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  1. DSMLINK Tuning Help

    i also need a tunning on my car........i live in downey and i am definately willing to pay for gas and food!!! would you be willing to go to one of the norwalk meets on monday nights??????
  2. Beach Cruise/BBQ

    i agree with aug 4th i like that better, this saturday is too short notice for alot of people
  3. So Cal South Bay Meet Ricky and Ronnie's Torrance CA

    i will definately be there i need to tune my car so hopefully i can meet someone that can do that.
  4. People with a black FMIC...

    Hey guys quick question my friend painted his car. And appearently he forgot to tell the guy to not paint the FMIC. He got his car back and its painted and his car does not boost know? are they related?
  5. Bov

  6. Which Mbc to choose??

  7. Dyno Day- Sunday NOV 12

    So just to set the record straight you guys are meeting at 10am to go to the canyon run right? Not to the Dyno day? Or is the canyon run to the Dyno Day?
  8. Dyno Day- Sunday NOV 12

    I will be there but not in my GSX. I sold it sometime ago. But in my friends 2g TALON real sick. Were Hoping to break 350HP on the dyno. So we will see you guys at the DYNO day.
  9. battery drain!!! why? [Merged 5-7] draining dying

    Well i had a little problem well i started noticing my car was lagging to startup and then yesterday. When i left work it barely started and as i was driving home the radio started turning off and on so i was thinking some kind of short. When i got home i turned off the car and when i tryed to...
  10. Dyno'd my car

    15-17 counts of knock sounds a bit too high to me.........
  11. Broken BOV?

    So if you got compressor surge you would loosen the nut on the type s or tighten it??
  12. So Cal DSM meet BBQ and BONFIRE THE WORKS! MAY 21ST

    I am down for the next meet for sure with supra's or without so yea ....hey guys post some more pics
  13. So Cal DSM meet BBQ and BONFIRE THE WORKS! MAY 21ST

    Turned out to be fun about 12 guys showed and we went to the park for BBQ and coming soon i hope....... :thumb:
  14. Test Drove an Evo today!!

    i say go for it dude its a good deal ...... :thumb:
  15. Exhaust Leak Tester?! Loosing boost and loud humming... need a leak tester

    Sorry to hijack the thread just have 1 question ......If i had a leak from my inake manifold would that effect my car??? i hear this little noise coming from back there any ideas??
  16. Back from the dyno

    And i know they are have 395hp and they freakin badass cars....but some how i can pull on them so yea i dont know watch read this.....Well let me tell you the other day from coming home from the gym i see a Black 04 cobra so i give him a little he finally catches up and i say...
  17. Quick dyno pulls today on the t3/04b

    nice man where did you get this done at??
  18. Back from the dyno

    Go head and make fun yea i actually had 2 guys in the car against one cobra and we all heard his supercharger and we couldnt believe it.... but its ok i know my car and i love it. Anyways why would i lie to be cool on an online forum wow.....i say this cause its the truth and dsmlink shows i am...
  19. Back from the dyno

    Will do man i set up my dyno appointment already so i will definetly post some vids after but yea i dont mean to be a ass-hole its just i dont like when fellow dsmer's flame me but yea vids will be up soon
  20. Boost Problem!!!!

    I have a quick question i did a boost leak test on my car and when it gets to about 8 spi to about 10psi. I hear a hissing sound coming out the side of the mbc. There is a little hole there, i dont have a camera so i cant take a pic but yea air starts rushing out of there and doesnt let me build...
  21. Back from the dyno

    but why??chad man nobody believes me that i can pull on 03-04 cobra's not till i take them around the block when they say "shit man your car is freaken fast"..but yea i will be quiet now
  22. MBC Question/Plugging up the holes

    I have a quick question i did a boost leak test on my car and when it gets to about 8 spi to about 10psi. I hear a hissing sound coming out the side of the mbc. There is a little hole there, i dont have a camera so i cant take a pic but yea air starts rushing out of there and doesnt let me...
  23. Back from the dyno

    Haha i love it when you guys doubt me cause i wouldnt lie and trust me. I have pulled on 3 different ones all supercharged they are reall fast my car pulls on them from a 30-like 90 roll i pulled about a 1 and half car on 2 different 04's so yea dont believe my friends were in the car they can...
  24. Back from the dyno

    i believe you man cause i am at 14 psi on my evo 3 and i pull on 03-04 cobra's all the time. and they are stunned that i am only at 14 so yea good job man now crank the boost and shoot for the sky.....
  25. full boost rpm on big16g

    Me full boost by 3k spools like at 2300rpm fast spoolin turbo...i love it
  26. New Updated time!!!!

    yea i dont really remember maybe i let offl..... so next thing i am going to do is throw in my 880's and go get dyno tuned then i will update my time
  27. New Updated time!!!!

    And here is my second best time slip its at 10 psi with a 4500 shutterbox no miss shift..............
  28. New Updated time!!!!

    So i went to the track last week and i got some ok times check it out the first slip is at 12-13 psi with a 4500 shutterbox and i misshifted at 2nd i was there for it felt like a whole second......... oh yea i am 8242
  29. EVOIII 16g dyno sheets?

    Well i am going to get my car dyno tuned soon i will be posting numbers on my daily driver....hoping to hit 350 on pump..... :dsm:
  30. Taste of Chaos

    Me and my friends bought our tickerts for the show in LB, Ca like 1 month ago its going to be badass....and rip off no way i like 3 of the 6 bands........ :cool:
  31. Valley Dsm's Beach Picnic Hangout!!! March 19 ..come Have Fun

    Well you guys can count me and my friend with the 2g blue talon in thats for sure.... :dsm:
  32. Post all the jobs you've ever had [Merged 8-8] job work

    You guys might laugh but i sell vibrating condoms (Yes i said Vibrating Condoms) in person and online.I work for a company called Universal Lifestyles.Its a badass job i go to clubs all around LA promoting about it most people are, "like no way man i never heard of it", and "It sounds...
  33. Dyno's in SoCal/IE area

    So they dont have experience with dsmlink v2 but they do know there shit.... :cool:
  34. Dyno's in SoCal/IE area

    Does anybody know if tuning tech. has any experience in tuning dsmlink v2?
  35. Get ready SoCal'rs, the big one is coming!

    Thats gives me to get my car painted and get DSMLINK tuned..... :dsm:
  36. 6bolt swap and C&A

    Are you sure man i paid 3x that amount at RRE??Is 800 including all the parts and labor for the 6 bolt flywheel
  37. 1st Time at the track

    I will i was just nervous.... :thumb:
  38. 1st Time at the track

    i know it was horrible man but i am going to go back next week and i hoping to break high 8's i know my car can do it.... :dsm:
  39. 1st Time at the track

    Oh yea here is the timeslip and i was at 12psi untuned and no dsmlink
  40. 1st Time at the track

    Well i went the local 1/8 i only got to race once cause it started to rain.... it was my first time there and i was nervous and had my 250lb friend in the car with me.....
  41. 750's or 850's?

    Or check E bay man i paid 260 shipped for my 880's..... :cool:
  42. Tattoos [Merged 1-8]

    I am going to get a tat next month this is what i am going to get....let me know what you guys think..... :cool:
  43. How to get the EVO3 turbo to 350hp

    Wow all these things you are listing i have, i hope i lay down 350 to the wheels ok thx guys.... :dsm:
  44. This is it! January SoCal DSM Meet!

    Dam i want a piece of that Gs turbo next meet i am there for sure, i love it when guys talk shit and end up eating there words after but oh well... :p
  45. This is it! January SoCal DSM Meet!

    You know i am down..And by then mine wont be the ugly primer eclipse no more... :dsm:
  46. HKS 272 cams daily driven car is it ok?

    My idle is clean a little lumpy but not that bad to complain, some Dsmer's ask man for sure you got Cams and i say No..... :p
  47. January Socal DSM meet - photos of the madness

    Cmon i seen alot more picture taking then that....!! :dsm:Ps. Not that i want to see my ugly Primer looking car!!!
  48. This is it! January SoCal DSM Meet!

    The meet was bad ass we hit i think 40+, alot of second gens and few 1st gens sweet Meet..... :dsm:
  49. 2G Rota Problem

    Hm do you think an alighment will help....well i am going to grind that back piece and osee what happends
  50. 2G Rota Problem

    But i think the reason why they needed spacers was cause my car is extremely low the inside of the tire would almost hit so they threw on a small spacer so give some clearance not cause they were not made for my car....i bought them off a Dsm'er so i dont know
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