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  1. 95 GSX

    I was just doing some body work. This was 9 years ago but I needed a picture to make a profile and it was the only one I could find. Thanks for the concern though!
  2. ECMlink ISC Position

    Thanks for the quick response. I went ahead and did another boost leak test and found a small leak coming from my newly installed fiav plate. PSI dropped from 25-10 over 45 seconds or so. I'm going to track down some allen head screws for it and cut another gasket to try to fix that.I pulled...
  3. ECMlink ISC Position

    Im having trouble getting my ISC to stay around 30 at idle. I rebuilt the TB with new gaskets, shaft seals, ISC valve, BISS screw and O-ring but on warm or cold idle the ISC position drops slowly to 0. Ive gone through the idle troubleshooting pages I could find, but nothing seems to fix this...
  4. 95 GSX

    Wicked_Sick submitted a new DSM Profile :95 GSXRead more about this vehicle here...
  5. 95 GSX

    95 GSX

  6. 2g full engine wiring harness help

    Pulled the plugs to check for spark? swapped plug wires?Do you have a multimeter?
  7. New product launch: PiLink for ECMLink owners

    Are you still going to have extra units with your initial group buy? If so, what would they run $$ wise?
  8. Wiring harness diagram of somekind might helpEdit: Didn't realize you have a NT
  9. 16G Install Questions

    I bought the kit from extremepsi, the line fits fine on the head but I cant get it tight on the turbo.where the oil line is hanging, theres a L shaped fitting that the line screws into and then the fitting from that into the turbo. I cant get the middle piece tight.I did use the VFAQ but...
  10. 16G Install Questions

    Ive been trying to put an Evo 3 16G into my GSX after my T25 blew up. I have a couple questions about it that I havent been able to find the answers to.1) How can I get the oil feed line tight? I have it fed from the head, and where the line screws into the adapter that is screwed into the...
  11. Ft. Hood/Killeen TX Area DSM'ers INSIDE!

    So its 10:00 at Discount Tire by Best Buy?
  12. Budget Build Questions

    To answer one of your questions, you cannot use a 1g ecu in a 2g for dsmlink.
  13. Ft. Hood/Killeen TX Area DSM'ers INSIDE!

    Alright, so were planning on the 20th. Hopefully my car will be running by then!
  14. whats the cheaper way to go

    If you want a 4g63 its a lot cheaper to sell your car and buy a factory 4g63 powered dsm.
  15. "Breaking the Barrier" build

    Were you on a stock tranny for your 517/412 build?
  16. What is this car worth / Is this car a good deal?

    Are you asking like is it possible to have all these things done for it and would it still run? Yes, its 'legit' if he really did put all this into it. I really doubt hes pushing 300hp on 14psi on an evo3 though. You probably will want to upgrade to an aftermarket clutch, like an act 2100. Make...
  17. Building a DSM

    its going to be very difficult, if not impossible to get a 16g to 500hp.
  18. suggestions on this clutch and also WEIRD electronic issues?

    What do you mean your car runs harder when the a/c is on? a/c does put more load on the engine, is that what you mean?
  19. [RESOLVED] weird light show on cluster.

    I was getting this and the alternator was shot, replaced it and then 6 months later Im getting it again, but Im 99% sure its the alternator again.
  20. What do you think about this trade. Feedback wanted?

    Isnt the HX35 a t3 style? How is he making enough to need dual wastegates with 550s? Is the only tuning he has a maft? Id stay away from it simply because too many things dont make sense.
  21. dsmlink QUESTION???

    Youll need an eprom ecu, they come in some 95's and run about 200$. ecm used to be called dsmlink, so dsmlink v1 and v2, and then ecmlink v3.
  22. Which BOV? [Merged 3-8] what bov best bov

    I like my HKS ssq but pretty much any name brand one you get will do the trick, make sure to get one that can recirculate though.
  23. wassup guys newbie here! want some opinions!

    95 GSX, awd is sexy, 2g cars look better imo
  24. Is this suff stock on a 95 Eclipse GST?

    turbo isnt stock
  25. Best Turbo? [Merged 9-9] turbocharger upgrade

    Youll need engine management, fuel mods, intake, exhaust, built driveline, etc to get 450-550, if you put a huge turbo on first youre going to break something.
  26. Need advice on where to spend this $1,300

    Pick up a set of used seats from classifieds or go to the local junkyard and see if theyll let you walk the lot and try to find some.
  27. Denatured Alcohol to PASS Emissions?

    Thats a good thing to know, Ive never had to do an emissions test, I register my vehicles in Montana, but if I ever need to test Ill be sure to remember this!
  28. Bogging issue

    You can get a pocketlogger setup for pretty cheap.PocketLOGGER for OBDII
  29. Bogging issue

    Are you 100% sure you have no boost leaks?
  30. Looky Looky what I'm getting!

    Check all the wiring you can get to easily to make sure mice didnt eat through anything.
  31. Ft. Hood/Killeen TX Area DSM'ers INSIDE!

    So whats the deal? When are we having a meet?
  32. Best Turbo? [Merged 9-9] turbocharger upgrade

    I vote for the hx40 as well, try to get the t3 housing for it.
  33. SO How does the viscous LSD work? AWD ALL the time?

    A viscous LSD transfers torque between the front and rear if one or the other starts to slip. HowStuffWorks "Viscous Coupling"
  34. 450cc injectors?

    Stock injectors are 450, no need to buy a replacement set thats the same size.
  35. help me build

    How much are you looking to spend? 500? 5000? 50000? What are your goals? Drag, street, autox?
  36. grinding noise when letting off gas

    I stopped by Deep Stage here in Killeen, TX and let one of their guys drive my car, he said it was just something loose. Downpipe or something else metal rattling around. I couldnt find anything loose and it doesnt seem to me like it would only do it when decelerating/clutch out.
  37. grinding noise when letting off gas

    Did you ever find what was making the noise? My car is doing the same thing. Ill try to upload a video/sound clip and see if its the same noise you're hearing.
  38. Ft. Hood/Killeen TX Area DSM'ers INSIDE!

    ft hood as well, also in iraq though Ill be back next week sometime
  39. How reliable has your DSM been?

    ~50 a month for full coverage. If you have any parents/grandparents who were military you can get coverage through USAA and its pretty cheap.Treat the car well and it will treat you well, just be sure to take care of all of the maintenance before you decide to do anything else to the car...
  40. Interesting in buying my first DSM

    Definately pick it up, if nothing else, you can part it out and make a quick buck.
  41. car is in body shop!

    Post pics as soon as you get the car back. What all body work are you getting done?
  42. What size WG for HX40?

    Absolutely, Id just prefer to buy once and do it right, and Ill be upping the boost as soon as I can afford a better tranny and clutch, which shouldnt be more than a month or two, but Id like to get it all in and working first.
  43. What size WG for HX40?

    Will a 44 be big enough for 10 lbs on an HX40?
  44. The Official "What Should I Spend Money On?" Thread [Merged 10-6]

    evo 3 16g evo 3 manifold and o2 housing safc2 650 injectors 255 walbro fmic 3" exhaust intake fuel pressure regulator boost gauge oil pressure gauge wideband o2 gaugeonly after all maintenance is done..
  45. holset housing

    you cant use the same housing for an hx35 and hx40.
  46. were should i get my new engine from

    There are a few supporting vendors that have long and short blocks, but it depends a lot on what your budget and goals are. If you're just looking for a stock block you could probably find one in a local junkyard or classifieds. You might also consider swapping in a 6 bolt 4g63 since you wont...
  47. crank walk issue on stroker.

    Shouldnt be a problem with a 6 bolt, its rare on 7 bolts.Use an OEM TOB.
  48. need bottom end build help!!

    What compression ratio are you wishing to run? What kind of budget do you have? Are you upgrading the crank?
  49. 1G How do you think my build is going?

    Looking very nice, have you had it out yet? Its been 2 years since you started.
  50. Evil gauges?

    They look really nice, its too bad theyre sold out of Boost gauges.
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