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  1. jesse12345

    420A Engine Swaps

    It took me a month to cut and fully weld. It was no hack job you have to swap wiring and if you don't swap the dash there's a wire you have to cut. Power steering and all has to be swapped along with crossmember and sub frames.
  2. jesse12345

    420A Engine Swaps

    It's not easy but it's doable.
  3. jesse12345

    420A 420a forged piston clearance?

    Only time will tell, fingers crossed. Have fun with it once you go turbo is gets alot more fun.
  4. jesse12345

    95 eclipse rs turbo build

    I yanked the carpet out and I have yet another rotten floor to fix.
  5. jesse12345

    2G 97 GST Runs hot, but only when driving around.

    Also make sure the shop that does any work to your car knows what they are doing. Especially if you have them do the water pump.
  6. jesse12345

    Why can’t the 2g be as low as other cars?

    It looks good but functionality is at an all time low.
  7. jesse12345

    Why can’t the 2g be as low as other cars?

    Mine is low and I can hardly fit my low profile jack underneath and it sucks. That's one reason I can think of not to slam a car. I had a 97 gs with 19s on it that were tucked, and beleive me it felt like my ass was riding tar it was so low. It wasn't great to drive that's for sure.
  8. jesse12345

    95 eclipse rs turbo build

    A little update on the car it wouldn't start and I had the fuel pump wired straight to 12v. It still wouldn't start and when it was running it had a nasty lope to it. I had a spare ecu lying around, popped it in and it started. Wired everything back to stock since previous owner wired it to its...
  9. jesse12345

    420A 420a forged piston clearance?

    As long as you didn't hone the cylinder walls with a brick you should be fine.
  10. jesse12345

    420A 420a forged piston clearance?

    I wish you the best of luck and hopefully everything works out. I've been down that road of just slap it together. It never really works out but I'll be positive about it.
  11. jesse12345

    420A 420a forged piston clearance?

    Did you at least gap the rings and check bearing clearances? I'd do that at the very least you don't want to tight or to loose tolerances.
  12. jesse12345

    Shop having issues with car starting.

    First thing I'd check is firing order it's easy and can be overlooked. I'd double and triple check the timing. If all they did was the head gasket and it ran before they did it, I highly doubt you need an engine.
  13. jesse12345

    So what are you working on that’s NOT your DSM?

    Man if I had the brain power to build a PC I definitely would. I'm stuck with the Xbox unfortunately. The ps2 is a certified classic I still have my thick one collecting dust.
  14. jesse12345

    2G Why is my BOV melting?

    That vac line going to the nipple looks suspiciously loose to be honest. But that may just be the insulated piece over it.
  15. jesse12345

    So what are you working on that’s NOT your DSM?

    I won't lie though it's got 259k miles so I really can't complain to much. Everything is original, so I'm not too upset. I do like the next generation they are alot sleeker, not so egg looking.
  16. jesse12345

    So what are you working on that’s NOT your DSM?

    Yeah it was not a real fun job. It took me about 8 hours from start to finish. Everything seemed to be fighting me along the way.
  17. jesse12345

    So what are you working on that’s NOT your DSM?

    Did a water pump on a 2009 ford edge today. Book time is 12 hours so that burned up most of my day.
  18. jesse12345

    420A 420a forged internals for cheap

    If your building the engine trust me that 7 pounds of boost is going to turn into 20. The bug will get you I'd at least look into megasquirt, unless your willing to take that chance.
  19. jesse12345

    420A 420a forged internals for cheap

    Honestly guys I'm glad you said something about that. I'm going to assume that's why my oil pressure was real high when I used main studs. I didn't know you had to when using main studs but now I know. I still don't know this engine very well but I'm learning.
  20. jesse12345

    420A 420a forged internals for cheap

    If I were you I'd do main and head studs arp makes both. Marty beat me to it.
  21. jesse12345

    420A 420a forged internals for cheap

    I just bought an eclipse with the 420a and previous owner put a turbo on it. He said he slapped in neon pistons which have a slightly lower compression. I don't know how true that is as I'm still learning but it's held up on 7 pounds for 10 plus years. I to am going to re buy some forged pistons...
  22. jesse12345

    2G Where to hook up wastegate actuator?

    Should be a little clip that holds it on. If you can't find one you can use any sort of deal to fit in the groove. I remember using mechanics wire until I got the right clip.
  23. jesse12345

    420A Help with my 420a non turbo block. Super newb here!

    I dont know what it is about these engines that machine shops don't want to touch. I to had the same issues with finding a machine shop to even just check it out. Nobody wanted to even look at it for me so I took it all into my own hands. I dove right in and everyone is right they are very easy...
  24. jesse12345

    2G Did the early 2g eclipses come without a spoiler??

    I found this on eBay, it's also the very first time I've seen it.
  25. jesse12345

    2G Did the early 2g eclipses come without a spoiler??

    About as base as you can get. The one I just got the guy swapped everything from a gs, so I had literally no idea there was a model below rs. I thought rs was as base as it got. If the spoiler wasn't attached I would have left it alone.
  26. jesse12345

    2G Did the early 2g eclipses come without a spoiler??

    Awesome I will definitely give it a read. Thanks guys I'm still learning something new 10 years later.
  27. jesse12345

    2G Did the early 2g eclipses come without a spoiler??

    I've never seen or heard of one so that's something new. The previous owner said it was an rs so it didn't come with a spoiler and that confused me, because I've had plenty of the rs but only with spoilers.
  28. jesse12345

    2G Did the early 2g eclipses come without a spoiler??

    I have an early 95 2g eclipse rs, and there is absolutely zero holes for where the low rise spoiler mounts to. Previous owner threw on a spoiler from some sort of a chrysler. I was just curious if any of these cars came without a spoiler. If they all did someone did one absolutely terrific job...
  29. jesse12345

    95 eclipse rs turbo build

    This is the Build Thread for 95 eclipse rs build. Reply below.
  30. 95 eclipse rs build

    Street Build 95 eclipse rs build

  31. jesse12345

    420A Car runs rich when warmed up

    When I had mine turbo I ran very rich at idle from my fuel pump pushing to much fuel. I didn't have a fpr just an fmu. You also have to take into account when it's cooler or warmer out, your afr will change. I remember having to adjust my stuff constantly to get that right afr on certain days...
  32. jesse12345

    So what are you working on that’s NOT your DSM?

    I finally fully upgraded my 96 jeep. I was kind of pressured by my two buddies who just got there's. It originally had 31s on it but now has 33s, so of course i had to give it some more height.
  33. jesse12345

    1G Any tricks to sealing valve cover?

    I found out when mine was constantly leaking that the oil was coming from the cam seals, even though they were brand new. The leak was running all the way down by my filter. Just another idea if you haven't pin pointed the leak yet.
  34. jesse12345

    2G Best way for spoiler delete ?

    Another way is using fiber glass underneath and then just bondo on top for a more flush look. Can always revert back.
  35. jesse12345

    420A 95 Eclipse RS won't start

    Make sure the plug wires are in the right order it's kind of hard to mess up but I've been there.
  36. jesse12345

    420A Timing issues

    I literally just did this to my buddies 95 I removed the crossmember that bolts from the front rad support to the back. You then have to raise it up as high as you can but be careful or you'll break the tps. It's extremely tight but you can wiggle it enough to come out. It's not easy so be...
  37. jesse12345

    2G Painted Oil Filter Housing

    Same thing happened to me with a transmission pan I purchased on ebay. I've learned my lesson with those cheap ones. Always strip the paint.
  38. Looking for good stock injectors

    Reply to question by 'jesse12345' on the classified ad 'Looking for good stock injectors'

    I beleive those are on the 1g non turbos thank you though
  39. Looking for good stock injectors

    Wanted 420A Looking for good stock injectors

  40. jesse12345

    Products the DSM crowd would like to see made

    If someone ends up making those drip rails I'll be buying as many as I can. I've only seen one set, which is in my garage atm, in perfect shape but the car has been garage kept for 20 years. 10 of those years in storage not driving.
  41. jesse12345

    Why DSMTUNERS is the best family for car enthusiast's!

    That is awesome!! I'm glad there are still good things that happen to good people. I to recently had a great thing happen to me. A member on this forum found a whole interior I needed, 16 hours away from me. He pulled that whole interior and it's sitting in his garage right now waiting to be...
  42. jesse12345

    Not gonna make it guys..

    Was this sunroof on a rust free car? If this one looks like that I'm afraid to see what's growing on mine.
  43. jesse12345

    2G O2 housing dump

    I have a dump on my car right now and everyone's right aside from it being too loud. It's loud but really not over the top for me anyways. Everyone is different and has different levels of loudness. I live where cops don't care about mods or emissions so it really isn't a big deal for me...
  44. Turbo wiseco pistons and eagle rods

    For sale 420A Turbo wiseco pistons and eagle rods

    I have standard sized low compression wiseco pistons and eagle rods with maybe 50 miles on them. I bought them brand new in 2021 and they sat in the engine for a few years. They look like they are in very very good shape. I have the original boxes but I'll probably send them in a box that I can...
  45. jesse12345

    420A Turbo upgrade

    If its breaking down that much I'd probably start going through that thing with a fine toothed comb. If there built right they should be able to handle boost pretty well, at a safe level of course.
  46. jesse12345

    420A 1995 Eagle talon find

    Those strut towers look alot better than most. Mine are rusted worse but your right all that is fixable. Make sure to check the trunk where the spare tire sits I've seen rust pepper through that. When you get one cheap you know what your in for just dont give up.
  47. jesse12345

    Neglected 95 eclipse gsx build

    Big thanks to @IHeartMyHonda for pulling a full interior out of a car from the junkyard for me. Definitely saved me big time. I live 16 hours away and this interior is a tough one to find. The community on this forum is really outstanding! Thanks again guys.
  48. jesse12345

    2G Ignition key cylinder auto vs manual

    I'll have to check when I get home, I can snap a picture for you. Its been awhile since I did it, but I didn't swap anything that had to do with the key cylinder or anything.
  49. jesse12345

    2G Ignition key cylinder auto vs manual

    When I did the manual conversion to mine I left all the ignition stuff alone. I just made sure to leave the park cable pushed in so I could turn the key. It's just hiding underneath the carpet.
  50. jesse12345

    2G Cuts out when trying to boost. Help!

    I'd start with new plugs or if they've been replaced check out the gap and how they look. I'd also just check the basics like intercooler piping, exhaust leaks before the turbo. Check fuel pressure and make sure you don't have any vacuum leaks. Thats about all I can think of at the moment that...
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