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  1. luii90

    DSMers in Lacey/Olympia area?

    Hello guys recently moved temp. to WA and I’m pretty close, I live in Olympia. I might stop by unfortunately I didn’t bring any of my dsms still back at my home state. Plan on bringing the spyder soon and go on a track day at the ridge motor sports park!! (That’s the plan) Glad to see dsmers are...
  2. luii90

    2G WedsSports TC105N 17x9 +35

    I have been so out of the car game that I didn't realize you added stuff to your car Danny! Good stuff bro! Love those wheels!! 265s ehh
  3. luii90

    Not a good day at the autocross

    Damn!!! This sucks looking at it! Well at least it's repairable. My friend wrecked his boss 302 at Fontana speed way and well let's just say I rather see this then what I saw in his boss 302.Post vid!
  4. luii90

    2G EVO X Steering Wheel on 2G

    I did the evo ix steering wheel swap in my old 99 gsx, steering felt 10x's better with the ix steering wheel. The 2g oem wheel felt like I was driving a bus. Lol That's my next mod for the new spyder.Is the x steering wheel the same size as 8/9 steering wheel?
  5. luii90

    2G Spyder roll bar with back seats

    That looks great I should've done that for the rear bars oh well looks clean.
  6. luii90

    Why did you choose a DSM?

    Reasons why I went dsm 1. I'm cheap 2. They aren't "hot" such as honda's 3. Enjoy beating evos/ exotic cars with a dsm and getting that confused face while they stare hard at the dsm. 4. Love that 4g63 nothing like it out there And 5. I'm cheap
  7. luii90

    Road Race Build Spyder 99

    luii90 updated Spyder 99View updates to this DSM profile...
  8. luii90

    Has anyone tested the various Evo bov's?

    I have a evo ix bov and boost at 26-28psi and has held fine within the years.
  9. luii90

    1997 Talon TSi AWD to Eclipse GSX Conversion, should I do it.

    Keep talon and leave it as a talon or sale and buy an eclipse. I know what you mean I had solved this problem years ago so I just had both lol
  10. luii90

    1G Any feal coilovers reviews?

    Feals are worth it. I've used them for dd and road course events and are still good. Bought them in 2014
  11. luii90

    1G ZL1 brake swap 1g

    Are the zl1 brakes the same as the new z28 camaro with carbon ceramic rotors? If so, those rotors would be great too.
  12. luii90

    Keep the balance shaft?!?!??

    I kept my bs did the belt change about 6 years ago and still running solid. Making double the hp and seen a lot of track events and I mean abused! Will be doing this to my spyder and keeping the bs soon. Everyone has a different experience, I personally didn't like a few of my dsms without the...
  13. luii90

    Spy runner 99

    I ended up painting it red. That is the first session of paint tomorrow morning second round the. Shoot some clear for that glossy look
  14. luii90

    Spy runner 99

    Roll bar is complete here is the final product. The guy did an amazing job especially for under $800.Now for Paint should I go with red or black or even white on the roll bar???
  15. luii90

    Spy runner 99

    Roll bar is starting to look good.
  16. luii90

    Spy runner 99

    So today I got to it and began to strip the interior for future roll bar coming soon!! Getting roll bar done real cheap, doing a basic 4 pt just so I can enter Cali tracks. In the future I'll have a full roll bar. Here's some pics of the process so far.Also had a chance to install black greddy...
  17. luii90

    Road Race Build Spyder 99

    luii90 updated Spyder 99View updates to this DSM profile...
  18. luii90

    Thinking of selling my Talon

    I second that if you do end up selling the dsm I love the trans ams ws6
  19. luii90


    Like Luv2rallye said might want to look at the power transistor. Similar thing happened to my cousins car and replacing it ran like a champ. It caused misfire when it was bad.
  20. luii90

    Thinking of selling my Talon

    Here in California they stay around 6k and above for a decent condition one. As far as tuning the 16g buy some 750 or 1200s and go on e85 if possible. Reason you feel the difference is the compression of the two engines (4g63) (general v8). Boosted do feel a little laggy compared to a natural...
  21. luii90

    Thinking of selling my Talon

    Didn't see any injector size so assuming your running stock injectors, just upgrade your injectors and get a tune for with the current 16g you have and it will make more whp depending on fuel and who tunes it. you'll be a lot faster then a mustang v8 '03-'04. I've gone through different cars and...
  22. luii90

    Road Race Build Spyder 99

    luii90 updated Spyder 99View updates to this DSM profile...
  23. luii90

    Spy runner 99

    So I recently purchased this 99 spyder for two reasons. 1. beat on it at the track with little attachment for the car 2. be able to cut, weld, do whatever is necessary to be quick. I couldn't do that to my '99 GSXCurrently in the process is making a roll bar. I have no experience with tubing...
  24. luii90

    Road Race Build Spyder 99

    luii90 updated Spyder 99View updates to this DSM profile...
  25. luii90

    Road Race Build Spyder 99

    luii90 updated Spyder 99View updates to this DSM profile...
  26. luii90

    Road Race Build Spyder 99

    luii90 updated Spyder 99View updates to this DSM profile...
  27. Spyder 99

    Road Race Build Spyder 99

  28. luii90

    Road Race Build Spyder 99

    luii90 submitted a new DSM Profile :Spyder 99Read more about this vehicle here...
  29. luii90

    Upgrading to 16g turbo

    Arp head studs, bigger injectors if you plan to run more boost if not wastegate pressure will be fine on stock injectors. And a tune if you do plan to go with bigger injectors such as 99 reflashable ecu or dsmlink which ever version or evo 8 ecu.Just purchase a spyder 99 gst, just finished...
  30. luii90

    Feal 441 Coilovers

    The 441 are great for road racing have a pair on a '99 gsx. It was daily driven before as well great ride not to harsh on the road either. Plan on buying another set for gst spyder but maybe trying out the 442 waiting on some cash lol
  31. luii90

    1998 Eagle Talon TSi AWD street build

    Nice congrats!! Regret selling my 98 tsi awd. Love that interior!
  32. luii90

    Post some pics broski!!

    Post some pics broski!!
  33. luii90

    2ga vs 2gb trans

    Tcase needs to match transmission. Example 2ga transmission 95-96 needs to be a 2ga tcase.
  34. luii90

    2G Best Coilover for Auto X and DD

    I have the feals, they have held up great two years so far haven't blown a shock yet lol
  35. luii90

    2G 1/4 Mile HTA68 Version 1 Results

    Good stuff Daniel! You will get it bro.
  36. luii90

    FP 68HTA dyno results

    Sold my 68hta v2 to a friend and recently got good results for being conservative tune. 419whp 395tq at 26psi. Mods e85, unknown cam regrinds, fmic, 1000cc injectors, exhaust.
  37. luii90

    New Dsm road racing picture thread!

    That's a perfect pic!
  38. luii90

    New Dsm road racing picture thread!

    It's oem cf hood cut some vents into it. No longer have it. I might have a close up pic I'll have to look for it.Good to see some 2gs handling the road course
  39. luii90

    New Dsm road racing picture thread!

    Mitsufest 2014 Fontana Speedway
  40. luii90

    2G HX-35 A/C Auto-X & Daily

    Have you looked into bw s256 or s258? Read articles about them being pretty quick on spool times and around close to 500whp. I'm sure on that 2.3 you have it would be a hell of a set-up.
  41. luii90

    2G HX-35 A/C Auto-X & Daily

    Hey Wes, man must be a change of feel for you from stroker to 2.0. What turbo are you looking into?
  42. luii90

    New n00b in the DSM world

    Welcome, you will definitely learn a lot owning a dsm period! I became a very good mechanic due to my first dsm. Patience will be key in owning a dsm. Good buy on the Gst looks good.
  43. luii90

    After market SMIC

    Wow that looks better then I thought! I wonder why the eBay punishment racing didn't fit they are the same as cx racing. Hmm. Looks great.The intercooler pipe connected to the throttle body before the bov, that isn't a cx racing product correct me if I'm wrong. what brand is it? I need...
  44. luii90

    After market SMIC

    I went from a fmic to currently a dejon smic. Now having issues with getting intercooler piping. eBay pipes won't let fuse box sit right. I just installed top portion of greddy piping And now have air filter issues! LolFmic would still be good with t28. But if you can get a larger smic.
  45. luii90

    2G Bent frame/unibody rails. Can this car be saved?

    My floorboard is the same all bent up from previous owner. I've hit it with a hammer and done the best I could just not the same.
  46. luii90

    YERFDOG'S 1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX

    Hey that's what I did with my 99gsx after I did all oem belts and seals. Besides ecm 99s have reflashable ecus so I went that route.Clean Gsx love it man!
  47. luii90

    2G FP 68hta opinions

    What he meant was that with the addition of the camshafts it made the turbo a little bit slower to spool which is normal for adding camshafts to our cars.Thanks for clarifying 19gsx91, that's what I meant. Adding the camshafts added spool lag but the 7cm v1 spooled quicker then the new 8cm v2...
  48. luii90

    2G FP 68hta opinions

    I had the 68hta 7cm v1 and used it for road racing at willows. Great turbo once I put in my cams k272 it did make it laggy. Non the less for road racing 68hta turbo setup is good if it's the old version. I also had the ability to try out the new 68hta, I believe that turbo is better suited for...
  49. luii90

    2G Cam recommendations for my setup?

    I have kelfords 272's they are good for drags I'd say but for street they are pretty laggy even with my 68hta. they love top revs though
  50. luii90

    Autocross Build '99 gsx CA road race build

    Starting off had this gsx for 6-7 years already. From stock to what it is now. I've enjoyed taking this dsm to willow springs and Fontana speedway. Within the time i have had the gsx i've owned other cars and lost focus. Now i'm back to only having one sport's car once again. Now as of right now...
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