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  1. TheMadCheshire

    SCCA RallyCross National Championship - 2016

    Just a little bit to add here. Nationals was amazing. It's a great place to race and very different from anything we have in Colorado. Last year we went out and after a failed knuckle during practice, attempted a repair but when the hammer broke at 2am we gave up. It was great to actually...
  2. TheMadCheshire

    ABS Delete Steel Braided Line Specs

    I know you're not really asking this, but going with stock lines is super easy. If you've sourced the valve, why not the lines? You only need the left and right fronts and the 2 from the master. although easier with no intake manifold, it is completely doable with the entire engine in.
  3. TheMadCheshire

    1G Engine Harness

    I know for a fact the 91-94 auto harness will work with a manual. You will just have a few extra connectors that don't do anything and will just hanging out. You will need to bridge the park/neutral switch wires to make the car start(can jumper at the connector or just splice the wires...
  4. TheMadCheshire

    lowered camber issues

    Sorry for the late response. There is nothing real special about installing them. Just a standard poly bushing installation. Press out old rubber, remove sleeve, install newDon't be an idiot like me and install the offset wrong the first time. D'oh!
  5. TheMadCheshire

    lowered camber issues

    I've personally never even seen the rear control arm bracket vfaq. Kind of weird considering I've been doing this for a stupid amount of years. Another option to think about is offset bushings for the upper control arm. Although not specifically for our cars, whiteline makes an offset bushing...
  6. TheMadCheshire

    Converting a 1994 Talon into a 1991 with pop ups.

    Damn I'm even too lazy to search this for you. (even though it'd just be searching for my own posts) I basically did a firewall forward swap from a 1gb awd to a 1ga fwd. I wanted the 1ga front end but wanted the awd. Also the engine and harness and blah blah blah. Needless to say, completed...
  7. TheMadCheshire

    Rallycross in the Southeast

    Ooof, can't say our starter hasn't missed something. Haha. Nothing like one of the corner workers calling in "car XXX has their window down" Bad starter, bad!
  8. TheMadCheshire

    Rallycross in the Southeast

    Be sure to check out this map that 9!'clipseDOHC put up. Its linked to dirtyevo, but work just fine.Here is a link to the SCCA Rallycross rulebook. We always seem to get people asking questions about classing; its all in there. Section 6.3 is for vehicle safety and is highly recommended...
  9. TheMadCheshire

    Lets talk Difs.

    Thanks ACM. I'm glad you're able to put up with the ignorance and repost it. I'm glad it's all in a nice list and the good pic a few posts up should simplify this for anyone who wants to go this route. I am on the prowl of an evo diff myself as well as something for the center. This has...
  10. TheMadCheshire

    2G New suspension, corner balance, and alignment

    That's awesome! I've watched pretty much all those videos prior to doing exactly what you did but using some blocks and rolling around on my back with the tires on. This was probably 4 years ago. Those hub stands are magical. Wish I had thought about those. Even using a much cruder method...
  11. TheMadCheshire

    Coilover suggestions/reviews

    There are a lot of coilover threads that will exactly answer your question. However, no need to beat that horse some more. For 800 range, your only real options are the cheaper coilovers like Megans, Ksports, etc. You will need to spend more to get better performance. Now i purchased...
  12. TheMadCheshire

    Any "Flocked" Dashes?

    Flocking dashes is pretty common in stage rally. I bet a quick search on specialstage or rallyanarchy would give you an idea of whats all involved. Can't say there will be too many dsms on either of those forums. On the note of covering it with fabric, the "cheaper" option to flocking tends...
  13. TheMadCheshire

    1gb to 1ga front end conversion?

    The 1ga engine bay harness(the harness you have acquired) will not plug into the 1gb fuse block under the dash. Also, The 1gb body harness will not plug into the 1ga fuse block under the dash. The plugs at the end are different. This also means the 1gb body harness won't connect to the 1ga...
  14. TheMadCheshire

    1gb to 1ga front end conversion?

    Having done this myself, it can be done but is a pain. I moved over from a 91GST to a 92 GSX and HAD to keep my headlamps. I love the pop ups. You can use the wiring for the highs and lows that is already there, but you will need to add the wiring for the motors to make the lights go up and...
  15. TheMadCheshire

    Roll Cage Fabrication in Northern Colorado?

    Not quite as north as you but, No Coast MotorsportsOr call SCR Performance in Loveland. They don't do cages but can direct you to someone up north who does. Their service manager had his gvr4 rally car done by the same guy who they sublet their cage work to. It's a good looking cage.
  16. TheMadCheshire

    Anyone used spring spacers before?

    This would also be a good idea too. Over at NASIOC and DirtyImpreza there is a lot of info on making them as well.
  17. TheMadCheshire

    What's the consensus on shifter base bushings?

    I went the fender washer route. Found fender washers for under, normal washer for in the middle and 2 more fender washers for the top. I love the positive feel they give. Also have the bearings in my linkage ends. I put a slight layer of silicone on them every so often and have never had a...
  18. TheMadCheshire

    Anyone used spring spacers before?

    I thought you had some awesome sauce coilovers? However, I have not personally used them but have installed two sets for customers. Both drove ok afterwards(of course got aligned too) but then again I only drove them a few miles. Haven't had the customers come back complaining so it must be...
  19. TheMadCheshire

    shep stage 2?

    Call the shop. They do still offer dsm rebuilds. Unless I am thinking of someone else. Here is a quick link to others talking about Shep rebuilds. Apparently he's only doing the Stage 3 now.
  20. TheMadCheshire

    Anyone prepped for Rally or Rallycross

    Definitely would recommend the aluminum 15" over steelies. The diamantes are hard to find in my area for whatever reason. They were my first choice. With a little bit of grinding(of the hub), nissan or Infiniti wheels from Maximas and I and j30s will fit. With the extra power and suspension of...
  21. TheMadCheshire

    2014 DSMtuners Calendar Entry Information

    Boy the week flies by. After some silliness with my photographer, pictures are now on their way. Here's to hoping!
  22. TheMadCheshire

    DG Koni coilovers

    I just wanted to add my 2 cents on the coilover bags. Most of the stage rally guys swear by them. Sure you're not racing at 100 mph down gravel roads shooting rocks into everything. But what they do besides protect from gravel is important too: they keep extra dirt, rain, water, snow, etc off...
  23. TheMadCheshire

    Lifting a 1G?

    I'm actually rocking some k-sport spec-grs. I currently have the car raised about 1" over stock. I could easily get 3 inches out of them but that would be too high and the car wouldn't perform properly. Another suggestion is to make spacers. Head over to - The Off-Road...
  24. TheMadCheshire

    Anyone prepped for Rally or Rallycross

    Something in the back of my head thought it was aluminum, guess plastic isn't too much better. Definitely sounds not too safe though. I love getting parts for a steal. Our national event tends to be at the US truck driving school which tends to eat up tires. So be prepared to bring some...
  25. TheMadCheshire

    Anyone prepped for Rally or Rallycross

    Nice work on the 1st place! Guess I better get some dirtyevo stickers to show up the dirtyimpreza guys. The wife and I were thinking of going but decided we should do the nationals next year also. It's only like a 9 hour drive for us. Still quite a bit of money after entry and hotel though...
  26. TheMadCheshire

    2014 DSMtuners Calendar Entry Information

    I figured as much. Just gotta decide which ones now!
  27. TheMadCheshire

    2014 DSMtuners Calendar Entry Information

    Planning to submit some picture from rallycross events if you don't mind the mud/dirt/such. The pictures all have numbers on the doors as they are required to race, is this going to be an issue or shall they be edited out? I know you said no photoshop, but not sure about numbers.
  28. TheMadCheshire

    fiberglass a pillar mold

    Got any pictures? Is it the whole a-pillar or just like a gauge pod that attaches to the pillar? If its the whole pillar, why not make/attach a piece which can use the factory attachment point? I'm not super familiar with the gvr4 but I would imagine it uses the same plastic clips the dsms...
  29. TheMadCheshire

    Anyone prepped for Rally or Rallycross

    Grayguy, the first thing you want to do is really access if the 2g is the car for you. Depending on what racing series you are planning to race in, they may or may not allow new people to race awd turbos right off the bat. Rally America requires you to start in a fwd non turbo. NASA, does not...
  30. TheMadCheshire

    Good Denver or COSP DSM shop

    Carz Performance on Wadsworth and 14th is the best dsm shop I know of. They are starting to focus more on the Evo and domestic platforms(the latter being something they picked up out of necessity when the economy died). But they will still do dsm's all day. The mechanics there know their...
  31. TheMadCheshire

    Finding a G4CS engine

    If you are talking about the 4g64 from the 2nd gens, the block(if memory serves correctly) is that is a 7 Bolt which have been known to crank walk. The g4cs is a 6-bolt. I don't tend to look at a lot of 2nd gen info, but I was under the impression the 4g64 had a passenger side transmission...
  32. TheMadCheshire

    Finding a G4CS engine

    For what its worth, unless you are deadset on a g4cs, you can find 6 bolt 4g64s. They come in 91 and 92 Expo vans. They have to be fwd as the awds are wideblocks. Might be another option to throw at if the search for a sonata doesn't come up with anything.
  33. TheMadCheshire

    Anyone prepped for Rally or Rallycross

    Over your head may have created issues with helmet clearance. I know you are running an aftermarket seat but there is not a lot of room in these turds. Mine is center and you really do notice the airflow when driving on course. Good choice on switching back to the eibachs/agx. Most of the...
  34. TheMadCheshire

    Anyone prepped for Rally or Rallycross

    Looking good! Isn't it kind of liberating cutting up your roof? It looks like you got it in the exact place I did, maybe a little more forward. I havn't gotten on tuners since last week and totally missed your post. My handle just touches the roof support along the windshield and as long...
  35. TheMadCheshire

    Anyone prepped for Rally or Rallycross

    Dang. Well that's too bad. Do you think the Eibachs would fit on the evo struts? Perhaps give it the much needed "drop".
  36. TheMadCheshire

    Anyone prepped for Rally or Rallycross

    Kreez's car is my old fwd. it had a sunroof; i enjoyed it a lot. The current awd does not have a sunroof.
  37. TheMadCheshire

    Anyone prepped for Rally or Rallycross

    F is the small steel one. The same one on my car. It can be seen on the CORX National Challenge event pics you have on the other thread. G is the bigger one. F is 9.5" wide and G is 12" wide. Waaaayyy overkill.I'm not super sure if you can revalve agxs. Or rather if anyone would. I...
  38. TheMadCheshire

    Anyone prepped for Rally or Rallycross

    'bout time Dan. Don't worry. Only been 4 events since you last showed up. The matte black was absolutely gorgeous when it was new. Colorado weather definitely took its tool.The local guys are actually all running coilovers. Peter(12) is running hotbits with external reservoir...
  39. TheMadCheshire

    Anyone prepped for Rally or Rallycross

    Yeah the red one is mine. Love that car(so does the wife). The roof vent is fabulous. I'm the only dsm rally crosser I've seen with it. I put one on the sentra and loved it and once the dust was flying in the dsm, it was obvious I needed one in the dsm too. Check out Go to...
  40. TheMadCheshire

    Looking for 4g64/g4cs answers? LOOK HERE!!

    I didn't see this mentioned earlier, but maybe I missed it. Just a heads up for anyone who finds a 4g64 6-bolt. Unsure if this applies to the g4cs. I recently got a 4g64 6-bolt out of a 92 expo, moved everything over from the 63 and put on the 63 head, installed new bearings and reringed...
  41. TheMadCheshire

    Anyone prepped for Rally or Rallycross

    Wow. I totally fell off the face of this thread. Still running strong though. Making my way up the M4 food chain. Added the roof vent between Event 3 and 4 and boy does it make a difference. No more eating dirt in the middle of a lap. Just rebuilt the coilovers, replaced all the rubber...
  42. TheMadCheshire

    No rally forum?

    Hey! I know those DSMs. Number 12 took 1st in Mod. Also, thats a picture of the wifey, not me! All except the Purple one are running rally tires, fyi!
  43. TheMadCheshire

    95-96 A/T wire harness swap in a 5speed

    It will all work, you just need to wire up the reverse lights and bypass the Neutral Safety Switch. See this.
  44. TheMadCheshire

    Comp. Stage 3 Users or Stage 4

    I couldn't comment on the numbers, but they seem low. I do however have a stage 4 sprung 6-puck that I do DD. Well, did. The talon has resided to mostly racecar status now and does not see the street more than once a week. Either way, it is very doable. Its rough when starting in slower...
  45. TheMadCheshire

    auto to 5sp no start

    That's awesome. Glad I could help. Enjoy the 3rd pedal!
  46. TheMadCheshire

    auto to 5sp no start

    I am not sure of the wires colors on the 2g, but on the 1g, there are two wires(they are black with yellow) that used to go to the PRNDL switch that need to be soldiered together. This is the Neutral Safety Switch. Basically, it completes the circuit to the starter solenoid. This circuit...
  47. TheMadCheshire

    Making seat covers

    The 'back cushion' does not use the seat cover to hold it to the frame, however the seat cushion cover keeps the foam down. There is the bottom metal shell that helps position it. Ut not down. If you we're careful not to let the foam slip, I'm sure you could get away with using some slip fit...
  48. TheMadCheshire

    What's missing on my 1G TB? (Pic)

    You are missing the upper half of the ISC motor. There are 3 screws that hold the upper half of it to the bottom half. If you take off the other two 8mm bolts(they have a phillips on them too), then the lower half will come off. Here is a neat "how to test the isc" link that will give you a...
  49. TheMadCheshire

    1G FWD Equal Legth Shafts Seal Questions

    I used the fwd seal for years without issue on my old gst. Have since moved onto awd but the guy who has it now has never had an issue either
  50. TheMadCheshire

    Anyone prepped for Rally or Rallycross

    The 205/65/15 are about 3/4 inches bigger in circumference. The thing about gravel tires is that unlike some cheaper street tire, the width really is 205; not 200 or 198. Or such. Overall though, you're only adding 3/8ths to the "top" of the tire. Any chance you could measure the space...
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