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  1. Gearbox shimming expert needed

    Thanks Lowell but the gear box isn't really going to be doing that much. May be a couple of runs down the drag strip if I'm lucky. Besides it wasn't really that bad when i took it off.I ran a couple of more tests. One included, putting the bearing races into the housings as far as they...
  2. RIP Mommy Arlene Hackworth Feb 15 1955 - April 1 2012

    You never really get over loosing a close one. But it gets easier with time. Your in my thoughts.
  3. 1997 GSX build wire tuck

    Hey guys sorry, i did not realize people had responded lol. Thanks for the kind words. In response for the power steering. I'm hopping to thread them down between the fire wall and the east west cross member, and under (along) the chassis rail if that makes sense. I've Been having a little gear...
  4. Gearbox shimming expert needed

    Ok Ill see what happens with this last test. Then if all else fails then ill try those shims. :thumb:
  5. Gearbox shimming expert needed

    I didnt change anything. I had to take it apart because i sand blasted the gearbox. I thought i sealed all the holes up but being a well practiced dumb ass i left one unsealed:ohdamn: I just thought i would try and shim the box up so as to do the best job i can.Just an update. I'm know...
  6. Gearbox shimming expert needed

    Ok Here we go again. I used some new solder that i got from Ebay which contained lead, I'm thinking with lead the solder will be softer? I also left it over night to settle, and here's the results.Size of gapInput shaft. =...
  7. How to install my 2g full polyurethane front and rear roll stops/motor mounts

    AAH don't mention it. Like i said i was in no hurry. Speak soon :thumb:Just thought i should mention this. What Adam was talking about was the sleeve for the rear roll stop. The one he originally sent was slightly under size. When i mentioned this to Adam, with no questions nor complaint he...
  8. How to install my 2g full polyurethane front and rear roll stops/motor mounts

    It was ok i used two large washers and a long thick bolt and wound it in. Well when i say washers i used my water pump pulley and an old crank sprocket. Thing is i bent the water pump pulley so i need a new one now :ohdamn:But it went in fine. Really happy. Cant wait to install the engine...
  9. How to install my 2g full polyurethane front and rear roll stops/motor mounts

    Ok i got round to some pics including one of the revised rear insert.Notice the step to accommodate the different diameter holes in the rear mountAnd heres just some more pics of the mounts and bushes.
  10. Gearbox shimming expert needed

    Ok after trying all the above i wasn't getting any where with my measurements. :confused: I even tried using modeling clay to see if it was the solder being to hard, and nothing. But just out of curiosity i had done the bottom end of the gearbox (front diff and output shaft) and left it for...
  11. Gearbox shimming expert needed

    Seems OK to squash with pliers. What about if i use some 2mm or 0.080 solder for the center diff and output then the 0.065 for the rest. I'm thinking the thicker stuff may be stopping the others squashing properly.
  12. Gearbox shimming expert needed

    Twicks I'll try and get that info for tomorrow as its getting late here and the wife will start nagging :D For the moment though i didnt replace anything i just managed to get sand in the gear box. Don't ask:ohdamn: The solder i bought to day has on the cover rosin core solder AS7200 alloy...
  13. Gearbox shimming expert needed

    The only thing I'm not putting back that i was wondering if i should, is the viscous coupling and the 5th speed gear next to it. The ones under the very top cover :aha:
  14. Gearbox shimming expert needed

    Ok got some 0.065 solder and did it all again. But the results seem close to what i had with the thicker solder.Input shaft = 0.061 and 0.059intermediate shaft = 0.062 0.059front diff = 0.052 0.053And with the thicker solder.Center diff 0.080 0.080Output shaft 0.086 0.085Just...
  15. Gearbox shimming expert needed

    Yep I've been using the 3.32 for all bearings :ohdamn: I've heard you can get a tipe of putty for this kind of thing? In the mean time a big thanks twicks. Ill report back as soon as i get the above sorted.
  16. Gearbox shimming expert needed

    Thanks lowell. The link you posted was where i got the settings from. I went with the second one down if you could not tell. But thanks again. like i said, I'm going to do it again. :thumb:
  17. Gearbox shimming expert needed

    Ok Trying my hand at shimming my gearbox. I've done the solder technique and i want to know if one of the numbers ive came to sounds right.This is for the input shaft.The solders measured 0.066 and 0.062 average 0.064 + the spec of 0.004 and 0.007.I went with 0.005. So if you follow i...
  18. 1997 GSX build wire tuck

    Ok started on the wiring. This is how it looked just as i striped the wiring loom tape off.Here I've tried tidy the wires, and sort the different sensors into places i wanted them to go. I also had to extend some wires, and shorten others, depending on which side of the car i wanted them to...
  19. 1997 GSX build wire tuck

    Yeah not sure what size on the fuel line though. Going to have to do a bit research. :thumb: ill be doing braided with AN fitting.Yeah I'm kind of going off of the highly polished look and leaning towards the used race car mean look :sneaky:
  20. 1997 GSX build wire tuck

    I haven't done them yet, same as the rear brake lines. I think i can do them later with the engine in the car.
  21. 1997 GSX build wire tuck

    Going to start on the brackets for the EVO front mount intercooler. First i made a template.Then transferred it onto some steel and cut it out with a nibbler.Then into the vice to shape it and bend it into shape.Then i sized up the intercooler to the front of the car. As you can see i...
  22. 1997 GSX build wire tuck

    OK I finally decided to share what I have been up to. My goal or goals is to have a nice clean engine bay wire tuck and as minimalistic as can be. I'm going the 16G route for now, but with a bit luck going with the holset route in the not do distant future.Ok on with the picshere is how...
  23. bumpers have gap

    This thread might give you some ideas.
  24. balance shaft seals

    Sorry for that, I typed it as i was rushing out to work. I did in fact mean collar :ohdamn:
  25. balance shaft seals

    Thanks that does make sense. I also had forgot about the metal color that goes on the front balance shaft behind the sprocket. Thanks again :thumb:
  26. balance shaft seals

    OK this might be a bit difficult to explain but ill give it a go. I'm replacing the two balance shaft seals and the crank seal on the oil pump housing. The thing is, they don't seem right in that there seems to be a gap between the bottom of the seal and the cover. If one of you guys had a...
  27. Model Kits

    I used to do them as a kid and like above haven’t done one in years. I did however buy one a couple of years ago but never got round to building it.I ended up putting it on ebay.I quite often feel like getting an F1 car or something like that, just to do when I’m not working on my...
  28. Things you probably shouldn't say to a cop when pulled over...

    I heard this on the radio. A cop was sitting in a lay-by waiting for speeding motorists. When one went by the cop pulled him over.Cop= I’ve been waiting all day for you.Guy = well I got hear as quickly as I could.Cop just laughed and let him go
  29. Found this nice gst Inputs on it

    You can't tell much from photos, but the paint looks to be all one shade. I.e. no touch ups or any thing. All the gaps on the panels seem fine, and the interior seems to tell me it's had an easy life. Only thing I don't like to see is when they jet wash and clean an engine. Could be they just...
  30. Which to choose? My calendar photo candidates..

    Number 5 for me :thumb:
  31. Started doing my own carbon fiber work.

    Ive posted this before and think its the way to go in regards to making carbon fibre parts. How To Do Perfect Vacuum Resin Infusion of a Carbon Fibre (Fiber) Part - Basic Tutorial - YouTubeOnly thing that was putting me off was the price of the vacuum pump. But as always theres some clever...
  32. Tail pipe idea

    Still makes me laugh LOL
  33. Trading my 90 awd talon for a 71 datsun 510. Good bye dsm

    Dont put a mitsubishi engine in a Datsun stick to the era. Heres a picture, I had to look one up cos I had never here'd of them but its a very nice car. Really like classic Japanese cars.Also in case you are interested heres a barn find in Wales you might like. Scroll down as well as cliking...
  34. Tail pipe idea

    Ok what you think:D ???2 - YouTube
  35. welding (shaving) engine bay help

    Hope this might help.
  36. Opinions please

    You lot are two kind. Much appreciated.DSM_PWR if it even approaches looking like yours, ill be a happy bunny:D
  37. Opinions please

    Ok don’t normally ask as I’m too scared of getting beaten up :D. I’ve finally finished painting my engine bay, and wondered if you think it came out ok. There’s lots of little bits and bobs you can’t see that I’m not 100% happy with, but an engine bay turned out to be so much more complicated...
  38. 2G Timing Cover Bolt Part Numbers Needed.

    Right under your nose my friend lolStainless Steel Bolt Kits - DSM Classifieds
  39. FP Green install, Zero Boost

    I've heard people doing boost leak tests from the TB but i must confess i do all mine from the turbo. It was just a thought? Can you explain what happens when you do a boost leak test. In that, does it stay at 20psi or does it go down and If so how fast?Can you hear anything if you take the...
  40. Looking to learn how to paint.

    If he or you are using cellulose you can get a good mask that will filter out aerosol based gasses. You’re best bet is to get one from the same place as the paint and they will provide you with the appropriate mask. If you are using 2PK then you should use a respirator, but what many people...
  41. What is this sound?!?!

    I noticed when you revved the engine it seemed to go away? How tight is your belt.I would take the wheel off and wheel arch liner and have a good look around the harmonic balancer for cracks.I would also remove as much of the timing belt cover as you can to see the timing belt. Even start...
  42. Looking to learn how to paint.

    One more thing and im out. Wear the appropriate mask and protection .:D
  43. FP Green install, Zero Boost

    Surely if your waist gate is stuck shut it would cause a boost spike? Are you doing a boost leak test from the turbo or TB? Try both. Is your boost gauge reading anything when you are pumping air into the system?Also we might be looking at this all wrong. I noticed you changed to a GM maf...
  44. Some old carbon fiber work

    Yep from day one I've never put a foot wrong. :D
  45. Gauging Interest: Custom aluminum valve covers

    Looks very nice to me :thumb:
  46. Looking to learn how to paint.

    I’m not a painter by trade so I won’t argue but this is just going on my own experiences and what has worked for me. On the 1200 grit I find it just takes that rough feel from the last coat of primer. Going as low as 350 I find it cuts through the primer. Remember myself and the OP will most...
  47. Looking to learn how to paint.

    Just to add you can sand the primer with something like a 1200 grit for an even better finish and yep theres alot goes into painting. Thats why they charge alot lol.
  48. Looking to learn how to paint.

    I've done a little Painting in my time so ill try and give you some tips that I've learnt over the years. First off sanding. You need to do what's called a guide coat. You can by guide coat in an aerosol form, or use a colour primer. Anything that dries fast really even mat spray paint will do...
  49. Some old carbon fiber work

    Note to self. Look at the dates before reading the whole thread:ohdamn:
  50. FP Green install, Zero Boost

    What MBC do you have:hmm: did you set up tour MBC up exactly as 4LurKer4 said? And did you try adjusting it?
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