/bore-line bore-head inpeciton-recond rods (if...
  14. tsiAWD91x

    spent some time with my gallery update

    yes sir.. most of those cars ant mine. they are nice tho ESP the wrx. DSM's are still my fav tho had 4 1gs in 7 years time :D this one is my baby 100% rust free and bone stock when I bought it
  15. tsiAWD91x

    spent some time with my gallery update

    spent about an hour today getting some of my new up to date pictures for my gallery FINNALLYROFLROFLROFL :applause::applause::applause:
  16. tsiAWD91x

    First G50 Install.. W/Pictures

    PM sent... give me a call we'll get to the bottom of this man!!! dont pull nothing yet!!
  17. tsiAWD91x

    No machine work on engine: stock headgasket or MLS?

    GOD your going to hate your self later. Did i mention your goin to hate your self later? :D. you should take the time and do it right this time. try and do your best to find a machine shop or get an idea what it would cost to ship it.Composite or not you should resurfaced at least both block and...
  18. tsiAWD91x

    Rod bearings/main bearings recommendation?

    OEM BEARINGS!!! oh yeah one more time OEM bearings!!! :D.. nah its personal pref everyone had diff opinions :) ACL are over rated and way too expensive.. all in all your crank shouldnt be touching your bearings LOL or your in deep S@#T. TRI METAL OR WHAT EVER!!! there are people running stock...
  19. tsiAWD91x

    Timed 7 times is this ok

    just so you know and to be absolutly certain, run a string across your cam gears from exhaust to intake they should be completely strait UNTILL you get to the OUTER notch on the INTAKE cam (outside notch facing the firewall) it will be 1/2 tooth off UPWARDS i have done a million timing belts and...
  20. tsiAWD91x

    HPDE - NJ Motorsports Park on June 20-21st

    depending on the date and time 20 or 21? (time?) and where in jersey i would go....i could also throw your car on my trailer if you drive it to my 15-20 mins from the city 5 mins from chester
  21. tsiAWD91x

    1g Owner In Need of Wiring Help

    i would deff give you some help bro but your from in the wrong section...
  22. tsiAWD91x

    Engine builders in Maryland

    i can build it for you cheap if you have all the stuff give me a call, even if ya need some advice on build options/machine work questions. pm sent. i will be in the ocean city area for the next 2 weeks
  23. tsiAWD91x

    Anyone know a good place to buy ecu's online.

    i would deff go ebay alot of places part s#%t out and dont know what it my beautiful board for 100$ shipped ROFL not a big ebay fan tho :|
  24. tsiAWD91x

    First G50 Install.. W/Pictures

    [I dont care if the block goes.. Im sure it will better find some wood or a F$%^ing tree to knock on my friend ASAP ROFL :applause::applause: good luck with your dyno day btw hope all goes well youll be to reach that goal no problem go for 375rob
  25. tsiAWD91x

    New 1G Owner from NJ here and need some help

    got a 1g automatic turbo that is in sweet condition 80$ its yours
  26. tsiAWD91x

    Sort of a strange question about main bolts

    i woudlnt technically your shoudl have your block line bored if you go with the ARP studs, as i was in the same spot your were at one point. the stock bolts should be fine to 550hp bro, no worries. the rod bolts now are a diff story :)
  27. tsiAWD91x

    First G50 Install.. W/Pictures

    i know people kind of blew off the comp issue you posted earlier but it caught my attention. I would look into that compression problem bro after you get her dynoed or even before if it was me. You are off 10psi in 3 cylinders which is decient if you add them up. and 20 psi off in the 4th you...
  28. tsiAWD91x

    Reseting ECU with new AFPR

    make sure there is a hose coming off the BOV that is connecting back to your intake.. so a hose from the bov to the intake is needed unless your have other mods to remove it other wise
  29. tsiAWD91x

    Anyone Wanna Do A Timing Belt Job

    if you can get it teleported to my garage ill knock it out for you in 20mins and a charge of 100$ :applause:..ROFL
  30. tsiAWD91x

    bad surging! please help

    ...your should be good 1. make sure you are not venting the BOV-- 2. set your idle and BLISS properly (grounded) (or tweak it to whats needed) *3. do a boost leak test* 4. check your Throttle cable and Throttle Position sensor (volt meter) 5. Clean your throttle body and plate 6. check...
  31. tsiAWD91x

    Resolved Alternator Adjuster Part Number?

    i think i got 3-4 of those ill send ya one free if i got 3+ of em:rocks: check back here and ill let you know
  32. tsiAWD91x

    aeromotive afpr

    ; That is a GRRREEATT link :applause::applause::applause: BOOKMARKED!!!!!!:thumb:btw thanks for sharing that bro, to some of us those formulas are golden!
  33. tsiAWD91x

    2nd Annual Northeast DSM Meet- MARK YOUR CALENDARS

    did already :D check out the meet section my name is rob5454:applause:
  34. tsiAWD91x

    my 1st build help

    ...goals are. I assum your looking to also save hastle with a unaccurate TUNING device, since different HP ranges will call for different devices*just so you kno a 255lph pump is good for 500hp+ so if you dont plan on goin up past 400hp i would stay with the 190 the stock reg is fine for it...
  35. tsiAWD91x

    Question about the idle screw on my 97 gsx.

    i second that. dont take offence to the noob remark bud, just take a look at the first link given incase your have more questions later, and use the search to avoid being flamed :thumb: if your confused about anyting PM me or give me a shout ill be glad to get your car running good
  36. tsiAWD91x

    removing harmonic balancer 420A

    DO NOT HEAT THAT! it is more then one piece. and it will destroy/weaken your part. not to mention that ALL your most important pieces of you motor to make it operate are right there!! that piece is held togaether by a real tiny ammout of sealant/rubber etc. take some PB blaster or WD-40 and soak...
  37. tsiAWD91x

    Toms River - NJ

    we got to force these guys to get somethig going im guessing ;)... im with you bro im ready to go
  38. tsiAWD91x

    2nd Annual Northeast DSM Meet- MARK YOUR CALENDARS

    it woudl be nice if we could start/have a little meet before this huge one, just got my 1g screaming the streets. would be nice to have a crew cruise sooner then another month and a half.:applause: im 15-20 mins from center city philly anyone down for this? I am also like 7 mins from Riddley...
  39. tsiAWD91x

    Is there anybody in maryland that can TUNE?

    ill be down ocean city MD next weekend if you want to meet up ill get ya a decient tune and show you the ropes :D
  40. tsiAWD91x

    engine dies when you rev past 2 grand

    1. fill out your profile to let us know exactly what your working with in your car that is HUGE*****i would do as kolby suggested *boost leak test* deffantly*** replace your fuel filter and check your fuel pump if you know your way around tuning and its somting thats unexplained2. if...
  41. tsiAWD91x


    if it is a stock sunroof then one bad thing is that it prob most likly leaks :( youll find out sooner or later )
  42. tsiAWD91x

    engine heat

    Sure bro :) one thing you can do is get a turbo blanket for your turbo hotside it keeps the heat in since yours is prob squeezed in there (not factory) also you can wrap your headers/mani in exhaust wrap, this helps alot but a possiblilty for cracking depending how good your manifod is. And you...
  43. tsiAWD91x

    cam gears ?

    ...power.. IMO thats something you do last to squeeze the last couple of poneys out of your setup. Those bad boys arnt cheap man thats for sure LOL *ALSO* you shoudl be making 350-400HP or more horse power to even see these gains ;)i would read this over also just to know what your getting...
  44. tsiAWD91x

    My Build *Pics*

    and i thought my motor was clean :), (got some miles on her now like 8k) damnnn looks great man clean as hell :applause: :applause: your cheeks/face are goin to hate that turbo after a few pulls..... BAD!!ROFL
  45. tsiAWD91x

    Where to get a CV axle ?

    this was an old thread buddy, i think hes got them by now. 3 years ago LOL...whoops:D
  46. tsiAWD91x

    bad idle, goes rich/lean log attached

    you could always try reseting your ECU at worst case senario :( unplug the battery for alittle while and reset the biach :sneaky:btw iv had some strange cases of idle issue in the past with a few 1 and 2g iv serviced, i could try and work with ya one day if you want to give me a ring well...
  47. tsiAWD91x

    bad idle, goes rich/lean log attached

    ...shoudl be good 1. make sure you are not venting the BOV-- :) i kno your not 2. set your idle and BLISS properly (or tweak it to whats needed) *3. do a boost leak test* 4. check your Throttle cable and Throttle Position sensor (volt meter) 5. Clean your throttle body and plate 6. check...
  48. tsiAWD91x

    I head a POP....

    good call kolby...i would do a boost leak test before you take it back out bro, at least eliminate that first knowing you have no leaks :) let us know
  49. tsiAWD91x

    Found this in my oil pan....

    hey man, MAKE SURE you clean that block and head out as much as you can, stick a power washer point bland into all the holes on the block before you take it to get tanked and cleaned/painted (its what i do with all my builds) :D also your crank is more then likly messed up:sosad: i really hope...
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