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  1. 1G EVO III Need help with which oil to use!

    Diesel oil changed specs ages ago to the newer CJ /CK oils that have lower allowable limits on zinc. They also aren't formulated for high rpm motors and have foaming issues. On top of that T6 shears down to a 30 weight oil in no time.
  2. 1G EVO III Need help with which oil to use!

    Any Euro spec oil is miles better than the standard US oil. It doesnt have to be anything fancy but you do want to see that oil meets BMW/Porche/VW/MB specifications. Euro oils have a higher standard in wear protection/oxidation/extended drain intervals and so on.... They dont have to conform...
  3. 1G 2g Dual Piston Calipers on a 1g

    To add to this, if you don't want do any mods you can use the rear brake lines from a 93 to 97 Honda Accord. It's bolt on and has the correct banjo end.
  4. LED DRL and Flasher Module Creation

    Have you thought about just using a switchback bulb? Seems like a lot less hassle.
  5. 1G 92 TSI AWD brake upgrade help

    Run rear outer brake lines from a 93-97 Honda accord to use 2g calipers in a 1g. It replaces the stock outer line with a banjo provision and its close to the same length.
  6. Wash grease off your hands

    If you use lotion before working on your car, it helps hydrate the dry skin and block some of the pores so the grease cant get absorbed. It makes washing off grease a million times easier. I also use Kresto and that stuff takes pretty much everything off.I know old timers that just use...
  7. Heavy Metal Toxicity

    I've gotten metal fume fever once, from welding some scrap rotors for a project. Ever since, I pretty much always wear a respirator when welding.
  8. What Other Hobbies Do you guys have?

    Funny because I also do woodworking and homebrewing. If you haven't already, get your fermentation temps under control and play with water chemistry. Those two have the biggest impact. Limiting cold side oxidation also is a big part but it seems like you guys are brewing malt forward beers so...
  9. Aw4g63, landoawd where you at. All members from the early 2000's check in.

    Checking tuners is still a part of my daily routine whenever I go online. Old habits die hard
  10. 1G 1G MPI Control Relay

    If you are using a stock ECU you need to retain the power side of the MPI relay as the ECU needs to control the power down in order to be able to modify/save any tunes/changes. If you are using an aftermarket ecu, it shouldnt matter.The fuel pump control can be run on a standalone switch if...
  11. 2G Infinity Radio

    It'll be little bit quieter but it'll still be fine and not as bad as you think. The stock amp runs in parallel to the speakers, vs in series, so it's not completely necessary and would be similar to cars without the infinity amp option.
  12. 2G Infinity Radio

    You don't need the amp. Just wire them directly. You only lose the tweeters in the dash without the amp.
  13. 2G Found some goodies under the carpet while swapping seats

    You guys must be pretty young if you don't know what that key is for. It's for a steering wheel lock. They were pretty common in the 90s to "prevent" car theft.
  14. 2G What's the deal? Timing belt

    You don't need a special tool to adjust the tensioner pulley. Just use a prybar or long screwdriver against the water pump and pull up or down against the pulley to tension. Infact, I don't really find any of the timing belt tools that useful/necessary to be honest. Zip ties and a screwdriver...
  15. 2G Mild head rebuild

    Put the head on the side and fill the actual ports up with alcohol, not water. Then blow compresed air around the valves. Its a slightly better way of checking sealing besides using a vacuum plate.
  16. Another fuel pump question

    If you want a fuel pump where you don't have to upgrade again you should probably just look into going mechanical.
  17. Your most recent welding pics

    You're a machine! Feed rate and filler amount are on point!
  18. Your most recent welding pics

    Looks like pulse and laywire? Do you only do one pass?
  19. Just heard about shimming

    On bc272 is not really necessary or critical.
  20. RTM Racing - new (here) vendor

    RTM is amazing. I don't know how they do it, but I've gotten stuff faster from them then other vendors here in the states, which is crazy. You can always count on them for very unique products not found elsewhere.
  21. 1G Rear AWD Drivers Caliper = North American Outage!! Ideas?

    Honestly its really not that serious of an issue if we run out of calipers. There are a plethora of them out there that can be made to fit with adapters/brackets. It just hasnt been fully explored yet.
  22. General Who logs with pocket logger still?

    If you're having issues with getting palm to work just use tunerpro rt.//
  23. 1G 1g evo 3 housing turboback

    Just buy any downpipe made for the stock 02 housing then have the flange cut and rewelded at your local muffler shop. Nobody makes that downpipe anymore.
  24. 1G Forward Facing Oil Filter Housing

    ^ That is the best way to do it. Always remote mount when you can. Prevents fitting from breaking off and the sensors live much longer being away from vibration.
  25. 2G Radiator fans only work in ecmlink

    I can't really think of anything else. If the ECU can override and turn on the fans it should also be able to control the fans. Perhaps update the firmware and the software if you haven't already.
  26. 2G Radiator fans only work in ecmlink

    If you can manually switch the fans on, check to make sure your coolant offset is set to 0 in the Misc tab.
  27. Resolved 1g What’s this connector for? Ac pressure switch

    Either the ac thermo switch(filler neck) or the fan switch (rad).::Edit:: Just checked Mitchell. Its for the AC switch.
  28. Resolved Leaky Oil Cap

    Is the oil cap face on the valve cover bare metal or powder coated too? I've seen amateur powder coaters not mask that area off before and it will cause issues.
  29. 2G 6-bolt. Finally a conclusive test on my gasket.

    You definitely need to do a head gasket job and resurface the head. You most likely warped it since you let it overheated several times. Tightening down the head bolts isn't going to do anything but stretch them.
  30. 1G My first part off of the new lathe

    You should make your own v band aluminum chill/purge blocks. Helps a ton with warpage.
  31. 1G 91-94 Coil pack capacitor

    It's a noise filter for the radio. Not too important.
  32. General 6764 bep .70 results

    The he351 is just an hy35 with an hx40 compressor wheel. You could look at people running a hx40/35 for "similar" results. At the end, you'd be limited by the small turbine and 9cm housing.I can't say I've ever seen anyone truely max out an upgraded turbolab hx40, on this platform or others...
  33. 2G Help me plan a 2.4 build - AC fit?

    The cam gears are no longer available so you have to go adjustable. I would also check to make sure the block has provisions for a knock sensor. Sometimes it's there, if not, drill and tap that before you put the motor in.
  34. Car Overheating

    The stock gauge is more then adequate to judge if a car is over heating or not. Even though it's a broad range and not linear it's pretty easy to see that when it's in the hot zone coolant temps are usually around 220-230°. This is universal to all cars.
  35. Car Overheating

    Overheating at idle leads me to believe the fans arent working or atleast one isnt(if A/C is ON). The car doesnt rely on the fans when at speed. However you said they are working so it leads me to believe you have cheap shitty fans.
  36. Evo 9 Engine block repairable?

    2.4 swap it. That's what most evo guys do because they're cheaper.
  37. ECMlink problem after 1450cc installed

    Sorry, must have had you confused with someone else.
  38. ECMlink problem after 1450cc installed

    Anything above 1200cc and it becomes an issue/headache. You need to fix your wideband or buy a new one if your still using that cheap crappy glowshift one. You cant adjust or do anything until you have a working/logging wideband.Get a new wideband. Put the car back into closed loop and do...
  39. ECMlink problem after 1450cc installed

    No matter what you do they will never idle correctly. That's the issue with big low impedance injectors. I'm sure someone on FB already told you about that.You really need a fic easy tune or something similar to run those injectors or move on to high impedance.
  40. 1G Magnafuel 750 with stock tank

    Sump the stock tank and use a -12an bung for the inlet. The rest of the line can be -8. The -12an is to prevent fuel starvation/cavitation.
  41. ECMlink Totally lost with this 2g

    Invert CAS and swap plugs if you haven't already.
  42. The 16g Drag Race Discussion Thread

    Nice! I've been waiting years for this to finally happen.
  43. Building basic 1G chassis wiring harness

    If you're building a chassis harness from scratch you need to start with a relay/distribution box first. Once you have your relay box you can branch out the power you need for all the components you plan on running. Running lights, brake, headlights, turn signals... Etc. It's pretty...
  44. Buyer Beware: VRSF

    Honestly no need to warn anybody anymore. They no longer carry DSM products. They've posted several times how they hate the dsm community.
  45. Buyer Beware: VRSF

    All I'm basically get from that is, im getting my money back and mostly likely getting a free intercooler to keep or sell at the end of all this. Cool. When this is all over an done I'll give you $60 for the intercooler.
  46. Buyer Beware: VRSF

    Problem is they are not obligated to send you a paid shipping label. You giving an ultimatum of free return shipping or you're not getting the item back is not is not exactly offering to return it. All VRSF has to do is send their terms and conditions to your bank and they could easily deny...
  47. Buyer Beware: VRSF

    I'm assuming your also going to be keeping the product as you refuse to pay return shipping correct?
  48. Buyer Beware: VRSF points 15, 16, and 17. As shitty as the situation is for you, they don't have to do anything as they covered their ass.
  49. 2G How to properly mount/seal a fuel cell in the trunk of a hatch NHRA safty

    Jesus Christ. That'sa fire waiting to happen. You need to run some rubber around those straps. That's going to vibrate and rub a hole right through those corners.
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