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  1. GSXSixteenG

    What's the best way to package up Bare Block for shipping?

    I shipped a block like this once. Somehow Fedex managed to crack the corner off the block. I used a Rubbermaid container with cardboard around it. Fedex would not insure it. Take a ton of before pictures showing the packing material just incase.
  2. GSXSixteenG

    30something Men's Style/Fashion

    Nice pairs of jeans and a plain v-neck shirt, with either nice boots (red wings or eccos) or sneakers (shox or diesels). This is what I wear on a daily basis. I buy everything on express men. When its cold I wear the same but throw a 1/4 zip pull-over on, whether its an athletic type or a...
  3. GSXSixteenG

    97gsx tune

    Not sure if you're into searching and reading. But you can start here.
  4. GSXSixteenG

    ECMlink Fisrt drive after 4 years need help on base tune till I get to the dyno next year.

    At a quick glance, it looks like you need to set your deadtime for your injectors. Do that and upload an idle log at operating temp.
  5. GSXSixteenG

    Just may have screwed myself...

    In NY I had no issues with readiness monitors and dsmlink. In fact, I think I had reset them all just before bringing it for inspection. I had all CEL boxes unchecked as well for inspection to ensure it wouldn't randomly pop up and cause an issue. I actually had a similar situation where my 10...
  6. GSXSixteenG

    Young gun 98 GSX 500-600awhp street monster!

    I don't think a single stock fuel pump or stock smic will get you to your goal :thumb: Other than that, it looks good.
  7. GSXSixteenG

    High Idle Stays Around 2500.

    Test the ISC motor.DSM ISC motor testing & Replacement - YouTube
  8. GSXSixteenG

    No start, double checking my check list.

    Try to bypass the relay and bump the starter directly from the battery.
  9. GSXSixteenG

    DSMLink and other random questions, help!

    I just passed NYS inspection two weekends ago, you can set ECM Link to ignore the codes. Even though on link it stated that the readiness of the sensors (rear 02 & cat) was incomplete, it still passed the inspection machine no problem. The only issue I had was passing the visual inspection...
  10. GSXSixteenG

    Seriously need help..

    We need a log when the car is at operating temp. TPS adjustment is -11, you should start by trying to get that closer to zero.
  11. GSXSixteenG

    98 Eagle Talon - "Onyx"

    I tried the XTD clutch, mine lasted a few thousands miles then the little springs started popping out. I wish I had pictures of it to post. The TOB was also trashed.
  12. GSXSixteenG

    Dynotuned and first time at the track.advise please

    Do you have a time slip, dyno graph or log?
  13. GSXSixteenG

    ECMlink Cruise Log before I start WOT tuning

    It is slightly lean at idle, but the cruise afr is nice and steady around stoich. I think I'm going to try and play around with low hertz sliders and deadtime to get it smoother. The logged wideband is off by about 0.2.
  14. GSXSixteenG

    ECMlink Cruise Log before I start WOT tuning

    Wanted someone to give it a quick look over before I start WOT tuning. I am slowly learning the tuning process on my own from countless hours of reading and looking at threads others have posted. It doesn't seem completely smooth while slowly accelerating. Would adjusting my airflow per rev down...
  15. GSXSixteenG

    ECMlink Idle log advice

    TPS adjustment is -12, that seems like a lot to me. You need to adjust airflowperrev to around .25. Once you get that you can adjust deadtime to straighten out your combined ft, which should be around +/- 5. Your's hits -5 for a millisecond at one point.Are you on SD or stock MAF? MAF type in...
  16. GSXSixteenG

    Why 260hp on 272 with 9:1 comp

    What are you using to tune? what injectors?Profile shows greddy emange and 650s.. My best guess is the one of the two is limiting you.
  17. GSXSixteenG

    Oil change

    I recommend this article about oil. I personally use Valvoline VR1 or Brad Penn.
  18. GSXSixteenG

    Future/current careers

    Not a big 4 for me, I have multiple friends that went that route and hated it. I work for a very well known firm in my area, but we only have staff of about 15. In my few years here, we've lost a few staff to controller jobs in after 5-7 years. While I agree that your not going to get a huge...
  19. GSXSixteenG

    Future/current careers

    Its all relative to the degree and the teachers.I work public accounting. I am a CPA. If your into that kind of thing I would recommend it, the future outlook is good. I work hard from January to April 55+ hours a week. Then summers are a breeze of only 30 hours a week. Salaried at 55k and...
  20. GSXSixteenG

    I need help finding the previous owner on dsmtuners

    Post pictures, someone might recognize it. Or you can look through the galleries here.
  21. GSXSixteenG

    Did I blow my turbo?

    Do a boost leak test. You already know your vacuum is less than before. That should be the obvious first thing to do. I couldn't open the video either. Also, make sure you timing is correct.
  22. GSXSixteenG

    Which version of DSMLink do I have?

    Its V2.Obviously for added comfort you can contact the guys at ecmtuning to confirm the serial number. But I am 100% positive its V2.I hope you received the cable with it.
  23. GSXSixteenG

    Special CarbonFiber

    Those prices do seem to be cheap. They are located in cali, so maybe someone from the area can chime in. I'm not much of a carbon fiber guy, but I want that wiper cowl.
  24. GSXSixteenG

    Help tune with DSMlink V2

    Be sure to check the CAS inversion if you do not have the 95/95 cam sensor. If not you will get a random misfire CEL.Injectors and deadtime are set up under the fuel tab. Read here for injectors.fuelsettingshelp [ECMTuning - wiki]baseinjectordata [ECMTuning - wiki]You can start here for...
  25. GSXSixteenG

    Help tune with DSMlink V2

    Post a log while trying to start? Do you have any more mods. Make sure you have the proper MAF selected. If you still have the 2g maf make sure it is zero'd out. Injectors and deadtime need to be set according to your injectors.Is it a 95 ecu? That is the only time you'll need to change the...
  26. GSXSixteenG

    Hood scoop functionality.

    I think he was attempting this but came out like that.
  27. GSXSixteenG

    It's not everyday you see one of these...

    I seen this on the local craigslist not to long ago. Its a great snag that's for sure.
  28. GSXSixteenG

    Dsm song

    Sooo, in the first 2 seconds of the video the guy posts his dsmtuners name. You don't possibly think this guy already posted the video when he made it 2 years ago? Perhaps this one
  29. GSXSixteenG

    Roll cage Builder Near buffalo new york?

    Colt4g63also (Dayo) has helped me a lot. From tracing pesky leaks to tuning to extracting broken bolts. Very knowledgable on a wide variety. I would recommend him to anyone with any type of problems.
  30. GSXSixteenG

    Critique my Alignment

    Thanks I will look into. Haven't had a chance to look at it much. The car is not driven too often now that it is winter. I haven't felt like dealing with it yet. I appreciate your help though. And will check back in once I look at it on a warm day.
  31. GSXSixteenG

    Prothane Engine mount busted?

    They appear to be the Drop Engineering motor mounts. Unless some other company makes green motor mounts.
  32. GSXSixteenG

    Idle surge problem need your guys help

    So you have known problems and haven't done a boost leak test, how are we suppose to help?
  33. GSXSixteenG

    iPhone mount

    I just plug in my iphone and throw it in the cup holder. The cup holder is practically useless with its location unless you have a can.
  34. GSXSixteenG

    DSM Graveyard Head Swap then No Start

    I hate to even think I helped fund these retards when they first started out in 2007ish. What a freaking headache and waste of money, I should have a fully built block for what I paid. I'd be embarrassed selling my car showing a receipt from dsmgraveyard for the short block...blaahh.
  35. GSXSixteenG

    Critique my Alignment

    I believe the car has previously been in an accident. I should do a carfax. But I also believe the guy at sears doing the alignment is incompetent as well. Is that anything in particular I should look for in the front left to try and straighten this problem out (other than the lateral...
  36. GSXSixteenG

    Critique my Alignment

    What's the ideal caster numbers for the left? After some searching and reading it should ideally be around 3-5 degrees right? How is the caster adjusted, lateral compression arm?
  37. GSXSixteenG

    Critique my Alignment

    So, I had new tires put on (Eagle GT) and an alignment done as the old tires were shot and the car was out of alignment due to new tie rods and what not over summer. After the alignment, the car still pulls pretty hard to the left. My suspension and handling knowledge is limited. Is my alignment...
  38. GSXSixteenG

    Engine review

    The key to getting people who don't understand engines to buy them is, add the word "Stage" and a number after it. The difference between Stage 1 and Stage 5 could only be rod bolts, but since its "Stage 5" they will pay $1,000 more.
  39. GSXSixteenG

    Engine review

    Depends what you consider bad, I had to run a tap through every hole in my block and blow all sand out of the oil passages. I bought a short block when they first started up. The engine only has about 3,000 miles on it at the moment. Runs fine but seems like it might have piston slap, but...
  40. GSXSixteenG

    want to put a 1g cas in my 2g

    RRE Instructions
  41. GSXSixteenG

    idle surging.... fix?

    Search the forum. I'm pretty sure others here have had an idle issue before. You have absolutely nothing in your profile. Start with looking for boost leaks or vacuum leaks. Check ISC, CTS, FIAV, ECU...
  42. GSXSixteenG

    Front Body Kit Grill

    The bottom attachment is a photoshop of a evo x front bumper on a 2g. The photo above it, is a members attempts to have it done.
  43. GSXSixteenG

    Front Body Kit Grill

    I wonder why Brent Rau didn't use the 4g64 then? :hmm:I think you might have a lot more to learn. :banghead:
  44. GSXSixteenG

    Starting issues - No / Doesn't / Won't Start - MERGED

    There's not enough information here to diagnose anything. Spark? Fuel? Compression/leakdown test? What was shooting up?
  45. GSXSixteenG

    Starting issues - No / Doesn't / Won't Start - MERGED

    Whenever I have done a compression test, I make sure the car is at operating temp then pull only one plug at a time. I'm not sure if the one plug at a time makes a difference, but I thought I would pass along how I have done it without any problems.I would first say double check these...
  46. GSXSixteenG

    College budget build help.

    I guess it would be possible if everything was bought used or major discounts. I still do not think it is a realistic goal based on what I have bought and fixed for my car. Rarely does everything go as planned.
  47. GSXSixteenG

    College budget build help.

    I would worry about getting a car and getting it running and driving properly. I don't see how you'll be able to properly build a car to make 500+ hp with 7k. I would assume part of the 7k will be used to purchase the car.
  48. GSXSixteenG

    Car won't run right after rebuild

    Fuel pressure isn't set by a tune. You need to confirm it is set at 43psi. Do you have a afpr?What are you running for a maf?
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