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  1. ECMlink My first Speed Density tune help me make it better

    I’m going to take a shot and this and tell you what i would do. Now, I’m only telling you this, cause it is as far as i understand from all the reading i have done, but I’m not sure. It more of a question.Looking at the idle log, and tracking the SD VE table you can see where it is pulling...
  2. ECMlink My first Speed Density tune help me make it better

    im gonna be in nashville next weekend, you should give me a hand with my swap over.
  3. Wtb awd 2g exhaust. Fwd hks hipower for sale.

    Looking for 2g awd exhaust after my awd conversion. I'm in Knoxville.
  4. ecmtunning????

    One of the best venders i have ever dealt with in all my years of parts shopping. Hands down, they are there to make the customer happy.
  5. BLT and im hearing air flow

    Doing a BLT as i cant get normal numbers in Link. This is all on a new engine with plenty of new upgrades including Magnus SMIM, used 1G TB, PR FMIC, bov, blah blah that i havent ran before.Anyway... doing a BLT, i hear air flowing in the TB. I really dont think its espaping to the...
  6. AWD Conversion/Swap Guys Enter Here - Advanced. [Merged 2-07]

    Did everyone else enjoy the moment you changed your car to "9* Eclipse GST (AWD swap)" in your user profile. I felt victorious music playing.
  7. Will a 95 talon awd setup bolt up to a 99 eclipse?

    I did a 97 Auto FWD to a manual AWD using a 99 Parts car. It is possible. Its honestly only about 2 more hours of work to do the 5 speed swap with the AWD swap. I wouldnt attempt it without a parts car though.No, you're incorrect. You have to cut four 2 inch squares to drop a subframe bolts...
  8. AWD Conversion/Swap Guys Enter Here - Advanced. [Merged 2-07]

    correct. The wholes exist... but the access to put bolts dont and you just have to cut a little
  9. AWD Conversion/Swap Guys Enter Here - Advanced. [Merged 2-07]

    There are no AWD tank brackets... You just gotta drop some bolts in.Here are the fronts circled in blue
  10. Need help with idle. First timer

    Im not an expert in this as i am really new at doing this. Your running very rich. First try to get you ISC to a good position (30)... Your aimed idle is at 850 and your steady at 800.then get your Airflowperrev up to around .25 ... Readjust your MAFcomp as its reading to low.. Id 0 it all...
  11. First log ever. Sorting out idle

    Im also 90% sure in that log i had injector 1 disabled. May i suggest leaving the original skins for link on there as some of them its hard to tell if something is disabled or not by the color.Hmm... didn't notice that. I should be able to see that under the DTC tab in link right? As far as...
  12. First log ever. Sorting out idle

    all evap stuff that is deleted... Its not checking for them no moreDont even worry about that log... it was barely running and i have fixed the mechanical/electrical issues that caused the crappyness of it.I just want to make sure i am starting on a good platform. Does my NB sim look the...
  13. First log ever. Sorting out idle

    I was able to get my idle to a smooth 900 by adjusting the BISS and it was what i had changed to have it aim for... but my iac position certainly isnt at 30. I have made a few changes that certainly helped stuff out alot.I had to drop my battery down and low for the SMIM install. I ran a...
  14. Oil coming out of a sensor?

    Either oil pressure sensor or low oil sensor on the Oil Filter Housing. Just replace it and go. It has happened to me on other cars.
  15. First log ever. Sorting out idle

    Got done spending the day boost leak testing and fixing on my brand new rebuild. Now this has 0 miles. I am also just did an AWD swap and have to run open O2 housing cause I don’t have my exhaust to put on. I was wanting to get a good tune/idle before i drive it anywhere, first place being the...
  16. AWD Conversion/Swap Guys Enter Here - Advanced. [Merged 2-07]

    There is one hole that actually lines up. thats what i used. It also fits pretty naturally in that place too.
  17. High Idle on new rebuild

    blt is going to done tomorrowAnyway way to confirm a bad FIAV?and i havent gotten it to operating temp yetUpdate: Fixed... i replaced the FIAV and the ISC... idle good now. Thank you.
  18. High Idle on new rebuild

    My next steps of action is to fiqure out a way to check FIAv.... then check itCheck for front 02 sensor cycling.
  19. 5 speed wiring questions

    I ended up finishing before you replied to this, but i didnt replace a relay. I removed the cables and didnt replace it with anything and it all still works as it should. I dont have to press the petal in as the clutch sensor connector isnt on the engine harness, therefor not available for me to...
  20. High Idle on new rebuild

    OK... fresh 0 mile rebuild. On start up, it idles around 2000-2500 rpm.But there are a lot of factors that could have caused this. Since that car has last ran. I have AWD swap 5 speed swap New 100% motor rebuild Magnus SMIM install 272 cams installed 1G Turbo TB swap Interior swap...
  21. DSM Meet & Greet (Fastech Motorsports )

    Mitsu Meet | FacebookClick here and you can RSVP through facebook
  22. AWD Auto Clutch Questions

    start out easy... Pull some quality ATF in there. Low fluid/crap fluid are the same symtoms of crapped out endclutchs
  23. Auto tune on V3???

    first: you should be set
  24. Auto tune on V3???

    this aint no t-painbut seriously... notuning is more mechanical then just sitting at a keyboard dialling in horsepower. ECMlink is more of a tool then it is a piece of software.
  25. gas gauge question.

    its probally a because of the GSX sattle tank. It uses a dual sender. You can have an 1/8 of a tank of gas on the drivers side that wont reach the passenger side that has the pickup
  26. Maintenance/Performance Parts

    OMFG i hate that so bad... i go ask someone what they done to their car.... stage this this... stage that that all over the place. When i finally was so tired of that i told him, go find a reputable parts seller and find anything they sell that they have graded in stages. We are no longer...
  27. little help diagnosing this motor

    i had a similar incident... was leaking coolent on a 25 mile rebuild that i didnt know about... over heated till the piston melted a whole in the side. I also melted the sparkplug boots. I was trying to be cheap and reuse the head on a new block as it only has 25 miles on it. I set timing and...
  28. light bulb retaining clip & aeromotive afpr

    should be a vacuum nipple on the top of your intake manifold on the drivers side.
  29. AWD Conversion/Swap Guys Enter Here - Advanced. [Merged 2-07]

    You can cut the front FWD bolts off.... some fill it with foam, some weld them so they dont move and rattle.The rear FWD bolts get replaced with AWD bolts.Circled in blue is the fuel tank bolts
  30. 1997 Eclipse GS-T problems

    buy the part from me? :D
  31. light bulb retaining clip & aeromotive afpr

    i think it should be 1/4 nptits the whole for the vacuum source btw... you need a vacuum line going to that. With out it, the fuel pressure does rise as it is supposed to (1psi per 1psi of boost or vacuum)
  32. does i matter witch way you turn the flywheel

    some cars it matters, where the Crank angle sensor reads off the nissans... The DSM does not so you should be fine as long as it fits flush.
  33. 1997 Eclipse GS-T problems

    ill sell you a manifold pressure sensor for 20 bucks and show you how to install it.
  34. made a battery tray for my awd spyder

    im all like... how the freaking hell do you fit that battery like that... i got mine sideway crooked in there and barely fits but the TB coolant lines screw it all up... then i reallize... miata battery. duh.
  35. 1G Stalling on warm start only.

    coolent temp sensor
  36. Which one?

    T28 is directly bolt up if im not mistaken. Go with that sleeper look. You can run OEM SMICThe 16g, more specifically E3 13g is a very efficienct and practical turbo. It can be good up to 350hp and is very responsive. Easy to come by used too. You would need an install kit, drain line, oil...
  37. Help me pick new AWD tires

    My experience in tires comes from a a torquey RWD car that is tracked and autoX. I honestly wouldnt recomend starspecs or any of the Ultra High Performance tires unless you where autocrossing. The V12s would be very sufficient for any kinda agresssive driving you would throw at a daily.
  38. Help me pick new AWD tires and for all your tire need
  39. Do I need to change the gasket if I take off the throttle body elbow?

    Dont get a felpro paper gasket... they wont last if you do take it off and they are crap anyways. Get an OEM metal gasket and they are reusable till they get old.
  40. Help me pick new AWD tires

    + elevendybillion^^^^^ ... if you want the best.The V12s are a great tire. Those BFG are an all season, granted a great all season, but it wont be like the V12s, but im personally not a fan of those BFG.If you want top of the line summer tires: Starspecs Hankook RS3 the brand new...
  41. 97 Talon TSI AWD Questions??

    A DSM driveshaft is about 3inch in diameter. Take pi times radius squared gives you a circumfrence of about 7inches. If your crank is turning 5000 rpms, the balence shaft is turning 10000rpm which is about 70,000 inchs per min. Times that by 60 min per hour divided by 12 inches per ft divided by...
  42. Adjustment of the E-Brake!

    It should be pretty obviouse when you get to under the center concole, but remove the center console. There will be two lines coming in from under the back seat that go to a a connector that united them into one cable that is pulled by the e-brake handle... on that 2-1 connecter, you can adjust...
  43. please help need to fix my DD

    yeah... sound like [parking brake or even your hydrolic brakes
  44. 5 speed wiring questions

    I am in the middle of doing a 5speed swap. I am going the hard way and swapping harnesses too, but it will be cleaner and more convient in the end.First question. Upon removing my 5 speed harness, i found that at the ECU connector, pin#91, "park/neutral position switch (used on A/T only)"...
  45. Rebuilt engine- crank wont rotate with timing belt on

    With no timing belt on, the cams are most likely in a resting position where no valves are pushed down. Allowing the pistons and crank to move without hitting the valves.OP, you would be able to turn the crank some direction if the valves were hitting pistons. That leaves either, oil pump...
  46. AWD Conversion/Swap Guys Enter Here - Advanced. [Merged 2-07]

    I was doing a 99 into a 97 and the top of the necks where very different. The 97 bolted straight into the body, while the 99 had about an inch thick removable spacer between the neck and the body mount.I think what i was trying to say was either neck will work, just use everything between...
  47. ECMlink story

    I know from research of knowing what i am buying before i buy it, that when i bought my V2, i knew, acording to ECMtuning's website, that i had to have both the cable and chip together. They are useless without the other and that there is no replacement for the cable available.You got...
  48. AWD Conversion/Swap Guys Enter Here - Advanced. [Merged 2-07]

    As long as you use the complete filler neck for your parts car, it will have everything you need.On another note, i finished up the AWD swap this afternoon. Looks good so far... now i just need to finish up my 5 speed swap and engine swap.also for anyone interested... 1/2inch bolts will...
  49. 2G Ball Joints

    I didnt even know about this... this actually happened to me last year... but i fixed it myself.... my fender doesnt look to pretty afterwords though....
  50. AWD rear subframe bolts part number

    I feel that it was a benefit to cut them from the car, as it was great practice to cut into the recieving car to be cleaner as you know better technique and location.Paul, i believe that is true.OP, you can purchase new grade8/class 10.9 bolts that will do just as well
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