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  1. jgio213

    Battery Relocation, beating a dead horse

    Hey guys, I know this is a topic that has been beat to death and I have done a lot of searching in the forums and read through many threads the last few nights. What I'm looking for is confirmation on a diagram I am going with for my battery relocation. Will it work and is it safe? There are a...
  2. jgio213

    Quarantine Questions

    Evening Gents,So with all the quarantine stuff going on I've been doing a lot of tinkering on my 2G and cleaning things up and such. This season there were big plans to swap in the freshly built motor I've got waiting and adding my FMIC, and upgrading to the 20G turbo. Currently car is tuned...
  3. jgio213

    New Fuel Pump and car is rich

    Hey Guys... Here we go... about 3 weeks ago I installed a fuel-lab AFPR in my car to prepare for a new wally 255. At the time I had a 195 pump in there and set my regulator to 43PSI and had zero issues, car ran great, regulator did its job perfectly. Today I threw in the new 255 pump and I'm a...
  4. jgio213

    2G new fuel pump / fpr

    Hey guys, I'm upgrading my old 195 pump to a 255, and going the recommended route of adding in a fuel pressure regulator. Currently car is tuned for 20lbs on a 16g and FIC 750's. First question, is the recommended FPR psi still the 41-45 range? And second question, will I or should I need a...
  5. jgio213

    Paintscratch bumper kits

    Hey guys, I'm looking at repainting my front and rear bumpers as they're looking a little ragged over the years. I've come across the kits and wanted to get some feedback on those. My bumpers were sprayed at one point during previous ownership and it looks like it was just off...
  6. jgio213

    2gb OEM Exhaust

    Can someone provide some pictures of their OEM 2gb exhaust from the cat to muffler please? I've got to play some games with the Massachusetts inspection system and need to find a way to make my exhaust appear stock without having to hack up my nice new 3". Thank you
  7. jgio213

    For Sale 4 Bolt rear for 5spd

    Four bolt rear end for a 5spd, was a working spare for my 1g and just have no use for it anymore. Clearing out space to fill with 2G parts. Comes with axles, cups and hardware. Price is 300 Firm. Prefer local pickup or can meet, located in Western Mass.
  8. jgio213

    First 2G street car

    jgio213 submitted a new DSM Profile :First 2G street carRead more about this vehicle here...
  9. jgio213

    For Sale 4 bolt rear for a manual

    complete 4 bolt rear end with axles and cups for a manual car. Prefer local pickup, located in western mass. $400, price is firm.
  10. jgio213

    Sold 1991 Eagle TSI 5 speed FS/FT

    Toying with the idea of selling or trading my 1991 1G TSI, chassis has roughly 130k miles, with a freshly rebuilt 6 bolt. Car is about 90% complete and with new additions to the family I've lost all time to finish it. Heres a run down on what I've got Freshly built 6 Bolt, bored .2 over with...
  11. jgio213

    1G Innovate MTX-L Install

    Hey guys, Just a couple quick questions on a MTXL install... For starters I'm using this guide for where to hook into for the various wires which is pretty straight forward... My question is, Do I splice into these wires of the ECU plugs or am I cutting this...
  12. jgio213

    FPR to Fuel return line help

    Hey guys, Im wrapping up some odds and ends on my car and 1 thing that has me stumped is some pretty simple plumbing issues on the fuel system. Mainly what I need help with is how have you all run your return line from the FPR to the Fuel return. The stock return line is a slip fit and clamp...
  13. jgio213


    When you're finished with reassembly and go to put the wheels on but cant find your damn lug nuts. Didn't lose one bolt throughout the entire rebuild, but lost 20 lugs somehow. lol
  14. jgio213

    My project

    jgio213 submitted a new DSM Profile :My projectRead more about this vehicle here...
  15. jgio213

    No fluid after pulling tranny drain plug

    Like the title says, there was barely a dribble of fluid when I removed the drain plug in my 1g AWD 5 speed tranny. How much trouble am I dealing with. The input and output shafts are free of play and spin easily with no noises or anything. The shift linkage is working and moving through the...
  16. jgio213

    Throttle body elbows

    Anyone using the STM throttle body elbow. I have a 1g and am mocking up the FMIC and looking for a better option than the stock elbow. The STM one looks nice but it’s anout 100 bucks which is pricey for a 6 inch piece of metal. I thought of going to an2g elbow but seems they can be more...
  17. jgio213

    JDM sport intercooler mounting

    I picked up a free intercooler along with some other assorted parts so I'm happy with that. I'd like to use this JDM sport intercooler I picked up. It looks like a run of the mill universal intercooler. Attached is a picture of it. Im wondering does anyone have some good pics of using and...
  18. jgio213

    OEM Hardline to -6an fuel filter

    What sort of adapter or fittings have you used to go from the OEM hardline to a -6an fuel filter?
  19. jgio213

    16G Wastegate set ups

    On the new build I'm going to be running a 16g turbo with an OEM actuated waste gate. I'm probably going to use this for the first thousand or so miles while the engine is breaking in. Curious what the max boost is you can run on a OEM wastegate 16g. I'm hoping to eventually switch to a tial...
  20. jgio213

    1G Oil pump assembly help

    Hey guys, I'm trying to find a good break down on the oil pump sprocket assembly, specifically if there is a spacer that goes on before or after the sprocket. I looked through the hanes manual and didnt see it listed. If my memory is correct though there is a silver metal spacer about the size...
  21. jgio213

    1G Installing an Innovate wideband, do I still need an O2 sensor

    So I'm making headway on my build and getting ready to drop the motor back in and get this thing going, last step is getting my ECU and DSM link. To call myself a newbie to tuning and DSM link would be an overstatement, and ill be having the guys at RRT handle the tuning. Anyways on to the...
  22. jgio213

    Timing belt questions

    So I'm in the process of doing a complete rebuild on my 1G talon. Naturally all timing belts and components are being done. I picked up this kit.... the gates "economy kit" from extremepsi. A gates belt, balance...
  23. jgio213

    1G Post EGR Delete

    So I've completed the EGR delete and went to the "race only" set up via Taboo speeds diagrams. I'm just wondering is it ok to unplug the Fuel pressure solenoid and Evap Purge solenoid electrical connectors, or will those cause CEL's and any other issues if they're just unplugged and removed...
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