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  1. Fehrion_sit

    when your job makes you half ass a job.

    i have this engine at work, its an EJ257 2.5L DOHC with a built bottom end. well it came in with piston slap. hot and cold it had this noise. so i pulled the motor and tore it down to find a potential point of failure like i usually do. im the engine guy at work. everyone else just seems to care...
  2. Fehrion_sit

    ECMlink MAFadjustment review

    this is my MAF adjustment after following the ECMLINK how-to. i used a long hill and normal driving to get this adjustment. a few of the markers seem out of order and im assure as to whether i should slope them or align them. :confused:how-to i used v3mafadjcombft [ECMTuning - wiki]
  3. Fehrion_sit

    Check my wiring diagram

    i had to fix all the botched wiring on my 90gsx, so i removed all add ons except my fuel pump rewire which seems to be installed correctly.below is how i intend to reinstall my gauges. i am going to use 16g question is what kind of relay should i get/use and where from? what...
  4. Fehrion_sit

    1.8l eclipse worth parting out a good idea?

    a guy at work is done with his pizza deliever vehicle, a 1.8l 94 eclipse, and i offered him 300 for it. it runs and drives but is old and beat. is it worth parting out? he smoked in the interior so that is pretty much done. if i can get my moneys worth from it, and then scrap the rest ill do it...
  5. Fehrion_sit

    help identifing this wire

    attached is a picture of the wire in question. it comes out of alternator wiring harness. the oil filter housing electronics are all hooked up and the alternator wiring harness is plugged in and battery terminal is connected .. any ideas?
  6. Fehrion_sit

    identifing this socket job

    opened up my ecu for the first time today to find unexpected goodies, the pictures below are the socket job to my eprom, i would like to know if the ecm chip will plug into in or if i need to send it out.thanks a bunch
  7. Fehrion_sit

    fuel pressure reg and switch question with pictures

    just a question about my Fuel Pressure Regulator, what does the little screw at the end do? im assuming that adjust fuel pressure.also, what is the thermostatic switch for?, circled in the picture. it is placed into the thermostat housing.these are both on a 90gsxthanks a bunch
  8. Fehrion_sit

    turbo identification, Serial Number Destoried

    i come to a real problem. the serial number on my td05h is ground of :ohdamn:i have the first 49178-0 and thats it. does anyone know any other way to determine what my turbo is i was told it was a e316g by the previous owner that im now doubtingwill post picture soon
  9. Fehrion_sit

    oil pump gash

    i got my front case/ oil pump off today while doing my BSE kit and i found a small gash in the oil pump sprocket bore that im not sure would be warrant for a new case. i just wanted to get some expert opinions. :confused:
  10. Fehrion_sit

    need front seal help!

    i need to order the front crankshaft seal, oil pump seal and front balance shaft so that my front case after install is not a mess. i would like to use rock auto, but they have alot of seals of different brands and part # :ohdamn:. can anyone help with which ones i need?thanks a bunch!
  11. Fehrion_sit

    Tool box opinion

    hey guys, im a subaru tech, still own a DSM though :D , but im looking for a new tool box at work and like most DSM guys, i dont have money to blow. im looking at 40" boxes and wanted to know if anyone has anything good or bad to say about the craftsman box(es), i want something nicer than HF ...
  12. Fehrion_sit

    Greddy Exhaust Temp Probe fitting issue

    the threads to my probe broke in my manifold and i removed the manifold, and had to cut out the sensor with a wiz wheel to get the assemble out. i would like to be able to rethread the hole, insert a sleeve, and then reinstall the sensor and is my issue, i no longer have the...
  13. Fehrion_sit

    bottom end recontruction

    hey guys, so after putting all the work into match porting and polishing my cylinder head, cutting the valves and such, ive become concerned with how well the bottom end of my motor will last, it has 189xxx on it,and the last thing we all want is for a piston to slam into all of our hard work, i...
  14. Fehrion_sit

    Roller Rocker Questions

    I'm rebuilding my head and when i took the roller rockers off, i found two that the valve tip has nicked the seat on the roller rocker. I'm assuming this happened from too much valve float, but my main question is where can i buy two new roller rockers. buying 16 i think would be over kill and...
  15. Fehrion_sit

    Building Parallel curcuit help

    im building this circuit to power both the power the gauges and power the LEDs that light up the gauge. my main questions are1. i need the gauges to operate when the key is in the "Run" position. where can i find a suitable power source that can run all four gauges? i am running a turbo...
  16. Fehrion_sit

    unkown valve on the side of intake manifold

    im doing a head rebuild and this valve is attached to the bottom side of my intake manifold, it was not hooked up to anything and i removed nothing from it, does anyone know what it is ?
  17. Fehrion_sit

    used 3g lifters ?

    im currently rebuilding my head, and i wanna get 3g lifters, im assuming they are out of the 4cylinder motor that came in the 3g eclipse, would getting used ones out of a junk car be a bad idea, the parts would obviously be cleaned and reassemblied, objects and thoughts?
  18. Fehrion_sit

    oil pan removal tips

    im getting ready to removal my oil pan to find out if my rear balancer shaft is still in place. i have a 90 gsx (awd) i know i need to remove the downpipe, cross member, and transfer case. besides the oil pan gasket, are there any other parts i will need just to remove&install the pan? do any of...
  19. Fehrion_sit

    oil filter sandwhich 6bolt

    after reading the merged thread for a while, im still confused as to how to get the oil filter sandwhich adpater in the car without hitting the downpipe i have a 3" for my 16g. a freind suggested a smaller filter but to me that seems like a bad idea ... does anyone have any ideas?below...
  20. Fehrion_sit

    how to setup these gauges (with pic)

    i was wondering if anyone knows how to set this gauge setup ? its really convenient for 1g any help?
  21. Fehrion_sit

    sandblasting and rim repair

    i recently got a set of 2g rims that i plan to use as summer wheels. they have some wear and tear and have been rattle can' ed black i started sanding them with various sandpaper but i have a sand blaster gun. im not looking to trash my rims. but i am filling in the gashes and intend to repaint...
  22. Fehrion_sit

    brake swap questions

    on my 1g eclipse i have single piston calipers and with all the proformance mods i have i think its time to do a brake upgrade to keep myself safe. ive read through vfaqs and i want to do the dual piston swap from a 3000gt or 2g dsm. i would like an easy bolt on im working out of my garage...
  23. Fehrion_sit

    A/C compentent removal

    hey guys well my a/c has been removed compressor and all but the tubes that move around the engine are still there and make for a messy look and one part is sharp... im not sure how to remove them as i dont want to harm the block in any way. below are the pictures i took of where i am weiry of...
  24. Fehrion_sit

    Gauge selection?

    hey guys, so im not happy with the gauges that the previous owner installed in my car. i currently have: - Super AFC - Autometer boost gauge - Greddy EGT - Autometer Fuel Pressurethe fuel pressure gauge works great and lights up okay in my opinion but my boost gauge has a horrible...
  25. Fehrion_sit

    1g oil catch can system setup?

    hey guys, right now i have one of those cheap tiny filters on my oil breather line coming out of my valve cover. i believe it is called a pvc ? , i know that these can mist oil all over my engine and i dont not want that. ive read that i can pipe it back into the intake but i dont want oil on...
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