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  1. Roadrunner4G63

    german eclipse build ( 95`2G eclipse)

    please delete , i found the blog function
  2. Roadrunner4G63

    how much can I drop my 2G eclipse with TEIN SS or Flex Coilovers

    there are ASA Ar5 wheels in 8,5x18 the offset off the rims is 35 + 5mm distance plates per side ----->offset 30. But I have still new 15mm distance plates bought :D , then I have a 20 offsetbtw. last year my eclipse was still lower , i had a lowering of 3,95inch (front) and 3,5inch...
  3. Roadrunner4G63

    how much can I drop my 2G eclipse with TEIN SS or Flex Coilovers

    still I have this lower suspension setting:D but for now only with lowering springs and abridged shocks;)No fear, I know what I do :D andont forget, I live in Germany....our streets ar much better than the streets is the US . with 3,3 inch I have no problem to drive.:thumb:here look...
  4. Roadrunner4G63

    how much can I drop my 2G eclipse with TEIN SS or Flex Coilovers

    hi, I want to buy in a few weeks a new chassis for my 2G eclipse . but I cant decide between the Ksport coilovers and the tein Superstreet resp. tein flex problem is : I have to drop my car round abound 80mm (3,3inch) in front and 70mm (2,8inch) in rear.can I use for this...
  5. Roadrunner4G63

    who has "Mitsubishi" on their valve cover?

    the 4g63 NT has "16Valve" and "DOHC 2000" an the top of the valve cover
  6. Roadrunner4G63

    2G Facelift rearbumper-lip

    thanks:coy:but the problem is, rsx parts are still rare in germany than eclipse partsthe lips have to apply perfect , otherwise can I make self these lips with glass fiber;)
  7. Roadrunner4G63

    2G Facelift rearbumper-lip

    I like the JDM style more too :-)have you more informations about the mirage lips?? what a model code of the mirage is it??
  8. Roadrunner4G63

    who has "Mitsubishi" on their valve cover?

    Its the Valve cover of an evo 3 engine
  9. Roadrunner4G63

    2G Facelift rearbumper-lip

    i know , but i find no better pic:cry:
  10. Roadrunner4G63

    2G Facelift rearbumper-lip

    hi Im searching for this rearbumper liphow can me say where I get this lip??(sorry for my bad english :-) )
  11. Roadrunner4G63

    1998 Eclipse - Newbie

    hey welcome... I`m from Germany too:) and in 2 weeks, i visit another eclipsedriver near frankfurt .....:cool:
  12. Roadrunner4G63

    front bumper ideas, look at this lip . this is the stock frontbumperlip of the first Seat Leon Cupra , you can buy them by every Seat or Volkswagen Dealer. In germany they cost round about 20 euro......
  13. Roadrunner4G63

    front bumper ideas

    this is my front mod:a nice idea is the "Seat Leon Cupra" lip too. lokks great at the 2G Facelift Frontbumper. better than the carbon lips:thumb:
  14. Roadrunner4G63

    looking at 18" by 8 wheels

    thanks.... :)
  15. Roadrunner4G63


    Hey, my name is Michael , are 19 years old and live near Meiningen in Germany. My car is a 96`2G Eclipse 4G63 NT . I have bought him before 2 years ago as a original Nonfacelift........i have many things changed: 18inch wheels modified facelift frontbumper modified facelift rearbumper...
  16. Roadrunner4G63

    looking at 18" by 8 wheels

    I´ve upload a pic in the gallery:thumb:
  17. Roadrunner4G63

    looking at 18" by 8 wheels

    i`ve a 18x8,5 with a 35mm offset and 5mm distanceplates in addition with a 80mm lowered chassis. i think its perfect:thumb:(sorry for bad english)
  18. Roadrunner4G63's Eclipse N/T

    Roadrunner4G63's Eclipse N/T

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