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  1. DSM build dates

  2. Rebuild time 4G63 or 4G64

  3. 2G Beefy Rear sway bar

    Does anyone know where I can get a good and beefy rear sway bar?I have heard from a couple Vendors that the suspension Techniques sway bar is on back order. Does anyone know where I can find those in stock or a suitable replacement.From what I hear RM racing and ST are the only good...
  4. haltech E6K vs DSMlink V2

    Ok peoples just like the title says, I'm trying to decide between the two engine management systems.there are few pros and cons that I see.the DSMlink has everything that anyone needs execept the fact you still have to run a MAFT in order to run my Tial BOV.the haltech has just...
  5. Any Drift fans here?

    I was just wondering if there were any drift fans out there?When I get done with my money pit I want to learn to drift.Anyone have experience with an AWD? I have done a lil so naturally I suck. Any helpful hints?Oh and one last thing...Any east coast events around?
  6. Sheps new record?

    Has anyone heard of John shepards new record? I heard he busted a 9.0XX.Discuss
  7. DSM auction site

    I don't know if you guys anyone has heard of this, so I figure I should take the chance and put it out to everyone.This site is still small but who knows where it will
  8. volumetric efficency of the 4G64

    I was trying to do some calculations for turbo sizing and efficency.(I'm bored)I was wondering if anyone knew what the volumetric efficency of the 4G64 is or how to find the information?
  9. Full T-4

    Hello all, I have a delima. I have been listening to RDRKT and his thoughts on a proper turbo set up for a 4G64.And it just so happened to find a good deal on a full T4.So my question is what should be the proper trim and housing sizes for a 4G64 motor that will have tolerable spool up(...
  10. 420A to 2.4L minivan swap ifo?

    I am looking for info on differences, etc on what it takes to swap a 2.4L into a NT Eclipse. Any info would help as we are now at the point of this NT/Turbo build-up that we need to upgrade the internals. And have decided to go the 2.4L bottom-end route. ThanksWiz
  11. Rebuild time 4G63 or 4G64

    OK...I just recently spun a rod bearing and of course I have to rebuild. My question is as follows: Should I go to a 6 bolt 4G64 or should I go to a 6 bolt 4G63.I know the 4G64 isn't proven but hey it has to be at least as good as the 4G63. I have heard some of the pros and cons to the '64...
  12. DSM build dates

    I was just curious to what are the build dates to all the 2g guys out there?I'm march 10, 1994
  13. Regrind or not to Regrind

    Me and some friends were thinking about having some cams reground to HKS specs....I just wanted to know what were you opinions about doing so.Pros of doing it? cons of doing it?over all is saving a lil money now going to hurt longevity and potential in the long run?
  14. Stainless Steel fuel line assembly

    Does anyone know an weasy way to install the end fittings on SS fuel lines??
  15. Sx fuel pressure regulator location ideas

    Hey guys I just recieved my SX regulator...I wasn't prepared to how big this mofo was.... big reg+lil engine bay=PITADoes anyone have any pics of a SX regulator install in a 2g?
  16. PDA DYNO?!?!?! wanna be pocket logger?

    First of all I wanna say I already have a pocket logger, but what's the deal with this pda dyno?there aren't many more features than the pocket logger, there are more stuff none the less.Anyone know anything abou this thing?:confused: :confused:
  17. weird tuning issues..need help!!!

    First of all this will probably be a lil lengthy so I appologize in advance.Im having this weird problem with my car. Between 3kand 4k rpm the car feels like it's falling on its face. There is a hesitation and it also feels like the car wants to move but is being held back.I suspect the...
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