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Search results

  1. 1g 7 bolt tensioner

    For sale 4G63 1g 7 bolt tensioner

    Don't need this, unused. Be sure it fits your application, only certain years.
  2. 1G Installing cams

    Yea I just turned enough for them to drop safely down lol.
  3. 1G Installing cams

    Thanks, I was being overly cautious, been a few years. I read the post where you are safe to rotate off tdc 180 degrees with no issues. Lined up fine.
  4. 1G Installing cams

    Cams are installed and tighten down, it's the part where I have to turn the cam gears to get the marks to line up is where I'm concerned.
  5. 1G Installing cams

    Engine is at tdc and I tried to keep the cam dowels close when cam caps torqued. Intake needs to spin cw, exhaust ccw to line up. They are opening valves, can you still bend stuff forcing them? I haven't applied much pressure yet.
  6. 1G Timing Belt Tensioner question

    Yes used, was trying to determine if they are bad or not, a topic about this comes up when you search. A Wiseman says that a good tensioner will extend slowly with pressure released from being compressed. I kinda doubted that. My assumption is if they are strong enough that you have to...
  7. 1G Timing Belt Tensioner question

    I read how to slowly compress, and they should come out slowly. Both that I have cannot be pushed in using all my weight but come out immediately when the vise is released. Junk?
  8. For Sale Mitsubishi MD308586 1G DSM 7-Bolt Timing Belt Tensioner

    New, no need for it,have only 6 bolts. Reference the part number to be sure it works for your application. $85 shipped.
  9. 1G can journal/head shot?

    Keep finding little things that are killing this project, thought maybe replace some valves, I assume this is game over for this head and cam.
  10. 1G No fire

    Yea I have a new head I was saving for later.
  11. 1G No fire

    Well I was mistaken, had the correct stuff. I am starting over with new stuff.
  12. 1G No fire

    Well I'm not sure how this affects timing tension yet but apparently when they swapped the 7 bolt for the 6 bolt they used the 7 bolt tensioner.
  13. 1G No fire

    They touched, still not sure why, everything looked good.
  14. 1G No fire

    Turned it over more than 6 times, nothing was close to lining up. Belt is tight, see no reason for it to jump. Makes no sense.
  15. 1G No fire

    general crankingwhere it stopped, just noticed throttle showed 97%, it wasnt. today it reads fine.
  16. 1G No fire

    93 eclipse auto and 6 bolt. Was to the point of running ok on the fic 1650s, did a small change on global to lean it out a bit, the car did not like it, died right away. Since then no fire and just sounds different while turning over, starter and the pumping noise of the motor. Seems...
  17. Resolved Vacuum hose on transmission

    Figured it out, transmission dipstick.
  18. Resolved Vacuum hose on transmission

    1g awd auto, I have a small hose that I do not remember where it goes. It's the front top of the transmission. Thanks
  19. J pipe interference

    I just happened to buy a bead roller during a period of buying stuff I'd never use. Guess I get to use it lol.
  20. J pipe interference

    This one is almost 9, I'll be going to a holset after the initial bugs are worked out on the 14b anyway. The tube getting shorter a few inches should solve the problem. Thanks!
  21. J pipe interference

    Installing a vrsf fmic on my 93 auto gsx, j pipe is hitting the front mount not allowing me to bolt to the 14b. Anyone else run into this? Hate to cut the pipe since it's nice.
  22. For Sale 2g fwd full exhaust

    $50, last time before I take it apart.
  23. For Sale 1993 awd auto Gsx

    Have this posted local. Car is in Runnells IA. Has a 6 bolt and 14b with 450cc injectors. Flexplate is broken, it have a new kiggly one. Has some new parts. Drivers door has some damage. End clutch upgrade. I can't work on it it so needs to go. $1200 firm.
  24. For Sale 2g fwd full exhaust

    Craigslist and Facebook are dead. Amazed this exhaust isn't selling. $100 for a great system, pick up only, price firm. Runnells Iowa.
  25. 1G How much teardown to change flex plate?

    Before I take a bunch of stuff off I don't need to, Need to put in a new upgraded flex plate, appears to me I need separate the passenger front suspension remove transfer case and misc items. Sound about right?
  26. 1G Changing auto flexplate

    Can this be done with motor and transmission in the car?
  27. For Sale Fic bluemax 1450 injectors

    sorry inbox was full for anyone who tried to contact me.
  28. For Sale Fic bluemax 1450 injectors

    Used set bought here, no longer have plans to use. Never tried them. 185 shipped lower 48
  29. 2G Fwd lsd check

    Tranny is out of the car, supposedly a professional build. You'd think it'd have a lsd installed, anyways the axles spin opposite directions when you turn it by hand. I'm not not sure this is a accurate test like rearends. Anyway to verify without taking it apart?
  30. For Sale Fic bluemax 1450 injectors

    Bought from a member here, never used, will probably go bigger. Look a little rough. I'll take $190 shipped lower 48.
  31. 2G 2g rearend removal

    I'm trying to remove the two bolts that go thru the subframe to the diff cover I believe. They seem to be springing back. Breaker bar springs back and nothing loosens. I suspect the rear is twisting up?
  32. 2G Abondon ship?

    What's funny is the strut towers have no rust lol. I'll just keep my eyes open for a clean project.
  33. 2G Abondon ship?

    Was going to build a unmodified 95 Eagle Talon, automatic awd. Have most of the parts to complete. Put it on jackstands after a year of sitting in the driveway and it's pretty bad underneath. I did a quick check before buying but wasn't too concerned since the car is at 2x profit at this...
  34. 1G 1g door scuff plates

    Does anyone know if 91 and 92 Eagle Talon Door scuff plates interchange?
  35. Wheel id

    Anyone have a idea what these are? Probably look ok after that crap paint is removed.
  36. 1g abs vs non abs proportioning valve

    Just verifying, non abs has 6 ports, 2 on each side and two on the front. Non has only 4, 2 each side. Is this correct?
  37. Hannover Green Metallic

    Anyone have pictures of their 1gs in this color? I'd like to see them.
  38. 98 GSX with auto trans. Feels like has no power.

    Mine was a dog too unless I held it in 1st because it would shift into 2nd almost immediately. It was also like a switch being flipped once it got into boost, totally different than a manual. Putting in a chipped tcu was hands down the best mod.
  39. Piston and rod id

    These came with a car I bought, no need for them but I need to ID them before selling as to not screw someone over. I was told the rods were scat, pistons are obvious.Thanks for any help!
  40. What is this car worth / Is this car a good deal?

    Wait and buy something stock or lightly modified. That thing will be a nightmare. $4500 and needs a clutch and runs like shit, ridiculous.
  41. Have you seen a spark plug do this?

    All the plugs I managed to detonate the gap was closed up and electrode pitted. That thing looks like it exploded. Be interesting to the see the top of the piston.
  42. PS4 vrs XB1

    Pre ordered both, win win lol.
  43. really? wtf.

    :( must own three goats to enter.
  44. Pads and rotors question

    Is there a difference between 90 and 92 front rotors and pads?, the 90 is fwd and the 92 awd, both single piston calipers. Thought I read all years use the same size rotor.
  45. correct ebiachs for a 1g?

    Thanks! There rears need the most adjustment, I"ll get it to the shop once its running well.
  46. correct ebiachs for a 1g?

    Are these part numbers correct for a 1gb? They didn't correct camber so seeing if they are even proper parts. Couldn't find much info searching.
  47. Looking at getting a non dsm dd

    The 1g will probably take more time to finish and I don't want to drive my crappy winter car all summer.Thinking 2003/04 terminator Cobra or 2001/02 ls1 camaro or trans am, maybe even a 2004/05 sti. Anyone have input and possible first hand knowledge of any of these? I've been busy...
  48. Car accident

    You never looked at the oil pressure gauge before the accident?
  49. Dsm on top gear

    Has anyone found the post from last fall with a picture of the cast by the car, can't remember how much there was about it, just that they were going to represent.What rims were on that car? Might use something like that on my 1g.Found it...
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