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  1. Eclipse 1998

    Best DSM Craigslist post of the day

    This ad says it was posted 6 hours ago.Automatic 1993 Eagle Talon ES White 75,403 Miles Scarborough, ON M1E 2M8, Canada...
  2. Eclipse 1998

    2G DSM 3D Printed Front Bumper Cold Air Ducting

    Have you had a chance to test fit on the 2gb talon?
  3. Eclipse 1998

    2G Carbon fiber interior door handle cover

    Anyone buy these and care to share their feedback or general information?
  4. Eclipse 1998

    Stocks / Day Trading

    Hello all,Wondering if anyone invests regularly or day trades and would like to get a thread started ?Thanks.
  5. Eclipse 1998

    Best DSM Craigslist post of the day

    This is probably the cleanest DSM I have seen on the internet.5 Speed 1997 Eagle Talon Tsi AWD Black 58,255 Miles Orange, CA
  6. Eclipse 1998

    Best DSM Craigslist post of the day

    5 Speed 1992 Eagle Talon Tsi Maroon 86,664 Miles Johnston, RI
  7. Eclipse 1998

    2G Who wants a big SMIC? gauging interest

    I’m interested as well. Anodizing would be a nice option if practical.
  8. Eclipse 1998

    Best DSM Craigslist post of the day

    One Owner 5 Speed 1996 Eagle Talon Tsi AWD Black 81,000 Miles Fort Collins, CO
  9. Eclipse 1998

    Fuel Line Holders | 3D Printed Customizable

    Are you referring to the white dividers in the pictures below? I too would be interested in dividers that can accommodate larger than stock wires.The last picture is not mine, here is the link. Look at the last post...
  10. Eclipse 1998

    2G Strut Bars still around?

    Look near the bottom.
  11. Eclipse 1998

    For Sale 2g SMIC

    SMIC for sale, I was told it is for a 2g. 4.5"PM me your offers.
  12. Eclipse 1998

    Best DSM Craigslist post of the day

    Talon has the rare quarter window anomalies...
  13. Eclipse 1998

    2G Lower intake manifold bolts...
  14. Eclipse 1998

    For Sale OEM Tank Cap Wrench MB991480-01

    Tool aides in the removal of the fuel hanger plastic ring.Make offer.
  15. Eclipse 1998

    2G Fuel line upgrade with Evo siphon

    Regarding your concern over the necking.
  16. Eclipse 1998

    2G Re-badging the car ... need measurements
  17. Eclipse 1998

    How much for the 2g diff mounts? Thanks!

    How much for the 2g diff mounts? Thanks!
  18. Eclipse 1998

    2G Oil feed line question

    Depending on your OFH, the threads are tapered, 3/8" BSPT. Assuming you used the wrong threads on the fitting you used, you may have cracked the housing.Specifically, where is the leak originating from?
  19. Eclipse 1998

    2G Spark plugs

    Additional concise info
  20. Eclipse 1998

    2G Fuel pressure gauge install

    Install video below.FPR Setting.
  21. Eclipse 1998

    2G Cleaning injectors

    If you choose to make your own injector cleaner see below.
  22. Eclipse 1998

    *** (CLOSED) NEW ITEM, 2G oem billet Anti roll bar brackets ***

    Put me down for front and rear. A coating option would be great too.
  23. Eclipse 1998

    Door-Mounted Gauge Pod [3D Printed] | Interest

    Part is coming along nicely, can't wait to get my hands on one. Nice job man!
  24. Eclipse 1998

    Oil filter housing question
  25. Eclipse 1998

    Crazy Craigslist Finds

    It’s truly a modest deal, and I was responding to your concerns.
  26. Eclipse 1998

    Crazy Craigslist Finds

    Be concerned if you’d like, feel how you wish, I sure wish I was closer to look at this car. In any event $3900 with the extent of damage I’m sure is negotiable. Opinions aside, I’m certain most would look at this car if they had the chance.Try not to miss the point of my post, it’s to share...
  27. Eclipse 1998

    Crazy Craigslist Finds

    Look guy I posted the Craigslist ad bc the car is an example of a good deal. What point are you trying to make? Don’t be so sensitive, you contributed nothing to my post and just wanted to state your feelings.Lemme ask you, if you seen this car for sale near you would you go and check it out...
  28. Eclipse 1998

    Crazy Craigslist Finds

    The steering wheel could have simply been replaced, a used steering wheel does not determine the mileage of the car. For example, I have a new E46 M3 steering wheel on my BMW E46 that has 155,000mi.I’m not here to argue, but rather sharing what appears to be a decent car.
  29. Eclipse 1998

    Crazy Craigslist Finds

    $3900 1999 GSX 50,000 mi Black unmodified M/T ONTARIO, CA
  30. Eclipse 1998

    1G TB Rebuild: Which seal do I have?

    My bad Post # 22
  31. Eclipse 1998

    1G TB Rebuild: Which seal do I have?

    Post #33
  32. Eclipse 1998

    Best DSM Craigslist post of the day

    1 owner 92’ Eagle Talon 5 speed 122k mi
  33. Eclipse 1998

    2G HVAC Air Circulation Lever

    When I swapped my dash and refurbished the HVAC ductwork I had a similar issue you’re experiencing. I followed the attached below.
  34. Eclipse 1998

    What parts are these/function.

    @delta448I’m just looking everything over and trying to determine why this part is here. Could it be for a boost gauge?
  35. Eclipse 1998

    What parts are these/function.

    @randman2011 Thanks for the info, and informing me I can toss the parts.FWIW I will be plugging the EGR with an M16x1.5 Bolt and using a 7mm English Racing Phenolic Spacer. Possibly 2 OEM baskets if leaks develop.
  36. Eclipse 1998

    What parts are these/function.

    Thanks for the replies gentleman.I have read extensively on the EVO 3 intake manifold/tb’s etc. and I’m certain these are from an EVO 3. Pictures attached are the intake all the parts came off of.My question was more so geared toward the control module and HKS part. Thank you.
  37. Eclipse 1998

    What parts are these/function.

    Some extra parts came with the evo3 intake manifold. Please see attached.My findings show the OEM Mitsubishi part as a igniter module for a kawasaki. Does this part perform a function on the evo3?What is the HKS part number?Thank you for your time.
  38. Eclipse 1998

    2g Talon taillights

    I have never seen aftermarket talon taillights produced by a 3rd party. Only ones I have seen that deviated from stock were custom usually one-off projects.Hope this helps narrow your search.
  39. Eclipse 1998

    PTU/ noise capacitor

    Thanks again for the information and reassurance. Planning to finish up the battery relocation sometime this week, time permitting of course.
  40. Eclipse 1998

    PTU/ noise capacitor

    Thanks for the input. I still have a couple things to button up but here’s a picture roughly what I came up with.
  41. Eclipse 1998

    PTU/ noise capacitor

    Yes I was talking about if the mounting point is a suitable ground.It is grounded through the abs bracket.
  42. Eclipse 1998

    PTU/ noise capacitor

    On the terminal input, there is a ground terminal.At any rate, it’s grounded through the abs bracket correct?
  43. Eclipse 1998

    PTU/ noise capacitor

    In the process of relocating a few components.Based on the circuit diagram, I’m understanding that the PTU and noise capacitor need a chassis ground.I’m wondering if I could get away with not grounding the PTU?The noise cap will be ground to the lower left stud on the abs bracket.
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