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  1. Las Vegas, NV Tuner Shops

    try doug does very good work and has a mustang dyno. he did all the tuning on my evo and has good prices.
  2. pics of the new ride!

    thanks ya'll. i hate 92 headlights.:notgood:
  3. Need shop recommendation, Reno.

    modified auto salon. they do good work from engine swaps to oil changes. the head mechanics name is alan--775-826-5545.
  4. pics of the new ride!

    first off, i haven't posted in years (literally). i still have a 92 GSX that i'm building up (built 2.0, built tranny, DSMLink, and hopefully a GT30R. just wanted to show off the new car. its a 2006 Evo IX RS. i had a 04 Evo VIII, but i sold it. mods include, ecu flash, DC sports 3" DP with cat...
  5. Evo IX SE

    03-04 evo's (non rs) had standard HID's 05-up evos had halogens unless you get the sun/sound/leather package, or the mr model.
  6. Evo VS STI

    uhhh you're wrong. new evo 9's do about 270+ whp on a dyno due to the new mivec and a revised compressor inlet. thats around 310+ at the crank. and the evo's motors can handle 28 lbs of boost. id like to see an sti push that amount. i believe they also have cast internals when the evo comes w/...
  7. Evo stock psi?

    06's now hit 20.6 psi in first gear. the new 06 turbos have a redesigned compressor side. i cant decide whether i want the broad powerband of a TME 10.5 or the top end of a new 06 turbo. i went for a ride in a 06 rs and good god what a different animal it is than even the 05's w/ the 10.5...
  8. Quitters- soon ghosts to us (selling/sold my DSM)

    i say evo all they way! i love mine to death. w/ just a few mods, (3'' TBE, vishnu xede, k&n and bcs pull) these cars are just crazy. i walked a 3'' TBE and MBC equipped STi by about 2-1/2 cars and pulling. imho, ya might as well have a complete car (4 doors, fast, corners like hell and...
  9. Buying evo, need some opinions

    i have both an evo and a modded dsm and i work on my own crap. its not just for tight-a$$es who cant do their own $hit. and an evo is definitely worth it. it'll take a lot of money just to get a DSM to handle and brake the way an evo does. i have just a Xede piggy-back FMU and a 3'' TBE and i...
  10. got into a new ride!!!!

    thanks ya'll! yes they're referred to as GSR's or just a evo 8. there's also RS's and MR's
  11. got into a new ride!!!!

    thanks ya'll:thumb: just wait for a few months and itll have a TME 6.5 turbo w/ titanium wheels, 660's, cams and dyno tuning.
  12. got into a new ride!!!!

    hey ya'll its been a while since i posted, but i just had to get into a new car while i finish off my 92 GSX project. its a 2004 Evo GSR Weightless White. i was gonna keep it stock but the DSM'er in me took over. mods include: Vishnu Xede piggy-back FMU, Vishnu 3'' turbo-back exhaust, K&N...
  13. How many DSM's have you owned?

    1998 Silver Eclipse RS uugggghh..... 1995 Tsi AWD grey 16g, 550's, exhaust k&N, free mods. *sold* 1990 TSi AWD black 16g, same as above (caught fire) then sold 1992 Eclipse AWD white 60 trim, 550's blah, blah, *sold* 1992 Eclipse AWD black 16g, same mods as the 95/90 sold 1995 TSi AWD...
  14. check out the new wheels!!!!!!

    they are 16x7.5 and i forgot the offset. thanks for the compliments :thumb:
  15. check out the new wheels!!!!!!

    thanks i like your wheels better though haha
  16. check out the new wheels!!!!!!

    hey ya'll here are a couple pics w/ the 16'' Kosei K-1's after a wash. lemme know whatcha think!!!! the car is also up for sale or trade for a b16 or b18 hatch/crx/integra. i need a gas saver!
  17. Yokohama tire almost killed me! -See Pics-

    also, the 84W on a tire is the speed rating NOT the load rating. might wanna take another 5 minutes catchin up on your tire research.
  18. Yokohama tire almost killed me! -See Pics-

    k that might also be a mounting error where the tire installer ripped the bead of the tire on installation; causing air to go in between sidewall and lining plys. or it can be an impact break, where you hit something hard enough to seperate the tire. working at a tire shop, i see a bunch of the...
  19. turbo and supercharged EVO

    the 1st gen mr2 guys w/ the stock super charger twin charge all the time. there is in fact a greddy kit for it.(i think its a 20g or something similiar) i've seen a few of em myself its a cool setup. :thumb:
  20. 8.55 @176.9 Video and new record

    holy lord....... umm, wanna trade? :thumb:
  21. Is my turbo really bad?

    check your blow-off valve, it might be stuck open.
  22. What Turbo is this? [Merged] Turbo ID Identification

    it's a 13g i believe. as for the injectors im in the dark on that. :thumb:
  23. 6 bolt 92's

    6/4 combo here. :thumb:
  24. ride quality sucks

    those skunks i believe are a sleeve-over kit, not a true coil over. a lot of coil over kits have damping control, but if youre using a sleeve over w/ stock shocks you dont have any control over the ride. imo, get a good h&r kit or tein. :dsm:
  25. evo8 rims and tires

    the weigh in around 18-19 lbs w/o tires. pretty funny mitsu was advertising em as "lightweight" wheels. the 2gb 17'' gsx wheels are lighter. :thumb:
  26. just click the link

    thats 0-100-0 hehe :p
  27. LIL EVO in Import Racer

    nice man, good job :thumb:
  28. Purchasing tires

    i wouldn't go by treadwear because all tire companies do their own treadwear rating its not just one controlled rating. just a little fyi :thumb:
  29. World of Warcraft anyone?

    nice.... hehe :D
  30. World of Warcraft anyone?

    im playing on dragonmaw right now. lvl 31 warrior, lvl 44 priest. friggin mounts are expensive :notgood:
  31. pics of my car w/ evo wheels!

    thanks all. :dsm:
  32. pics of my car w/ evo wheels!

    from a buddy of mine w/ an evo. he has aftermarket enkeis on it and had no use for these he sold em to me for $400. good a$$ buy IMO.
  33. pics of my car w/ evo wheels!

    thanks man. those wheels and tires make it so much more responsive to my steering inputs. :thumb:
  34. pics of my car w/ evo wheels!

    hey guys... updated pics of my ride!! i just put on some stock evo wheels and tires, and cross-drilled rotors, and stainless steel brake lines. lemme know whatcha think! :dsm:
  35. Erik Morales vs. Manny Pacquiao (boxing who won?)

    morales won...... went the whole 12 rounds. best fight i've seen in a long while. it went to the scorecards 115-112 or something. morales'll give pacman a rematch though. honestly, even though pac got a pretty bad cut over his right eye, i honest ly think pacquiao won it . :dsm:
  36. What do you have in your garage?

    i got my 1992 eclipse GSX, 1995 talon AWD, and soon to have a 05 ninja ZX-10 RR in raw titanium and black, and for the wife, an 05 ninja 250 in blue :thumb:
  37. 17x7 Rim 48 Offset Will it Fit?

    yes they will
  38. Anyone ever try these tires????

    my buddy had those on his evo as a replacement to the stock yoko a046's and he was very disappointed. so he went w/ toyo ra1's and loves the way it handles now :thumb:
  39. Web forum for 3rd Gen Eclipse?

    try they have a 3rd gen kit for both engines, i believe.
  40. Which car would you buy? [Merged 8-8] what should I get

    evo rs, and mod the hell out of it. then buy a 2005 kawasaki ZX6 rr and turbo it out :thumb:
  41. same make, close to same model?

    GT-A was the first automatic evo. it also had softer suspension settings and leather available i think it has less horse too. its basically an evo for those who cant drive :thumb:
  42. post your best lap time on Tsukuba circuit

    my best time is 52.738 in a 561hp evo mr w/ medium slicks. i plan on getting to 50.999 or better :thumb: my best w/ a full on race car is 52.023 on a 507 hp JGTC 350Z w/super soft slicks
  43. GT4 Car Set Up

    evo mr
  44. GT4 Car Set Up

    here's my setup: spring rates: 12.6front 11.9 rear ride height: 105mm front-107mm-rear bound: 7 front- 8 rear rebound: 9 front- 9 rear camber angle: 2.0 front- 2.0 rear stabilizers: 1 front- 1 rear brake controller set at 15 front- 18 rearw/ this setup, i clocked 52.88 at Tsukuba...
  45. GT4 Downsides

    i hate how the cars have no history or background info to how the cars came to be.
  46. Gran Turismo 4 1st Car

    i got the MR w/ 561 hp, eclipse gst w/ 360 hp, a JGTC 350Z, and some other crap.. oh yea, get the logitech steering wheel it makes the game so much better :thumb:
  47. Will someone run a quick carfax for me? (Nope!)

    4A3CT64U7NE057100 1992 eclipse gsx [email protected] :thumb:
  48. Wave racer left me a email

    ACCHHOOO!!! cough cough HACK!!..... sorry.. i think i'm allergic to bullshit :barf:
  49. Car runs rough

    check the coil for any cracks or anything of the sort. mine used to do that and it ended up being the coil. :thumb:
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