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  1. ChrisTheBuilder

    Help selecting an engine..

    I think someone may have just set that on there for shi*s and gigs. Nothing is remotely hooked up, it doesn't even have more than 1-2 manifold studs holding it on.I would also recommend staying away from dsm graveyard. My motor crank walked almost instantly. It wasn't even broke in yet.
  2. ChrisTheBuilder

    Proof DSM's can drift

    I handled mine just fine. Ofcoarse I had a 03 f150 single cab five speed with a welded rear diff and 35" toyo m/t's and drifted that just fine also. But I also went through 2 axle housings, 1 r&p, 1 drive shaft, 4 yokes, 8 carriers, ad 2 diff covers.I have my daily any other Car is just huge...
  3. ChrisTheBuilder

    Proof DSM's can drift

    It is proof they can drift, and the last one minute of the video he is drifting, not great but he is.Proof doesn't have to be the action it self. But what it takes to make the action happen. Every action needed to drift is there. Oversteer, coupled with the clutch dump method =ed the rear of...
  4. ChrisTheBuilder

    Proof DSM's can drift

    I didn't say it was drifting. But all things needed to drift are there. Just add a better driver and a hydraulic hand brake.
  5. ChrisTheBuilder

    Proof DSM's can drift

    I traded for my car and love it just as much maybe more than you love yours. But one thing I've learned about vehicles from rock crawling is they are just throw aways. Everything in this one will swap right into another.
  6. ChrisTheBuilder

    Proof DSM's can drift

    I didn't say he was trying to drift. If e was e isn't good at it, but I have done it granted I tapped a curb, no damage but it was more controlled.The technique isn't there in this video but everything needed for drifting is there.Different power distribution but look up ken block...
  7. ChrisTheBuilder

    Proof DSM's can drift

    I am probably gonna catch a lot of b.s. for this. But I have done it in mine, not great because I am new to awd drifting. But I found this video and with finess it can be done. Granted he isnt drifting but he isnt trying to but the start is there getting the tires to spin and over steering the...
  8. ChrisTheBuilder

    What antifreeze/ coolant are you using?

    I'm going with this when my build is done. Seems like the best stuff out there, worth a try to me especially if it doesn't get hot enough to boil and you can open the cap after driving any amount of time. the link doesn't work, YouTube jay lenos...
  9. ChrisTheBuilder

    Heat barrier gaskets

    I'm sure you can find a vendor that carries them here in America.
  10. ChrisTheBuilder

    2013 DSMtuners Calendar Entry Information

    Can we submit under construction photos? I think everyone here can relate.
  11. ChrisTheBuilder

    Exhaust welding

    Flux core is just fine. Even with hard wire you can weld your exhaust without gas. It just won't be pretty or very strong. Harbor freight welder is the way to go for a cheap fix.I can't believe they would want a ridiculous amount. Exhaust shops here would charge 50$ to replace the whole...
  12. ChrisTheBuilder

    Broken lug nuts

    Two of the assembly's are new ones that I installed. Only one of the other hubs has it broken. I may just upgrade all the studs and lug nuts for peace of mind. I was just wondering if they were weak and just a common problem.
  13. ChrisTheBuilder

    Broken lug nuts

    They are American racing and are hub centric.75 ft lbs
  14. ChrisTheBuilder

    Broken lug nuts

    Ok... I have replaces two hub bearings on the driver side of my car, the front and the rear, both oem. The rear I replaced when I got the car in January or February, at that time I went around the car and torqued all of my lug nuts, most were fairly loose.I haven't removed the wheel since I...
  15. ChrisTheBuilder

    Broken Turbo/Manifold Bolt, Will not budge!

    Had the same problem a few months ago. Find a high quality vice, clamp down on that bolt using a cheater pipe and use the turbo it self as a wrench.I fought with mine, heating freezing and pb blasting. Vise grips with the Allen head on the adjuster for maximum clamping wouldn't do it.
  16. ChrisTheBuilder

    Oil filter housing cooler

    this ^^^^^^^^^^^
  17. ChrisTheBuilder

    Oil filter housing cooler

    Yeah, I didn't think about that. But I think I'll be ok till this weekend. The speed limit doesn't go above 45 on my way to work and neither do I unless I'm feeling squirrelly. Hahaha! I can't just keep putting water in it because it actually froze here last night and I don't wanna buy a new...
  18. ChrisTheBuilder

    Turbo AND Nitrous? Bolt-Ons?

    The best bang for your buck assuming your motor is up for the task is nitrous. There's a proton kit from NX "nitrous exspress" I think it's around 380$ ish.You can run nitrous a turbo and put bolt ons on your car. But I would highly recommend rebuilding your motor and replacing all your...
  19. ChrisTheBuilder

    exhaust manifold

    I have a stock 2g manifold with no cracks, has surface rust. Pm me with offer.
  20. ChrisTheBuilder

    Sun visor upgrade?

    I know some chrysler sebrings have leather sun visors and they are the same platform as a dodge avenger which I hear is similar to our eclipses. So I would hit the junkyard and see if they'll work.
  21. ChrisTheBuilder

    feeling of sadness bout my 420a

    Turbo car doesn't mean bad gas mileage, if anything you keep your foot out of it and you get better gas mileage. Mine gets 35-37 mpg. Pshhhh....keep your foot out of it. Hahahah! Anyways....I traded my rs off for the gsx I have now, takes work but it can be done. I even traded for most of the...
  22. ChrisTheBuilder

    Oil filter housing cooler

    Yeah, it's FFWD. I forgot about those. So that means that the oil filter housing cooler isn't nessecary. Thanks for the reminder. Unhooked it is.
  23. ChrisTheBuilder

    Oil filter housing cooler

    I am going to switch to an aftermarket cool soon, probably in a week or so. But in the meantime my lines are leaking.They have given me trouble since I got that car. I've put new rubber hoses, better clamps and the tubing is not crushed on the ends. And the clamps are tight. It'll stop for...
  24. ChrisTheBuilder

    Oil filter housing cooler

    I was wondering if I remove my oil filter cooler lines, how much of a difference will it make? In my opinion it doesn't do much to help with the cooling of the oil, but I guess every little bit helps.
  25. ChrisTheBuilder

    Few questions.

    Frequently Answered DSM Questions - DSM ForumsRead up.
  26. ChrisTheBuilder

    No luck at all!

    The holes for the cam gear cover were cracked so I didn't put it on till I fix it or got a new one. Someone shouldn't have jacked with my car an it wouldn't happen. Whether it be jealousy, hate, or whatever.I love my fellow car owners/ now my friends. We always just give each other the...
  27. ChrisTheBuilder

    No luck at all!

    I'm new to the picture posting. It wouldn't let me upload from my phone. All else fails, copy paste please.
  28. ChrisTheBuilder

    No luck at all!

    Will when I get home. How do I post?
  29. ChrisTheBuilder

    No luck at all!

    Yeah, they are two different cars. I just got my 1g so I was checking over it. Regular maintainence stuff. Otherwise I would know the TB on the 1g was good and rob it. Hahaha!We have those idiotic rednecks around here too. They always think their diesel is fast and try to roll coal at me. I...
  30. ChrisTheBuilder


    You can never ever go wrong with a Toyota pickup. I've been building trail rigs rock crawlers and rock buggies for almost 7 years now and a modded Toyota Pickup is the best all around in my opinion. Parts are cheap and plentiful and it's simple yet indestructable.
  31. ChrisTheBuilder

    how to convince friend to get DSM?

    So your saying you trashed his car with a slow fork lift and the hid it.....accident....riiiighttt! ;-)
  32. ChrisTheBuilder

    No luck at all!

    Went to the local hangout last night, don't know how when or who but someone had to have stabbed a hole in my trimming belt. I'm just glad I caught it. But there's a nice little knife hole in the center of my TB.My hood wasn't open but my car was unlocked and my windows were down. I really...
  33. ChrisTheBuilder

    DSMLink boost increase compensation

    Let's say I tune my car @ 16 psi and I wanna turn the boost up after that tune to 24 psi. Does the ecu see the increase and compensate or do I have to retune.Thanks, Chris
  34. ChrisTheBuilder

    Made 859 whp on my Talon with a PTE 6266

    Jealousy!!!! :thumb: :hellyeah:
  35. ChrisTheBuilder

    Link connects but no response

    SHOOT ME!!!!!!!!!!!! wouldnt the cable be good if it connects? i just downloaded the sofware about an hour ago. i honestly dont know what the heck im doing. if i can get this fixed and get the car running i am good i can do the rest.
  36. ChrisTheBuilder

    Link connects but no response

    i am somewhat new to link. link connects to my ecu but when i try to save any changes it keeps telling me there is no response. please help!
  37. ChrisTheBuilder

    GSX turbo going bad? need to replace? how to

    That manifold will not work as it is a t3 flange. But there are others like it with a mitsu flange.
  38. ChrisTheBuilder

    MBC not working

    Spring could also be hanging on the threads, happened to me.
  39. ChrisTheBuilder

    96 gsx rear axles

    Ok, heres what I saw on graveyards axle. It is just like yours you either have to buy the differential end or have your old one pressed off and put on the graveyard axle.I didnt torque mine the first time, or the second time after I fried mine after an inproper installation. I just used an...
  40. ChrisTheBuilder

    96 gsx rear axles

    If when you bought a new hub bearing it didnt come with the flange that holds your wheels studs. Then it was probably an assembly error. When you press the flange into the hub it sometimes seperates the two bearings which in turn causes a very very short bearing life.Maybe something to look...
  41. ChrisTheBuilder

    Running on 3 cylinders

    My car has the exact same issue, I have yet to fidure out what it is, but unplug your tempature sender for the computer and it will stop for noe. I just put a toggle switch for cold starts and once it warms up I turn it off. Only because it was never a big deal to me but I also would like to get...
  42. ChrisTheBuilder

    Tranny Failure & Grey Oil...ugggghhh

    I would tackle the task your self. It is very simple. Just make sure you buy new head studs if you dont have arps, andyour arps havent been torqued more than a couple times.If your not sure youll remember where a bolt goes, put it back after you remove the part, if possible. Main thing...
  43. ChrisTheBuilder

    lost my keys dealer or brake the window

    Our cars are not at all hard to break into. Get you a coat hanger and a friend to help. A lock smith should be able to make you a key for about 80$ also.
  44. ChrisTheBuilder

    Transmission was binding...

    In the transmission? Guess ill just wait for it to be permanantly done. I need a reason to by shep dog box anyways.Thank you!
  45. ChrisTheBuilder

    Transmission was binding...

    I was on my way to work this morning crusing at 45 mph when i heard a "ting" noise that sounded like a bad ujoint. I went to take off from a stop sign and my car tried to move and stalled, tried again same thing. Restarted the car put it in neutral and let off the clutch and it stalled...
  46. ChrisTheBuilder

    ignition fuse keeps popping

    I'm on the side of the road and didn't bother searching. I've popped pretty.much.every available fuse I have except one. What could cause my ignition fuse to keep popping.Could it be.the ignition switch? I just Re Did the whole engine harness and everything is soldered and shrinked...
  47. ChrisTheBuilder

    Think these are worth $1k???

    sorry they are 17's17" Rims Black w/ Polished Lip BRAND NEW - DSM Classifieds
  48. ChrisTheBuilder

    Think these are worth $1k???

    nope...there are some saweet 18" wheels in the market place. i think you might have to search for them, but they are REALLY cheap and new. Those with tires and your at a grand too depending on the tires you buy.
  49. ChrisTheBuilder

    6bolt 4g63. Moving from .020 to .040 bore?

    i am running 40 over and my temp is exactly as it was when i had my stock block. go for it! :hellyeah:
  50. ChrisTheBuilder

    just picked up an 87 trans am need a good forum suggestion

    Hawksthirdgenparts.comlooks like someone put a camaro rear spoiler on it. my 89 had the wrap around but it was a gta.Sorry, its not a tech site, but they have a bunch of cheap/cool parts. and a coversion kit for an ls1 and a 6 speed.
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