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  1. stuckwithgsx

    WTB looking for a 2g awd trans

    I need a manual trans. And I do need 1 for a 95-96 and 1 for a 97-99. I was just hoping anyone with any 2g trans would get a hold of me. I currently have 3 cars and only 2 transmissions. I need one more and I would like to have another one to build for my daily. I think my input shaft is a...
  2. stuckwithgsx

    WTB looking for a 2g awd trans

    I am looking for a decent price on an awd trans please call or text me if you've got one for sale. Aaron 480-489-7184
  3. stuckwithgsx

    4g63 valve cover

    Still have this? If so call or text me. Aaron 480-489-7184 thanks
  4. stuckwithgsx

    Srs light / full removal

    Interested in knowing any answers to this.
  5. stuckwithgsx

    Stuck at work with a low and rough idle

    Did you ever figure it out? I live in Glendale as well, I may be able to help you out if you're still having issues. Give me a call or text 480-489-7184 my name is Aaron.
  6. stuckwithgsx

    Want to sell my 95 gsx soon!!

    Sorry guys, still haven't gotten time to get on a computer and touch this up much. My starting asking price is $5500, and of course i can negotiate and waving money always helps.
  7. stuckwithgsx

    Want to sell my 95 gsx soon!!

    I'm posting from my phone so i can't upload pictures yet. I have lots of work into this beautiful car, most of what's done is updated in my profile, but there is also quite a bit i've done since i updated my profile. Clean car inside and out. Only defects outside is white passenger door handle...
  8. stuckwithgsx

    WTB Stock 2G awd suspension

    Just the springs.
  9. stuckwithgsx

    E85 on stock engine?

    Poor OP. LOLAlthough i'm clueless on e85 and octance levels and everything relevant in that matter, I could pick out a few things and if i'm right I learned a little from reading all of this :D
  10. stuckwithgsx

    I busted the used TRE stage tranny!!!!

    This whole thread is a lot of why I love tuners and the people here!!An extremely good example of making things right in a very polite, straight forward, and honest way.I've never spoken with glenn or done any business with him, but I have read hundreds of his posts and have seen why...
  11. stuckwithgsx

    7 Bolt oil pan not lining up properly

    If your main cap is like mine, then you may have put the main bolts in the wrong places. There are 8 bolts if i remember right. There are 2 that have smaller heads than the rest. Did you get those in right? Did you ever have your main cap off?
  12. stuckwithgsx

    How much more HP? Gst vs GSX

    I have read that stock for stock the FWD will beat the AWD in the 1/4. Not by much, but it does. The gearing is definitely different between the two.Like everyone's already said, it's a matter of preference, and dependent on what kind of racing or driving you're looking at doing. Also take...
  13. stuckwithgsx

    ECMlink Car runs rough after warmed up

    What plugs are you running? Try a colder plug possibly?
  14. stuckwithgsx

    WTB Stock 2G awd suspension

    I have my stock springs from my 95 gsx still. If you still are interested in them give me a call or text 928-358-6759. I'm about 3 hours away, so I can ship or i'm planning a trip down there within a week or two tops.
  15. stuckwithgsx

    White Smoke / Car Is Smoking White [Merged 7-9]

    Worst case it could be valve seals. Try a leak down test and go from there. As stated there's probably nothing major to worry about.
  16. stuckwithgsx

    oil gauge doesnt work on my 95 gsx

    The sending unit is where your feed line is, but it is closer to the crank. It's a copper/gold cylinder looking piece. There should be 1 wire plugged onto the end of it. If that wire is off your gauge will not work.
  17. stuckwithgsx

    missfire at higher than 5 psi of boost need help!

    That's a big leak. No good at all.Also check your ignition control module. It's the electronic sensor right next to your ignition coil. Make sure it's got a good connection.
  18. stuckwithgsx

    Want to push my 2g off a cliff.. Need some help

    Cursed or not, it's up to you to decide if you want to keep going with it. Personally I believe in karma and superstitions. Curses, bad omen's, etc.. can all be overcame with enough determination and motivation. Treat it right, and it will return the favor. Some things just take a lot more love...
  19. stuckwithgsx

    Ryan's 95 TSI

    I love the details you've done. Very clean build, keep it up!
  20. stuckwithgsx

    Overboosting 14b

    I didn't think wastegates would move freely by hand? Unless you have some really strong hands?
  21. stuckwithgsx

    Loss of oil pressure after change

    What is your oil level at on the dipstick?Is it an oem dipstick?
  22. stuckwithgsx

    Uhm ...?? Oil in coolant, like alot.

    The easiest place for oil to mix in with coolant is the oil cooler. Especially if you tighten your oil filter down too tight. I am guessing you've been boosting quite a bit too?If your cooler is not completely done for then try flushing coolant system, top oil off, and drive the car for a...
  23. stuckwithgsx

    Uhm ...?? Oil in coolant, like alot.

    I bet it's your oil cooler.
  24. stuckwithgsx

    Car is sluggish?

    There's only ~500 miles on the engine build so far. The car idles great, and pulls great after .5 bar. I can't see piston rings causing this issue.We tried doing a homemade leakdown test (compression tester with valve core removed, and air tool fitting attatched) I couldn't get the valves...
  25. stuckwithgsx

    Car is sluggish?

    Helping a friend with a 95 gsx.How much crankcase pressure should I have during a BLT?I'm having issues with the car being sluggish or bogging down really bad until ~5 lbs of boost. After that it pulls fine, but before it just seems like it's loading up and doesn't want to go like it...
  26. stuckwithgsx

    Spyder Mulitple Problems with my Spyder

    Sounds like you're no the right track, or at least getting onto the right track :thumb:Like everyone has said, do a boost leak test. If you're going to keep this car you're going to need to test it more than once ;)It looks like your cruise control is missing, and it looks like that plug...
  27. stuckwithgsx

    96 gs-t spyder... Needed help 3 years ago

    Get to 1 issue at a time. What's the worst issue? My guess is the white smoke being the worst issue, right?So do a compression check, and see what that tells you. If a compression check turns out good, then move to a leak down test, out of those you should find your issue. It could be...
  28. stuckwithgsx

    ams knockoff test

    I can understand some people buying knock off parts. Struggles in life can contribute to that. I know people that find cheap knock off parts that are cheaper than vatozone or anywhere else and all they're doing is struggling to keep their car running, not even going performance.Some times...
  29. stuckwithgsx

    ams knockoff test

    That's an awesome writeup!Sad that people do things like this, but i won't lie and say that I would never buy something like that and cut out the middle section, weld in a new one, grind down all the lips, weld up the inside even and 'port' it smooth...If I had the extra money's then...
  30. stuckwithgsx

    Correct my crankshaft balancing

    I've never heard of drilling holes in a crank to balance it?Pictures of said crank, and work from the shop?
  31. stuckwithgsx

    Urban camo engine bay

    Good idea! Definately needs some more put into it though.Do you have an overall picture instead of the close ups?What about adding another color in there? Any reason of why not? Have you considered it?I was thinking of doing 2" squares of the boxes that youcan with a smart phone...
  32. stuckwithgsx

    Car Physically Won't Budge

    If you haven't hacked your stock wiring for the stock gauge, I would trust that a lot more. Did you possibly get 2 wires backwards on the prosport gauge?
  33. stuckwithgsx

    Car Physically Won't Budge

    Glad you got it figured out! Now fix it correctly before your rear tires lock up at a bad time :sneaky:As far as a t-stat, I've seen a lot of posts here with people having issues when they try out different ones. There's nothing wrong with OEM, so unless you're really wanting to get cooling...
  34. stuckwithgsx

    Car Physically Won't Budge

    What have / haven't you chekced already?
  35. stuckwithgsx

    Car Physically Won't Budge

    Did you bolt the intermediate shaft back to the block on the drivers side? Have you tried jacking the car up and rotating each wheel to see what one is binding, or if all of them are?
  36. stuckwithgsx

    i think i ruined my paint.. is it fixable?

    Wash it with dish soap. Then try a clay bar, wax, and lots of buffing.Just keep at it with cleaning and waxing. If that fails then go with the sand paper idea, just be gentle and do a wet sand and even if you go through the clear coat then just grab a rattle can clear coat and touch it up...
  37. stuckwithgsx

    Does stroker need tuned?

    If it was me I wouldn't worry about starting without a tune. Just make sure your wideband is working and watch it closely during break in. And start tuning very soon afterwards. That's just me. If it's running way too lean on startup and first drive then get to tuning really quick. Find an ok...
  38. stuckwithgsx

    Cylinder head missing piece

    I've also got a few laying around the garage from all the projects i've done. I've gotten felpro head gasket sets, as well as ebay head or valve cover gasket sets, and they have all come with the 'half moon' rubber seal. (not just for the 4g63)Have you tried just going to your local...
  39. stuckwithgsx

    cylinder head

    Well I don't see any mod list on OP's profile :/Porting and polishing your head is a good idea. A really good idea. Just make sure you have everything to support it. Tuning and datalogging.Obviously the answer to the question is no. Having the head ported and polished, oversized valves...
  40. stuckwithgsx

    Does stroker need tuned?

    What do you mean no timing at all?Like already said if you're running stock MAF and ECU, then it will be alright. The ECU will compensate SOME timing and air/fuel adjustments, so naturally at higher rpm's it will need more adjustments than the stock ecu will be able to do.I'm not...
  41. stuckwithgsx

    Boost issues need help set it up. I believe lots of people get massive boost creep from vacuum actuated mbc's as opposed to ball and spring type.My first guess is boost leak, then exhaust leaks.Edit* If you don't know if you have a wideband gauge, then you probably don't. And you should keep your boost down.
  42. stuckwithgsx

    new turbo! didn't fix problem

    Oil could of been blown by the old turbo, and puddled up in your exhaust as well. Takes it a little bit to clear up. Mine did that.
  43. stuckwithgsx

    Yet Another 6 Bolt Swap No Start Go Figure

    Does our factory oil pressure sending unit have any connection with starting issues?Are you still running the 2g maf?Boost leaks?When you say it's not starting, what exactly is it doing? Is it turning over? Is it chugging like it wants to start? Does it sound like it's just rolling...
  44. stuckwithgsx

    diference in GM MAF and stock MAF

    I think the biggest difference is being able to ventilate your bov to the atmosphere.Please do some searching there is info on this subject everywhere on here.
  45. stuckwithgsx

    Another RWD 2g

    There's a fine line between terribly too bad, and tragic. This is pushing that line :(Hopefully something will happen with this car one way or another, there's so much time, money, work, parts, thought, effort, etc in here. I also personally know that karma can be a BiTcHHH. So hopefully...
  46. stuckwithgsx

    possibly my timing belt?? need some trust worhlthy advise

    It's definately better to have covers on. Especially daily driving. Some leave the top part of theirs off just to visually see the timing belt. Leaving it on is definately best bet though. It's not very time consuming to remove once you've done it a few times :D
  47. stuckwithgsx

    possibly my timing belt?? need some trust worhlthy advise

    Regardless of what it really is, you're on the right track. You don't want to run a timing belst that's had anything leak onto it. When you start getting into it I would say clean everything before starting, and then take as much apart as you can while keeping the car still able to run. So if...
  48. stuckwithgsx

    Rod knock confirmed

    Yes, he's right. I was just saying a stock rebuild will always be more reliable than a 'race' build. Even if a forged internal build is reliable, it won't last as long (give or take some for the way it's driven on).I think OP is making this more complicated than it needs to be here. With...
  49. stuckwithgsx

    Rod knock confirmed

    ^ That will also help maintain reliability.
  50. stuckwithgsx

    Griot's Garage Orbital Polish / Products Review

    So clean! You did a great job!There is definately a lot of time spent right there.
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