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  1. Atuca

    My fuse box relocation (project log)

    I am just commenting in support and don't have much to add that hasn't been said already. I'll echo the Porsche ducts mod that I am sure you are well aware of. I have a set of ducts here but never installed them, as Andrew didn't run into over heating issues, nor did I in my year on track with...
  2. Atuca

    C1 Motorsports Evo Swap Time Attack Eclipse

    Oh, btw we are AWD ready in the rear! (Sorry for posting this out of order, it should have been done in the above post).Aside from the fact I didn't clean anything up, this process all took place in a weekend before I had moved to the new place so I didn't document it as well as I would have...
  3. Atuca

    C1 Motorsports Evo Swap Time Attack Eclipse

    Thanks! There are a plenty of reasons we chose to go through the swap, but if it also inspires some more swaps and saves more DSMs, keeping them on the road just that much longer, I am all for it. There is a little bit of info out there on youtube and forum posts from 15 years ago from guys that...
  4. Atuca

    C1 Motorsports Evo Swap Time Attack Eclipse

    Hey all!I have been posting small teasers on social media (link in signature), but I think it is a good time to post a proper blog post update!I won't be able to start building a new workshop for a good while, so will have to make due with the space I got, which ain't exactly slumming it...
  5. Atuca

    2G Rear Diffuser Design

    I am down to 6 sets of strakes, so folks are picking these up but no one has bumped this thread yet with install photos. If you got some DIY time in you, I'd really appreciate some photos for others asking me for installed photos :)
  6. Atuca

    2G 2G Spyder C1 Hard Top

    Got some exciting news on the #C1HardTopIn the next few weeks, we will be opening group buy deposits for the C1 Motorsports 2G Spyder hard top that will be built by Carbonetics. Details on the deposit amount, project completion date goal, and final total cost will also be coming soon. This is...
  7. Atuca

    How to design/build roll cage - NASA & SCCA compliant

    I've since moved from the GSX chassis to a new chassis in my bio. I will be doing a cage for the new chassis, but I ended up doing the option 5 photoed above in the gsx. Will end up doing it again for the next chassis as well. I'll update my thread when I get there, and try again to update here...
  8. Atuca

    Every time we move I say the same thing...

    After years of being close but not quite neighbors, I think we might be in the same general area now. I just moved few weeks ago myself to same town as you I think. Soon as we're all vaccinated and sterilized, we should finally have that conversation we missed out on during that fleeting D and D...
  9. Atuca

    C1 Motorsports Evo Swap Time Attack Eclipse the name implies, he started with Evo parts, but you can see he's got a few DSM specific parts as well. I am kinda intrigued by the idea of replacing a bunch of the 20 year old suspension bolts with titanium, but I'd probably need to provide him with the...
  10. Atuca

    C1 Motorsports Evo Swap Time Attack Eclipse

    Hey all! Let me update you on some personal developments for the Eclipse project.After I began filming for the 3D scanning video a few months ago, I realized quickly what a grand giant project scope this was opening up to. Building a motor, or welding projects here and there was one thing, but...
  11. Atuca

    For Sale Race Car parts - Sequential, Cosworth Rods, Battery relocation, Rear LSD, ect

    Selling Brand new never used 4g63 Cosworth 150mm Rods for 7 bolt DSM/Evo for use in a Cosworth 2.2l stroker build - $650----------------CCW one off custom wheels race version SP16R with extra machining on the lip for weight 18x11.5” and 18x10.5”. Curb rash here and there taking it on and...
  12. Atuca

    2G ***NEW PRODUCT*** Quaife rack and pinion AKA Quickrack, W/Optional EPS kits (CLOSED)

    Just so everyone is aware, they are scheduled to be picked up Friday from the shop by Fedex and will finally be on their way from there.
  13. Atuca

    2G DBW Throttle Body Options

    You have provided some great information @Canadian_CD9A !I actually fell a bit for the "do what everyone else is doing" train and while I think that is a safe bet for most folks in most DSM mod path related circumstances, the throttle body one I think is pretty wrong. The S90 seemed to be VERY...
  14. Atuca

    2G 2G Spyder C1 Hard Top

    This is the tricky bit and the main reason it got sent off to Sergio versus me just making it in the C1 garage. I could have made a mold out of the outer shell and called it done and it would have worked for my Spyder, but to mount on a stock bodied car with the OEM mounts, a skeleton needs to...
  15. Atuca

    C1 Motorsports Evo Swap Time Attack Eclipse

    They make them for the Evo 4g only. There are ZERO new off the shelf options for sequential for a DSM 4g63, hence why all the headache with this swap. If there was an option, any option, I would have done it. I did recently find a used Evo 3 rally car drivetrain by Xtrac I believe it was, with...
  16. Atuca

    2G 2G Spyder C1 Hard Top

    I knew what you meant, and I appreciate it. There were no options for hard tops, and originally started this project for just me to get weight down as the original was super heavy. Later (after the tranny failure in November, see my build profile), we decided since C1 is changing chassis for new...
  17. Atuca

    2G 2G Spyder C1 Hard Top

    Nope, we are just actively publicly sharing this project on social media and forums and hoping he never see's that he's tagged in every post. In fact, we actually just bought it to copy everything for profit.JIG'S UP BOYS!
  18. Atuca

    My fuse box relocation (project log)

    Well like I was telling your brother, don't beat yourself up over the stock cars being faster. If you spent the same 50-60k that they did buying their new car, on mods for yours, I bet you could come up with at least 2 seconds too.Happy to see you making more progress Eric, and great photos Brian!
  19. Atuca

    For Sale **Lower Price** 7/10 price reduction on Motec, Holinger, Battery Relocation, OEM NIB, Fuel Cell,

    I dropped prices on a few more items this week, really looking to clear out the garage of these parts. If you are eyeing something let me know! I have more photos and info if you PM me, thanks! There is a 25 photo upload limit, if you want to see photos, PM me!Ultimate Battery Relocation...
  20. Atuca

    Sold Ultimate Battery Relocation starter kit

    This kit was inspired by the cleanest battery relocation setup I've ever seen in a DSM, DSMtuners moderator turbosax2's DSM restoration project...
  21. Atuca

    2G Removable hard top for the Spyder

    We started a thread for the build of the hard top here:
  22. Atuca

    For Sale Consolidated DSM Race Car Goodies For Sale List - Motec, Holinger, FP3052, Cosworth, Fuel Cell, ...

    If you have any questions or need photos, please PM me. Thanks.AMB Aero V2 Widebody - $3500 SOLDHolinger FWD Sequential Transmission - $3500 -> $3000CCW SP16R 18x11.5 | 18x10.5 Wheels And Yokohama A052 315 | 275 Tires - $3500 -> $3000Motec SDL Dash WITH I2 PRO UNLOCKED!! Includes...
  23. Atuca

    For Sale 6 Speed DSM Holinger sequential transmission

    I am selling a Holinger Sequential Gearbox. Not just a sequentially shifted (Ikeya) dog box, a genuine sequentially geared transmission. The absolute fastest and without a doubt best you can have.Holinger stopped making sequentials for the Evo 1-3 platform in the 90s, and despite my best...
  24. Atuca

    Sold Venom Intake Manifold, Q45 TB, non cruise Throttle Cable

    Selling intake manifold, Q45 throttle body, Adel Wiggins clamp, IC pipe, and a custom non cruise throttle Cable.This thing has been used on track for a decade and has been rewelded a million times and keeps going. It's part of a package now so for 500 bucks you get everything ya need for that...
  25. Atuca

    For Sale Cosworth 150mm 7 Bolt Rods

    Selling a set of 4 Cosworth 150mm length rods.One of the best names in Evo 4G63s, when purchased from Cosworth as a package, this set of rods is included in their Evo VII-IX 4g63 2.2 engine build kit with billet 94mm crank and pistons totaling over 5000 dollars.These 150mm rods can also be...
  26. Atuca

    For Sale New In Bag OEM Mitsubishi Engine rebuild items

    OEM Parts New in Bag:$15 - MD329503 Camshaft Position Sensor Gasket $10 - MR166736 PLUG, Manual Transmission Case, PLUG $30 - 1101A022 4G63 Crank Pulley Center Bolt $1 - MF241264 Slave Cylinder Bolt $1 - MS440503 Battery Tray and Wiring Nut $2 - MD041052 replacement Fel-Pro $5 - MF472403 M6x14...
  27. Atuca

    Sold 2G 27 Spline FWD DSS Stage 2 Axles + OEM + Aftermarket

    Used in our race car out lasting many transmissions. All axles are 27 Spline FWD 2G DSM, with ABS rings.DSS Stage 2 Axles (used) - $650 shipped in the Continental USAOEM Stock Axles (used) - $100 shipped in the Continental USAStock Style Axles (new) - $100 shipped in the Continental USA...
  28. Atuca

    C1 Motorsports Evo Swap Time Attack Eclipse

    I think with a fresh coat of paint and rearranging some of the mounts for accessories flipped to the other side, the front of the new chassis will be able to utilize the old Spyder front. Where this mounts to the frame, even with the difference in the frame rails between the two cars, it's...
  29. Atuca

    Evo8 setup in 2g

    My build is an Evo swapped DSM with a billet engine and paddle shifted sequential transmission:
  30. Atuca

    C1 Motorsports Evo Swap Time Attack Eclipse

    Good question!Speed Density and Volumetric Efficiency tuning is the way to go. It's the least restrictive in the intake, and it's tune-able in multiple dimensions.As far as sensors are concerned, it's quite a bit, and includes what we already had in the car, and more now! I have still yet...
  31. Atuca

    C1 Motorsports Evo Swap Time Attack Eclipse

    This has been a good week for deliveries to the C1 Garage.Next to arrive was from friends at Hypertune. We have been working with them for a few months now on a special order for the intake manifold and other goodies to start to wrap up our intake needs for the build.This intake manifold...
  32. Atuca

    C1 Motorsports Evo Swap Time Attack Eclipse

    I have mentioned paddle shifting sequential a few times and talked specifics on where we were getting the transmission, but haven't talked much about what would be actuating the gearbox. Let me introduce you guys to the MME Motorsport paddle shift kit.This kit is available in different...
  33. Atuca

    2G Evo Billet 4G63 + Sequential Transmission in C1 Eclipse

    The 6 speed sequential transmission from X Shift has arrived!The next steps for assembly involves mounting a stock Evolution clutch housing and center differential. Once that is complete we can start installing the new power train into our DSM!
  34. Atuca

    C1 Motorsports Evo Swap Time Attack Eclipse

    It's here it's here it's here!!The whole reason for the chassis swap was for this transmission, so having it here is a big step in the completion of this swap.We have acquired a 6 speed sequential transmission from our sponsor X Shift Gearboxes. We have decided to go with a close ratio 6...
  35. Atuca

    C1 Motorsports Evo Swap Time Attack Eclipse

    In preparation for the sequential's arrival, I finally spent some time cleaning up the engine bay. While it was funny showing billet parts in an engine bay worthy of a "cash-for-clunkers" 90s tv commercial, it is time to get ready to install some engine and transmission parts.We're a long...
  36. Atuca

    Best shop for 4G63s in the area?

    Yup, Rich is holding it down through the virus. He's a great guy and knows his stuff. Let him know Philip from C1 Motorsports said "Hi" when you see him.
  37. Atuca

    Best shop for 4G63s in the area?

    TEM Performance Machine in Napa is who did all the work to several of our race heads, and is working on our new head as well. I am South of Sac, and I've used a few different machine shops in the past. Even as both I have moved around the country, as well as the car even internationally, the...
  38. Atuca

    2G AWD transmission for a 2G FWD

    We ran an AWD transmission in our FWD Time Attack car, and it all works just fine.FWD LSD, FWD Axle seals, FWD Axles and some machining to make it fit. Welded center dif in one of our transmissions, and a Spool in another. I also built a support plate to help keep the case rigidity and from...
  39. Atuca

    C1 Motorsports Evo Swap Time Attack Eclipse

    It is my wedding anniversary today (May the 4th be with you!) so my weekend was dedicated to building a planter box, but I somehow still have news to share on the car build.C1 Motorsports is happy to announce our newest sponsor Fuel Injector Clinic who is supporting out build with EIGHT...
  40. Atuca

    C1 Motorsports Evo Swap Time Attack Eclipse

    No joke, I am in just as much awe as you are.Why would we need to install a second kit on the car though? They are so good, you only need one to be effective :cool: :p
  41. Atuca

    C1 Motorsports Evo Swap Time Attack Eclipse

    While there is still plenty left to do prepping the chassis, we got another billet part in, this time from Dry Sump Solutions. They have provided us with a Dailey Engineering Dry Sump kit ready to be bolted to the billet block. We are working on a full unboxing and overview Youtube video, but I...
  42. Atuca

    2G 2G Spyder C1 Hard Top

    The C1 Hardtop has crossed the border and is now in the hands of Sergio at Carbonetics. Before work can begin, he had to see how it looked on his car straight away.
  43. Atuca

    2G 2G Spyder C1 Hard Top

    Hey all, I just wanted to share some news on a project we are working on. The hard top from the C1 Motorsports Eclipse, that was built by Andrew Brilliant back in the day, is being molded by Sergio at Carbonetics to be made available for purchase soon to the general public!The C1 Hard Top...
  44. Atuca

    TooSmooth for Time Attack

    I am all about the love for the cars actually on the track racing and learning. That's way more important than the sitting, dreaming, wishing, but in the end doing nothing (or worse: wasting money during a build to inevitably not finish and then part out). Stay focused on the attainable goals...
  45. Atuca

    C1 Motorsports Evo Swap Time Attack Eclipse

    Sounds good, the carbon doors are getting swapped from the old car (or new ones in dry carbon? hmmmmmm) Either way, the RS doors will be replaced by composites.
  46. Atuca

    C1 Motorsports Evo Swap Time Attack Eclipse

    Bit of an April Fools' Day joke, but I got the Bullet Race Engineering Billet 4g63 installed in the car earlier this month! :p :tease:Since then, I have spent some time finishing the prep work for the chassis. Mostly boring stuff if you've stripped a car before, but a necessary step on the...
  47. Atuca

    Sold 2G 27 Spline FWD DSS Stage 2 Axles + OEM + Aftermarket

    Used in our race car out lasting many transmissions. All axles are 27 Spline FWD 2G DSM, with ABS rings.DSS Stage 2 Axles (used) - $650 shipped in the Continental USAOEM Stock Axles (used) - $100 shipped in the Continental USAStock Style Axles (new) - $100 shipped in the Continental USA...
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