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  1. MindBlowin03

    Important: Improvements on Saturn Alternator Swap

    I did. My battery is relocated to the hatch and I run a 0 gauge wire to the alternator.
  2. MindBlowin03

    Important: Improvements on Saturn Alternator Swap

    That's what I use in my 2G and have no issues. 14.3+ volts at all times.
  3. MindBlowin03

    barb size for boost controller 6 bolt 4g63 with 16g turbo

    I agree with Marty. Run 1/4" if you can but 3/16" would probably work just as well.
  4. MindBlowin03

    2G The Best Wheel size for Functionality and Performance

    I agree with the last two comments.17x8 +35 is your overall best wheel size for these cars. 235/45 or a 245/40 tire work well.
  5. MindBlowin03

    2G Did the early 2g eclipses come without a spoiler??

    Back in 2000 or so, a friend of mine had a 1995 Eclipse base model. No spoiler, no tachometer, no tweeters in dash, manual windows and mirrors, 14 inch steelies with hub caps, etc. This thing had nothing.
  6. MindBlowin03

    2g double din trim

    I have a Kenwood in my 2G and it's not perfect but it's definitely better than yours. I thought of putting something around mine but haven't gotten around to it.
  7. MindBlowin03

    Sincere thanks to all the DSMtuners members

    I've been on here a long time, early 2002 to be exact. Always enjoyed it and still log in every day. I may not post very much anymore but I'm always lurking.I was an early DSMTalk guy and I will admit I was a skeptic of here early on but to see how the site evolved was great and it clearly...
  8. MindBlowin03

    My fuse box relocation (project log)

    Great work with everything.I wish I seen the posts earlier because I have a NOS Mitsu steering rack and 2Ga hose in storage.
  9. MindBlowin03

    Street Build Resurrection of the Red 90 Talon

    OEM stainless freeze plugs? You use anything during install or just dry?I used OEM plugs for the first time on my last build and one just blew out on me.
  10. MindBlowin03

    99 GSX Rebirth/Clean-Up/Build

    Looks great, keep up the good work.I rebuild the s90 throttle bodies to actually hold boost, if you're interested.
  11. MindBlowin03

    Flywheel cover inspection plate [merged]

    I've had both in my hands at the same time and didn't see a difference. I remember wondering why they had two different part numbers.
  12. MindBlowin03

    AMS Black Talon

    Looking good. I ran a Cyclone for 10 years and loved it. The install is brutal with the way the runners sweep downward after the flange.
  13. MindBlowin03

    2G 2G TPS freaks out under boost

    .63 volts is more important than 5.00 volts. However, you can adjust the scaling in the TAPS adjustment screen to dial it in manually.
  14. MindBlowin03

    2G 97 and 99 different fuel filler necks?

    I believe they changed for 1998 model year. The extra stuff is for added emissions.
  15. MindBlowin03

    2G Door lock epoxy?

    Not from factory. Looks like JB Weld to me.
  16. MindBlowin03

    Old School DSM & 4G63 goodness-Ads, Commercials, Tuning etc.

    $2000 dealer equipment add on?Wasn't there a thread about 15 years ago about a rare factory body kit that was for the 90-91 Laser?These are the ones I'm thinking of.
  17. MindBlowin03

    2G Shifter cable repair?

    If those don't work out for you, I have a NOS set with rebuilt shifter assembly and NOS heavyweight shifter as well.
  18. MindBlowin03

    Avoid OMNI MAP sensors - other suggestions?

    The Omni MAP sensors were great until about 2017 or so, now they are trash.Get a stainless AEM 5 BAR and forget about it. Spend the money up front for the piece of mind.
  19. MindBlowin03

    Old School DSM & 4G63 goodness-Ads, Commercials, Tuning etc.

    They must have hired a good safety guy lol. Here's a few things I have put away in my collection.
  20. MindBlowin03

    2G brake fluid cap supposed to look like this?

    Does that purposely, when the fluid starts getting low. Push it back in and top off fluid.
  21. MindBlowin03

    Old School DSM & 4G63 goodness-Ads, Commercials, Tuning etc.

    It also got the painted b-pillar only, which ended up only on the Plymouth's.I have a handful of pictures of the prototype as well and it sits significantly higher than in this photo. Very much resembles what we ended up with on the 1G cars.
  22. MindBlowin03

    2G OEM Floor Mats - Looking for Information

    Both the Eclipse and Talon had OEM factory installed floor mats. The Spyder did as well. They came in either gray or tan(no black OEM). The Spyder driver side mat was shaped slightly different to fit around the rear trunk lock/key slot. Talon mats were plain, Eclipse coupe mats had "Eclipse"...
  23. MindBlowin03

    2G Rear differential bushings options

    Just over 600 to the wheels. Rebuilt diff but stock.
  24. Rebuilt billet 70mm TB - black

    For sale 4G63 Rebuilt billet 70mm TB - black

    Up for sale is a completely and correctly rebuilt 70mm throttle body in anodized black. Started as a brand new and leaky and was completely tore down and correctly rebuilt to hold all the boost. These have held 60+ PSI and this particular one held a quick 60psi test without a hiccup(see video)...
  25. MindBlowin03

    2G Rear differential bushings options

    I have Dude's poly diff bushings and have no complaints. ~700 hp weekend warrior.
  26. MindBlowin03

    Walbro F90000295

    I'm not sure there is a relief valve on the 295 pump. The flow chart shows it flowing pretty well until about 130psi before it nose dives.
  27. MindBlowin03

    2G Rear caliper replacement on AWD

    Rebuild it just go with EVO 8/9 setup in the rear.
  28. MindBlowin03

    2G Tow strap mounting

    I love the rear one and would be interested in purchasing if possible.
  29. MindBlowin03

    Street Build Resurrection of the Red 90 Talon

    I would agree with that. Once you hit 60% or so, you're gonna max out the setup. I prefer to keep it at about e60 for that reason and to help keep the goo down.
  30. MindBlowin03

    Street Build Resurrection of the Red 90 Talon

    What are the specs on the HX40 you have on there? That's some good airflow.
  31. 70mm S90 throttle body - Properly rebuilt

    For sale 4G63 70mm S90 throttle body - Properly rebuilt

    Selling an Authentic S90 70mm throttle body. This has been disassembled and properly rebuilt to ensure it holds all the boost. I tested this one to 40+ PSI without an issue. Does not include FIAV or ISC. Bolt on your sensors and go. Includes gasket and hardware for install. Link provided...
  32. MindBlowin03

    2G OEM floor mats

    Which was why I ordered them. When I received them and seen the difference I called them and they verified that was the only version they sold. They refunded me without an issue.
  33. MindBlowin03

    2G OEM floor mats

    I used Stock Interiors last year and they only sell the Spyder versions. They have an extra notch on the driver side mat. Not the end of the world for most but I returned them.
  34. MindBlowin03

    Street Build Resurrection of the Red 90 Talon

    Looks really good. Nice to see progress on the car.Keep an eye on that Dynatek ignition box. They are known for very poor reliability and honestly aren't really needed.
  35. Walbro 525 fuel pump

    For sale 4G63 Walbro 525 fuel pump

    Selling my Walbro 525 fuel pump. Installed on 2G so outlet tube was cut about 1/4", just for fitment. Has maybe 1000 miles. No issues, like new condition. Price is $75 shipped. PayPal F&F only please.
  36. MindBlowin03

    2G Production numbers for Eagle Talon 2GB?

    1,741 AWD models for 1997 model year. Color breakdown as followed...769 - X13 Black 299 - R87 Radiant Fire Red 183 - G56 Polo Green Pearl 178 - W12 Bright White 106 - A87 Pewter Blue Pear 95 - P75 Wildberry Pearl 94 - P88 Paprika Red Pearl 24 - T91 Jade Pearl
  37. MindBlowin03

    2G Production numbers for Eagle Talon 2GB?

    I have an the info on my PC at home. Every VIN and breakdown of the 2Gb AWD Talons, with options and whatnot.I can post a decent breakdown this evening. Off hand there were only about 1750 made for 1997 and 750 made for 1998.
  38. MindBlowin03

    2G 2G awd rear toe arm
  39. MindBlowin03

    2G 2G awd rear toe arm

    The AWD version has been discontinued if I'm not mistaken. I think RTM Racing sells a perfectly made spacer so that you can use the FWD version without an issue.
  40. MindBlowin03

    OEM Straight-Cut Oil Pump Gears Available

    That's what I do when installing straight cuts into helical cases. They have always measured in spec for me.Always OEM except one time where I bought an OEM Hyundai case. That was in 2009 and my car made 700+up until I pulled it apart in 2019. There was significant wear on the case and gears...
  41. MindBlowin03

    OEM Straight-Cut Oil Pump Gears Available

    I've used straight cut gears in 91+ cases for many years. I've even seen them in 2G 7 bolt cases without issues.FWIW, according to the Mitsubishi TSB you should not mix cases.
  42. MindBlowin03

    1G Coil Pack F089 vs F630

    I can see the plug on the CAS so it looks to be a green top 91+ but the TB looks to be a 90 judging from only two ports on top.
  43. MindBlowin03

    Evo 1 Big 16G vs HTA68 v3

    I was and still am a big fan of a Cyclone intake manifold in anything other than a drag only car. My results were from 2010. On my HX40 setup my max torque was 524 and it was at 5500 RPMs. When I swapped intake manifolds(not gonna mention a name, but SMIM) my max torque was 480 and it was at...
  44. EVO 9 wheels with tires

    For sale 4G63 EVO 9 wheels with tires

    Selling my EVO 9 wheels with Bridgestone Potenza RE71r tires. Wheels are powdercoated in bronze chrome and are in mint condition. Tires are 235/45/17 and are nearly brand new. Only selling because I switched to a different setup. No shipping, local pick up only.
  45. MindBlowin03

    2G 1997 Talons w/ Baer Big Brake Kit - Rotors?

    The Cobra/Corvette rotors have a different offset than what the Baer kit comes with. I have the Baer kit on my 97 Talon as well and seen it first hand. To keep everything the same you must buy from Baer directly.
  46. MindBlowin03

    Washer nozzles (that don’t suck)

    Been using 3G nozzles for nearly 15 years. Never an issue.
  47. MindBlowin03

    Mitsubishi/Hyundai interchangeable parts

    I have used a Hyundai oil pump before. It definitely is a different mold/cast as I had them side by side about 10 years ago. I used it on my car, making ~700 crank from 2009-2019. When I pulled it it had very noticeable wear and I had to throw it out.I also have a Hyundai 6 bolt timing...
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