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Search results

  1. Evil94Evo

    Paint Shop

    May I suggest just painting them yourself? If not, I have a guy who has painted his own car in his shop, he might do it for $100 or so.
  2. Evil94Evo

    WTB Looking for a good clutch. I have good parts to trade.

    Good clutch needed, equivalent of 2600 or better please. Let me know via PM on here if you have anything.
  3. Evil94Evo

    Wtb rpf1/racing hart c2

    I know of some 17" RPF1's in Vancouver.
  4. Evil94Evo

    looking for a 4g63 6 bolt

    I have some options for you if you message me.
  5. Evil94Evo

    New enigine help.. Ideas, where to buy..

    I've been parting out DSM's for years. I have TONS of parts available. PM me with anything you want specifically.Paul
  6. Evil94Evo

    FS: Buyout on 1Ga/b parts and cars

    Right up my alley. I'm just broke. Want a 73 dodge colt in trade?
  7. Evil94Evo

    Weekly Meet

    Everyone is welcome to come hang out at my place! I have BILLIONS of parts and free knowledge :)
  8. Evil94Evo

    DSM Photoshoot

    My house routinely has 6+ dsm's. LOL. 2-3 gvr4's in various condition (usually JSB) and a few 1g's. Normally, that is more than ANY dsm meet lately. We should just have them at my house so it appears there is a turn out :)
  9. Evil94Evo

    nw dsm shootout

    ZERO chance that I will EVER be behind anything to do with West Coast DSM. They will NEVER EVER get an endorsement from me. I agree with all of the negative posts above and hopefully can amplify them. I've stuck my ass out for Chris so many times and I'm finally burned to the point I can not...
  10. Evil94Evo

    Weekly Meet

    Saturday mornings there is a weekly car show (search cascade cars and coffee on facebook) at the cascade station. We could meet there in the morning and head up to the mountain. There was a group of guys trying to set up a meet there for snowboarding and nobody showed up. This needs to just...
  11. Evil94Evo

    Weekly Meet

    I'm game for a mountain trip. Just simply going to govt camp and doing some doughnuts and maybe bring a couple heaters and a bbq or something.
  12. Evil94Evo

    Dsm BBQ

    Pics or it didn't happen (literally)
  13. Evil94Evo

    Any true DSM'ers still out there?

    At one point I had 14 awd dsm's in my backyard. They dont call me thedsmguy for nothing.. I'm in Vancouver Wa so hanging out might be tough but I'd lend you any tool you need.
  14. Evil94Evo

    I need a good pressure plate

    Please PM me if you have a good condition PP. similar to a 2600 lb plate .Thanks.
  15. Evil94Evo

    WTB DSMlink ECMlink

    Looking for a PNW local link setup. I'd prefer some sort of trade or part trade. But cash might be a option as well.Thanks.
  16. Evil94Evo


    Anyone selling link. Please PM me.
  17. Evil94Evo

    need bottom end rebuild salem area

    You are a 170 mile round trip (approx) to English. This would be roughly 10 gallons of diesel in my truck or $40... And about 5-6 hours of driving/loading etc.All said and done, I'd tow your car up there for $160. AAA is probably the best bet but its not the only option.
  18. Evil94Evo

    Anyone have link for sale or trade?

    I really would like to get a link setup. LMK if anything is available.
  19. Evil94Evo

    91 gvr4

    Picked up another gvr4 for parts. Its pretty rusty but if your up for a adventure the car is very strait and could possibly be fixed.I'm leaning towards just parting out the body. If you need anything please PM me.Thanks.
  20. Evil94Evo

    any 2g awd shells?

    I have access to one. Its a friends. It has motor that runs (knocks) and a 5 speed trans. It is awd, has no "major" body issues but really needs some small body work and a paint job. Its been sitting for a LONG time. I replaced the gas tank and FSU to get it to run again. The interior needs a...
  21. Evil94Evo

    20g turbo for sale

    I have a 20g. Has a t3 exhaust housing but its a TDO5 turbo so a 16g hotside will bolt on to it! Easy upgrade to a 20g!I'd like $350 for it.PM me
  22. Evil94Evo

    91-94 awd 5 speed transmission for sale

    Selling my trans, come test drive it before I pull it out. Better be quick.Shifts above average. $400 obo?
  23. Evil94Evo

    Does anyone have a shop/garage I can rent?

    Thanks. Just PM me if you know of anything.
  24. Evil94Evo

    WTB 1g or 2g turbo Maf

    I have 1g, 2g, and evo maf available. PM me. Not interested in trades.
  25. Evil94Evo

    Looking to purchase aem tru boost anyone selling?

    Not I amigo! I have a old greddy profec or a turbosmart dual stage if interested. Good luck with the search.
  26. Evil94Evo

    Anyone have link for sale or trade?

    Just curious if anyone local is selling a link setup
  27. Evil94Evo

    20g for sale

    I have a Hahn 20g with t3 hotside, Comes with exhaust manifold and tube o2 housing, no bad shaftplay. Internal wastegated. $400 for the whole setup.
  28. Evil94Evo


    Nice to meet you. Glad to hear they worked out great!
  29. Evil94Evo


    I have some! Pm me
  30. Evil94Evo

    dsm/evo meet start at fuddruckers and see were the day / night takes us!

    DSM meets have sucked big ones for about the last five years. I've had more dsm's and owners in my driveway (at the same time) in the last month (multiple times) then showed up to that meet.Of course I wasn't helping by thinking I would be going and then having a broke ass dsm and work to...
  31. Evil94Evo

    Yakima area

    Does anyone need anything delivered from Portland/Vancouver to Yakima? I have a couple empty car trailers heading your way!
  32. Evil94Evo

    For Sale: 1g charcoal "black" leather seats! Good condition!

    Pretty please post a price. Or at the very lease PM me. I sell a TON of parts and if I know how much your looking for I will likely be able to find you a buyer.
  33. Evil94Evo

    dsm/evo meet start at fuddruckers and see were the day / night takes us!

    If it is a nice sunny day I will probably be interested in going.
  34. Evil94Evo

    Media Blasting/Powdercoating Near 98664

    Right accross the street from Fort Vancouver HS is Vancouver powdercoating, there showroom shows some nice pieces. I think they had decent pricing as well.
  35. Evil94Evo

    FS: 1g ETS FMIC

    Trades? PM me..
  36. Evil94Evo

    dsm meet anyone?

    Anyone want to go on a drive tomorrow? 61 degrees and sunny! PM me if there is interest.
  37. Evil94Evo

    dsm meet anyone?

    I can probably make it out for a get together if we ever get one together.
  38. Evil94Evo

    94 awd talon 5 speed for sale

    Runs, does not drive. Broken transmission. Small 16g turbo is the only mod. motor smokes some when cold but seems to clear up. I bought this as a project car or to part out. Offering it up before I swap trans etc for $1000. Has 2g gst wheels, faded/poor red pant on front and tan leather that...
  39. Evil94Evo

    WTB 1g Rolling Chassis

    Picked up yet another 94 awd. Let me know if there is any interest.
  40. Evil94Evo

    Caged awd car FS/FT cheap.

  41. Evil94Evo

    Tranny bolt BIG problem

    You can weld a smaller bolt to the end of the broken belt and hopefully the heat expanding and contracting the metal will allow for the piece to be backed out. Otherwise drill and tap (ugh)...
  42. Evil94Evo

    Local 1g part

    I have totes full of I/C piping but not "kits" but lot of bov section, TB elbows, J pipe as well as random bends etc..I did however come across a nice i/c today. Its available if you want to PM me. Its a VERY large core but built for a 1g short route.
  43. Evil94Evo

    Local 1g part

    I have a FMIC from a 2g. not going to fit a 1g well.
  44. Evil94Evo

    Anybody have 650-850 injectors for sale?

    What? they have a classified section?
  45. Evil94Evo

    Should I buy a Galant VR4?

    No 5th gear could be a easy fix.Double check that the reverse sensor has the correct washer under it. If it does not have it the sensor sticks down to far and actually blocks 5th gear out. It potentially is your problem, to check easily just unscrew it half way and see if 5th works or not...
  46. Evil94Evo

    03.03.12 - boss; pics are up

    Wheres the beef? aka pictures.
  47. Evil94Evo

    anyone selling a sweet set of 235/40/17 tires or close?

    Just figured I'd double check with the locals before buying elsewhere.
  48. Evil94Evo

    Anyone selling a truck?

    I'm looking for a truck, anything from a $500 hooptie to ??? If I dont have enough cash I can add dsm parts etc. Hell, if its really nice I can add my gvr4. Let me know if you have anything for sale.Thanks.
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