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  1. 2Gjunkie

    Sold 1998 Eclipse GS-T Spyder, 69k 5-sp

    Ok, I’m not real thrilled about putting up this listing, but we’ve got a small garage and my wife is getting annoyed at having her car outside during the winter and I don’t want to put the Eclipse in the driveway. Anyway, I’m not going to sell this very hard, but I promised her I would make some...
  2. 2Gjunkie

    2G Who wants a big SMIC? gauging interest

    I just started the thread to see if we could do it. I’m not sure if we have enough people to commit yet... but I’m happy to have Raven Fabrications take it over and run with it. They can decide how they want payment and how to organize it.I thought there was a member close by to Raven that was...
  3. 2Gjunkie

    Gsx Problem

    Sometimes the OBD scanners take a while with these ECUs. they’re just old. Try the scanner again, or try a different brand.
  4. 2Gjunkie

    Decent wash/wax for initial cleaning of long-neglected car?

    If you want the repaint to look good, you need to start from a smooth surface. But if you don’t have an indoor space it doesn’t really matter. It all depends on how much you want to spend—a Maaco job will probably look a lot better than a novice just learning how to spray.
  5. 2Gjunkie

    Decent wash/wax for initial cleaning of long-neglected car?

    ^^ Agree. Dish soap first, then car soap, then use a spray-wax. I wouldn’t bother with a real wax or sealer until you get your paint corrections done.Personally I’m a big fan of Chemical Guys. I’ve used their stuff for over a decade and about 99% of their products work as advertised, in my...
  6. 2Gjunkie

    Eco modding ideas?

    Not that I doubt you, since the 420a isn’t my platform, but Syked Performance in Washington State seems to think they can tune a stock 2G 420a.
  7. 2Gjunkie

    For Sale 2G Titanium bolts, OE wheels, calipers, O2 hous

    Wheels and calipers SOLD.Still have the Ti bolts and O2 housing
  8. 2Gjunkie

    Eco modding ideas?

    tbh, weight savings usually is either expensive, or involves getting rid of comfort items. If it were my car and I wanted to max the MPG I would look into things like running the lightest weight oil that is appropriate, and tuning the car to make sure it’s not running overly rich and burning...
  9. 2Gjunkie

    Eco modding ideas?

    Did you just say that a built 4G63 won’t compete? Won’t compete with what? Sorry if I misread that but...
  10. 2Gjunkie

    2G Need help 97 eclipse gst High Idle

    Is it a quick jump in rpm, or more gradual? Are you stock, or have you changed your OEM idle settings?
  11. 2Gjunkie

    2G Need help 97 eclipse gst High Idle

    Auto or m/t? When you say “idle” you mean with your foot off the gas your car starts rolling up to 2300rpm? Or when in neutral the car idle rises to 2300rpm?
  12. 2Gjunkie

    2G Infinity Radio

    I haven’t gone out to check mine, but it should be 16 at a minimum. Each of the 4 channels has a +/-, so 8 wires from HU to amp, then 8 wires from amp to speakers. I’m going based on memory though. Someone can correct me.The amp may have an additional couple for a power signal, but again...
  13. 2Gjunkie

    2G Infinity Radio

    Not on a stock headunit. The OEM outputs are low level. He’s have to crank up the volume and it would still just be a whisper.
  14. 2Gjunkie

    2G Infinity Radio

    If you don’t have the OEM connectors, Metra makes replacements. Would be a good place to start. And heat shrink tubing is your friend.
  15. 2Gjunkie

    2G Strut Bars still around?

    DC front bar made a noticable difference on my Spyder. I did have to trim down the driver’s side mount a little bit to clear the A/C lines, though.
  16. 2Gjunkie

    1G High Rolling Resistance

    New pads, new rotors, so everything has minimal clearances. If anything is misaligned, or if the caliper mounts are a little bent, the pads can drag on the rotors (or the rotors can drag on the caliper mounts). Shimming the calipers can help realign everything the way it should be, absent...
  17. 2Gjunkie

    For Sale 2G Titanium bolts, OE wheels, calipers, O2 hous

    taking offers. Local DSMers preferred for the big stuff
  18. 2Gjunkie

    1G High Rolling Resistance

    If you can do it safely, take it out of gear next time you feel the resistance. If the resistance increases in neutral, then my bet is brake dragging. Maybe your calipers need to be shimmed a little.
  19. 2Gjunkie

    Resistance on ground circuit...

    Ground your negative terminal externally (while car is stationary of course) and see if that changes how it runs.
  20. 2Gjunkie

    98 Spyder street build

    Seibon hood finally arrived. Need to get pins.
  21. 2Gjunkie

    The right thing to do.

    nice. maybe make a mental note to not buy car parts from your friend, though
  22. 2Gjunkie

    The right thing to do.

    Does your first friend also know the motor is bad? Or is he just oblivious? If he knows it’s bad and is trying to pass it off as good...
  23. 2Gjunkie

    That time your project went BETTER than expected...

    Title says it. Car work rarely goes 100% by the book. Stuff happens, we get frustrated.Write up about a time when your project went better than you expected, and restored your faith in your wrenching abilities. DSM or not. :thumb:Mine: Upgrading the fuel pump on the GST. Everyone said to...
  24. 2Gjunkie

    For Sale 2G Titanium bolts, OE wheels, calipers, O2 hous

    Consolidating my classified threads:OE O2 housing $20 + shipping4 titanium manifold to turbo bolts. Grade 5. two are 80mm, two are 30mm. Will fit the FP cast manifold. Brand new—I had extras from my install. $30 + shipping
  25. 2Gjunkie

    Key fob/alarm

    No beep or chirp. Look at the dash— there is a green “security” light that will come on when the alarm is set. It stays on for about 10 seconds then turns off.
  26. 2Gjunkie

    2G First DSM build advice.

    Once you upgrade your fuel injectors you will need a tuning solution. 400hp is beyond the capacity of the oem injectors, so yes, you will need something like ECM link, or if you are one of the 97s with a flashable blackbox, Openport 2.Generally speaking, you should be able to meet your goals...
  27. 2Gjunkie

    Hating on other cars. Hyundai at the moment

    Every assemblyline English car ever. Owned 3, don’t miss any of them.
  28. 2Gjunkie

    2G Found some goodies under the carpet while swapping seats

    I remember those— never used one, but that makes sense. Thanks for clearing that up. It was driving me nuts!
  29. 2Gjunkie

    2G Found some goodies under the carpet while swapping seats

    Wow. Let me know if you figure that one out, because I found the exact same style of key under the seat when I bought the car.I couldn’t figure it out, so I just chucked it into the parts bin.
  30. 2Gjunkie

    Are green orings safe for fuel

    The factory fuel fittings on my sportbike are green o-rings. It uses 93, same as my Spyder :idontknow:
  31. 2Gjunkie

    2G New car, new "what parts next?" Questions

    Is your floating rib ok? It looks like it’s trying to poke through the top. Better to look at it than deal with patching a hole later...Nice color, btw.
  32. 2Gjunkie

    Openport 2.0 Standalone Logging

    So what lines did you use in your txt file to enable defroster-activated logging?I have my file set up the way I like it, but that would be a really cool feature to add
  33. 2Gjunkie

    2G Who wants a big SMIC? gauging interest

    Depends on the core size, but generally yes, a super SMIC should be able to handle 400hp without issue, as long as it is ducted properly (as noted above).It won’t be able to match a full size FMIC in terms of performance, but if you aren’t looking to go for 600hp, (yet) then this is a good...
  34. 2Gjunkie

    Where them rims at? Need some ideas!

    I can’t get into the whole black wheel trend. But gunmetal on red = :thumb:
  35. 2Gjunkie

    For Sale 2G Titanium bolts, OE wheels, calipers, O2 hous

    Trying to clean out the shed before winter... all parts have about 69,000 miles from my 98 GST SpyderOEM calipers. Front and rear full set. Working when removed. I replaced everything when I did a bumper to bumper overhaul. Selling as set only. $80 + shipping OBO4 GST OEM chrome 16” wheels...
  36. 2Gjunkie

    New 1GA Owner

    Very nice, congrats! Looks like you’ve got some mods already
  37. 2Gjunkie

    Spyder Help I can’t find part to convertible top

    If you find a place to buy spares, let me know! I’m looking for the same thing. I know the linking arms for that bow are commonly bent or broken off.
  38. 2Gjunkie

    2G Gas pedal seems to be glued / stuck ( throttle body )

    Throttle body cleaner. Take it off the intake manifold. Disassemble it and clean if you need to, or else replace it. Sounds like you got some grit from your cleaning efforts into the moving parts.In any case, a really dangerous situation. Good luck!
  39. 2Gjunkie

    2G Need opinion on my small basic winter build

    You might want to reconsider 560cc. I don’t have my fueling sheets in front of me, but off the top of my head the 560cc will run 100% duty cycle around 370 crank hp, and you want 300awhp...
  40. 2Gjunkie

    2G Who wants a big SMIC? gauging interest

    Alright DSMers, we have a potential fabricator! Raven Fabrication (Supporting Vendor) said they could take on this project if they got 20 people at $600.We’ve got a goal now- let’s keep this going!
  41. 2Gjunkie

    For Sale 2G O2 housing and lower heat shield

    Selling an OEM 2G O2 housing and lower turbo heat shield.As pictured. O2 housing to DP studs are intact and come with the 19mm nuts.Not charging much, but shipping will probably not be cheap due to the size/weight.O2 housing $20 + shippingHeat shield $SOLD(If you want them both I’ll...
  42. 2Gjunkie

    2G Who wants a big SMIC? gauging interest

    no one else? ...i guess it’s tough to compete with those $400 ebay FMIC kits.
  43. 2Gjunkie

    2G Who wants a big SMIC? gauging interest

    Good responses. Let’s keep em coming!All the 2G oem smics are the same, correct? I thought there were some variations with the 1G and a couple of different fitments...
  44. 2Gjunkie

    2G Who wants a big SMIC? gauging interest

    I believe the oem 2G core is 8x7x2.7. An ~8x8x4.5 core would almost double the volume.Bell makes cores up to 6” thick so you wouldn’t have to stack... but I don’t know if 6 would fit in the oem location.
  45. 2Gjunkie

    2G Who wants a big SMIC? gauging interest

    I’ll be the first.Yes, I’m interested. I’d pay up to $600 for a SMIC from a reputable fabricator.
  46. 2Gjunkie

    2G Who wants a big SMIC? gauging interest

    I’ve noticed that there seem to be a lot of 2G DSMers who want to buy a big SMIC, like the old Hahn or Dejon models, but there aren’t any around anymore.This thread is to see just how many people are willing to pay for one. I’ve talked with some fabricators, but most are either too busy with...
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